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Roundup Of Today’s Nintendo Direct Presentation

Nintendo of America showcased its holiday lineup for Nintendo 3DS and provided a sneak peek of content coming in 2013 in a Nintendo Direct that was posted this morning. Nintendo-published games include Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask (Oct. 28) and Paper Mario: Sticker Star (Nov. 11). These join the just-released Crosswords Plus, Style Savvy: Trendsetters and Art Academy: Lessons for Everyone! to form the widest and deepest lineup in the platform’s history. Additionally, two new downloadable course packs are now available for the industry’s current top-selling portable game, New Super Mario Bros. 2. The course packs are available for purchase from the in-game shop.

Nintendo’s third-party partners continue to bring their best franchises to the Nintendo 3DS experience. Notable titles coming this holiday season include Scribblenauts Unlimited from Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment (Nov. 13), Disney Epic Mickey: Power of Illusion from Disney Interactive (Nov. 18) and Adventure Time: Hey Ice King! Why’d You Steal Our Garbage?!! from D3Publisher (Nov. 20).

Nearly all of the Nintendo-published games coming this holiday season will be available as both a packaged product at retail and as a digital download from the Nintendo eShop. These games will join four major Nintendo 3DS games that were previously only available as physical products that were added to the Nintendo eShop on Oct. 18: Super Mario 3D Land, Mario Kart 7, The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D and Star Fox 64 3D.

In addition to games also available in stores, there is a massive lineup of games that are only available in the Nintendo eShop. That list will grow stronger starting today and through the holiday season with the addition of building-block puzzle game Crashmo (Nov. 22), the sequel to the acclaimed Pushmo game, and the 360-degree water-morphing action-puzzle game Fluidity: Spin Cycle (Dec. 27). Additional games include NightSky (available now) and Ikachan (later in 2012) from Nicalis, and a trilogy of games from Level 5, including LIBERATION MAIDEN (available now), as well as Aero Porter and Crimson Shroud coming later this year.

“The quality of portable game play on Nintendo 3DS is unparalleled; no other hand-held device can match it. And that holds true whether games are purchased in packaged form, or via digital download.”

– Scott Moffitt, Nintendo of America’s executive vice president of Sales & Marketing.

In only its 20th month of availability, Nintendo 3DS owners can choose from a combined library of more than 650 traditional packaged and digital games, meaning something for every gamer on holiday shopping lists. The parade of hit titles will continue into 2013 with Animal Crossing: New Leaf, Fire Emblem Awakening and Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon.

106 thoughts on “Roundup Of Today’s Nintendo Direct Presentation”

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        It’s perfectly fine and we should accept like all other sexual/gender terms and quit using it as a cheap way of mildly insulting others.

        1. Using it as in ‘strange’ or ‘unusual’. In this case, “weirdo” haha. Who cares about sexual orientation? What is this the 20th century?

  1. Pretty much nailed it in my comment yesterday. Just missed it on the Brain Age, which is surprising since it releases like December 2nd or something like that.

    Must buys (for me):
    Sticker Star
    Castle of Illusion
    Fire Emblem
    Luigi’s Mansion Dark Moon

    No interest in Animal Crossing series and those trendsetters/artsy/crossword games. Rest was pretty solid. May want to demo the level 5 games that they showed briefly.

      1. Only have 1 local friend with a 3DS, have at least 40 some friends on the 3DS friendslist. Not a huge fan of Sim games. If they offer a demo I will try it out.

      2. i never liked animal crossing. my brother played it a lot back in the gamecube days, but i could never get into it. it was just one of those games that i knew was good but i couldnt get into it for the life of me. the same thing happened to me with games like fallout assassins creed and mario sunshine, they were good but i just couldn’t focus on them.

        1. I did the sane with Skyrim, although i bought it a couple of weeks back and couldnt put it down xD amazing game (once the glitches stopped, ps3 owner :| )

          1. i bought it for pc. just the sheer number of awesome weapon, and quest mods make it amazing, let alone all of the gameplay tweaks, and visual enhancements people have made. glad to hear you’re enjoying the game and that it’s finally working properly on the ps3! now lets hope they actually start putting the dlc on the ps3 pretty soon.

        2. Trust me dude Im a guy and I thought it was a lame game. My mom bought it xD so my sister wanted to play it and she hogged the gamecube. I started playing it and I can tell you that game is like drugs its addicting. You have to atleast consider it.

          1. well, there are a lot of games i couldnt get into when i was younger that i can totally play now that im older, so what the hell. i’ll give it a shot

            1. My buddy is trying to convince me to get this one, my problem is I’m puting about $700 into the Wii U launch and christmas is right around the corner… That and he’s a bit fruity…

              1. bye “try it out” i meant i would just play a friends copy or something. i doubt i’ll ever buy it. i’m also putting quite a bit of money into the wii u, so yeah lol

    1. It’ll be in the next Nintendo Direct, like in January or February. Probably same with Fire Emblem and Animal Crossing.

    1. That would be good, especially for a game like this. Throw in some new characters, items, decorations, house designs

  2. I want an article about Artsy. It’s very interesting to buy this for your loved one (if she/he is into art). It’s interesting, to be able to sketch and paint anywhere. Awesome. I want this for myself and for some people I know they are into this.

    1. No, this wasn’t the big news. The IGN guy said news was STARTING on Thursday. I’d imagine there’s more to come.

  3. Not really anything new.. I was excited to finally see some new Animal Crossing info for us but still, not that much new info..

    1. It looks great from what I’ve seen on Nintendo Direct. It will probably be the same on vita bit with a bit better resoloution , lol……..

      3DS getting loads of great titles and the ps vita getting shoe horned Shite like ”Silent Hill Shity Fuck of memories” …… Isn’t that what usualy happens with Nintendo handhelds ???

      1. If you read the article, they noted the Vita version is pretty much the same as the console games. With the 3DS version being something quite different since it isn’t up to scratch to handle it.

        1. Again, personal opinion, Sega All Stars is a Kart Racer. Mario Kart and this are the same genre.

          I know it’s a big deal for you, to have a game on the Vita, but really, for everyone else, nah, we’ve been playing Mario Kart 7 for quite a while now, this game will come and go like a small breeze

          1. Mario Kart is no better than a party game, it’s one of the worst examples of a racing genre anyone could ever possibly use. There is no legitimate racing going on, it’s just a mixmash of item spamming and who gets the luckiest with them before crossing the line.

            I’m shocked to know people still play MK7. Haven’t touch that garbage in months. It’s such a mockery of the old MK games and goes to show how much Nintendo stopped caring about quality in their famous titles.

            1. Again, KART RACER. It not supposed to be Mario Need For Speed. It’s a game thats been successful since the SNES, if YOU dont like it, fuck off, because nobody gives a shit.

              1. It’s a game that sucks cock and little sheep like you will swallow it down because a Nintendo logo is on it.

                You can call it whatever you want, shit game is shit. All Stars Racing is for people who actually want to race with minimal reliance on items.

            2. I’d have to agree it’s just a party game. Mario Kart was far better back in the days for the hardcore gamers (That shit I still find hard xD ) But it’s a good game to play with friends and that because destroying each other with items is pretty fun :P But ultimately it’s gone the way of the casual gaming area. Plus I found it just a bit too slow paced :/

              1. Casual gaming is fake gaming in my book.

                Needs more hardcore juice, Sega will fulfill my wish for hardcore. They did so with F-Zero GX and the previous SASR.

                1. Fair enough.

                  I know I can’t wait till I get my hands the new Sonic racing game. Same with NFS: MW. That’ll be an awesome racer too on VITA :D

    2. That blown up still none 3D picture is THE WORST representation of the 3ds’ graphics of all time , you deserve a Medal *applause* .
      We already Have MK7 which is better than any version of Sonic Racing IMO and better than any game on the Vita. The 3DS has a GINORMOUS library of already out and upcoming games , So what is your point ????
      When the game turns out to be quite good on 3DS , you will STFU.

      1. Sir Nicholas Pennyworth

        The sign on the zoo known as the internet says: Don’t feed the jealous animals. I’ve got no problem with Sony and the Vita (I gave them my hard earned money) but some of those “kids” who only have the Vita and no 3DS (as well as a computer, internet access and no life) are a bit jealous of the goldmine of games the 3DS now has… Truth hurts. It makes them feel good to show such contempt to something that does nothing to them in return…

        1. I like Sony and love My PS3 (for the games). Unfortunately the Vita is probably the least atractive console since the N-gage and Gizmondo (rofl). Not my fault the console is seriously lacking in the software department .

          That video of sonic racing for 3ds looks GREAT and if all else fails we have MK7 to fall back on which is THE best cart racer ever made../.;

          1. The older Mario Karts I found to be a lot better (Competitive wise) But for just fooling around with friends, MK7 hits the spot.

      2. MK7 sucks. If you think that’s better than any title on the Vita, you’ve effectively confirmed you’re a fake gamer and a Nintendo brand loyalist. It is such a terrible racing game, I’d rather play MK:SC for the GBA instead. The online matchmaking sucks, the physics are terrible, and the game requires absolutely no skill to play online.

        Sega all Stars racing is a real mascot racing game with better physics, visuals, sense of speed, and requires skill to play, not a spiraling blue shell of death for idiots who can’t actually play racing games.

        1. You just confirmed you have never played it online with some friends and felt the pure adrenaline rush readily available…..
          Mario kart 7 is absoloutly perfect. I don’t see how it could be better in terms of gameplay and content and online infrastucture, I really don’t. Except the DS mission Mode is missing…..
          You’re a troll , so obviously you gunna hate it. To be honest I have only played 2 vita games lol and MK7 is a better game with longer lasting appeal and excitement , nuff said.

          ”The online matchmaking sucks, the physics are terrible, and the game requires absolutely no skill to play online. ”
          Just confirmed yourself to have absoloutly no clue as to what you’re talking about and are simly to resorting to guesswork or stabbing in the dark…

          No skill ??? try telling that to the 9000VR points players noob , The gameplay is PERFECT, blue shells add frustration and mix things up. And the online is Fast has community’s , spot pass time trials , Lag free and generaly FUCKING PERFECT.

          1. MK7 sucks in every instance I played it online, easily pull ahead into first and then all hell breaks loose from behind and take at least 3-4 blue shells in every single race, for actually playing with skill.

            As I said before, shit game is shit. You can call it perfect all you want, you’re a fanboy and fake gamer, you’re not doing a good job defending it. I also have over 12k VR, so I’m not seeing your point.


            MK7 is actually rated too high for what it really is: shit.

            1. Nope , its a genuinely great game and is worthy of a 9/10 in my opinion.

              If you don’t like blue shells then you are missing the point. Is there a better feeling in life then Unleashing a blue shell on which ever dick head is in first place ??? It’s to think of one.

              Sorry but I am not just being a ”defensive fanboy” I genuinely love MK7 and have put 80+ hours into it and plan on at least doubleing that , and the game just always brings that Adrenaline Online competativeness for me . You think what you want to…..

              1. The Blue Shell is completely anti-competitive and in no way beneficial to the user *who is likely several places behind*. What use is targeting whoever is in front? Everybody else behind will pass them down, while you won’t get anywhere significant. It’s a bullshit item and gets complaints for being so.

                Game is shit.

                  1. Why should I join a community for the experience to be remotely playable? I don’t do communities, I do worldwide, where all sorts of players are found, not minorities.

        2. Bull shit.
          It’s a portable version of mario kart with great graphics.
          You don’t have to like it.
          You don’t have to agree.
          But if I’m a fake Gamer, then you’re a Nintendo Fanboy.

      3. “MK7 which is better than any version of Sonic Racing IMO and better than any game on the Vita.”

        Better than any game on the vita! You’re having a fucking laugh you clown.

    3. It’s no news that the 3DS is weaker than PS Vita when it comes to power. But people buy the 3DS for its awesome library of games.

      Looking at how well it sells is proof of that. Now I wish I could say the same for the Vita, I really wish it had a gaming library as good as the 3DS.

      So, what is your point? If you care about graphics and power so much, why don’t you get this game on the Vita then? Meanwhile. I’ll be enjoying all the great titles my 3DS have. :)

      1. “Awesome” library of franchise extensions of old IPs. That’s so “awesome”!

        3DS only does well in Japan, by the way. Which has plenty of those legitimately “awesome” (lol) games region locked from you guys. But hey, maybe you can enjoy NSMB2 and pretend you’re playing those games?

        1. 3ds has sold 6.5,000,000 in Japan and 15.5,000,000 elsewhere, do the math.

          It’s not doing bad at all , just lower than Nintendo’s ASTRONOMIC new age standards set by Nintendo DS.

            1. Nintendo 3DS (3DS) 6.41 5.65 7.71 1.39 21.16
              17 GameGear (GG) 5.40 3.23 1.78 0.21 10.62
              18 Sega Saturn (SAT) 1.83 1.12 5.80 0.07 8.82
              19 Dreamcast (DC) 3.90 1.91 2.25 0.14 8.20
              20 PlayStation Vita (PSV) 0.88 0.96 0.99 0.21 3.04

              why would you be so eager to show me exactly what I was trying to say ??? The 3ds is doing really WELL. That’s on par with the original DS for the same time period , if not a tiny bit ahead.

              1. 3DS is not doing “really well” in the territories that should matter the most, Nintendo themselves have admitted that. Japan is not North America or Europe.

    4. why does anyone care about this game? seriously, i want to know why ANYONE cares about a sonic themed racing game.

        1. how am i stupid for not being interested in a sonic racing game? and who are you to judge stupidity when you are constantly checking up on a news site about a company you dont like? you are a keen example of stupidity.

          1. You answered your own question. YOU aren’t interested, many other people on the other hand, are interested.

            Therefore, you’re still stupid.

            1. not being interested in something, and asking why other people are interested in it, doesnt make me stupid. going on a web site about nintendo, and constantly trashing nintendo on it, is stupid.

              1. You don’t need to ask why, they want it because they found the first to be good (which it was) or like the Sonic series, same shit applies to Mario Kart.

                1. let me get this straight, you can go around and just say “mario kart sucks” but i cant ask why people want this game? nice double standards you got there.

                    1. yeah. i know. how does that change anything you fucking dumbass? you’re still going around saying it sucks, yet it’s bad for me to complain about a sonic racing game. if you could actually think worth a shit, maybe you wouldn’t act so retarded.

                2. and i think it’s funny while im confronting you’re questions head on, you keep dodging my questions when i ask why you even go on this site, or how you’re not retarded because of the fact that you are following a website solely about a company that you love to talk shit about. you are one stupid piece of shit you know that?

        1. cool. thanks for actually answering my question instead of being a complete self centered douche (cough cough aelous). but yeah, is there even anything new being added to this one? i haven’t really looked into it much

    5. I see you carry a “Red” lazer sword.
      If it were “Purple,” I could let you off the hook.
      You have two arms and two legs.
      One AND ONLY one, may you keep. The others must be chopped off and thrown into the lava.
      Don’t worry. Some one will take you to mustifar and try to reasemble you.

  4. Sir Nicholas Pennyworth

    Sure wish there was a bit more information on Luigi’s Mansion, but the overall NDirect was pretty solid and had some good video on Paper Mario, Animal Crossing and Fire Emblem. 3 games I will no doubt be getting. Crashmo and Fluidity look very good as far as eShop titles as well. Heck, most of the games were quality, just not all my style (savvy). The 3DS is becoming a great system, is it not? I believe a system is only as good as the sum of its games, and Nintendo and the 3rd party developers who believe in the 3DS are delivering.

  5. amazing releases. the only one i want is mario and it’s released a week before wiiU so i’m putting it off. i expect metroid 3D, final fantasy 3D, galaxy 3D, etc. etc…. what is with the friggin’ kiddie games!!! disney scribblenauts, puzzle game DLC, ice king – here is your garbage.

    leave luck to heaven

    1. Easy with the Scribblenauts being a kiddy game…it may look kiddy, but it’s extremely creative and not all that easy…some of the levels really take a lot of thought to pass…highly excited for unlimited(for Wii U), and for essentially having access to the ‘developer’s toolbox’ to create pretty much anything limited only by what I can dream up. Try playing it. You might find it quite enjoyable.

  6. Fire Emblem’s most anticipated RPG title is coming to the Nintendo 3DS?!!!! If I had the cash to buy the 3DS, I’d buy that along with Fire Emblem: Awakening. Although today’s presentation lacks the Wii U report, it was all forgiven. Thumbs up for The Regginator. When next month comes, it’s jUdgment day!!!!!!

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