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Heroes Of Ruin Sales Were Very Disappointing

N-Space studio co-founder, Dan O’Leary, has admitted that sales for Heroes of Ruin for the Nintendo 3DS were nothing short of disappointing. O’Leary said that there’s very little chance that we will ever see a sequel to the game, which received an average Metacritic score of 69%. Here’s what he had to say about the game, and the Nintendo 3DS.

“We’re not satisfied with the sales. The 3DS attach rate is… challenging at best and it seems that, for all its promise, Heroes of Ruin did not appeal to enough of the installed base.”

“I am super pleased with what we made and would love to return to the genre one day, but I fear that Heroes did not have enough commercial impact to justify a sequel.”


103 thoughts on “Heroes Of Ruin Sales Were Very Disappointing”

      1. N-space have only themselves to blame for this. The game had a lot of potential and was fun. But becuase they didn’t put much effort into the graphics and framerate and other buggs , the game was met by a horrible meta critic score and inevitably suffered poor sales.

        I liked the game but sold it. And to be honest I don’t think it meets the standards set by the 3ds’ hardware. Just look at monster hunter tri G in the same genre.

        1. I love how they try to blame the attach rate of the Nintendo 3DS… >.>

          I bought the game and experienced the same problems, but the worst of it was when I noticed how unreplayable the game really was in comparison to more masterful titles in the Multi-User Dungeon genre of video games (such as Diablo and Phantasy Star Online). It is inexcusable to have no replay value in an RPG game, let alone an Online RPG like Heroes of Ruin.

          They did nothing to properly advertise the game, the graphics were a muddy mess, the framerate practically made the game unplayable, and there was no way to actually customize my character. As a matter of fact, Phantasy Star Zero for the Nintendo DS gave me far more customization options. While it didn’t matter much, the story didn’t help either–it was generic and lifeless. At least I was interested in the storyline of both Diablo and Phantasy Star Online.

          I think Aminka (Audrey Drake) of IGN summed the game up the best: “Spamming the attack button won’t get you far.” *proceeds to spam the attack button for the entire duration of the preview video*

          What a waste of money. I believed in you N-Space because I knew how good a track record you had previously with the Nintendo DS; but for you to come out and blame it all on the “attach rate of the Nintendo 3DS” than admit that the game you made was a colossal failure in almost every way possible with the exception of its online connectivity (which is hilariously still the best the 3DS has to offer next to Mario Kart 7), proves to me that you are just as low, or very close for that matter, to the scum that is EA in our gaming industry.

          To that, I say adieu to all of your future games and developments, N-Space. You’ve earned your spot on my “Companies to Stay the *#$% Away From List.”

          1. Activision (Call of Duty…need I say anything else about how generic this company has made nearly each and every FPS game out there? And, no, I don’t have a problem with Blizzard when I bring up Activision. I actually LIKE Blizzard games–though admittedly not as much as I used to as I still think Starcraft I, Diablo II, and Warcraft III were the best games they had ever made.).
          2. EA (Really started despising them after Origin.)
          3. Hudson (Anyone who knows about gaming history knows why this company ain’t any good.)
          4. N-Space (After this, there’s no way I’m EVER buying a game from them again.)
          5. Rare, Ltd. (New Rare, not Old Rareware.)

          ^ Ubisoft removed themselves from this list the last time I had this setup. After everything they are doing with the Wii U, and the masterful exclusives we are going to be getting on day one for the Wii U, there is absolutely no way any potential Wii U consumer can buy a console without getting a game from Ubisoft this year.

            1. I know, right!?

              What a way to make the Nintendo 3DS look like it’s a DS with just a Circle Pad surgically added onto it. I remember when I was wishfully thinking it would be THE GAME to show off to all of my friends at college that the Nintendo 3DS was badass. HAHAHA, oh my…I could never have been more wrong in my entire life… -_-

              Actually, no…

              Now that I think about it, Phantasy Star Zero (of all games) beats this out, knocks it on its head, twists it upside down, and spits in its cutscenes’ faces.

              At least PSZ had PRODUCTION VALUE with ACTUAL GAMEPLAY and DIFFICULTY. Here, with HoR (oh, lol…the irony in that abbreviation), we just got a scrap piece of junk wrapped in 3DS packaging, shoved on store shelves, and spat on just for the ticket. Lovely…

                  1. Super Mario 3D Land is definitely my number one choice to this day.

                    When Paper Mario: Sticker Star releases, though, I think that’ll make its way into a close second.

            1. I despise them enough for them to still exist on the list. Haven’t had to experience a company that replaces them yet.

        2. Do you a tually know what n-space have made before that? That was their first IP’s, and project they made to be high quality. Everything else theyve done is DS ports of COD ect.

          It wasnt up to standard, but the dont have experience

          1. You clearly haven’t played any of the DS CoDs.

            They were actually really good…pretty superb for a DS FPS if I do say so myself.

  1. Well, it could just not stand up against the competition, we are talking about the system Nintendo developes games for after all. Not even CoD sells better on Wii than Nintendos own stuff.

    1. Maybe, but that’s probably because the Wii ports just sucks ass compared to the HD consoles counterparts.

      Yes, Black Ops, World at War, and Modern Warfare: Reflex was good on Wii, but they’re lesser versions of games meant for more powerful consoles.

        1. Nintendo gamers having sophisticated taste? I can tell you enjoy dem let’s dance games while I enjoy the finest pieces of art such as Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 on the finest HD. I also enjoy other good games such as Hour of Victory and Fifa 12. Both in great HD!

          1. Finest HD? I own a ps3 but I only bought bc I needed a blueray-player
            The worst thing about all the ps consoles is the really bad controller, the funny thing is that they are just upgrading it instead of making a new.
            you can mold shit into art, but it’s still shit and has no place in your hands.
            and back to cod mw3, the graphic is really bad there’s no Hd at all yeah I know its says 1080p on the cover but compare it to BF3 that has only 720p which isn’t HD (I will never accept HD ready as HD)

            1. I like the PlayStation controller, actually.

              I have all the consoles, and the Xbox 360’s d-pad infuriates me so much for some reason. I hate the Xbox Controller.

              1. But now that I think of it it is the same one for each system(ps1 had a redesign)
                For nintendo,
                N64(1 analogue)
                Gamecube(2 analogue and different design)
                Wii(you can tell)
                Wii u(you can tell)
                Nothing wrong with it though,it feels great and not too simple but not too complex;it is a great ratio.

          2. Geeeezzz….. I gave up when you called CoD “finest piece of art”…… you don´t even know what art is, do you ?

      1. True that.

        I may not like Call of Duty, but what’s the point in buying a game that’s lesser than its counterparts if you have a better console that the game was originally meant to be played on? Defeats the purpose, really… >.>

        It is nothing about standing up against Nintendo games.

        In fact, I won’t be surprised if Call of Duty: Black Ops II sells better on the Xbox 360 and Wii U than the PS3 version. Sales have proven that CoD sells best on the 360, and the Wii U’s launch may have it be one of the must-have launch games for many gamers out there (certainly not me though since, as stated before, I despise Call of Duty).

  2. “Eye dhont ahave ennie henerrgy”. I heard that 50 times in 2 minutes. The other thing was the level cap and the fact that at some point in the game you weren’t able to pick up items. Complete fail.

    1. Also:
      – Glitches galore
      – Under par graphics… Could have been a little more polished. They were not bad, but a little more as we know the 3DS can handle.
      – As you stated. A bit too much repetition in phrases.
      – no Large DLC update packs ( I would have paid for them.)

      Overall, I really enjoyed the game, but it lacked something… i can’t put my finger on it, but… I get bored? I’m not even compelled to finish the game.

      Honestly, my BIGGEST complaint = too fucking easy. WAY to fucking easy. There was no challange. No reason to grind or seek out special weapons. All the enemies drop at the slightest display of power. THAT’s what I feel the epic fail was, anyone can smash through it. You don’t feel like a hero, because there’s little challange to begin with.

        1. Don’t remind me. I’m a hoarder even in video games, so it just makes the situation worse when I found out it’s NOTHING like Diablo or Phantasy Star Online in terms of difficulty. >.>

          OMG! SUCH A WASTE OF MONEY! >_<

          1. Once you have Played PSO for over 200 hours , you realize what it takes to be in that genre and that game was developed originaly in 1999 LMAO!!!!.

            Quick selling EVERYTHING was horrific on HoR. It’s not even a quater of the game PSO episode 1 and 2 is for the GC…. And we all know the 3ds could run PSO in 3D with relative ease. the game is only 1GB of Memory.

            1. Yup! Still crossing my fingers that PSO2 is brought onto the Wii U and that the Nintendo 3DS gets a Phantasy Star game (online or not, I just want a portable Phantasy Star for the Nintendo 3DS) sometime in the near future.

              I can’t see why not, as the Wii U is a perfect fit for Phantasy Star Online 2 and every other PC game out there for that matter. The 3DS would just make the original Phantasy Star Online look all the more awesome when whacking a Booma with their claw and dancing in public to the Chao song that played in one of the Forest missions (forgot what it was called, but it was in Samba de Amigo). Or…maybe…you know…some nicer character customization, if you know what I mean. ;3

              Aside from that, I still play PSO Ep. 1 and 2. I’ve logged in a countless number of hours–I’m sure it’s a number I DON’T WANT to know because it’ll make me think I’ve spent my entire life sitting in front of the television or computer when it’s anything but that most of the time. XD

              I just played it…a lot…more so than any other game I’ve ever played in my life (including all SSB playtime combined). lol

    2. I had it. It’s a 5.2/10 – below par with potential. Hardcore Nintendo fans are the sort of gamers who will buy their games dependent on reviews.

      If the game had 9’s across the board , they could of sold 500k or whatever on the 3ds’ year old install base…..

      1. Sadly it’s true.

        Reviews do matter a lot to me because it gives me a view on a game that I may have been looking into buying with a bias from the beginning. Sometimes it’s not best to dip into games that don’t have good review scores–other times it’s just reviewers being pricks.

        When it comes to certain games like Sonic, I know to trust my OWN opinion on a game rather than someone else’s. I feel like almost every reviewer out there has their crosshairs always pointed at the poor guy. Sonic games were my childhood just as much as Mario games were because I grew up with the Sega Genesis and Super Nintendo Entertainment System for a good portion of my childhood before the Sega Saturn and Nintendo 64 came out. Not to mention how beautiful my memories were of the Sonic Adventure games and how addicted I got to Sonic Heroes. :'(

        I still think Sonic Colors is one of the best Sonic games of all-time though. Sonic Generations was really great, but the older Sonics were better…no pun intended.

        1. I agree not all reviews are accurate. I loved mario tennis open for 3ds except everyone gave it a 5/10 :/ . I would of gave it a comfy 8!!!!!!!!

          Sonic games are always opinionated , but when he has a sword you know its gunna turn out shit lol

          1. I LOVE Mario Tennis Open! I can’t see how that game would get anything lower than a 7.5 at the very least. People get too worked up over the RPG mode some of the older ones had, in my honest opinion. It’s the clearest example of nostalgia gone wrong.

            And, yeah, all hell breaks loose when you give Shadow a gun and Sonic turns into a werehog or is given a sword. For the love of God, never again. The day you see Sonic the Werehog holding a sword, we should all know what to do next. But none of that ever existed. HAHAHAHA…I’m not crazy, here’s the timeline!

            Sonic the Hedgehog > 2 > 3/Knuckles > CD > Adventure/DX > 2/Battle > Heroes > Secret Rings > Colors > Generations

            What’s Shadow the Hedgehog, 06, Black Knight, or Unleashed? NEVER HEARD OF THOSE GAMES BEFORE, AMIRITE!? XD

            *nothing against the storyline of Shadow the Hedgehog, though, and Unleashed’s day stages, it’s just that I have a bad taste for those games from the darker sides of them*

        1. You’re not allowed to complain about graphics having defended the Wii on that very issue by saying graphics don’t matter.

          1. It was primarily the lack of challange, the “short” main story quest (It wasn’t terribly short, but for an MMO…)
            It got repetitive and boring, which is REALLY sad as it has so much potential.

            I was going to trade it, but my Dad and a friend in Spain bought it, sooo, I’ll keep it a bit longer.

          2. What ??? that makes no sense what so ever douche. I can see when a game is making good use of a system like many wii games do. Heroes of ruin is a joke to 3ds’ hardware. When owning games that look like Kid icarus , Resi , Mario tennis , 3d land , etc etc I have every right to express my hatred towards the quite frankly SHIT graphics of HoR and it’s sloppy framerates.

            So please………. Don’t act like I’m some dick who defends the wii’s graphics aswell lol , I know its graphics are DOG SHIT compared to the 360 and ps3 (which I own) but I look for compelling gameplay experiences on my wii. HoR offers neither.

  3. may if they made the game a bit longer, it would have sold better. I’m eventually going to play the full version so I’m good.

  4. meanwhile ios games are selling millions no matter the price of the app. Better port heros of ruin to ios and Android. 3ds owners only want mario and zelda rehashes and ignore all 3rd party

  5. I never got round to buying it, but I quite enjoyed the demo, small text, lacklustre graphics and some other minor points aside, it was pretty fun.

  6. This is pretty sad, the game was pretty good for a handheld “MMO”. If only more people paid attention to these types of games.
    A Wii U version could have been cool if they made massive improvements from the first.

  7. “my game sold bad, its the nintendo 3DS’s fault” is what i got from that. kinda like those kids back in the day who sucked at a game and blamed the controller for it.

    1. I blamed my controller for “it” back in the day because my L, R and Z triggers broke on my first GameCube controller.

      1. Well that’s what happens when people are stupid. They get mad for failing on a game and then take it out on the controller by throwing it or aggressively smashing the buttons with full force…they should grab their hand and punch themselves for being stupid. It’s not the controls fault.

  8. I played the demo of it just did not think it was that good, I just think to blame the 3DS for their problems means they will never learn. I think the problem is that the game had very little that interested me and looked like a poor version of balders gate and dungeons & dragon online in look and play.

  9. I bought the game, but it’s very receptive. It also tells you where to go every step of the way, so exploring a dungeon is pointless. I can only play one or two stages a week to keep the game feeling somewhat fresh. Collecting items is somewhat pointless as 3/4 of the time, you can’t use it. I hit the money cap relatively early in the game, and button spam is all you need to beat the game. There’s no point in comboing skills or anything. And there’s really no motivation to do the daily/weekly challenges that take forever to complete.

    Put the game in the eShop for a much more moderate price, and people may get it.

  10. comments are boring after aeolus left.Anyways if any bad game ports to ios will be bought because ios games suck more than errm any bad game,you name it: mariohotel, Sonic 06 , Professor pacman, other m, mario party 8, any of those games would be a huge hit on ios.

  11. Wow. So a pos developer is mad that their pos game was reviewed to be a pos and thusly sold about as well as pos games sell?

    Typical. Loved how he blames the systems attach rate. Right. Poor sales Have nothing to do with the fact that 9 in 10 people play your demo less than 2 minutes before deleting it.

    Its all the systems fault!!!

  12. I originally wanted this game, but the demo didn’t wow me enough. Also I read it was SHORT and didn’t think $40 was worth it. Also seemed to be more multiplayer-based, so it required more people to have it. So all of that together = no sale to me.

  13. OK,
    I slammed this game a bit…
    Some positives are:
    – They got the formula right. Quests, NPC’s, weapons armor trinket upgrades.
    – weekly quests
    – (One of my favorites) ONLINE VOICE CHAT. This works great, and I got to hear a spanish friend talk for the first time while playing this game. Really. Fucking. Cool.
    – characters. Not a lot, but decent choice in characters

    There, just so I don’t beat up the game. The Developers did a cery good job, but I think they stopped a little short, probably didn’t test it enough, and that kept it from being a “Great” game.

    1. I totaly agree with this. But that’s like dangleing a carrot infront of a rabbit :/. To have these A+ features along with a Flawed game with bad graphics deepens the blow.

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  15. Don’t blame the attach rate, every trusted reviewer gave it a below average to average score. Blame yourself, no one wants to waste time on a game with poor mechanics, poor story, no reason to upgrade, poor gameplay, that’s what all the reviews said.

  16. I would’ve purchased the game, but according to every review I read, it didn’t justify a purchase at full price. Once the price drops, I’ll probably get it.

  17. Some Guy on the Internet

    I even pre-ordered this game because I thought a 3DS online multiplayer dungeon crawler with a super mega awesome voice chat feature to talk to friends would be ultra duper fantastic. I was wrong, completely wrong, and regret getting it. There are points where it is slightly enjoyable, as most video games are, but it’s one of those things where, while cool, you wouldn’t pay money for it. I haven’t touched it after I beat the final boss, only for the story not to be completed. Also, for all those even considering this game, the plot isn’t complete and with this news there is no reason to buy this unless it goes in the $10 bargain bin and you want to play a bad game. Not to mention half-way through the game you max your money, potions, and the game has a level cap of 30.

    I wanted to comment to one of you guys on Phantasy Star Online 2, but didn’t know who to hit the “reply” button on. It’s coming to english-text countries within 2013 on PC and Vita (the former being released in January). It’s also free to play, which is freaking awesome.

  18. I tried the demo and it was very disappointing. I was looking forward to this game, but I really didn’t like the control and camera-settings. If you don’t like the controlling of a game….it doesn’t make fun.

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  21. This game was rushed. They should´ve put more attention do detail, and make a longer adventure. They also should´ve issued more propaganda, advertisment… many 3DS owners never noticed that this game was been released.

  22. Well to be honest, I was actually glad that Heroes of Ruin wasn’t a hit like N-Space wanted to. I mean, in all honesty, I didn’t even believe that a game developer like Square-Enix, famous for its innovating and beautiful JRPGS, would actually go this cheap and launch a western-look alike MMO and still believed that people would actually buy tons of it. That’s not how to treat a portable with sales skyrocketing over Japan!
    The point is: if they wanna make games that people like it, they should put something called “EFFORT” on it. Look what happened with Kingdom Hearts 3D. Sure it’s not the Kingdom Hearts 3 that fans have been expecting but it’s still a good game, and I love creating drea eaters and play with them \o\ On the case of HoR, maybe they could have implemented more variation when you are building your character, like making an Arcane Warrior or something (a wizard which strength is measured by Magic, instead of Strength)

  23. They had solid customization, but the variety in the game itself was lacking. I actually enjoyed it, but it needed more stuff to justify the price of it.

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  25. they game was short and easy.. i didnt even need to team up with anybody to beat any boss.. it was just ..sad.. i really loved the idea of this type of game and i thought n-space would make a good go at it.. but nope.. the just stopped pushing.. its sad cuz i want these types of games for the 3ds but if they want to half azz job of it.. than why bother?!!

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  27. Fuck your heroes of ruin

    Heroes of ruin stinks what a waste of money I am thinking bout suing for my money back that’s how bad I dislike this game bunk

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