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Hurricane Sandy Has Forced Triforce Out Of The Line For Wii U

As you already know, Isaiah-Triforce Johnson has pledged that he will be the first in line to purchase a Wii U at Nintendo World in Manhattan. Johnson had already started queuing for the console on October 22nd but with Hurricane Sandy bearing down on New York City, Triforce has been told to vacate his position. Nintendo World told Johnson that the line will be temporarily suspended, but, he will be allowed to be first in the line when the emergency has ended.

115 thoughts on “Hurricane Sandy Has Forced Triforce Out Of The Line For Wii U”

    1. LMAO!!!! seriously though my thoughts go out to anyone affected by this shitty hurricane. I hope it doesn’t affect wiiu shipping and all that , it shouldn’t…

      Where I live in England was like a storm today – as Ollie williams would say – “IT’S RAINING SIDEWAYS!!!!!!!!!!”

        1. You have a good point , especially here in Manchester (the official rainiest place in England). As a keen Golfer , I hate the shit out of our weather because it always starts raining when I get to the fucking Golf course.

          *sun comes out , goes to Golf course, starts pissing down* – typical.

  1. I stil don’t understand why he’s even in line now, with two weeks or so to go, but to each their own, I suppose.

    I’m quite glad I’m not home in NYC right now anyway—apparently my entire neighborhood is being evacuated in preparation for this hurricane.

  2. Hold on isnt the release nov 18th?
    Nov 18th is far from this date, and sandy is today and maybe two days. (i live in new york)

  3. This guy is kind of a jerk. He does not even wait the entire time he is out there. He has someone hold his place in line and then when cameras or news crews show up, he comes back from wherever and complains how hard it was to wait. Watched him do it for the Wii launch. I doubt he even comes back after the hurricane until the night before launch.

    1. I also witnessed him do that at the 3DS launch and numerous other Nintendo events. He NEVER actually waits in line for any extended period of time. He puts out a press release to “claim” the spot, then he has a team of friends do the waiting for him. At times, there is no one there at all! I’ve asked his friends why they do this for him, especially since he gives them ZERO credit (they never have a real answer)! He only shows up intermittently for publicity and then comes to stay the night before launch. Yes, most people who know him know that he really is a jerk! I don’t get how people let him get away with being so obnoxious and arrogant when he’s done none of the work to gain this recognition.

      1. Exactly! He doesn’t deserve any of it. If it were me my team/crew would ALL be recognized as a whole. Hell get 2 really cool friends and be know as Triforce1 or something catchy and for god sakes clean up his attitude! This is NOT they person I think should be representing the fans (not me anyways!)

  4. What a Dumbass, he’s like that dude yelling FIRST in the comment section. The 18th is 21 DAYS AWAY! Most people who are lining up early aren’t doing it until those last 7days prior to launch, Idk what he’s smoking.

    1. “he’s like that dude yelling FIRST in the comment section.”

      THIS! Seriously, there’s nothing amazing about this at all.

  5. Next day, me and Obama are waiting in line for our Wii Us because we made the whole thing up just to be the true first people to get the Wii U

  6. Awwwwww!!!!!!! poor bro, well he can bath now. He will be back to being first, it’s always a heifer messing up for men, SANDY! I know a girl by that name.

  7. He has to be the dumbest person ever… If he thinks he will be the first to own a Wii U, by waiting 3-4 weeks in a line… You don’t think Nintendo has released some Wii U’s already to see how people like them…Im pretty sure they give them to a select group of people for testing…I know that because i was the first ever to have owned a NES sysytem…Nintendo gave me one and i had to sign my life away if i broke news of it………..

      1. The Vatican doesnt kill ANYBODY! What they will do is buy you ice cream an tell you Jesus will kill your parents if you dont be quiet… >.>

    1. He technically isn’t the first person because if someone in the USA, Europe or Japan probably have won a contest to get it early plus, I already have it in gold in my mansion in the shape of my hat

      1. Yes back in ’84….i had received an offer via the Air Force.. we were station in Japan at the time of the pre- release and Nintendo ( Japan only at that time) wanted NES test done by American troops before they went to the US 5 months prior……

        For all you kids who think im full of shit…..get over it…..its been 28 years since and you wont get that chance ( at least for NES beta testing )

      1. Do you remember last year, during October, when we got all that random snow? It’s was do heavy, power went out everywhere

  8. All I know is, being in jersey, I swear if this hurricane messes with me getting AC3 ad the War Z next week….

  9. Good thing I live in long island.We will still have rain and wind but we won’t be directly at sandy’s destination.

  10. Out of all the worst possible things that could happen this is…

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  12. Wait how the fuck does he get his spot back? If someone else gets there before him it should be their spot! It’s not that important who gets it first, Hell honestly I would rather see a truly enthusiastic fan get the recognition than a marketing ploy. Seriously Nintendo needs to let that spot be free reign like it will be in the rest of the world. He’s just gonna have someone placehold for him anyway. And most of his fans are idiot fanboys. He isn’t really a celebrity, plus he sorta has a funky attitude, sorry guys this guy is not it. And yes I’m black before the race card gets pulled. I’m also a genuine Nintendo fan. Not affiliated or company based hype either; just a good ole fashion gamer! I’m glad I don’t live in NY because I would be pissed hearing this! (Oh if I go down to NWS after Sandy, ill still have to give Triforce his spot back) FUCK THAT! you move you loose!

    1. As someone who has an intersting relationship withe man, it’s not that bad. Most people in NY know who he is and fans have their own culture and attitudes for him. Hands are tied but I thought I should reply, plus you should check out the StreetPass group if you come into NYC! Trust us, while there are bad things, NY is not bad at all! Don’t let TriForce think our state is bad for whatever reason! =D

  13. Well, this is a necessity. He needs to be alive to received Wii U. I lived close to the store and New York City is a mess regarding this hurricane. I guess my body is ready for Sandy.

    1. I would love to have the game but i hate facebook also i will not fall on the begging game cause square enix knows we want the game but they still gives us scuses also go buy kh,ddd it will speak louder

  14. I plan on getting a Wii U also, but I wonder what kind of job he does that would allow him all that time off? I’m not trying to be mean, just curious.

  15. I like how Nintendo WANTS him to be the one first in line. Kudos to him for giving up his place in the line for his own safety though, because that would never happen with the people in Black Friday…

    1. Uuuh..NO! He’s arrogant, mean, and only in it for publicity. Clearly you’ve never met him! Nintendo just can’t find anyone else with his exposure that will just cheer the hell out of nintendo like that. Here’s a thought Nintendo: look for REAL fans that are just everyday people who have loved and supported you since the beginning. Like that guy (Icant think of his name) with the room filled with like 1200 mushroom kingdom beenies and plushies and a basent wall filled with evey NES and SNES game ever made NOW THAT’S REPRESENTATION, and DEDICATION!

  16. Looks like Kyogre’s Drizzle was too much for him, never mess with pokemon that have the power to control the weather. Also hope everyone is alright and nothing happens to them because of the hurricane.

  17. I was at Nintendo World on Saturday night. He was not in line and his chairs were gone. Came out a little while later and he was sitting there. This whole publicity stunt with his waiting means NOTHING because he so frequently gets up and leaves to do stuff. Felt like sitting there and saying “Tough, you left the line” when he got back. XD

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  19. Does he have a job or go to school or something? What about family, friends, and a life? Who has the time to waste a month of your life waiting in line? I think he’s a little TOO big of a Nintendo fan… And this is coming from a guy who has 50 Wii games and well over 100 video games in total.

  20. So, how does it wash up and brush his teeth and eat? How does he use the restroom when the store is closed? How does he wash his clothes? How does he earn income? Does he have children? If so, is he seeing about them? Is is worried about getting robbed in the middle of the night (after all everyone knows he has at least $350 dollars on him). What will he do when it gets colder? Does he miss watching tv and being in his bed? Does he have friends? How will he charge his cell phone. How will he pay his bills? How will he pay his rent or morgage? Does he go to school? If so, how will he study for the exam?

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