Square Enix has announced that they’re remaking Dragon Quest VII exclusively for the Nintendo 3DS. Details are rather scarce regarding the remake, but it should be arriving in Japan sometime during February 2013.



    • dq8 was one of the best jrpg’s to make it overseas. It’s so deep and fuul of secrets that give it a ton of replay value. Not only that, but it’s long as hell when level grinding. When you thought you beat it, there’s like a hundred more things to do, and when you actually beat it they yet again throw a new trial in your face. And the level up system is so intuitive, you cant make a super-powerful multi-weapon character, but you can make a superpowerful single weapon character, and that pushes you to replay the game and beat it with completely new weapon skills each time.


  1. Oh sweet, another epic 3DS coming to Euro- o wait its Dragon Quest, we’ll never see it -____- fucking Square Enix assholes. “oh gee, we had such a massive success with Final Fantasy out of Japan, should we release all our games there? LOL no. Lets just publishs open world games. People from the West just play GTA right?”

    C. U. N. T. S.


  2. This little thing just keeps on giving……. If this was announced for the vita it would be hailed as the ”saviour” , but for 3ds is just another game to add to the 10 must buys for next year…


  3. 7 is regarded to be the worst in the series as takes forever to get going (heard rumours of an hour before the first slime) Still. More Dragon Quest is always great.


  4. Awesome. Just another reason to own a Nintendo handheld at least in Japan. (can someone confirm if this game is in the ps vita’s ps one compatibility list?)


  5. Wait… I just looked at some screenshots. Why bother remaking 7? It looks perfectly fine. It doesn’t look like you could do anymore with it on the 3DS.


  6. Yes!!!!!!!!!!!! I’ll buy it day one. This exactly what the 3DS needed. The more RPGs the system has the better. Here’s to hoping for remakes of DQVIII, FF V, FFVI, and FFVII.


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