Assassin’s Creed III For Wii U Delayed To December?

Assassin’s Creed III for Wii U may be delayed, according to an e-mail sent by Best Buy to consumers who’ve pre-ordered Wii U’s version of Ubisoft’s latest action-adventure game. Assassin’s Creed III released last month for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 and is scheduled to launch alongside Nintendo’s new console on November 18th, but the e-mail suggests that the Wii U version’s release date has been pushed back to December 31st.

Update: Ubisoft Says Assassin’s Creed III For Wii U Is Not Delayed


      1. It is alright. I was a bit disappointed and aggravated with a lot of bugs, glitches, plot holes, unanswered questions, and a few other things. But it was still fun.

        I have been playing AC from when the series launched and I have picked up every game since, on day 1. So obviously, I love the series; But this game was… okay. I think Assassin’s Creed 2 is still the best for me. Then Brotherhood, then AC, then AC 3, and then Revelations.

      2. Yes. Altair’s Chronicles and AC II Discovery. Altair’s Chronicles was better than Discovery. I also played Bloodlines and Liberation.

        I really don’t count them when I’m talking about the main series though since they are spin-offs and side stories.

        Even if I did count them, all of them would be at the bottom of the list lol.

      3. No, it’s probably good that they did (if they did) to iron out all the problems that are found in the PS3/360 versions of the game.

      4. Your comment makes no sense. It’s much better to delay than release something that’s broken.

      5. AC2>AC1>AC3>AC:R>>>AC:B

        Brotherhood was easily the biggest rehash. At least Revelations had a new city and really that’s what the games are all about. AC2 was the biggest leap forward and is still the pinnacle of the series.

      6. Yes, AC:B had Rome, but it really was just more of the same. Also now that I think of it, AC:R>AC3

        Assassin’s Creed 3 was good, but the missions weren’t quite up to par. Plus the ending was abysmal.

  1. Does anyone truly care, fans of the series would’ve already bought it for the PS3 or Xbox 360 they wouldn’t have waited for the Wii U to come out to be able to play it.

      1. Wow, that’s really fucking amazing and something to wait for!

        I can’t wait for new touch pad features, man!

      2. ummm Im waiting for it on wiiu, and im a really big fan of assassins creed. and you sound like an asshole.

      3. Yup i played all 4 assasins games on ps3 and i am absolutely waiting for the wiiU version. Changing weapons on the fly and a much larger map that u dont have to pause for are actually really good features. And ur an ass:)

      4. This guy will be singing a different tune once Microsoft and Sony release new consoles using the same concept for their controllers.

      5. This guy will be singing a different tune once Microsoft and Sony release new consoles using the same concept for their controllers.

      6. He was just pointing out something that might make fans want to wait.Don’t be so penisy.

    1. Not so. I’m a huge fan of the series, but having played the WiiU version (briefly) I’d rather wait.

    2. You’re an idiot.
      Some “true” fans of the series played it on PC, and don’t have a PS3 or Xbox 360.
      I am waiting for it on the Wii U.

    1. i wasnt planning on buyin g it for wii u until some time after the console launches anyway. im just gonna start out simple with 2 game, zombiu and nsmbu, along with the pack in nintendolands, and then slowly build my library so im not swamped with games like i was with the steam summer sale. with halo 4, zombi u , nintendo land, and nsmbu i’ve got enough games to keep me busy lol

      1. Stratisfire, I’m doing EXACTLY what you are doing with the EXACT same games. NSMBU, ZombiU and Nintendoland. I might get some online games off the e-shop too… thinking they will be able to tie me down for quite somtime.

      2. That’s what anyone with a screwed on head is doing bro :). My plan was to do that and get AC3 at launch aswell. I may get Darksiders 2 or tekken tag 2 or one of the other suprise games instead :).

        But like you say there is tons of launch window games that we can slowly buy for months and months and months,

  2. are you kidding me… i would’ve got the ps3 version on launch instead had i known this…. so stupid

  3. i think true fans of the series would wait for the definitive version, i myself am waiting and really excited about the game pad and rezzed up graphics

      1. All the games you named (plus Assassin’s Creed III) are published by Ubisoft.
        Coincidence ? I don’t think so.

    1. The 18th is the Wii U release date. It couldn’t have had an origional release date of the 13th. So either you typed your post wrong or you have no idea what you’re talking about. I’m guessing it’s the latter.

      1. Some publishers opt to release their games before the system’s release date. I remember picking up a 3rd party Wii game before the system was out. I had uncharted for the ps vita almost a week before the vita was released.

      2. +1

        Some developersffor the vita did release games a week before the console launched, and if I rememberccorrectly, Street Fighter 3DS was also out before the 3DS launched in NA.

  4. Is this because of the day one patch they have to release? they pushing it back to iron out the bugs?

    1. lol your lucky! 3 of my preordered games were moved to later dates. Rayman, Assasin’s Creed, and Pikmin 3….Now I’m settling for other games to keep me busy. Dang!! All the good ones are being moveeed!!!

  5. December 31st is just a date they put when a game is supposed to come out before the end of the year.
    I hope it’s gonna be a launch title since I preordered it.
    If not I’ll get Batman Arkham City Armored Edition.

  6. Come on this is bullshit ok i just got a e mail for nintendo uk saying ill get my wii u tomorrow and the cpu and gpu are 50 times more powerful than vurrent gen ok time for you too use this for news

  7. Why the fuck would anyone want the inferior 360/ps3 versions [especially the shitty RROD 360 hardware], learn some fucking patience will you, lol.

    1. Why would anyone who’s loyal to the series drop $300-350 on a console just to play a slightly (…if at, all) “better” version of a game they can buy now?

      1. Why would anyone think that the only game they can play on the Wii U is AC3? Im sure there will be other games available for the new console during its lifetime. I can think of about 50 already…

    2. The game is almost identical on each consoles, with only slight visual improvements on Wii U. Nintendo fanboys suddenly care so much about SLIGHT graphic advantages after years of “graphics aren’t everything” propaganda? Hypocrites.

      I’ll stick to paying $60 for the game and play it now rather than paying $350 + $60 two months from now.

      Enjoy your extra 360 extra pixels that you’re paying over a dollar per pixel for! :)

    3. P.S. RROD doesn’t happen on the new XBOX models. I’ve had one for 3 years, not a single issue. Neither has anyone of the dozen or so people I know who also have it.

      Your argument is stuck in 2007.

      1. It may not get the RROD but the hardware is still weak, it has issues with it’s power bar and its disc drive.

      2. What I want is to be able to use my first three xbox 360’s, but unfortunatly they no longer work.

      3. There are plenty of other fucking defects. I know two people who had 2 xBoxes die in less than 2 Years.
        xbox fanboys… Having fun on a Nintendo site are we?

        People like Aeolus and Icy make me want to become a troll on PS and xBox sites.

  8. Actually,I think when it said December 31st it ment it is gonna come out by or before December 1st because GameStop said it was by that time too concluding the email is probably old

  9. Meh as much as i would like to give money to devs who give the system a shot. I’d rather help the devs that make exclusives for it. Rayman legends, wonderful 101, zombiU, bayonetta 2, ninja gaiden 3 (no it isn’t exclusive but they fixed so much it mght as well be a new game) possibly scribble nauts and maybe mario U. Emphasis on th maybe.

  10. I will freak the fuck out if i can’t get ac3 on Wii U this year. i don’t live in America and i have to order my games which goes through two shipping processes. I’ve been holding myself back from watching all those ac3 videos which flood my YouTube subscriptions. I don’t know how long I’m gonna last still can’t decide what game i should get with ac3, Darksiders 2 or black ops 2 i also got my eye on tttt2 but maybe another time

  11. Meh. More than content with my ps3 version. Specially cause exclusive DLC. Rather have a longer game then be able to look at the screen and map without pressing select.

  12. Pathetic. Very few GOOD third party titles at lauch, many of them just ports or games that have already been out for months on other consoles, and now… you don’t even get AC3 three weeks after it was released, you have to wait another month.

    It is failing with this launch. Shame. Wii U has a lot of potential but between Nintendo’s idiot design choices with the Pro control let’s lack of basic features, their lackluster first party offerings, and third parties either pulling exclusives to sell on other consoles or delaying games past the Wii U launch… this console is starting off at a crawl rather than a bang.


  13. Am I the only one excited for Batman? Or is it that everybody played it already on the other consoles?

  14. Batman looks fun but I want this game. IF it is delayed simply because they’re tweaking some bugs then I’m fine with waiting a bit longer.

  15. Meanwhile, I’m having fun playing the game. In fact, I’m playing it right now as I’m typing this comment.

    I just killed a Templar leader even though I was technically supposed to lure guards away from him. The recruit undertaking this task evidently grew overzealous and decided to take out the leader himself. Ah, such a fine team of recruits I have! And I didn’t even lift a finger!

    I gotta say, George Washington is such a bastard! In fact, everybody is such a bastard!

    Good thing Vidic gets what’s coming to him! (Whoops, did I let something out too fast?)

    Shall I tell you about Haytham? Or some other major spoiler? I know you’re just DYING to know!

    How D’ya Like Them Apples, btw?

    Enjoy your pointless waiting!

    (But in all seriousness though, making money in this game is such a pain in the ass. It’s certainly more fun and more engrossing than how it was in previous games, but still a pain in the ass. The Homestead missions are really fun to do just for the characters alone.)

    1. If you owned a magic mirror that could speak, im sure it would inform you that you are indeed a Douche Bag..

      1. Just bringing it to your attention, just in case you were sitting their pondering to yourself “I wonder if I am a Douche Bag, and is this the reason my sister beats me and I have no friends”.

  16. I should further add: Thanks to AnvilNext’s ability to render multiple characters at once, you’re going to meet a LOT of guards in this game. I mean, A LOT. Your minimap is going to be PEPPERED with red dots up the ass. Suddenly, running away is now even more difficult than it was in previous games. Fighting likewise is also more difficult, but not quite as hard as running, thanks to improved fighting controls. What’s really cheap is that sometimes, even if you’re Incognito, they can STILL trigger an alert and chase after you. Seriously, what the fuck! And speaking of running, man, you’re going to be holding down that analog shoulder button for a VERY LONG TIME; the way Ubisoft made the open-world structure in this game puts Skyrim’s open-world to shame. The cities are massive too, and you’re going to want to find fast travel stations very much in this game.

    1. Running is so much better in this game once you master your surroundings, seeing as you can run through and under obstacles.
      But yeah, i know what you mean about guards randomly attacking you, but sometimes that because of the fucking guard dogs, that alert you no matter what, and i think if you have your tomahawk out they’re alerted

  17. 12/31/year is usually just a place holder. It maybe have indeed changed but I doubt the actual date really is 12/31/2012.

  18. Nintendo does not release or allows games to be released untill they are as problemfree as possible.

  19. Maybe they just don’t have enough copies for all the people who pre-ordered the game, so that only the ones who pre-ordered last got this mail….
    i highly doubt ubisoft will delay AC3. – One delayed game (Rayman) is enough!!! :)

  20. Well glad i decided to already buy it if it is delayed.

    Its a good game, probably the best AC yet, but it feels less refined than 2 did, in terms of its pacing.
    The gameplay is incredible, the parkour is vastly improved, much more you can do, like slide under gaps and quickly vault over small obsticles, and running in trees, oh my god so much fun. Then the naval battles are fun as hell, nice change in gameplay, as well as the hunting, plus tons of side missions, that all have different gameplay.

    The only problem is during the story missions the game has a good pace, but after its so slow, and it feels very gamey, like “okay im going over there, okay did that, now over there” ect ect. Also, there is NOTHING to buy in this game, besides ship upgrades.
    Amazing game, but some stuff just feels pointless, and wasted


    Also, any of these “glithes” people keep bringing up, its all visual, and they’re only brief, and dont interfere with the gameplay. Yeah, it can be annoying, and you can tell they rushed it out a little, and the new engine is obviously not perfected but its not that frequent, not worth fussing over, its just a very minor annoyance.

    1. Good mini review bra!!! Maybe with a good old Iron and some gamepad features the wiiu version could be 9 worthy!

      1. *optional extra touch controls and a map on screen* all optional extras you can use the pro controler.
        And if they iron out the bugs present on ps3 and 360 , why shouldn’t it be 9 worthy ?

  21. i have the game now and its fucking epic , you nintendrones can wait for your gimmicky version , ps3 has the exclusive content and wii u and shitbox369 dosnt :) no point waiting for a shit version!

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