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Nintendo Land US TV Commercial

Nintendo of America has uploaded the television commercial for its Wii U launch title, Nintendo Land. The footage for advert was clearly shot at the same time as the original North American Wii U launch commercial, which made its debut last week to mixed reviews. Do you think this Nintendo Land advert is effective?

42 thoughts on “Nintendo Land US TV Commercial”

    1. Argee i see casual eating this up. I pray they make the right kinda commercial for the core games like ninja gaiden zombiu etc

      1. Not all iPad games are crap though. I mean, there is like one or two decent ports of games from gaming consoles…

        1. Hmmm oh yea they do got games that’s not ports. Like…. oh that fake mario game &… the fake pushmo… oh & who can forget the fake pokemon game. Thats a ipad for you Crapy games for a crapy play time

  1. That fucking music…is so annoying…it makes me want to blowy brains out. Everything else is fine but that music just pisses me off, its just fucking stupid and doesnt even match the advert itself. I dont hate electronic or dubstep, if that classes as it, i duno, im not some dubstep pure blood you see on the internet, i actually mainy listen to that sort of stuff but jesus fucking christ, i duno, it just riles me up somethig fierce.

    1. IKR? I grew up going to PROPER UK dubstep raves and parties as a teen. Until a load of A holes came along and completely but raped the Genre. That isn’t dubstep its casual electro at best.

      I stopped listening to Dubstep about early 2010 when it was officialy rinsed. Now everytime I hear some new dubstep its like my ears are being mollested.

  2. Who the hell cares if this commercial sucks? This commercial focuses on the Wii U’s asymmetrical gameplay… and Nintendo Land is the living proof of what this new system does. Major props go to Nintendo of America… despite the selection of the music. In two more weeks, generation U will soon begin.

    1. Well the fact that people will talk about it (even though it does suck) shows it was successful because they have people at least thinking about it :P

        1. That’s the thing :P They don’t have to like it. Nintendo got people talking about it and it includes there product, I think it was pretty successful imo.

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  4. Non-gamers might understand that this is new console with these ads, but I doubt they are going to be able to tell the games apart because it looks like all the other ads and they only mention the name once.

  5. i love nintendo, i’ve always loved nintendo
    i loved my n64 and my gameboy pocket (and stil do), i love my new 3ds xl and i know i will love the wii u premium i already preordered
    and from what i’ve seen so far.. nintendoland actually looks really fun and it was rated pretty high, so really excited

    that being said
    this commercial is really fkin horrible.. it’s not just the music, but this commercial shows absolutely NOTHING, absolutely NOTHING
    horrible commercial is horrible

  6. I like the commercial. Its good to
    show off Nintendoland. Makes it look a little more targeted towards an older audience. We all know it could have been a lot worse with like anime characters running around and happy music playing in the background. Be thankful they had teenagers holding the device and electric-pop music playing. Makes jt look somewhat “cool”. Still waiting for a rated M Eii U game to get a commercial though….

  7. iim pretty sure nintendo is having a hard time figuring out how to show people their console and to be true this ad did not help lol

    belive me, you have to try it in order to understand its potential and how it actually works

    My first experience with wii-u was at e3 2011 and even with only tech demos it was freaking amazing.

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