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Wii U Mii Plaza English Name Is WaraWara Plaza

Nintendo president Satoru Iwata announced earlier today that the Wii U Plaza will be called WaraWara Plaza in the West. WaraWara is Japanese and translates to “bustling” in English. In the Plaza you can see what other fellow gamers are playing, as well as what gamers are talking about. Here’s all the information you need about MiiVerse from todays Nintendo Direct.

80 thoughts on “Wii U Mii Plaza English Name Is WaraWara Plaza”

    1. Miiverse and WaraWara Plaza are different. You post something on Miiverse and that will eventually appear on WaraWara Plaza (which is just the name for the screen you see above)

        1. I love Japan too ^_^!!! Don’t know why (probably becuase of the gaming industry) but they have an amazing culture.

          1. Also their media (video games, tv shows, and comics) are way more enjoyable and creative than the West. Though, there are a few acceptions like Disney, Marvel, DC Comics, Ubisoft, and so on.

            1. Indeed!! America and EU have some Great Media and entertainment , but I think Japan stands out more to us westerners becuase it is so different.

              And their women look the best.

  1. I like all this stuf Nintendo is doing. It looks great and I wish people would stop comparing it to 360 and ps3 :/ . it’s gunna be awesome to have all this new stuff unique to the WiiUltima

    1. It will be interesting to see how someone in Australia such as myself will be able to interact and friend them with someone overseas in Miiverse.

      1. Yep, my friends confirmed it to me.

        Never got the memo until then. Pretty sweet name, though it’ll be quite the tongue twister.

    1. Wara means to laugh/straw in Japanese although for laugh it is more correctly written warau, the u extends the sound of the a.

      1. it is for me, unless there’s a pause between the first “wara” and the second “wara”. Sayin it fast makes me wanna say “wawawawa”. I don’t wanna say it too slow or else i’ll risk sounding like i’m in special needs

    1. The ‘R’s in Japanese are kind of like a mix between the English ‘L’ and ‘D’ sound. After you practice a bit, you should be able to pronounce it better.

  2. But it maybe good if the call it as “UMiiVerse” similar to the word Universe and MiiVerse (Past name of warawara plaza) :P

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  4. I’m still not calling it like that.

    I’d rather call it “Mii Park” or something more american, like “Home Screen”.

  5. People who have an issue with the name are the same people who had an issue with calling the System Wii and then Wii U. A name doesnt effect the preformance. A name is a bunch of letters seriously. Why must it sound HArDcoreZ?

    1. well it’s a japanese product.. i’m confronted with english product names, even though english isn’t my native language, every day.. can’t see me complaining.. or the rest of the world

      frankly people who complain about a japanese name on a japanese product are ignorant turds

  6. I really like the name. Warawara is the japanese word of the sound a group of people make when talking. On the WaraWara Plaza the same thing happens, so the name really fits the situation (or whatever I have to call it)…

  7. Reblogged this on hypersonic55 and commented:
    I liked the design of WaraWara Plaza and it does look much fancier than it did back at E3. While it’ll take a bit of time to adjust to the new name of this Plaza all I can say is that I can’t wait to try it out and connect with people!

  8. WaraWara Plaza is fun to say. :3 I can imagine a crowd of people on the streets chanting “WaraWara Plaza” while playing the Mario theme in an orchestral manner. That’s just the way I imagine it. You might think of the name as a crappy, pointless one, but I’m fond of how the name is pronounced. its fun to say really.

  9. Also, when ghey showed it off at E3, I saw a logo with Samus Aran on it. I SENSE A NEW METROID TITLE FOR WII U!!!!

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