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New Sonic Game Confirmed For Next Year

Sega’s European head of brand licensing Sissel Henno has told Toys ‘n’ Playthings magazine that the company plans to release a brand new Sonic game for consoles next year. Henno also said that the developer and publisher has several new digital titles launching as well as a new boxed game.

“Over the next year there will be a big focus on the expansion of [Sonic licensed] toy distribution across Europe.”

“Similarly, we will also be growing the apparel, publishing and stationary categories. We will have several new digital titles launching as well as a new boxed game, so there will be plenty of opportunities to link marketing campaigns across games and merchandise.”

160 thoughts on “New Sonic Game Confirmed For Next Year”

    1. Speaking of which, how good is that game anyway? I got huge rage over “Sonic Unleashed” for the Wii (Which was garbage, in my opinion) and haven’t bought a new Sonic game since. I’ve heard good though for “Colours” and “Generations” though and have considered them. If you recommend I try them, would you also recommend I go for the PS3 version of “Generations” over the Wii? Would make most logic to me to avoid the same sh*t I went through with “Unleashed” if that consoles version is also a butchered port. >_>’

      1. Colours and Generations are both good games. Personally it’s more of a return to Sonic’s former glory. However both Colours and Generations we’re received quite well by the fan base. And we know how picky they are.

      2. Generations was probably the best 3D Sonic game ever, and Colors was a great game too. I’ve never bothered with the Wii Version of Unleashed, but the 360 version was pretty good. There isn’t a Wii Version of Generations, but I would definitely recommend the PS3 version, as well as Colors for the Wii.

          1. Adventure and Unleashed: Yes
            Adventure 2: No…. Sorry Peter, but it’s just to linear and boring for my liking…

            1. Adventure 2 introduced Shadow. It was a great game. Along with Sonic 06. I know people hate it but it has a great storyline, the best story line

              1. Absolutely not. 06 had one of the most confusing, stupid, cliche, unfitting, ridiculous stories I have ever seen in a video game. The WORST storyline… Shadow was an okay character in SA2, but onward he bacame worse and worse. Plus, as I said before, SA2 is just mediocre in my opinion.

      3. Id reccomend it, although only about half of the game is new, apart from challenge type levels, seeing as all tye levels are from previous Sonic games (one from each main title). It got a good pacing, i never felt bored, or frustrated, the old school Sonic plays like it used to, and the new Sonic is the closest to good that we’ve gotten, its more of a mix of 2D and quick “on track” reaction time 3D parts, similar to Unleashed.
        Its good, not that good, and does have the rare “Sonic problem”, but its good.

        Id say play it safe and get the ps3 version. I havent played or read a review of the Wii version, i dont even know i there is one, but just play it safe.

        1. Agreed Sonic Generations is a good game
          I feel that the level design gets progressively weaker though… starts off really strong but dwindles a bit in my opinion!

      4. I’d recommend generations. Its a great game that reimagines all the stages in it. My conplaints are that the game is short, there’s no multiplayer, and the bosses are both easy to beat and it only takes a few hits to win.

      5. Sonic Generations Is amazing on 360 and ps3, It’s also very good on 3DS. The 3ds is a shorter More portable friendly version but it is still very very good.
        I would recomend either.

        Also Sonic and the secret rings, Sonic Colors for wii.

        1. Sigh, generations 3DS was a bit of a let down… the game felt like a portable extension to the home console and not its own version. There’s only one handheld original stage, Water Palace, and a few handheld songs… thats it; and its supposed to celebrate the handheld history which it barely does. I like generations 3DS but it was a bit of a disappointment

          1. I enjoyed it very much. And it is just a handheld version you know? it never was gunna be the console version…. we’re all different. I would give it 8/10.

            1. “And it is just a handheld version you know?”
              exatcly why does it have level from the home consoles???
              why not sega game gear gba or even ds and psp level but no it has to be console levels.

              1. Oh , I see your point. But still I really enjoyed the game it IS NOT as good as the console version. But is very good for a handheld.

      6. Colors and generations is good, but the 3ds is not, why? let me tell you this, sonic advance 3 has way more content than this game and is made in GBA you will play this game for30 min and you are done. Not worth $40 on that game because super mario land 3d has WAY more content than this.

    2. Generations is the best Sonic game we’ve seen in a while, but I still feel like the best model for success in this generation of games would be for them to fix the issues they had with the Sonic Adventure games and release more games similar to them, as well as release a Sonic Adventure HD Collection.

    3. Hey FUCKERS!
      I hereby bet everyone that it will not be better than Colors or Generations it might match one of the two but will not be significantly better I think that’s a safe bet. Besides those games were hardly good to begin with. One is a SMG rip off (And yes it is. One of the developers said Sonic Colors was inspired by “Mario games” look it up bitches.), and the other is a REHASH of Sonic’s decent games. Pathetic.

      It must feel EXTREMELY good to be a Sonic fan. (That was sarcasm.)

    1. How? there hasn’t been a proper Sonic game since Generations, and that would be two years old by the time this game comes out.

        1. Short, yes. But boring??? No way. Games like Shadow the Hedgehog were very long and tedious because of not only how many times you need to revisit old levels, but because of the other various methods they use to pad out the game. I’d rather a game like Generations, where the game is short but fun, than a game like those…. other two…. I just mentioned that are long and tedious.

    2. How many main series Sonic games have you seen this year? 1. Sonic 4 Episode 2. Thats it. The spinoff racing games don’t count.

    3. It doesn’t matter as long as it is a very good game and sonic doesn’t end up with a sword or some bullshit. Sega Should Team up with Nintendo EAD to make Sonic. Sega and Nintendo Made F-zero GX.

      1. Sonic doesn’t deserve Nintendo EAD. It’s a shitty franchise can’t you understand? It’s Sega’s ONLY true life vest in this world of FAR better games.

        1. Awww :(. Sonic does deserve EAD. Before the dreamcast failed he was virtualy on par with Mario. After that he spiralled to his doom.

          But Nintendo could fix him easy.

    1. He is, you don’t see Sonic coming out with almost a dozen titles in little over a year, now do you?

      Yeah, exactly what I thought.

        1. If you could read, I clearly said “almost” and “little over a year”.

          But you can’t, so I’m not going to bother.

            1. 6 titles released in 2012 alone, by the way. Two are platformers.

              I think that speaks volumes when it comes to “milking”. Within the past TWO years, Nintendo has released 15 fucking Mario titles.

              1. 6 titles in 2012 ??? all I can think of is Mario Tennis Open , NSMB2, NSMBU.

                Mario and Sonic at the olympics is both Mario and Sonic.

                  1. They aren’t just ”Mario games” though like CoD games are just ”CoD” games.

                    Apart from NSMB’ games they are all totaly different.

            1. 3 God of War games in two years? That’s the best you can do?

              15 Mario games within that same time frame. Sit the fuck down.

              you guys can’t even try to water down the plain and simple truth properly

                1. 2010-2012.

                  Super Mario Galaxy 2 2010 Wii Platformer (3D)
                  Super Mario All-Stars 25th Anniversary Edition 2010 Wii Platformer (2D)
                  Game & Watch Collection 2
                  Mario vs. Donkey Kong: Mini-Land Mayhem! 2010 Nintendo DS Platformer (2D)
                  Mario Sports Mix 2010 Wii Sports
                  Super Mario 3D Land 2011 Nintendo 3DS Platformer (3D)
                  Mario & Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games 2011 Wii Sports (Olympic Games)
                  Mario Kart 7 2011 Nintendo 3DS Racing
                  Mario & Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games 2012 Nintendo 3DS Sports (Olympic Games)
                  Mario Party 9 2012 Wii Party game
                  Mario Tennis Open 2012 Nintendo 3DS Sports (Tennis)
                  New Super Mario Bros. 2 2012 Nintendo 3DS Platformer (2D)
                  Paper Mario: Sticker Star 2012 Nintendo 3DS Role-playing
                  New Super Mario Bros. U 2012 Wii U Platformer (2D)

                  I think this is the list he means.

  1. Looking forward to see how they will ruin it this time. I hope they don’t, of course but I’m better off getting Sonic adventure 2 on PSN for my 3D Sonic fix.

      1. Please tell me how, I’m looking at the packaging online and there is no title of “Sonic Adventure 3” anywhere on it.

        1. Please do look at the game mechanics. Sonic 06 has Snowboarding sections like Adventure and Adventure 2, Multiple playable characters like Adventure 1 and 2, a “grand, epic” story like Adventure 2. Giant Monster of the Week like Adventure 1, Power ups like Sonic Adventure 1 and 2. There is a multitude of reasons that show Sonic 06 was meant to be Sonic Adventure 3. It doesn’t need to be on the packaging to hint at what it was supposed to be. Sonic Team wanted to make Sonic’s 15th anniversary grand so they tried making Sonic 06 like the Adventure games.

          1. Oh I was not aware mechanics make a game something that it isn’t. Thanks for informing me.

            Actually no, 06 is not fucking Sonic Adventure 3. Stop this shit.

            1. And….? That doesn’t mean that the probability of SA3 coming out is any higher….
              It’s NEVER coming out. You people are just to stubborn to see it for yourselves. So now, yes. Sonic 06 is your Sonic Adventure 3.
              Geez, you guys get so offended when people call 06 “SA3”. Haven’t you guys ever consider that game being called “Sonic the Hedgehog” the TITLUAR CHARACTER’S NAME…. is a bit more offensive than it being called Sonic Adventure 3???

          2. I’ll say that Sonic ’06 [i]replaced[/i] Sonic Adventure 3. They probably took the engine and some mechanics from whatever would have become Sonic Adventure 3 and created their own story to go along with the basic programming of the game. Why they killed the idea of SA3 we may never know. They still could bring that sub-series back if they wanted to.

        2. Not a direct sequel, but it was basically the spiritual successor. The gameplay is “the same”, just far more broken

        3. It’s SA3….
          It is almost SA3 in every single aspect besides the name. You could slap the title “Sonic Adventure 3” right on the box cover, and it would actually be more fitting than “Sonic the Hedgehog”.

    1. That would be amazing! Sonic Adventure 2 Battle was one of my favorite games of all times. Brings a lot of memories of when my cousin and I would play that non-stop before he passed away

      1. Completely agree with you dude, with Sonic some games suck and some other don´t, with Mario always is the same sensation of greatness, damn you Mario, you should stop doing that old 2D platformer an move on into 3D, or cars games, or sport games, or mini games, or fighting games, or puzzle games, or RPG, or dance games, or shooters, or at least some bad games so other games franchise don´t look so bad; damn you Mario for doing the exact same shit and revolutionized the video game industry every fucking year.

        1. “revolutionizing” the industry every year.

          Please, tell me which Mario game post-64 has been inspiring platformers since. OH RIGHT, FUCKING NONE OF THEM.

          Suck more Nintendo cock, you mindless sheep. Nintendo plays it safe with the platformers, they haven’t done SHIT “revolutionary” since Super Mario 64.

              1. How wasn’t it ?? Mario Galaxy was as revoloutionary as anything else at the time. Completely redefined 3d platformers. So did Mario 3d land. Its the first ever game that makes perfect use of Stereoscopic 3d.

                  1. Nintendo Revoloutionized the Genre FOR THEMSELVES. Fuck every one else. Nintendo Pushed the boundaires or ”Revoloutionized” 3D platforming for ever with Galaxy.
                    Nuff said.

                    1. Galaxy is basically Mario 64 in space.

                      How …”revolutionary”.

                      Now excuse me while I gaze my eyes into a real platforming revolution (for 2D) with Rayman Origins.

                      1. Butthurt. Galaxy is probably the most outstanding game of its generation. So lets no go there.

                        Gaze your eyes at Rayman Legends , Oh wait it’s not compatible with a 4GB Xbox arcade.

                  2. Super Mario Galaxy was a fantastic game, but 3D Land was pretty lame… That weird camera angle was the worst part about it.

                  3. Look, Nintedward…. I understand you are a big fan of Nintendo, and I respect that. But there is a big difference between being a fan and just borderline sucking dick….
                    Mario Galaxy was an amazing game, but it still had a few issues. And 3D Land??? Pffft, no… if anything, all the 3D is good for in that game is destroying you perspective for 3D platforming….

                    1. What a bullshit statement. Maybe you need to get your glasses checked , because 3D land was the first ever game to trully master sterescopic 3D. And galaxy is a masterpiece. Look at the meta scores…..

                      1. Are you kidding? I’ve seen playthrough after playthrough and even experinced it myself, where the 3D just throws you off! It’s more of a curse then a blessing.

                        1. Oh really ? Is that why its been praised from all corners of the media to be the most definitive use of Stereo 3D ever ? EXACTLY.

                          You’re really outnumbered with your opinion here , so you can’t win. Maybe your eyes don’t work properly , i dunno. But to me and nearly every other video gamer who knows something about games , The 3D in 3D land actually HELPS you with depth perception and all that…

                        2. “Oh really ? Is that why its been praised from all corners of the media to be the most definitive use of Stereo 3D ever ?”

                          1. Ummm, where did you hear this…? Exactly…? And really, why should I give a damn what “the media” has to say about this game? Just because they say it, does that mean it’s correct? Huh? EXACTLY.

                          “You’re really outnumbered with your opinion here , so you can’t win. Maybe your eyes don’t work properly , i dunno. The 3D in 3D land actually HELPS you with depth perception and all that…”

                          2. What on God’s green earth are you talking about…. Opinion’s can’t be CORRECT. What does me being out numbered mean anyway? It’s not like because other people think the same as you do, either one of us is right. I don’t agree with what you say. DEAL WITH IT. You’re making it out to this being some war against me, because I’m not on Nintendo’s nuts all day… Depth perception…. it’s a 3-Dimensional Mario game!!!! What more depth perception does it need!? And even with all that, the fixed camera just ruins that aspect because of the weird ways it sets…

                          “But to me and nearly every other video gamer who knows something about games.”

                          I really… seriously… can’t believe you just said that……

                          1. Nice novel. Mario 3D land is the most definitive use of 3D in a game ever. get over it… And Galaxy is perfect. fact.

                  1. Sure thing, now list all of the now AAA developers in the market who were inspired by it, and how motion controls are now standard thanks to it.

                1. So I don’t agree with the ‘revolutionizing’ comment, but Mario Galaxy was fantastic, and at least a change from the norm, heck even Sunshine had a different platforming mechanic. But let’s be honest…what games this generation have ‘revolutionized’ any genre, really? There is nothing noteworthy that comes to mind. 2D to 3D was probably the last real noteworthy chasm jump in terms of revolutionizing anything, so with regards to that, the Mario games(at least the 3D ones, I understand if people don’t fee invigorated by all the 2D ones) are always of a very high quality, and as long as thats the case, and they always add something fresh, I’m good, as are most. So I don’t understand what it is you are always bitching about.

                2. You know what? YES I exagerate that of “revolutionizing” the industry every year. But the point that was discussed ( and for your newer comments, the point you now want to deviate) was that Mario “doesn’t feel different” with every game that it come with his name on it, when the matter of fact is that every game of Mario is, in one way or another, vastly different from each other. If you dont like one tipe of Mario game, do not worry, he got another one just for your particulate taste, you jost need to find it in the large resume of Mario game.

                  1. NSMB series, your argument is null and void.

                    Good luck arguing how “vastly different” any of those games are from the other, especially NSMBDS/2.

        2. Hope in the next game Sonic, Tails and Knuckles are playable. I don’t really care if anyone else is….
          But after playing as Modern Sonic in Generations, we already know a 3D game will rock :)

        3. I hope its got a new play style. Seriously, i know this sounds weird, but Sonic needs to play like an open world racer. Imagine a gake like NFS Most Wanted, except Somic themed worlds, and grind rails, and you can run up certain buildings and what not.
          That game would be incredible.

            1. I dont think Adventure needs a continuation. The gameplay in that game is flawed as hell, and if the put tons of revisions in it, it would feel like Adventure. Just start over, need trilogy or whatever, open world (or sub open worlds), and racer like mechanics, but with Sonic moves added on.

        4. All I want is Mario and Sonic platformer crossover game, that is just one of my dream games I want to be made a reality. You can play as Mario in Sonic’s World and Sonic in Mario’s World, the possibilities are endless. You could even use power-ups from each other’s respective games, it would be awesome. Though the closest we’ve come to that is Brawl, seeing that it’s not only a fighting game, but also a platformer.

          Oh well I can dream right? I just hope the new Sonic game is as good as Colors, that was my favorite Sonic game this gen.

        5. I’m intrested to see what they do with this game, because correct me if I’m wrong but sega said they want to reboot the franchise. They have released the first successful 3D sonic game since the Dreamcast, so it’s going to be interesting on how they build upon generations.
          Personally, all of these crap sonic games from the last decade, in my opinion is sega trying to find its feet with 3D Sonic. Sure the Adventure games were good, but I believe that sega was trying to bring the franchise into the 21st Century, revolutionise the series and perfect the formula of Sonic Games but unfortunately their ideas were disliked and even hated by many. But now they have something that works and they must improve upon this formula and make sonic games just as good as they were back on the Mega Drive. And in order for sega break away from past failures, I believe sega must not make a sonic adventure 3, I know this is not what people want but in order for this to work sega must start afresh and have few to no connections to past games. It has worked successfully on TV (Frasier) and I believe that it would work on games.
          Sega must add something new to the series, no new characters, but instead a new power up, and with Wii U being released there is a new door full of opportunities for them to build on this formula. Super mario galaxy is an example of making good use of hardware and adding something amazing to a series. Ayscemetric gameplay could be incorporated into the game.

          1. I would also like to add on that these games should also have a similar level of pace as the megadrive games, the original new super mario bros from 2006 did it perfectly to its snes predecessor so why can’t sonic do so, they have an amazing set of developers who we have yet to see their potential and after seeing generations, there is no reason why it’s sequel can’t be just as good if not better.
            However generations consists of the best from sonic so do we like the game because its good or is it nostalgia. Because don’t forget you are playing old sonic, just remastered so we have yet to see what they will do with original gameplay and levels. Keep that in mind.

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        7. I love Sonic but the only reason Sega is having trouble with it is because of the nature of the character itself. Sonic is fast and gameplay has to show this off and this is clearly not as simple to achieve in a 3D world. But first and foremost, Sonic games are platformers, not racers or quick-time-event sequences. They keep forgetting that too.

        8. Are we seriously having a Mario Vs. Sonic Debate in this day and age?!@.@ Yes, Both characters get used A lot But U can’t deny that Mario has a Greater Number of Good games. Sonic,Unfortunetly, Has such a Large amount of Mediocre games compared to all of his Decent games. The Original 3 Sonic the Hedgehog games, Sonic Advance, Sonic Adventure 1 & 2, Colors, & Generations are the Best true Sonic games in my Opinion. But, Sega has Made so many Terrible sonic games: Secret rings, Unleashed, Black Knight, Sonic ’06, etc.

          1. Actually, I’m gonna go out on a limb and say my favorite game in the Sonic series was Sonic Rush. I had more fun playing that game than I ever had with any of the other Sonic’s…I doubt that makes it the best game, but IMHO so far it has been.

            1. Agreed on that, besides the music annoying as fuck. That woman singing in every song was..ugh, makes me wana smash my face into a desk

        9. I pray that this’ll be a main series game. I’d bet that they are re-doing the original sonic the hedgehog series starting with 3.

          I believe this because eggman of the past (he originates from after sonic 2 and before 3) is stuck in a time with present eggman; sonic and tails returned to the past without him so now the past is most likely changed by having a new antagonist

        10. I pray that this’ll be a main series game. I’d bet that they are re-doing the original sonic the hedgehog series starting with 3.

          I believe this because eggman of the past (he originates from after sonic 2 and before 3) is stuck in a time with present eggman; sonic and tails returned to the past without him at the generations so now the past is most likely changed by having a new antagonist

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          1. Shadow the Hedgehog probably had one of the most ridiculous stories I have ever seen in a 3D Sonic game…. If anything,having a story like that should be an automatic veto for SEGA. But a legit story like SA1 or Black Knight I wouldn’t mind, even though I liked Colors simplistic approach to a Sonic story.

        12. I’m personally hoping for it to be Sonic Adventure 3. 1 and 2 were great games and I think we deserve a third. I don’t want new characters but I’m hoping at least Tails, Knuckles, Shadow, and Silver are playable in addition to Sonic himself.

          Plus, with SA3, we can finally see the return of the Chao Gardens- it’s been over 10 years since the last SA game and they managed to improve the Chao systems between 1 and 2, so imagine how much better the gardens can be in this installment.

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        16. Honestly, I would like to get a brand new 3D Sonic game where it isn’t a follow up to a previous game. It would only lead to disappoints because people would expect too many things from the past. I would like to see a fresh new start of Sonic that has similar gameplay to Colors and Generations with an expansive world and longer levels. A Sonic Adventure 3 would be cool, but I think it would be best to start something new. As for Chao gardens, I believe the Chao should be separate from Sonic games. They are cute and cool, but there are some things I do not agree with on the concept of Chao and I don’t want to be forced to play them in order to get 100% on a game.

          I also would like to play as Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles.

        17. I feel like generations was basically just a statement game saying (FUCK YEAH WE GOT IT RIGHT!) and this game could possibly be adventure 3? another hint to this is that one of the original artists from adventure 2 battle is coming back to work on a new project with sega and he hasnt done anything with them since adventure 2

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        20. Sonic generations is pretty good and so is colors but what i didnt like was that they didnt put super sonic in the game play of it and it could have been better if they hade but the last boss battle was for that game was good i like the song the attacks everything made me feel more into it and sonic generations is the best game i have expirence its a game were you can play everygame sega has made but not all of them i also like super sonic they made it better in that version sega know’s what its doing

        21. Sega should really bring back Sonic,Silver,and Shadow even tho when they made Sonic 06 were they mest up in the game they should find a way to fix that mistake pretty much because that game was rush in order for sonic 15 anv. it always lag and everything controlls to sensitive and everything was nice but the music was waaayyy better better yet they should bring back super sonic,super silver,and super shadow but not mess it up

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        23. Good day! I could have sworn I’ve visited this web site before but after browsing through some of the posts I realized it’s new to me.

          Anyhow, I’m certainly pleased I discovered it and I’ll be bookmarking it and checking
          back often!

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