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Nintendo Land Seven Minute Overview Trailer Of Attractions

Nintendo Japan has released a seven minute overview of all the glorious attractions users can check out in Nintendo Land when it launches November 18th. As you already know, there are twelve different attractions based on iconic Nintendo franchises such as Zelda, Pikmin and Animal Crossing. Nintendo Land will be bundled with all Wii U 32GB Deluxe sets.

29 thoughts on “Nintendo Land Seven Minute Overview Trailer Of Attractions”

    1. It will probably have a connection with Miiverse. Those Miis will probably be like on Wii Sports, where the console already has pre programed Miis, but will also include those on your Friends List for Miiverse. As far as I’ve seen for commercials, it seems that your Miis will carry some of your data regarding records on every attraction you played to be seen by other Wii U owners, and probably every Mii registered on your console will appear there as well.
      That is, of course, only my guesses. Let’s wait 10 days to find out if I’m right or not!

    1. Why? In terms of “party” games its probably the most flesh out one ever, behind Mario Party. I wont get it at first, but this’ll be fun as hell during the holidays.

  1. I’m actually genuinely surprised at the quality of this game, considering it’s the pack in game for Wii U and compared to Wii Sports. Everything is nicely detailed with some cool lighting too.
    And, Kraid and Ridley?!

    It’ll be some good fun.

  2. They keep using that same tune from Super Mario Bros. 3. I wish they’d use the tune from the first stage in SMB3 for a change. But no biggie. Looks like the kind of game that’s only fun if you have someone to play with. Which I don’t. : /

    1. ya i’m getting the wiiu just so i can play the new metroid when it comes out.the metroid series is my fav series by far. i’m sure ill get other games tell then but thats the game that sold me on the wiiu o and zombi u

      1. Yeah, honestly, i was sold because Rayman and Pikmin too, but theyve been delayed till whenever, so i dont feel so bad getting it after launch day, i only really want ZombiU, Ninja Gaiden, Mario and NintendoLand. Everything else is more of an after thought, or if i have some spare cash

  3. The Nintendo Reviewer

    I had a rather negative reaction to this game but now it’s looking rather good, especially since it comes with the Deluxe set. Looks like a great Wii U intro/party game. Hopefully it actually is.

  4. OH MAI GAWD! 7 minute orgasm for the win FTW!!!!! Even my precious goat cannot pleasure me like this. It is time for me to weep and clean myself.

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