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Amazon Already Shipping Pre-Ordered Wii U Games

Call Of Duty: Black Ops II‘s release date is November 13th for existing platforms, including PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC, and November 18th for Wii U. However, consumers are already receiving their pre-ordered copies of Wii U’s version of the game from online retailer Amazon, although the new console launches in a week.

47 thoughts on “Amazon Already Shipping Pre-Ordered Wii U Games”

    1. @ Mamuta……..You smell games too? LOL! That’s always the first thing I do when I open a game is smell it. LOVE that new plastic smell.

    1. From the game’s distributor maybe? So in this case, probably Activision. The reason for the early dispatch could be that they received the Wii U copies in a shipment with the PC and PS360 versions.

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  2. Ive got skyward sword one they before the releasedate last year,
    so I preordered WiiU from the same store, hope I get it before the release

    1. There is a lot of games you can order of E-bay here in UK and they arrive at your house 1-2 sometimes 3 days before launch date. Happened to me this year with about 10 3DS games ^_^.

  3. Come on guys, face the truth, 3rd party developer still doesn’t love Wii U. PS3 and X360 has more content, stop saying “I don’t care about COD or whatever” to make your self feel better. If even a simple DLC couldn’t give out, that shows how 3rd party treat Wii U now.

    1. Tell that to the developers at Straight Right, Ubisoft, PlatinumGames, and Gearbox, Mattie. Nobody gives a flying fuck what you think. The third party developers make games for Wii U especially the versatility of using the GamePad and 2 player asymmetrical gameplay.

    2. More content, what are you talking about? If you mean the lack of Elite or YouTube streaming then that’s just a pathetic argument. If you mean the rumoured lack of 2025 Nuketown, I’m going to wait and see about that.
      Even so, the game is coming to Wii U, is it not? That’s the important part.

  4. Don’t you boys think before posting such offensive and dirty messages?Me and my 3 other friends (we’re all girls and hardcore gamers) sold our PS3s and 360s because we were always offended with dirty insults like that.”No girls on the internet”,dude you should be happy for me.I’m trying to prove to my family,family and internet trolls that videogames are for girls too.We play everything,from little big planet to skyrim and assassins creed instead of wasting time on social networks but for some reason people don’t like that.

    Wii U looks fun,Ill buy one.I just hope the guys on Nintendo Network are not retards like the ones on Live and Psn.I look forward to playing hardcore Bayonetta 2 and Assassin’s Creed 2 as well as Nintendo Land and Scribblenauts.

  5. LIL i complete agree with you, is kind of the same situation when it comes to other language people for example if you are Spanish and you star talking the language on a game lobby you are Mexican and speak. You know we are gamers with should try each other the same way.

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