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New Super Mario Bros. U Doesn’t Support Wii Nunchuk Controller

You can play New Super Mario Bros. Wii with the Wii Remote and Nunchuk combination, but the forthcoming New Super Mario Bros. U  for Wii U doesn’t support that control method. New Super Mario Bros. U launches alongside Nintendo’s new console on November 18th in North America and November 30th in Europe and Australia.

85 thoughts on “New Super Mario Bros. U Doesn’t Support Wii Nunchuk Controller”

    1. I know most of you don’t care but you’d be surprised at how many of us players are older. I have arthritis in my hand (and you will too someday) and it’s a bear to use the wimote to move mario.

      1. And…. You fell for it

        Jeez defensive.fanboys are the best ;) gotta do this more. Ofc ill use the gamepad for it!

    1. Even though the trolling is oh so painfully obvious… You could play this with the GamePad or the Pro Controller if you didn’t like the sideways Wiimote.

        1. Really ???? surely there has to be. I mean sure a sideways wii remote is good if not great. But a pro controller is a lot lot lot comfier. And yes I have held one whilst playing tekken tag 2 at an event! it’s awesome!

    2. You cancelled your preorder because you can’t use your nunchuck…?

      Srsly, don’t most people just hold the Wii remote sideways? And of course, there’ll be the GamePad too. They might even let us use the Pro controller, hopefully.

    3. The Wiimote/ nunchuk configuration sucked, and made no sense.
      So you are one of the 3 people who used it?

      1. lol
        But seriously, it shouldn’t be much issue to implement multi-controller support for that game.
        Wiimote, Wiimote + nunchuck, Wiimote + classic controller, Wii U pro controller and Wii U GamePad.
        5 options that should be accessible…

  1. Not a big deal, I wasn’t planning to, for some strange reason I always hated the nunchuck easy of playing most games….

    1. They might have played retro collections and downloadable side-scrolling games on Xbox with a controller that doesn’t have the kind of d-pad meant for those games. As a result, they get used to playing w/ the left stick.

      Sad, I know.

    1. So, Nintendo sucks just because a game of theirs doesn’t support one of their accessories, even though there are better ways to play the game?

  2. I didn’t know you could use the Nunchuck on NSMB Wii. And I don’t think many people use it anyways, since it’s easier and more nostalgic to play with the Wii Remote sideways.

  3. meh i hated that control scheme in general ruined a lot of games for me (why cant i use my classic controller for galaxy Nintendo)

  4. It’s nice to have options, but, seeing as this is a sidescrolling platformer, there really isn’t a need for analog control.

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  6. No problem there….. sidescrollers and analog sticks lol, thats nothing bad….. sidescrollers are perfect for D-pad… EOD!

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  8. That sucks, I used it all the time. Nintendo didn’t really support it too much, concidering there was never any tutorial or actual enthusiasm to using it with nunchucks. Why does Nintendo thing their sideways control is superior? It doesn’t work in Smash Bros, it doesn’t work in Punch Out!, it doesn’t work in Donkey Kong Country Returns, and it was the worst in Metroid: Other M. It doesn’t help that that was the only way to control.

  9. I loved playing with the wiimote and nunchuk. I’ve never been a huge fan of the d-pad on any controller as my thumb starts to hurt pretty quickly. I also have large hands so just holding the wiimote isn’t the most comfortable thing. I found the analog stick on the nunchuk worked very well in the game and I did just as well, if not sometimes better, as my friends who preferred to use the wiimote. I actually started out using the wiimote as that’s how I was used to playing 2-D side games but with the size of the wiimote bothering me and the fact I hated shaking the thing with both hands to fly/pick up stuff I decided to try out the nunchuk. It felt perfect right away. It was now just a flick of the wrist to fly and it just made sense. The flying hat quickly became my favorite power up and my friends couldn’t do nearly as well with it. Seriously, everyone out there who didn’t know or just choose not to try it please do. Don’t just hop in and try a minute of the first level, play a few of the later levels and especially try out the flying hat. The only downside I found was that occasionally I would angle down on the analog stick while jumping and would do a butt stomp. I just don’t understand why they would take away a control scheme and it really doesn’t make sense that you can’t use the new pro controller either. It could be mapped to the shoulder buttons like it is on the gamepad. Make the default control the gamepad or wiimote but leave in the other options for those who want it, especially since it was available in the previous title.

    1. Ive just bought myself a wii u. And after looking at the box of the nsbwu I got a chock. I rocked much harder with the nun chuck.

      I mean. With the wii mote you can’t hold down run (button 1) withouth picking up the thing you run into (like a shell). You also can’t run and shoot fire/ice at the same withouth loosing speed.

      So to get the max out of the game the best way is to use the nun chuck.

      At least if they did a way to hold down the motes (B) could work.

      Nunchuck had the button (Z) which allowed you to run fast withouth interfering with you pick up/fire button (B)

      So I really don’t know if I will buy the nsmbwu. I probably will. But it’s just sad. Really sad. I’m now playing through nsmbw trying to get used to the mote only but it just sucks after knowing how good it can be.


  10. I rather enjoy using the nun chuck, and I am very upset that I cannot use it for the new Mario. I blame people who do not understand how nice it is to use the nun chuck.

  11. Why produce the new super mario bros for Wii U, without I use the NunChuk. I´m not going to buy the new console Wii U.

  12. We started out doing as the game said “use the Wii-mote side-ways” and I was prepared to dump the game. The sideways control scheme is REALLY awkward (as one user has already mentioned, trying to hold the run button while moving with the d-pad, having to shake with both hands etc). It was only after discovering that the Nunchuck was a possibility that I gave the game another chance, and I certainly improved as a player at that point.

    Screw sentiment regarding the D-pad being the way to go (I care nothing about past releases/DS versions or D-pad sentiment).

    The Wii-mote + Nunchuck is a functionally superior control scheme to the sideways Wiimote and dumping it is a stupid decision on Nintendo’s part.

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