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You Can’t Use Wii U Video Chat While Playing A Game

Nintendo president Satoru Iwata has confirmed in the latest Iwata Asks segment that you won’t be able to accept and receive a video chat call while playing a Wii U game. Iwata says that this is something Nintendo hopes to rectify later down the line. So, eventually you should be able to take and receive incoming video calls whilst playing software, just not at launch.

132 thoughts on “You Can’t Use Wii U Video Chat While Playing A Game”

        1. sorry dont take it personally but just pissed off when people brush it off and say dont care doesnt matter. It does matter if they want the hardcore back. The hardcore want chat, and good online.


          2. I really don’t care about this “hardcore vs casual” debates. I just play and accept what I am given. If I want something specific, I would rather make a video game system myself than to complain to another company. In my opinion, video chatting isn’t “hardcore” but something totally optional. A good online, yes, I do want a good online. I personally do not care if chat is taken seriously this time or not, because after experiencing the swearing and other inappropriate comments of Xbox Live, I would rather play online without voice chat or chatting with friends only. That’s my opinion, though.

          3. Yeah those hardcores love video chatting with friends while playing a game, even though theres no system that can even do that, because you only have one damn screen

      1. No because we know that Nintendo is trying their best to bring the best of their new consoles Day 1. However, some things needs more development like this. It must be quite “heavy” for the console to do both at the same time. So, Nintendo will have to develop a way to be able to do Video calling and be able to play a game while keeping the game running smooth. I understand why the console isn’t shipping with this day one. Just be happy to do video calls.

      2. Lol! Don’t need to be a fanboy to think that opinion. How many people do you think will even use “face chat” when the feature comes out? I certainly do not care… I wont use it. Never will…


    2. I didn’t know you could video chat while playing a game on the PS3 and 360. I’ve been missing out. PICS OR IT DIDN”T HAPPEN

  1. Makes sense. It would be a huge drain on the internet speed during online gaming. Still, would be good if it was sorted for those of us with gigabit connections. And when it is, I want it system wide. Playing Mario while chatting to my mates? Awesome.

        1. but u still can on the others! still no excuse. This is a NEXT gen system… or so they say…

          Game chat is a standard… if you dont like it dont use it but others want to chat to their friends whilst playing

          1. It being standard on another doesn’t mean anything. That’s a luxury feature. If it was a standard feature, you may have a point. Also, keep in mind, you couldn’t do cross game chat at launch on the Xbox 360 but the feature was later added. Nintendo’s still trying to add in the feature so I don’t see the whole doom and gloom thing.

    1. It would, but they showed this in the Promo video where OctoG123 helped that guy with ZombiU, now they tell us we can’t do it. The hell, Nintendo?

      1. That video never really said you could suspend a game, video chat, ten go straight back in, although it did imply it. Again, Nkntendo will most likely update this so its possible, but they didnt have enough time to get it right before the launch.

  2. I’m not sure if he means that I have to completely quit the game to video chat or if I can just suspend the software by pressing the home button to video chat.

      1. So you can still be notified of an incoming call while playing a game,but will have to quit the game to take that call?


  4. Nooooooooooooooooooooooo, I have to share my goat love with the world. I will love my goat for all of you to see. It will be life changing!

  5. I wasnt going to use it anyway, so not sweat off my back. I wouldnt want to video chat when im playing a game anyway.
    If i was going to chat to someone while playing a game, it would he on the game im playing online, on skype, or you know, the traditional way, with a phone. No biggy

  6. So they show off video chat as a key feature. BUT you can only do 1 on 1 and not multiple people and you can’t do it in game ? great……..

    They better fix this shit. They’re supposed to be making every little last thing perfect but it seems there is still a huge list of things that need ficing and updating on wiiu. The sort of list that could, let’s face it , turn some hardcore gamers away from the system.

    The headset issue , this issue , etc etc etc . They all need fixing and fast.

  7. We all know this because there have said theres no cross game chat and this would count as cross game chat. i happy he said there going to try to fix it after launch this means cross game chats on there minds :D

  8. I bought a wii u for my goat, he is going to video chat me and do naughty things. If only reggie could get this fixed, my goats love hole is like his face smilling down from the heavens.

  9. In fact you can receive a Videocall while playing (the Home-Button is flashing) but you have to quit your game to answer the call!

  10. People are you illiterate? It clearly says VIDEO Chat not AUDIO Chat! You can Still audio chat during the game just like the PS3 And XBOX360. So if you cancel your preorder just because of misreading this article you are very illiterate.

  11. THIS IS TRAGIC NEWS!!! My goat will not make the love with me. I have been denied. How I miss the bristles of his love hole.

  12. Wait, so is voicechat still a thing or are we talking no chatting at all? If it’s just video chatting that’s not supported while playing games, then I really don’t give a damn. That having been said, if voicechat is gonna be put on the back-burner I’ll be jumping ship.

    1. You read the read the article, yeah? it said VIDEOCHAT, right? simple enough.

      this is why i’ve barely used voice chat on any system, and havent planned on using video chat. because the people who NEED these things seem to be just aggressively stupid, ignorant, and have low reading comprehension. Who wants to talk to these people anyway?

  13. At least they will try and fix it later. Nobody call me while I’m playing a game though. One of my pet peeves about Wii U is that you can’t use the built Mic for online chat. Seriously, that is lame. Other than that I’m cool with the system.

  14. Lol that’s actually good for me. I don’t plan on actually using the video chat feature to begin with. I’d rather voice chat or use the text chat while I’m playing the game xD. If I wanted to actually see the person while I’m talking to them, I’ll meet them in real life, not skype them.

  15. Not even an issue. It can be fixed later. Not everything will be perfect on day one. Focus on the games before worrying about things like this. Leave luck to heaven.

  16. Ppl are idiots. its just video chat. Voice chat is there. be happy. He said he wants to fix it. I can see doing video chat with one person while playing being ok. but with more than one person especially online is gonna need a lot of power and time

  17. Video Chat would be inconvenient while playing a game, like ZombiU. Like how are you going to play a game like that on your tv and video chat at once? Or in Mario? It would be kinda hard doing both at once. I don’t think I’ll use this feature while playing a game, maybe if I want to talk to someone then maybe. But I’d rather have voice chat, with a mic or I’ll use skype, no big deal to me. And remember, Iwata said video chat, not voice chat, they are 2 different things folks.

  18. I’m a true old-school gamer, and I honestly don’t give a CRAP about all of this online connectivity and communication that games have today. All I want is a good game that I can play and have fun. I don’t need to play with a bunch of mindless weirdos that I don’t even know. No thanks. But this IS an interesting thing for people who DOES play with others online.

    1. exactly! If you notice, the way all these whining, ignorant, foul mouthed jackholes complaining about thier video and audio chat act makes any normal person want to avoid these things to not have to deal with them.

  19. Give it to me within the next year, so I can use it as a private multiplayer chat channel.

    I’m not really planning on buying any online multiplayer games at the moment, so I could really care more.

  20. who cares you wouldn’t pay attention to the person you’re video chatting anyway if you are playing a game at the same time use some logic

  21. they need to implement party chat on the wii U, i dont want to stop playing my game just to talk to someone and go to a white room *cough* sony *cough*. if the wii U doesnt have party chat, sorry but im not gonna buy it.

  22. Well… Theres always still *gasp* Phones you could use to talk while playing, but sadly no one knows what those are anymore.

    Anyway this is kind of strange that they would say this, when just recently in Nintendo Direct and the American Youtube Video they said you could take a call while playing a game, i guess you only get notified for a call but you have to quit the game to answer a call? maybe a firmware update will fix that.

  23. Has anyone thought of cross-PLATFORM video chat?? (3DS and Wii U) Epic huh?…it’d be more epic if the 3DS had constant internet though, imagine trash talking you’re friend while playing the next Smash Bros on your 3DS while he’s at home playing on his Wii U >:D

    Cross-platform video chat. Started here ;)

  24. Its a Wery BIG deal , u need to contact the ppl on your friends list easy in games as well. and to join friend with just 1 button .it need to be way easyer to stay connected to your friends. NINTENDO need to fix this NOW.
    I have been playing on my wii u for 4 days now and this bothers me bigtime. Look at STEAM ,where you have a list of friends and you just click on their name and you can shoose to chat with them or join their game ,or invite group chat..

    FIX this Nintendo we live in the 2013. well soon anyways :P You cant afford to lose custimbers when ps4 and 720 are around the corner . I want to stick to nintendos wii u so please dont make me leave so soon coz i enjoy it allot but this chatting this is wering it down bigtime.


        1. From the look at your fucked up spelling grammer, I’m a lot older than you proudly assume. Furthermore, do not compare PCs to game consoles… it’s invalid. As long as you’re enjoying the Wii U, you shouldn’t compare it to PC, period.


  25. Well im a pc games first hand and i bought a wii u and are enjoying it quite allot. I really wich wii u great success but. BUT they really need to fix the ingame voice and messeging my friends so i can voicetalk easely in the game and messeging and join on my friends game.

    For example ..! I have had my wii u for a week now and got 5 friends on miiverse on the console. So the other day i var chatting with one of them and we wanted to play trine 2 .so first i had to go in the ( friends App ) and see what they were playing and i could see what game they played.

    And then i would have to exit the friends “app”and open another called miiverse and then i had to press mail (i think its called). and there i could send him a messege that only allow 100 letters so for mee to continue my letter i would have to send that and type another to finnish my whole messege to him.

    Then i would have to wait and see if he answers the messege , (that is if he saw the home button blink 2 times) with no sound beep or whatever.

    If he answer and wanna play coop . we cant seem to create a (lobby) and join. The only thing we could do was for him to create a lobby and keep kicking ppl joining until you joined.

    This my friends is bollox. This is the thing that are gonna make me stop supporting wii u and play their consol, hopefully not becouse i really like the whole idea and hoping wii u will make it great.

    But as an example !.. Look at steam on pc .

    Its simple as hell ,just as its suppost to be . You have a list of all your added friends and you can see if they are online or not . You simply press their name to select if u wanna chat ,mail ,videocall ,group chat .(join on thier game directly)..this you can do in juat 1 single “program/app”.

    While in game with your friend you press a button to chat to them directly. or use mic. smooth and simple. Nintendo need to fix this stuff NOW before gamers get tierd of it.
    It should be easy to connect to friends and play with them ,not this complicated. .. oh and sry for my spelling :D but you all get the point :P..

    now im going back to play my wii u :).


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