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8GB Wii U Can Only Store 3GB Of Downloaded Games And DLC

If you decide to purchase a 8GB Wii U Basic unit then you should be aware that you will only have around 3GB of storage to use for downloadable games, DLC, and game saves. The initial formatting of the internal drives for Wii U data takes up about 10 percent of the available storage space before you’ve even used the unit. Then 4.2 GB of data is taken up by data preloaded on the system, which is apparently set aside for the system software and data about the Mii’s. Therefore, you will only have around 3GB of space left for your own content.

130 thoughts on “8GB Wii U Can Only Store 3GB Of Downloaded Games And DLC”

    1. What’s there to troll about? This is the same with EVERY other console and storage device out there.

      Just load up a “empty” or “formatted” USB disk into your computer and check the GB available. I’m pretty sure it won’t read the right number. When I load my SanDisk 8 GB USB that I use for school and work, the full amount reads 7.2 GB (my guess is that the 0.8 GB is used for other miscellaneous functionality for the USB).

      Once again, if you plan on having a Wii U and downloading content regularly (whether full retail games from the Nintendo eShop, Nintendo eShop-only games, DLC, game demos, or applications), it is best to just go with the Wii U Deluxe and buy an external USB hard drive once you are close to running out of space on the console’s own internal memory. At least, that’s the way I’m gonna go about doing it (since I’m NOT downloading full-retail games–I still prefer packaged media).

      It is cheaper on our wallets, as consumers, for Nintendo to do this rather than rely on proprietary storage (much like the Vitanic is doing now). Let me just say this, it’s better that we pay for what we’re actually getting with the console other than a bunch of useless memory that would be better given from cheaper storage devices like external USB hard drives (let’s just say that a 1 TB Wii U would probably run you near $150-200 MORE than what the Wii U Deluxe is priced at, compared to a 1 TB USB hard drive for super cheap (lower than $100–I just found one selling online for $80).

        1. I didn’t buy it for the digital promotion–I bought it because it’s black (tired of the White Wii products after using them for 6 years), it comes with Nintendo Land (a $59.99 value), and accessories for the Wii U GamePad that are, technically, necessities (the cradle and stand–both $19,99).

          The digital promotion was just an added little plus for me. I would’ve bought it just for it being black (even if I had to pay more for the black finish alone) just because it looks SO MUCH BETTER than the White Wii U Basic Set now that I saw them side by side at the Miami Wii U Preview Event we had a while back.

          Other than that, I shouldn’t have come across making that remark that I did about digital retail games. I probably will end up getting them if the digital collection system works better than it does on the Nintendo 3DS (the folder system works, but there is still no proper customization allowed which I REALLY didn’t like when I had a Nintendo 3DS). I have fallen in love with the Wii U HOME Menu that is displayed when viewing the WaraWara Plaza, so I have admittedly been thinking twice on the decision of purchasing games from retail now…and usually I end up going against anything that I DO have two minds about because I end up regretting those decisions BADLY (haha…oh, the Nintendo 3DS fills that description so badly XD).

          I will reconsider the packaged games themselves–in fact, I just may cancel those preorders the moment I go and pick up my Wii U at GameStop on Sunday. Now that I think about it (other than DDP with Wii U Deluxe), the ability to just play games without having to load up games into the console, having multiple FULL-SIZED retail games available at the touch with your finger on the Wii U GamePad to play on the big screen, PLUS the worry that I have that Nintendo’s next generation console will only be backwards compatible with Wii U games purchased digitally, is starting to really nag at my nerves a bit and set me uneasy on buying the retail versions of those games.

          Oh, screw it, I’m purchasing digital games. You convinced me. Thanks for reminding me about DDP. :)

          And, yes, I don’t have a Nintendo 3DS. And, yes, I think I’m only sticking with the Wii U this generation until Nintendo’s next generation of consoles and handhelds come out that utilizes future functionality available from Wii U (such as the full-extent of Miiverse, etc., over things like StreetPass and Play Coins–which I don’t particularly jump on board with due to how hard it is to utilize the features fully where I live). It was a stupid move for Nintendo to only have StreetPass and SpotPass for Nintendo 3DS. I realize that Miiverse is too difficult to implement with available onboard RAM on the 3DS, but it would’ve been nice if they thought about that before including a stereoscopic 3D function–something I would gladly throw out for full Miiverse functionality with Nintendo 3DS games.

          Nintendo confirmed in their recent broadcasts with Iwata and Trinen that the only Nintendo system that fully utilizes Miiverse will be the Wii U and future hardware devices made by them. I agree with that, however. It’s too late to introduce that to the Nintendo 3DS when so many games already make use of StreetPass and SpotPass. I would appreciate them focusing on the next portable gaming system including Miiverse functionality fully for its own games, along with SpotPass or a version of that, instead of trying to lug the system around for Play Coins and StreetPass–which I think are two ridiculous concepts that (while they work) are not realistic by any regard compared to SpotPass and Miiverse.

          Anyways, I love to design images and memorabilia around my favorite Nintendo games, so it would be great to have the ability to upload these designs I create and plaster them as folder icons, HOME Menu backgrounds, folder backgrounds, etc., as I love the idea of making my own gaming console experience completely unique to everyone else’s just like I do socially in my everyday life with the t-shirts I design, etc. I don’t see how that can’t be done in a future update.

          I would LOVE to be given this customization for these more digital features the console itself has, and I do believe Nintendo will commit to doing them sooner or later.

              1. Yeh but typeing stuff about games is so quick and easy. Typeing English Language essays is so god damn hard!!!!

                Funny how you can type a HUGE article about the Wiiu in like 4 mins , but when it comes to writing about Romeo and Juliet it takes like 5 hours lol

                  1. I can type a comment (like yours above) in no time , if you have what you want to say in your head. But when doing things for grades under pressure and to a high quality with quotes and point etc , it’s so god damn hard lol.! XD

            1. No problem, it’s good to see well thought out response, even though my comment was so small. Glad I could convert you. I won’t be 100% digital, but games I plan to keep until the end of time will be. Like Smash, Mariokart, Mario 3D game, NSMB U, etc. Retail will be for games I’m unsure of and may want to trade in.

              1. The only thing I hope is that digital games that come with special content if purchased by retail have that content shipped automatically to whatever address information we provide on our Nintendo Network IDs or Club Nintendo accounts.

                Also, if I could purchase Wii U accessories through the Nintendo eShop and have them delivered in order to have a one-stop shopping experience…


              2. Oh yeah, I’ll just go almost full digital as well. The only retail games I’m getting will be for ones that come with special bundles not available on the Nintendo eShop or…well…games bundled with any future accessories that come out for Wii U, perhaps (like Wii Sports Resort)?

                For example, Nintendo Land comes bundled (in an ACTUAL game case–something I’m so proud of Nintendo doing as I hated the Wii Sports der der der case that would stare at me in its awkward “I don’t wanna be like your other game cases,” fashion…ugh) with the Wii U Deluxe, so that’ll just occupy space in my Wii U permanently until I am forced to buy a game at retail again. XD

                I’m pretty sure all of the must-have games for the Wii U (which are the only ones I usually consider buying) will be available on the Nintendo eShop. I’ll have to get a HDD by the end of the launch window (as I doubt Nintendo games will take up too much space).

                3 1/2 MORE DAYS!!! :D

  1. No wonder Bill Trinen stated it’s the system more “core” gamers would go for.

    I’d imagine no “casual” family would ever want to go out and buy a USB hard drive. XD

    1. if all they ever buy is retail games they won’t have to

      i don’t think anyone who buys a wii-u system and plans to download a lot of games has any illusions about needing an additional HDD for it, even when buying the premium one

      1. I’ve worked at retail, and I do know a thing or two when it comes to parents buying systems for their family. Think about it this way, kehool:

        The Wii U Basic comes with no games, no separate accessories, and ONLY comes with the essentials. No loving parent or person buying the system for a FAMILY would ever go with that. Something I have noticed about the “casuals” is that they love great bundle deals because then they don’t need to spend much money for anything else to enjoy the console–then we look at the Wii U Deluxe.

        Not only does Wii U Deluxe come with all of the essentials, but it ALSO comes with Nintendo Land–a party game the whole family can enjoy. This is where the notion that Bill Trinen believed in an earlier interview came into being–and he couldn’t be more right about that.

        Just like Wii Sports, Nintendo Land will most likely allure a lot of these types of gamers into buying the Wii U Deluxe Set. However, contrary to what most game analysts believe, I do think that Nintendo Land will convince casual gamers to start playing more Nintendo games than they have before–mostly due to the fact that they will start recognizing the attractions by franchises. Here’s an example:

        – Parent buys Wii U with Nintendo Land bundled. Plays game with the family and begins to recognize attractions by their name, how they look, characters, etc.
        – Next Christmas, said parent looks at the store shelves and sees Pikmin 3, a new Metroid game, and an F-Zero game–immediately, the parent buys said game because he or she identified the games with their respective attractions in Nintendo Land.
        – If this process works out, more software will be sold this generation for the Wii U–which could help Nintendo lower the price of the console itself to appeal to a wider audience. This can open new ways into tapping into the consumer market and (with Miiverse et al.), Nintendo has mass marketing strategies they can partake in with the Wii U’s social features.

        In other words, we are potentially looking at a console that can end up making the most software and hardware sales than any other Nintendo console before it–triumphing that of even the Wii. I think the Wii U will continue garnering more interest towards it just like the Nintendo 3DS has, and it has a great future ahead of it no matter what. There is no denying that at this point.

        1. Very true, I didn’t think about it like that. Nintendo Land will be a big title for Nintendo fans (casuals and even some core gamers will likely get it for their families or to play with friends)

        2. i’m not going to argue with you you’re bringing up good points
          tho all i was saying is that even with the deluxe wii-u, if you plan to download a lot of games or want to put your games on a hard drive rather than play them off disc, no one will get around buying an additional hard drive
          for anyone else it shouldn’t matter much if they buy the 32GB or the 8GB version

          1. Yep, and the same can be said for the hats and puzzles in the 3DS Mii Plaza. We, the fans, are satisfied, and the Nintendo IPs and trademarks slowly become a household name.

            1. Yup! Nintendo is advertising in unique ways we’ve never seen before! ^_^

              They’re almost sending the advertisements subliminally, if you really think about it. It’s like…

              Nintendo: “You know you love this Super Mario Galaxy 2 picture…IN 3D! Now…how about getting the actual game for that Wii you already own?” :D
              Me: “Sure!” *throws wallet at the Nintendo 3DS screen*

              Sadly, I never got to finish it because my town is so small that I only was able to tag about 3-4 people in my time having the Nintendo 3DS from launch to just a few months ago (traded it towards a Wii U instead :D). I wish StreetPass worked with people you play online games with and that Play Coins/Activity Log (no pedometer) only counted gameplay time like the Activity Log for the Wii U does. Not everyone goes all over the place with their handhelds (especially me because it rains randomly here where I live and I’m afraid of the system dropping out of my pockets or getting wet from all the humidity. :/

  2. Seriously? Seriously? I mean, how much would it have cost Nintendo to make that 16gb? A dollar? A dollar fifty? Really disappointing, that’s so small, there are some games you wont even be able to download onto it. Still, it seems most people have ordered the Premium, along with me, so it’s cool.

    1. Its not a internal hardrive. Its internal flash. All though flash is pretty cheap. But regardless everyone has USB drives and ad cards laying around the house.

  3. Nintendo drops the ball…

    What a shit way of handling online purchases

    And don’t call me a troll either. You CANNOT defend nintendo for lieing on the fucking box that its 8gb when rly its only three!!

      1. they didnt lie it still a 8gb system just delete everything installed on your wii-u and your back to 8gb of memory or stop acting like a broke little bitch and get a external hdd or 32gb sd card end of story!

    1. so when a vendor offers a windows PC with a 500GB HDD he’s also lying because the OS will occupy 20GB of those 500? oO
      it’s not like 8GB are worth jack shit for downloading games, even if you have all of it available

    2. That would make most companies a liar… Example a 32 gb iPad doesn’t have usable 32 gb amount of space… It has like 20 something 28 or 29

    3. Well when you think about it, they DID say the basic was for the more hardcore gamer, seeing as how we have our own storage systems aside from the actual console itself. So no worries haha

    4. DUMB ASS FOLK_________ They want you to have a HD so you can’t bitch about lost downloads…….. Dont’ you get it YOU BIG DUMMY!!!!

    1. 8GB aren’t either.. neither are 32GB :P
      at least not if you’re going to do it like me and prefer not to play the games off disk

    1. An external hard drive, can be bought from any store. They are about 500gb for $50, but really depends on where you get them.

  4. This was to be expected, obviously.

    It’s a similar thing with the 4GB Xbox 360.

    This wont be a big deal for some people, but for others, I hope there is a clear note on the box that tells them that it has limited space for downloads and so on. Or at least retail sales people, I hope they’re smart enough to recommend external HDDs or the Deluxe Wii U for those consumers who want more.

    1. it’s not like the deluxe wii-u will save anyone who’s a heavy downloader from having to buy an additional HDD
      i wish the basic one was available in black because to me nintendoland + premium membership and 24GB of additional memory are not worth the extra 50€… i can buy a 500GB HDD for that money and nintendoland or the premium membership don’t really interest me

      well i guess i gotta go and buy a white one

  5. is it possible to know how big is a downloaded game? How many games can I store on the 8gb? Can I at least have a couple of games on the wii (8gb) without using any external device?

    1. I’ve heard Tekken Tag 2 is like 16 GB or something like that.

      Keep in mind the Wii U discs holds 25 GB of space, so if you are planning the digital route, you will REQUIRE an additional hard drive. It’s up to the developer how much they will squeeze in, so a game like Smash Brothers will likely hit the limit and be a huge download.

    2. Sorry I didn’t answer all the questions… You will be able to have a couple of games… as in eShop games. Fully fledged games, you would be lucky to get a single one on there. I’m sure games like NMSB U are over 3 GB in data. With all those challenges and other modes there’s no way it would fit. Basically if you plan to download retail games, it will require a hard drive. Doesn’t matter if you have deluxe or not, you would likely only get like 2-3 full retail games on a deluxe system.

      1. NSMB on the wii is not much bigger than 500MB if i remember correctly

        i would be very surprised if NSMBU were to be over 6 times bigger

            1. I’m glad Rayman Legends will be available on the Nintendo eShop. It’s the only third-party published game on my list of Wii U games that I’m looking forward to right now (that list is below). I know that all Nintendo games are always available from day-one on the Nintendo eShop for the Wii U, so that is awesome news for me! Hopefully, Nintendo convinces all major developers to also release their games on the eShop for the Wii U, if possible. :3

              Games I’m looking forward to for the Wii U (from Nintendo’s Game Guide on their USA site):
              – Nintendo Land: Retail from the Wii U Deluxe Set, and I may double-dip and buy the eShop version to continue playing it without the disc after getting another retail game that’ll occupy space in the Wii U (which I doubt will happen anytime soon).
              – New Super Mario Bros. U (eShop)
              – Pikmin 3 (eShop)
              – Rayman Legends (eShop)
              – Bayonetta 2 (eShop)
              – Mighty Switch Force! Hyper Drive Edition (eShop)


              1. “Nintendo Land: Retail from the Wii U Deluxe Set, and I may double-dip and buy the eShop version to continue playing it without the disc after getting another retail game that’ll occupy space in the Wii U”

                why not just buy an external HDD for 50-60$ instead?

                1. I’m confused–not sure if you read my comment wrong or if I worded it badly.

                  I LOVE Nintendo Land. It’s a major reason for me getting the Wii U Deluxe. I won’t need an external HDD for a long time (possibly not until the end of March).

                  I don’t see Rayman Legends coming out during the Launch Window due to the sheer amount of content it has going for it (hopefully it holds onto NFC functionality). So, with that said, the only games I’m downloading are whatever exclusive eShop games come out that I want to get (i.e. Mighty Switch Force!) and New Super Mario Bros. U and Pikmin 3.

                  Let me make an example: If the next Zelda game on Wii U comes bundled with a new Wii U accessory or limited time bundle at retail, I’ll get the retail version of the game, buy the digital version of Nintendo Land, and play Nintendo Land still by using the save file already saved onto my Wii U’s internal memory. :)

                  ‘Till then, I can just keep Nintendo Land’s disc loaded into my Wii U so it is always there and available on my Wii U, buying the digital version of Nintendo Land later on only after getting another retail game to prevent switching game discs with anything else I get from retail (it also just so happens to prevent dust from getting into the system…double-positive I suppose!).

                  When I get an HDD next March, or so, I will transfer all my downloaded games from the eShop to that instead of keeping them on the internal system memory for space for my save files and other miscellaneous stuff on my Wii U (such as applications). :D

                  1. just saying that rather than buying a second copy of nintendoland because you will not have enough space on the internal drive to support 2 games at once you could just buy a small HDD (can even get some smaller external models for as little as 40$) and never run out of space ever again
                    im guessing since you don’t seem to buy that many games a 320GB drive will probably last you a lifetime..

                    not to mention that running nintendoland from HDD rather than bluray will speed up loading times a lot

                    your idea is to buy nintendoland twice and then buy an HDD next year which seems a bit pointless to me but to each their own

                    and as for dust.. there is just no way you can prevent dust from getting into a system that needs active cooling and has open ports and slots (such as for a dvd/bluray) unless you’re living in a clean room (and i mean an actual clean room not just a room that’s very tidy :) )
                    besides.. put all games you have on a harddrive and you won’t have to use the bluray drive at all, unless you need to install a new game or an old one you may have deleted to make room

                    1. Whaaa? Are you confused, buddy? o.O

                      Nintendo Land comes BUNDLED with the console for FREE (since one could argue that the extra $50 is for the extra memory, accessories, and DDP offer vs. Nintendo Land). I’m not doing any double-dipping there, in all actuality. Even then, I don’t mind double-dipping if it’s a great game I’m doing it for that I’ll play a lot (and Nintendo Land is gonna be sweet).

                      I do buy A LOT of games, but it usually ends up happening in a stretched out period of time because I only buy games that truly resonate with me in every possible way. Games that would keep me coming back again and again and never feel old (or get boring for that matter) within the timespan of 10 years–all while fitting their particular format well.

                      For example, when looking at Star Fox 64 3D: Loved the humor in the game, voices were fantastic, action is intense, arcade-style gameplay encourages me to keep topping my score and go for the gold, but the multiplayer mechanics are mediocre at best compared to the seamless online experience Kid Icarus: Uprising offers. That last tidbit is relatively minor, however, as its NOT the main part of the game, so I would still pick the game up (if I ever do get a Nintendo 3DS again down the road…which I feel may happen if Nintendo releases a new model with more RAM that can be utilized for Miiverse alone–a Nintendo 3DS+ for the 3DS family perhaps?). In terms of it being on the Nintendo 3DS, it HAS to use the stereoscopic 3D, motion controls, and other 3DS functionality (graphics and art style included) in a meaningful way, which it does.

                      Another example for the 3DS while on the topic–Resident Evil: Revelations. This game is a perfect example for what I’m getting at here. Even though it’s held in high regards from MANY gamers out there who own a Nintendo 3DS, I don’t take so well to it on the contrary. Don’t get me wrong here, it uses all the Nintendo 3DS functionality amazingly, graphics are beautiful, and the move-while-aiming system was long-awaited for–a welcome addition to the RE franchise. However, ever since this past generation was soiled with FPS games, nonsensically-violent M-rated games, and zombie/survival-horror games, my gaming tastes were changed (whether temporary or permanent, I don’t know, but I hope it doesn’t end up being like this permanently). Now, I look for games that strive to be different and unique on their own regards–in other words, an M-rating on a game doesn’t do it for me–and the game even loses its appeal a little bit if it’s something I can’t identify with or feel has a resonating vibe from it. RE:R does not resonate with me at all. It takes a classic formula from RE, blends it with RE5 in one of the most clunky episodic fashions I’ve seen in a long time (my personal opinion, no offense to any RE:R fans out there), and mish-mashes a multiplayer Raid Mode–a nice addition, but nowhere near the quality of multiplayer offered by games like PSO in its looting. All “scary” moments in the game just feel “bleh” to me because I’ve seen it ALL in other survival-horror games.

                      An example of a M-rated game I feel resonates with me to an extent I haven’t felt since Perfect Dark (N64) and Turok 2 (N64) first released is now Bayonetta 2. Another one would be Bioshock Infinite if it makes its way to the Wii U (which it seems to be doing based off of rumors and relatively “hush-hush” type of comments Irrational Games have been making when the topic is brought up). Conker’s Bad Fur Day was also an amazing title. Those are just some examples–I have a couple from the Wii’s generation such as MadWorld, and a lot more from GameCube and N64 than any other system before.

                      Hope that clears things up–I’m a huge Nintendo fan and buy a lot of games. I’m just really picky in deciding, and I do pay attention to all games, read their details, watch trailers, etc., for EACH game that comes out on Nintendo 3DS and Wii U–even the bad shovelware. After doing that, that’s when those thoughts laid out in the examples above come into play.

                      Based on how much I download eShop-exclusive games, full-retail Wii U games, etc., I’ll look at the available options for the external harddrives–most likely settling for a 1 TB to prevent having to remove anything from my system at all. If I still had a Nintendo 3DS, I’d have about 15+ games already downloaded onto it–just for the sake of comparison. That’s a lot to me, as it’s far more than my entire library of retail Nintendo DS games (DSiWare was horrible–only liked LoZ:FSAE, Shantae, Mightys, Dark Void, and Cave Story). The Wii U has about 10 games I’m looking forward to getting from now to next March (as there are games not included in game guide on USA NoA site yet).

                      Lastly (XD), the issue with the dust occurred with me on the Wii. The optical laser itself could not read discs any longer because, overtime, the Wii collected dust due to not having any discs in the console–the same happened with my Nintendo DS. I used to take out discs after playing with them because the family would use it at times. Nintendo states in their manuals, and their customer service reps told me over the phone, it is best to keep a disc or cartridge loaded (depending on system) to prevent dust from entering the system’s openings. When the Wii U heats up in the disc slot itself from the optical laser reading them, it prevents dust from collecting by matter of fission (causing dust particles to become compact enough to travel) and the dust actually travels through the recesses of the console due to its impressively designed interior (think digestive system) and out the cooling vent at the back of the system.

  6. They should’ve added an extra partition for the space the system data requires. That’s a bit ridiculous to take up most of the space. It’s false advertising. I feel bad for everyone who was unable to get their hands on the deluxe system.

  7. Lol. I’d be mad about this if it wasn’t already 100% clear a long time ago that an HDD is basically necessary with this system. And since we know that buying a large external HDD is cheaper than buying a Wii U with a large internal SSD, how can I really be mad?

  8. Well, shit.

    Though, to be fair, if the Basic Set is targeted towards the casual gamer, it won’t be that much of a problem, because 3GB is still plenty for a casual gamer’s needs.

    1. the “hardcore” gamer will have his own storage
      i most certainly do.. already did for the wii^^
      running games off a disc is just not feasible for me so i had to go and get homebrew + usb loader even tho not exactly legal :)

    1. they said it because a hardcore gamer is more likely to use his own storage anyway

      the 32GB in the deluxe version aren’t enough for any gamer wanting to run his games off a harddrive anyway

  9. Okay so I’ve been wondering this since the announcement…can we play music on the WII U??.

    Out of all the things that get covered…this area never gets covered. I want a dedicated music app like on 360, PS3 or the 3DS. It annoys me.

    1. Lol thank you. I’d love to play a zelda game where I’m in an open world cave and I get change the music mid-game and start playin the underground theme from Paper Mario: Sticker Star xD

  10. Well for a little more than the price of a 1st Party Game you can get a 1TB SATA 3.5″ Drive and USB2 enclosure which will give you over 100 times the space. 3GB isn’t bad to start though, that’s plenty for Save Data(compared to the entire 512MB you got on the Wii) and even a few downloaded (obviously not retail) games as long as their not huge.

    4GB of Software to install seems kind of large though.

    I currently got a 500GB to go with my Wii U which Should be plenty.

  11. Wow that’s not a lot at all. It may matter to some and to others. But even my phone has more memory than that :S I think Nintendo will likely release another version of the Wii U sometime in the future with more memory and maybe something else added on. I’m going to get the deluxe Wii U anyway, but yeah. :)

    1. Welcome to the site full of sony drones,who troll but still go on this site for “unknown” reasons!Anyways nintendo ain’t gonna make new versions anytime soon,just like the Wii, but you can buy those cheap usb HDD up to 3tb I think.

  12. Sucks for people, but that’s just how tech really is. A 1TB hard drive doesn’t really give you that, but there’s nothing we can do. I pre-ordered the 32GB version and I’ll get an external hard drive to go along with it. I’m crazy about having huge storage of my own.

    1. And do you guys think a 320 GB is enough? Im not getting a BIG amount of games at first, so will this last for a couple of games, mainly casual games not fps or any of those kind of games.

          1. That should be fine, but I’d recommend a stationary hard drive instead of a portable one. You should mainly look for the ones that have their own AC adapter since drawing power from the system itself makes it sort of unreliable when the cable gets disconnected. With a separate AC cable, you only worry about the USB cable. If power goes out on it while on use, the hardware itself can get damaged.

            This is just a recommendation, but that HDD should work fine.

            1. “If power goes out on it while on use, the hardware itself can get damaged. ”

              well no.. all modern hard drives have failsafes that securely park the read/write heads in the safe zone using the inertia of the revolving platters once power is cut.. doesn’t take more than a tiny fraction of a second

              most 3,5″ HDDs are faster than their 2,5″ counterparts however

      1. all USB 3.0 hard drives currently being sold should be backwards compatible to USB 2.0

        as for the size.. well most wii-u games will be 25GB max in size, many will be much smaller (such as NSMBU=2GB) and only very few will actually be bigger and require a dual layer disc, just like on the wii (the only ones i can think of right now are metroid other M, xenoblade chronicles and super smash brothers brawl)
        so the average size for a wii-u game should be well below 25GB
        you do the maths

        remember that should you run out of space you can always delete old games you’ve finished with and that, unlike aeolus said, a HDD may not last you the whole lifespan of the device.. HDDs tend to break sooner than other electronics under heavy use :)
        not much point in buying space you know you’ll never use if you ask me

          1. do you usually do that? Oo
            a 500GB drive should have room for at least about 30-40 games
            you figure it out if you’re gonna play that many games over and over

            i know i won’t

    2. If i remember correctly, it supports only usb 2.0
      320gb maybe enough for now considering what games you get. In the long run it might not hold because, this is Ninten games we’re talking about where they put infectious fun as a main priority

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  14. Personally, I think it’s a rather dirty practice that companies (not just Nintendo, but companies who make memory cards, SD cards etc) don’t just advertise the amount of space that’s actually available for consumers – especially here when the difference between the advertised space and what is available is pretty big (Out of the 8GB advertised, you can’t use half of it consciously!).

    Personally, I’m getting the Premium Wii U, but I will stick to physical releases. My digital storage will be saved for things that I can only obtain digitally (such as eShop titles and DLC). Buying retail games digitally on the 3DS has the plus that you will want to take a handheld console with you to various places, but my Wii U will be stuck in my room, so it’s not really an issue (As it is I have to swap discs when watching DVDs and blu-rays).

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      1. Never Mind i believe they are supported but are not recommended for running games off due to the limited amount of read/write they have for its lifetime.

  16. Nintendo could have and should have made the basic package have 16 Gig and Deluxe should have had at least 64 Gig. Also, we should be able to save to our SD drive, like I do with Wii, I have over 85 games downloaded from Wiiware and Virtual Console. What is the purpose of SD drive if we can’t use it for downloads from eshop?

  17. As I keep saying, an external hard drive will be a necessity if you plan to do a lot of downloading. Leave luck to heaven.

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