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Almost All Wii U Launch Games In Japan Will Be Downloadable

When Wii U releases in Japan on December 8th, all of its launch games will be available for download from the Nintendo eShop except for two games. Mass Effect 3: Special Edition and Monster Hunter 3G HD will not be available in the Nintendo eShop and will need to be purchased in physical form from Japanese retailers.

41 thoughts on “Almost All Wii U Launch Games In Japan Will Be Downloadable”

        1. Actually, the Wii got released in the US before Japan. Japan is bigger with handhelds, the West is more about home consoles.

  1. WTF!?! That Wii U branding looks FUCKING EPIC!

    WHY didn’t they use that instead of Blue-on-Yellow!? The progression the sky blue makes in terms of value towards a more desaturated color on the prismatic yellow looks GORGEOUS. (Oh gawd, Color Theory is affecting the way I approach Graphic Design now in so many different ways.) XD

        1. Whatg he meant and you did not get is a prime 4 game will not come out but if you ask for metroid in another way like a hd collection or something you will have better chances

  2. I guess Nintendo is really serious about offering digital content. Anyways this makes me super angry at EA. When they announced Mass Effect 3 at E3 I was delighted but now I don’t even think I will get the game. EA first pissed me off when they announced the trilogy on one disc for Xbox 360 and PS3 but not Wii U. Then I was mad at no Miiverse support and not too mention the graphics will not be full 1080p. But now they won’t release it digitally when I have the Deluxe promotion? Screw you EA. The only thing you are good for now is Dead Space and even that is starting to get bad.

    1. I agree I was going to pick up this game for sure, not at launch but a little down the road. However time after time EA keeps showing that they do not care about Nintendo or their fans and that they are seriously butt-hurt over this Origin thing. This behavior actually makes me regret buying their software on the 360. I will not be purchasing any more EA titles they can go to hell.

      1. I may still get Mass Effect 3 but most likely when it is $20. $60 is ridiculous for how lazy they are when porting this game. Screw EA!……………..until they announce Dead Space 4 as a Wii U exclusive lol.

        1. You know, I do wanna buy it eventually because it is a decent game but damn has EA ever pissed me off in the last few days, Usually I will rant a bit when I get angry and then go ahead and buy it anyways but I honestly don’t think I will this time, this is very unprofessional behavior coming from EA. I really want Dead Space 3 though so ya never know lol.

          1. They have see the stupid of theyr ways and now they are trying to catch up most wanted is coming and ea would have make a killing if bf3 was ported they did not even needed to ad all dlc

  3. That box art is……a- AWESOME!!!!!! I like the top part better on this one than the other ones. It just makes you look at it and say, “Wow, that is amazing. I have never seen one better than this.”

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