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Nintendo 3DS Has An Amazing Week In Japan, 187,077 Units Sold

The Nintendo 3DS has had a super week in Japan following the launch of Animal Crossing: New Leaf. The handheld device sold a bumper 187,077 units, compared to Sony’s ill-fated PlayStation Vita which only managed to sell 4,021 units. As expected, Animal Crossing: New Leaf for the Nintendo 3DS was the best-selling software by a large amount. Here’s the software and hardware charts for Japan.

  1. [3DS] Animal Crossing: New Leaf
  2. [PS3] Dynasty Warriors 7: Empires
  3. [360] Halo 4
  4. [PS3] Tales of Xillia 2
  5. [3DS] New Super Mario Bros. 2
  6. [3DS] Bravely Default: Flying Fairy
  7. [PS3] Silent Hill: Downpour
  8. [PSP] World Soccer Winning Eleven 2013
  9. [PS3] Okami HD
  10. [PS3] Yakuza 1 & 2 HD Edition
  • Nintendo 3DS: 187,077
  • PlayStation 3: 18,048
  • PSP: 12,076
  • PlayStation Vita: 4,021
  • Wii: 2,921
  • Xbox 360: 2,908
  • PlayStation 2: 1,187
  • Nintendo DS: 424

112 thoughts on “Nintendo 3DS Has An Amazing Week In Japan, 187,077 Units Sold”

    1. IKR? it’s nice to se the Japanese Reppin Halo4!!!. There is (as in any big country) True hardcore gamers who probably own all platforms!.

      Halo4 is trully a very good game IMO.

      Also no suprise bout Animal crossing shiftin nearly 1m in a week.

    2. The nice thing about the world outside the minority Seattle xbox360 fps casuals is that they will support a great game. Halo 4 getting love world wide.

    1. I am inserting myself a Nintendo fan. Sony needs to slash $100 of the Vita for this November before Christmas. Rather have Sony compete with Nintendo than Microsoft. Sony actually has good ips and exclusives too. Microsoft has halo and gears and that’s all.

      1. Does anyone notice how sony aren’t making exclusives for vita almost at all. The biggest argument was that the vita had just watered down ports of ps3 games while 3ds had more exclusive titles. with cross-play they are making it true, just ports! I feel like the 3ds is the only one who is trying to make up for the graphical difference to its fans with paper mario, luigis mansion,crashmo,animal crossing, and even a new pokemon. Nintendo feels like its the only one making it up to its fans.

        1. Tearaway, Killzone Mercenary, Soul Sacrifice, probably missing more.

          Do your research.

          Also, only kids and Nintendorks give a shit about that kiddy garbage you listed.

          1. Da fuq are those games at all?Also so your telling us that kiddies ever love Resident Evil or Monster Hunter 3 or Ace Attorney,Professor Layton,and Tekken. Wow,so does that make every Hardcore gamer a Kiddie?

            1. Resident Evil hasn’t even sold over 700,000 copies on a platform that is past 21 million units.
              Monster Hunter 3 always sells to the mindless audience in Japan who will only buy stagnated franchises over and over again.
              Tekken? LMAO.

              1. I stand by my use of Tekken. It is a popular franchise and has millions of fans which you can’t even deny.

                Other than that,you can’t even deny that the 3DS has good exclusives.True that the Vita has good exclusive but most of them are first party.The only reason why i bought a Vita was of assassin’s creed 3:liberation but one can’t survive on one good third-party exclusive.

                1. Tekken 3D Prime Edition has only just broken 100,000 copies sold. Where are those millions of Tekken fans? Oh…right, they’re playing Tag 2 on the consoles.

                  Good exclusives…like? I’m sick of seeing a certain mascot, so there should be some you could actually mention here beyond the usual: “RE, Kid Icarus, Kingdom Hearts”.

                  1. you missed my point.I was focusing more on the third party exclusives since you kept on blubbering on how the first party games(luigis mansion,paper mario,crashmo,animal crossing and even pokemon) sucks.

                    But you know,it is nice to hear a troll like you to admit some nintendo games don’t suck.

                  1. I’m gonna find your IP adress, discover where you, and tell a bunch of recently released rapists to gang rape your mom’s cunt.

                    1. Why not bring yourself along and carry your fat ass over here? Then we could have a nice face to face encounter.

              2. just listed a bunch(meaning not a lot) of craptacular exclusives on Sony’s pos handheld..I will take the 3DS nine time out of ten based on software alone and the tenth time I was playing a DS..Sony can’t compete son..

          2. it is listed that a majority of people who play video games are adults, so why do ‘kiddy’ games do so well? Adults do not care how the games are potrayed, they have real problems like bills, they do not care if people say it is for kids, they will buy it, because adults do not care about it they will buy it if they think it is fun, like mario,NOSTALGIA! Luigis mansion is the only game that i do not know when it is coming out, kill zone and tearaway do not even have a specific release date(exact day) You will have to at least wait 4-6 months for those, and soul sacrifice comes out in march, nintendo are working their buts off to try and release titles for 3ds, and the wiiu is coming out during all of it. yes the 3ds had a head start, but it has been a while, the only titles people really care about for vita are AC3L and call of duty. And AC3L is said to be a big missed opportunity.

            1. You don’t even know what kind of an audience is on the Vita.

              Fact is that only KIDS are really keeping the 3DS relevant in the U.S., and of course, Nintendo fanboys. 3DS in NA is almost a whole different world than what goes on in JAPAN. There is absolutely no way that can be denied. You will never see these figures that the 3DS pulls off over there in western territories.

              3DS has virtually nothing software-wise over the Vita, it has a bunch of Mario, bunch of shit for a younger audience and no real core appeal whatsoever. The way developers treat the device (namely, Sumo’s comments on the 3DS version of All Stars Racing Transformed) speaks VOLUMES of what they believe is the audience on that platform.

              The Vita is the only true portable device with core appeal on the market, it’s actually disturbing it’s selling so bad against a product that has done very little to make a difference on the handheld front for gamers beyond the age of 12. PS+ is coming, and I’ll be enjoying my instant libraries, discounts, cloud storage and other perks that Nintendo will never offer on the 3DS.

              Gaming has gone to utter shit, bunch of retards with no real taste or variety in gaming beyond the most overrated company on the fucking planet.

              1. mario and every nintendo franchise like zelda and pokemon are core, get over it. FPS and mature games are not the only hardcore games, if they are even hardcore. You know why adults play mario? They like it they do not think it is kiddy, they don’t care about this kiddy or mature game crap. I see a lot of kids playing the vita and mature games, know why? There is a psychological reason that it makes them feel more mature and cooler, call me stupid but it is true. You are a fanboy if you think mario is kiddy crap, keep your opinion, i will keep mine.

                1. Wrong, they play it because of brand loyalty. Mario has been beaten to death and done with. The evidence is present in all of his recent platformers. Those sell by the millions but all around better games like Rayman Origins get thrown to the bargain bins?

                  It’s brand recognition and nothing else. Also, the Vita lacks shooters so I’m not even sure what card you’re trying to pull there. The majority of Vita games are for a market that spans from teens, to adults, with very few outright being for kids. The latter is probably Sony’s mistake though – a balance should have been achieved on that.

                  1. I was referring with FPS games to the consoles and you were talking about core games so i was talking about that. Halo is beaten to death because it pays bills. Mario is the most used of Nintendo games but again, Supply and Demand. People want mario in terms of SALES! When and if mario flops, nintendo WILL make other games, but the sales do not require it yet. Nintendo’s 3ds is cheaper and technically a better deal for its price, look it up, and is made for everyone. The 3ds has a mix of mature and younger audience games, while ps vita is targeted for older audiences, regardless of how that actually goes, and in order for video game systems to survive, it needs to be balanced!

                    1. “People want Mario”? How do you even -know- this? Nintendo tells people they want him, pretty sure what they deliver isn’t what people would actually want. People probably want a main series 3D title that actually feels like it’s in the same league as 64, Sunshine and Galaxy. Not repeat NSMB games.

                      No, the 3DS is not a “better deal at its price” by any stretch. I’d say both products are equally priced accordingly for what they’re doing. You could bring in the memory cards here, but that’s a toss up since they’re commonly bundled with the Vita. Those are legitimately overpriced.

                      I think i already pointed out that bit about balance, problem is the 3DS is just as big of an offender, there is no real core audience on that product and there’s no real younger/casual audience on the Vita.

                1. SAAAAAAAAAAAALES! Mario does great in sales and saleswise, mario is wanted, maybe not the core audience, but the 3ds audience as a whole. No, i do not agree with the New mario series being a rehash. They have brought the game to each console since the ds. Is that really a rehash? No! Once they make another one for the wii u or 3ds, i will reconsider that, but not now. The series did well on home consoles because of multiplayer.

              2. The Vita has the WORST library of games I have ever seen(followed closely by the PSP)..your take on gaming is lame at best..what you call “kiddy” we call awesome- you are just another example of a Sony zombie and you in no way represent the gaming population your excuses are weak as the monthly numbers show probably have been gaming since the ps2 and are just an uniformed dumbass..Vita sucks, you know why? It’s supported by the failing company we call “Sony” get over yourself asshole…

          3. And only faggots,call of duty dorks,immature teens and Tweens,and doing fanboys like those games.See that,that is a stereotypical remark.Just accept there are actual people who like games you don’t like.

          4. Says the guy who will buy PlayStation All Stars Battle Royale, Little Kings Story 2, etc. and has brought Little Big Planet 1+2. Oh and, again, why do you post here? You obviously hate Nintendo so how about you go a PlayStation site? They’ll appreciate your skills acquired from servicing Sony officials.

            1. Hey now whoa, hold up a sec. I don’t care what you argue with Aeolus about, but are you insulting people who buy New Little Kings Story? I enjoy that game ;~;

              1. No, I believe it’ll be a good game as I enjoyed borrowing Little King’s Story from my friend but I’m bringing it up because he dismissed kiddy titles for Nintendo and then bragged about a kiddy game for Sony. It’s to point out his hypocrisy. None of the games I said are bad or do I believe to be bad.

                  1. Yes. Tearaway(why did he mention this E rated game!?):?Killzone Mercenaries:?Soul Sacrifice:3/5/13, and just listing these three means he can’t really think of anymore(probably is). So why is Tearaway hardcore and not something where you at leats fight like pokemon!? I do not get how tearaway is immediately okay.

                  2. Yeah, unlike some Nintendo fanboys on this site, I don’t hate the VITA or Sony. On the contrary, the PS3 is my console of choice this generation. The only problem with the VITA is simply the PS3 still not only selling well but continuing to score great titles and is cheaper whilst the Wii is dead so the 3DS isn’t competing with the Wii.

        2. The Vita has a good number of first party exclusives already out and coming out soon. There are also a handful of good third-party exclusives on the system too. The system has good games, just poor marketing.

            1. A product is dead when the company stops manufacturing and supporting it. No such thing is happening.

              If you want to argue semantics, do so without looking like an idiot as usual. Well, you’ve already lost but still.

                    1. It did ~35k in the last NPD figures in America. So that’s less than 9k a week in the largest market in the world.

                      It’s pulling similar numbers in Europe as well.

                      Unless it’s selling 200k a week in Africa (lol), the thing is pulling numbers similar to that of the Gamecube in 2006.

                      Unless something major happens soon, it is only a matter of time.

                    2. I think something major is already happening when they announced PS+ for it, but Sony can’t seem to get the message across to anybody outside of those who don’t own the device.

                      In fact, their terrible marketing of a product that, hardware-wise, has no glaring flaws shows that in its entirety.

                    1. @ Aolues…or whatever the f*&ck your name is…
                      God damn you are an idiot..It isn’t marketing or some other bullsh*t…it’s the lack of software,extremely high price for a product that is weaker than my phone, and a total lack of portable style know so little that you should stop gaming-you’re a dumbass

            1. Agreed, i was the starter of some of the problems in this article, but i was stating my opinion on the exclusives, it seems to be a better time for nintendo fans due to the sheer amount of first party titles coming to us, and i too wish the vita were successful, but it just needs more exclusives in my opinion.

      2. It doesn’t need a price cut, it just needs better marketing.

        Millions of people are willing to spend $400-700 on “new” tech every few months because of a name that is marketed well (I’m sure you know what I’m talking about).

        Dropping the price of the Vita wont cause the system to sell more when people barely even know it exists (apart from the internet gaming community), it will just cause the company to lose more money.

        That said, next week, PS Vita bundles will be on sale for $199 in the U.S.

  1. Retro studios ( Nintendo ) trained 343 studios gave us Halo 4, now it’s number 3 in Japan. Nintendo! now you are playing with power!

  2. It’s pathetic that the Vita was barely able to sell a third of its predecessor.

    I’m sad that the PS2 is outselling the DS, because it means Sony has less reason to just discontinue that system already, but I guess that’s why they removed backwards compatibility from the PS3.

    A bit surprised how close in sales the Wii and 360 are. Looking forward to how well the Wii U sells.

    1. Nobody wants or Needs a DS in japan, becuase *drumroll* the 3ds plays 3ds games and ds games.

      Why are people still buying PS2’s and PSP’s ? becuase the PS3 and Vita aren’t backwards compatible. If they were , you would see a huge increase in Vita and PS3 sales. You could probably just add those PSP numbers onto the Vita numbers..

      In japan there is amazing games (RPG’s) all over the ps2 and psp so they still want to play them all the time.

    1. the vita takes 150$ to manufacture and the 3ds takes 100$, so sony can definetely afford to slash the price due to big profit, where 3ds is making smaller profit but selling a lot more, so nintendo are making more profit due to huge sales.

          1. Well i am basing it off raw materials, and yes there are other expenses, but those have to be very similar. So based just off that, the vita gets 100 for expenses and some profit, while nintendo gets 70 for expenses and profit.

            1. There is no profit on the Vita, Sony is selling the product at a loss.

              Not sure if that applies to the 3G model though…

              1. Well, then i am really confused, the 3ds is now making a profit, so what kind of expenses are causing the loss? Some built in features that require licensing? Because that dosen’t make much sense. The only thing that would make sense wouuld be that they have to pay off loans to start the vita and marketing.

                  1. Yes, but the same goes for 3ds,right? Unless the 3ds is still taking a loss, it dosen’t seem to add up, and that means the ps vita won’t be getting a price cut soon, unless the want to go into debt.

  3. Even if the 3DS lent the PS Vita the 87,077 from it’s sales it still would not dent the 3DS; some one tell Sony, in the land of Gameboy’s great great grand child the 3DS is king, prince and the citizens of the universe :).

  4. Some Guy on the Internet

    Shucks. I wish Tales of Xillia 2 had more sales. Oh well, at least 1 has it’s localization done for it’s 2013 release.

    I expect Vita sales to go up next week due to PS Plus being released for it, even though it might not be a huge amount. $50 (in the states at least, can’t imagine it being overcharged in Japan) for Gravity Rush, Uncharted, Jet Set Radio, and Final Fantasy Tactics is a great deal.

    My Nintendo News, why don’t we get any sales outside of Japan? Japan is nice and all, but it would be nice to see some sales outside of home field.

    1. Nintendo doesn’t seem to like publishing figures in the West. I always post the NPD results for the US. But Nintendo rarely sends out a press release detailing numbers, unlike Microsoft.

      1. Some Guy on the Internet

        Alright, thanks for the quick reply and info. Still wish Nintendo would release those figures, but something’s better than nothing I suppose.

    1. PSP is cheaper and people still have UMDs for the product that will not work on the Vita.

      Along with a *fairly* strong third party forecast this year (although many seem to have Vita versions like God Eater 2).

      1. You should just stop. nobody is buying your crap just like nobody is buying the WAAAY overpriced Vita..they are one in the same…

        1. “Nobody is buying the WAAAY overpriced Vita”

          Well it says 4021 people in Japan bought one this week. And 3 million+ own one. So I think people are buying it. Also it isn’t overpriced, it’s just expensive. The only thing overpriced is the memory cards.

    1. Not really. Either way they’re still making sales. They just need to move the developer support from PSP to VITA and they’ll be fine. That and they need how to learn to market said product.

  5. Wow Halo 4 is selling pretty well, pretty damn awesome, it’s great title but Japanese people tend to not like foregin products. Oh and Aeolus is being Sony’s cheapest whore like usual, nothings changed, I guess.

  6. Remember when people said that the 3DS was doomed?

    Those were the good ol’ days.

    Oh, and LOL Aeolus. Pity the poor thing.

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