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New Super Mario Bros U Was In Development For Three Years

Masataka Takemoto from the Entertainment Analysis & Development Division has revealed that it took Nintendo three years to develop New Super Mario Bros U for Wii U. Development for the game started when work had finished on New Super Mario Bros Wii in December 2009. New Super Mario Bros U has an average review score of 84 on Metacritic.


74 thoughts on “New Super Mario Bros U Was In Development For Three Years”

      1. No, it’s not. Nintendo already confirmed it wasn’t. They even changed the verbiage in their site from “full 1080p” to “stunning HD graphics”.

        HD = 720p

        Full HD = 1080p

        Try actually knowing what you’re talking about before you try to pretend you know what you’re talking about.

  1. Then why does it come across as completely unspectacular compared to Rayman Legends which has been in development only since Origins finished development, meg ?

    The game looks awesome, but it definitely smells of Rushed Launch title, even if it isn’t and took 3 years, it still smells that way…

      1. (oh would you look at that, DGT ^_^)

        Yeh I agree! But I recently played Both games at an Expo and the overall impression I left with was: ”NSMBU looks like a very good 8.5/10 launch title” and ”OMG RAYMAN LEGENDS IS THE MOST BEAUTIFULL 2D GAME I’VE EVER SEEN AND IS WELL ON COURSE FOR 9.5/10+ REVIEWS!!!!!”

        Just sayin…

            1. We’ll see, the first game followed DKCR almost completely. Collapsing/destructible environments, occasional movement into the background, random levels where you ride on some kind of animal, and occasional levels that required pixel perfect timing.

    1. However I’m big Nintendo fan, I totally agree with you, why so much time and forget inovation that Nintendo is so proud of ?!

      1. 3 Years to make a game that mostly looks identical to NSMB2 on 3ds ? seems strange. I am getting NSMBU on day 1 and I may eat my words! But from the video’s i’ve seen and the gameplay I’ve played, It’s pretty much NSMB2 on crack.

    2. they should make a mario sidescroller thats all hand-drawn and has Sticker Star’s Jazzy music. That would be the best Mario game… EVER.

  2. The fuck?3 yrs in development?It has to have smb2 elements for that.Must love the lifting and throwing at goombas.Search SMBX

    1. 3 years … Not even 1080p? What the fuck where they doing the whole damn time? I see 3rd party developers pump out more in significantly less time.

      1. Note, I aint hating, I just find it terrible they had this long to pump out something that doesnt even show off the WiiU’s potential.

        1. are you retard ? … Mario games dont need to be 1080p. The wii u can run any games 1080p full HD and a second screen on the gamepad without breaking a sweat. Its not about graphic … its about fucking gameplay.

  3. 1st Year: Tiny bit of doodling on a piece of paper
    2nd Year: Buying a few computers
    3rd Year: Couple of artists colouring NSMB Wii with 720p.

      1. Oh. And IGN ratings mean… what?

        Nothing. It’s opinion. And look who reviewed it: Richard George, a known Nintendo fanboy who is a member of the weekly IGN Nintendo Podcast. Wow. Guess that means it’s a good game right?

        Give me a break. I never even said it wasn’t fun or challenging. I implied that it’s basically a clone of the DS/Wii games of the same series, just with marginally better graphics and a bump in resolution to 720p (which is laughable by the way).

        Compared to what a ground breaking game like Mario 64 was for the Iontendo 64’s launch, this game is weaksauce. They could have made a brilliant, Mario 64-but-in-HD game, but instead they just took NSMB Wii, made the backgrounds a bit prettier, tacked on some silly “tap to make a block” tablet functionality, and added a stupid non-online “boost mode” feature and called it a new game.

        I swear, fanboys will buy anything, and Nintendo fanboys are the guiltiest of them all…

  4. I dont care if a company says a game has been in development for 10 years, I don’t buy into that kind of promotion. For all I know they started counting the time of development from the moment they said “lets make another New Super Mario Bros” game, before they had any idea of a concept or development team put together

  5. U guys obviously don’t know how long it takes to completely polish and patch up bugs and glitches in games. There are alot of good games that come out with a shorter developement period but they also have a fair share of Bugs that SOME devs will fix with a patch(I’m talking to U Bethesda -.-). Nintendo has a Great reputation of never Releasing a Broken Game until its mostly or completely Fixed.

  6. On a separate note, PS3 has sold 15 million move motion stuff and it really sucks and Kinect has sold a ton and it really sucks. Nintendo should have updated Wiimote with more buttons, triggers, and analog control stick and moved the Dpad to the nunchuck, and updated the Wii Sensor to include two cameras and a microphone to crush Sony and Microsoft and we would finally have a motion control set up that delivers what we were promised. There is money in that.

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