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Next Generation, Unexpected Game Coming To Wii U?

NeoGAF user IdeaMan says a branded, next generation game that people thought couldn’t run on Wii U is in development for the upcoming console. The user also claims that he knows the name of the game but says he can’t reveal it.

212 thoughts on “Next Generation, Unexpected Game Coming To Wii U?”

    1. It’s probably star wars if the rumor is even true that. But on a more serious note…My CC was just charged today for the Wii U pre order I made on September 13, they said it wouldn’t be charged until it was shipped…Boom!

      1. haha, thats pritty cool, but right now its 1145pm and 11-15-12 here in usa mid east. lol
        and it would be like a day or 2 before since for it to clear it like when i go to my favorite place ‘micky d’s’.

          1. He also said there would be support for two game-pads before that was announced and that the first Wii u games wouldn’t support it. He’s come with many truths about the Wii U so it’s definitely believable compare to “Anonymous developer”.

    1. 64supermarioreturns

      As much as I love Animal Crossing and want it for Wii U, there is no way they are talking about Animal Crossing here.

      It would have to be a game from a high respected third-party…..or maybe just a third-party title that makes games look beautiful……Square Enix is that you?

      1. well they couldn’t.. the game that the xbo360 and ps3 got was a shadow of what we know as crysis.. didn’t look half as good

  1. It’s extremely difficult to make any assumption from this picture/post. We can hope it’s something epic and non-Nintendo-Tradional (i.e. Metal Gear Solid, GTA5) but again, it is nearly impossible to begin speculating..

    1. Anonymity they can avoid non disclossure agreements. So the sources are good sometimes, but more than likely inacurate.

  2. Why is everyone so sure that the Wii U doesn’t have the specs to run next generation games? All we’ve heard are developers babble about what they could get out of it. No one has divulged any hard specs on the system.

  3. Got a feeling it might be Watchdogs, it’s one of the only known next gen games and with Ubisoft supporting the WiiU so much already it wouldn’t be too surprising.

  4. the only 3rd Party developer i know curreny making a game for next gen is Bethisda. so maybe it’s Fallout 4

  5. This is just a RUMOR! Stupid fanboys getting aroused over nothing, typical. Wii U can’t even run some of the current-gen engines. Hope you kids enjoy your eight-gen gaming console with graphics of 2005 Xbox 360 games.

        1. And you idiots fell right into my trap. Jeez, it’s easy to trick as Aeolus would say “Nintenyearolds”. LOL! You guys are great!

      1. i don’t think you know what “trolling” means..
        apparently he;s a good troll if you fell or it lol
        just like how everyone falls for aeolus’s comment XD

  6. Honestly. If this rumor is true then as far as ”next gen” goes. I would say that the game in question is probably Watch Dogs,much like most others have said.

    I just base it off of how in love Ubisoft has been with Nintendo lately and being behind them 100%

    But again Neogaf user. Grain of salt at this point lol

      1. really? well then thats good news to hear. It’s always a let down when a ”user” will say something and then it ends up being an obvious fake.

        But if this person has always been right then thats a good sign

        1. Not according to IGN who went to see exclusive gameplay of it. They asked about a WiiU version and Rockstar said there won’t be one.

    1. On the screen it reads: A ‘powerful’ game that no 1 thought that it can be run on wii u. Obviously they were referring to pong.

  7. Well I don’t remember any “next-gen” game that the wiiu couldn’t run, becuase almost every big release is also for 360 and ps3, my bets are on maybe an unreal 4 game or that starwars game shown at e3
    Maybe even watch_dogs

  8. Watch Dogs or that star wars game.

    However, who is this forum member and why should we care about his rumors? Is he consistently correct?

  9. If it’s an unexpected game that nobody thought could run on the console, then it’s not a game that’s already coming to PS3 or 360. So tomb raider, GTA, Watch_Dogs, Star wars, etc. are all off the list. It’s gonna be something unannounced.

  10. To my knowledge games that are making use of current PC hardware are still being developed for Ps3 and 360 as well, like Watch dogs. So, if something can run on those consoles it can run on Wii U and much better at that.

    In fact Wii U can run any game in existence atm if it’s at 720p and without DX11 spec techniques.

  11. Well apparently “Ideaman” is credible so thats good.
    As for what game, depending on if it count as a next gen game, it could be Star War 1313 or Watch Dogs, but i think its most likely a big brand game like COD (sigh), or something

    1. Don’t worry Call of Duty has maybe one or two years left before the series dies. Even the braindead high school jocks who gobble up tge Call of Duty games will eventually get tired of the series and use their brain cell (singular) to focus on some other shitty form of “entertainment”.

  12. Watch Dogs would be awesome, so would Metal Gear 5 or GTA V, but I don’t know if they are considered next gen, so maybe Star Wars 1313, which would also be awesome, not sure if that was labelled next gen either… I don’t think they have shown any Next Gen games yet.

  13. It’s gonna be watchdogs. Ubisoft is totally sleeping with Nintendo this gen, and I’d be SURPRISED to not see Watch_Dogs on the Wii U at some point in time. This also coincides with the rumor that the Watchdogs demo was not played on a 360, but either a Durango Devkit or a High-End PC. Just watch; it’s going to be either Watchdogs or Retro’s new project.

  14. I’m thinking it’s either Star Wars 1313 (most likely), Fallout 4 or Elder Scrolls 6, Metal Gear Solid Ground Zeroes, or Watch Dogs. Either way if this is true than I am excited.


  16. i knows whut the games is….but i wills nevur tells….muahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!
    hehehehe. kekekekeke.

    let meees juust says it starts with aaa W!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. I’m believing anything on this article, especially if the source came from Neogaf.
    but if i had to guess for the sake of it, i would bet my quarter on Hall-Life 3.

  18. Oh, it’s Eternal Darkness 2 of course.

    *Hallucination ends, realizes what really happened to that game*


  19. they say it’s next-gen and unexpected… so I won’t speculate on Tomb Raider, GTA V or even Splinter Cell Blacklist (but this is Ubisoft’s, so very likely to come to Wii U), since they’re all coming to Xbox360/PS3. so my guess would be along the lines of the Final Fantasy video concept for next-gen they showed on E3, or Metal Gear Solid Ground Zeroes (which was hyped to be for next-gen, even using a PC for demo since it won’t look good running on even PS3) or Watch Dogs; Crysis 4 may also be possible, or Battlefield 4.

  20. Beyond Good and Evil. Ideasman have insiders in a big french game company(Ubisoft) and it was announced that BGE was targeted next generation.

  21. What if Nintendo bought off Banjo Kazooie from Rare and it’s actually Banjo Threeie?!!…As much as I would love that, sadly that may never happen.

    1. Please god no…

      No more lineare hallways (FF13)

      No more random, pointless story forking in attempt to seem non-linear (FF13-2).

      I liked FF13 okay just because it was beautiful and the story was half-decent, but everything else was shite.

      13-2 just took out the only good parts of 13 and gave us even more shite in return.

      They need to start fresh with FF15 (since 14 is another online failure) and go back to macro: do what they did with FF6 (or 3 in the US) and FF7: world map, towns, shops, exploring, airships, castles, empires, evil regimes, magic, etc.

      And for fucks sake: bring back the materia, esper, or job system(s)!!!

  22. ok i tell u what the game is called ready……………………………………………………..spin the bottle

  23. Sorry for the english, its not my native language

    A Brand New Game???? Eternal Darkness???? Beyond Good and Evil 2???? Kingdom Hearts 3???? Banjo-Threeie???? EarthBound?????? One can dream…

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  25. HAVE YALL ALL FORGOT? about 2 to 3 months ago there WAS talk of a NEXT-gen game not comeing to 360 or ps3 and also said wii U would run it …… IS THE ONLY NEXT GEN GAME EVER TALK ABOUT they probably got it running now which was never announce and PPL forgot about it which ppl want see coming ANY GAME thats coming tops360 IS NOT NEXT GEN MAYBE PC AND WII U

  26. Oh my goodness…

    It’s Beyond Good and Evil 2, you guys. That should be obvious by now. It’s the only game we really know that’s highly anticipated and coming for next-gen. Crysis 3 is NOT for next-gen.

      1. These games are current gen. I expect to see Watch Dogs on WiiU but it’s a current gen game.
        The rumour referes to a game that “people thought couldn’t run on Wii U”, all these games you listed can run on WiiU, simply because they run on a PS3 and 360.

        I remember Ubisoft saying the WiiU didn’t have the ”tech” to run BG&E 2, maybe they realised it have! =)

        1. Also, The team behind Rayman Legends is the same behind BG&E 2, they’re working with the Wii U, so maybe they’re trying the tech on the new Nintendo console, and finally realising it’s potential.

  27. Are you guys for real? They’re talking about a next-gen title. Watch Dogs, Starwars 1313, Bioshock Infinite (This I don’t even…), Metal Gear Solid Rising, etc. aren’t it. More than likely, IdeaMan is referring to Beyond Good and Evil 2 for the PS4/Wii-U/720.

  28. gotta be a game that wasn’t planned to be released for current gen consoles… anything else and it would be silly to assume that the wii-u couldn’t run it
    only i can’t think of one right now

    1. why would it be watch dogs? watch dogs has already been confirmed for ps3 and xbox360 so i doubt anyone would think it’s not doable on the wii-u^^

      also i’m sure watch dogs will have a release on wii-u eventually
      this is ubisoft we’re talking about here after all.. they’ve got high stakes in the console

  29. The first to come to mind were watchdogs and Star Wars 1313. Could also be battlefield 4 or the rumoured home front 2. Since crytek confirmed a game was being made on its engine.

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