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Sony Executive: I Wish Nintendo A Lot Of Success With Wii U

Sony Computer Entertainment America President and CEO Jack Tretton says he wishes Nintendo a lot of success with Wii U. Tretton says whatever drives attention to the video game industry is a positive thing for Sony. Tretton also acknowledges that Nintendo has a great heritage in the video game business.

Nintendo’s new Wii U console launches tomorrow in North America and November 30th in Europe.

Rising tide lifts all boats. Any time there is attention to the industry, any time there is attention to gaming it’s a good thing for us.

It takes a village of creativity to ultimately push technological boundaries. I think Nintendo has a great heritage in the business, they certainly surprised a lot of people with the success of the Wii. They’ve got great heritage in their first party development, and I’m interested to see what happens with it. But I think anything that draws attention to gaming is good for companies like us that live and die in this business, so I wish them a lot of success.

-Jack Tretton, President and CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment America

155 thoughts on “Sony Executive: I Wish Nintendo A Lot Of Success With Wii U”

      1. Apple—- Owns Computers

        Nintendo owns Video games/Consoles

        Microsoft– Wannabe’s for both Computer/Video Game

        Sony—- Owns TV/DVD

        That is how i see it…and im sure a lot of people see it that way…If you work hard and older/wiser you will no to buy from Apple if you need a computer….If you have kids you know you want Nintendo or If your a true gamer you will know Nintendo is the best gaming company…If your looking for a TV Sony is a good buy…….Microsoft will all ways be lower tier because Steve Jobs built his company from his garage and Bill Gates well…..he’s Bill Gates a kid who got arrested while doing something stupid while Steve Jobs was eating ACID!!!!

        1. Apple is definitely music players and phones. Macs – I have one – is only good for casual and business use. I use it to create flash media and content as opposed to my PC which I use for gaming and web surfing.

          1. Music players yes, phones no. That is most definitely Google, there are way more Android users than iOS/iPhone users and now way more Android apps than iPhone apps

        2. right.. with a desktop/laptop OS market share of roughly 80% microsoft is a wannabe for computers^^

          that was an amusing one :)

          but i’m sure there are good reasons why macOS only has a market share of a mere 6% since it’s so great and all and microsoft will always be lower tier :O

          know what steve jobs really did? he let steve wozniak build his empire.. wozniak was the brains behind the whole start-up, jobs was merely the face since he lacked any special knowledge in circuit design or programming because he never managed to finish his education.. i guess he was in fact too busy with eating acid in india

          when wozniak left apple, apple also started to lose any appeal as serious competition for microsoft in the PC sector
          shame really, i bet wozniak could have made something out of it and nowadays we’d have a vastly different apple that actually offered a feasible alternative to, as it stands now, a much cheaper and software wise more potent windows PC

  1. he wishes it well until the powerhouse Orbis crushes the PiiU and its 7 year old tech

    sucks to be a baby nintendo fanboy

      1. yep. and Orbis will restore it because REAL gamers want next gen from sony or MS, not wiiU 7 year old tech

        Nintendo is irelevant with their minigame collection

        How do you feel seeing zombiU get a 4.5? BWHA HAAA HAAAAAAA!!!!!!!

              1. What the fuck, guys. I mean, what the fuck?
                If he believes Wii U is 7 year old technology, let him be. He doesn’t have to have the same opinion as you. And if he believes that all of these games are baby games, to bad for him. I’m really excited for ZombiU. Seriously, people need to shut the hell up, and look at other things in life. The people who complain that the Wii U Pro controller looks like an X-Box 360 controller should take a look at Coke and Pepsi. “Ooooh Pepsi has a similar bottle design! They use bottle caps to keep the drink inside!”
                Seriously, people. “Dish’s remote has the same button placement as DirecTv!”

                1. Yep. Let him believe that Wii U it’s weak and let him live in his fantasy world while us will know the Wii U it;s powerful and live in the real world.

              2. hey love how all of u have somethingsay on here. and clearly I know what’s going on but u won’t say something in personal

            1. Normal reaction coming from a fanboy who owns a hardware in the last days of its life cycle. It always happens.
              If you were a REAL gamer you would understand that and be quiet playing your current gen console while it is still alive.

            2. uncharteREd 4? does it have something to do with tourists missing their flight? yeah i’m sure it’s all very exciting :)

              1. The review it’s there, but the problem was that the guy hated the game because he HATES survival horror games. See. GameSPot stopped being irrelevant in 2006 like a lot of sites.

                    1. Oh yeh sorry bro , I worded that wrong!

                      What i meant was ”Edge gave it a 7/10 (which is great) so MEH to Gamestops asshole review!

                      Yeh a 7/10 for ZombiU as a launch title sounds about right to me! super excited!

                1. Where exactly is this review for ZombiU on Gamespot’s website? I’ve looked for it, and I’ve read many posts about it being fake im referring to the review that gives it a 4.5/10

              2. Lol, They certainly did, Some peoples kids eh. Gamespot has it listed as #5 on their top 10 Wii U game list even, So worry not my friend, ZombiU is gonna be bad-ass I think.

        1. “Orbis will restore it”
          That’s a risky claim to make. PS3 is selling the least out of the Big 3 at the moment, with Sony losing more and more with each quarterly earnings report. Not to mention the abysmal sales of PS Vita, which is being outsold by 3DS 47:1. By the time Orbis actually launches, Sony will have lost even more, and the sales that come with Orbis’ launch will only gain Sony a fraction of what they have lost by that time.

          “7 year old tech”?
          The Wii U is an entirely new console, more powerful than the current generation of Playstation and xBox consoles. Since the next iterations of Playstation and xBox won’t be coming out in a year or two, Wii U will have plenty of time to win over gamers, and more importantly – developers.

          “Minigame collection”?
          These are full-fledged console titles. If you’re referring to Nintendo Land, then yes, that’s a minigame title. Of course, I’m not saying it’s a bad game, because it seems to have a good implementation of Miiverse, as does NSMBU, ZombiU, and several other titles coming to Wii U.

          “BWHA HAAA HAAAAAAA!!!!!!!”
          I don’t even feel like retorting this one, because it’s clear that your head is shoved too far up your ass to actually pull it out and look at the facts with your own eyes, like how Wii U has 2GB of RAM while PS3 has 512MB of RAM.

          Good day to you, and goodbye.

        2. REAL gamers dont play on restricting consoles but on high-end PC’s.
          Nothing wrong with consoles though, all Nintendo first party titles are ace.

            1. So real gamers can’t only be PC and Nintendo and Xbox like me? I have to like Sony to? Fail logic. Not due to fanyboyism I don’t support Sony because as a company they suck. They get hacked cause they used terrible protection they steal game ideas. They charged $700 at launch for a ps3. Just to name a few reasons. And I only tolerate the Xbox. Greedysoft is made up of assholes.

              1. You don’t have to like all the companies. He’s saying that we can just like our one system and not say that “Our system is amazing and the other suck.” It’s annoying to see when you are a fan of the other systems.

                Us games should all unite and act as one, and not discriminate fans of the different consoles.

        1. 2011 GPGPU is 7 year old tech ? and the fact that it reads discs 3 times as fast as a ps3, uses a fraction of the power the ps3 does, Has a controller with a screen built into it that stream and sends information back and forth simultaneously.

          I wouls accept if Nintendo were releaseing a big crusty grey xbox 360, but that doesn’t seem to be the case.

        2. The wii was an upgraded GameCube and I had way more fun with that than anything Sony and Microsoft brought out on the ps3 and 360.

    1. You know you give us unblind Sony fans a very bad name. Yea I m a Sony fan, but I always had respect for Nintendo. Now Xbox, hell no.

    2. tell me, was it really that satisfactory to enrage so many of the people here? is trolling people really that entertaining? wouldnt you rather spend time on the games you supposedly defend?

    3. Erm, you are aware that normal people buy TWO consoles, and seeing as MS and Sony are barely different from each other, well over half of “gamers”, will buy the WiiU, be it now or in a few years, along with an 720, ps4 or PC.

    1. Not so much. Compliments are passed back and forth throughout the industry from time to time. They’re not at odds to the extent that the media and fanboys would like you to believe (See: Imaginary console war).

  2. Well Mr. Tretton has apparently matured quite a bit from the “lollipop” days. Cheap jab at the past aside, I am glad that he is showing respect towards one of their competitors. Hopefully this maturity will overflow to the fanboy community but I won’t hold me breath. (See below this comment for some comment examples from this industry’s pride and joy *sarcasm*)

      1. You were right the first time. It’s “breath.”

        breath = noun
        breathe = verb

        Although, instead of “me” I assume you meant “my.” That should have been the correction in that little spot. =p

  3. Tretton being courteous and respectful to Nintendo? Well the Mayans were right. The world will end this year. It was nice knowing you all. Leave luck to heaven.

        1. please show me games that run better than unchartered 3… oh wait you only have wii upscaled games and ports of OLD games

          1. Please show us all some games with own ideas without any copy paste… What about wonderbook? Oh yeah it uses that move thing..

          2. Uncharted sucks. I called uncharted 3 unchanged 3. Its basically a male version of tomb raider. And tomb raider beats the pants of uncharted.

  4. Does he mean it? Well I really like Nintendo but I also do not really wish that the ps3 will fail. But I like to see how Ninty does a better job. But if I was the boss of a company I think I would hate my competitors.

            1. The week PSO2 arrives on vita in japan , the game will sell about 0.5M and vita sales will spike to about 150K . following week 50K following week 22k following week back to normal.

              Japanese people love PSO almost as much as they do monster hunter!
              When MH4 for 3ds comes out it will sell about 2M in 1 week. Bare in mind Tri G was a port that most already had on wii with no online and that sold 1.5M.

              MH4 will be HUGE for 3ds in japan.

                    1. Are you stupid? The game is obviously digital only.

                      As far as I’m concerned it’s a successful MMO too, so stick to your baby games you little shit.

      1. I need to ask this. Are you just an attention seeker? Your user name reflects one thing but you comment the complete opposite.

        Is it that important to you that we all think the “Pii U” is doomed. Would it make you feel better if we all just gamed on one company’s hardware and eliminate all competition and innovation in the industry? Is all of that true? Or do you just comment on here just to get emotional responces that start fights?

        There are truths in this world we live in. The REAL world. The sky is blue on a sunny day, clean snow is white and the Wii U is tech based on 2010 hardware. This 7 year old tech argument of yours holds no water because we have all done our research. You want to use the fact that it’s 2 year old tech against Nintendo? Fine go ahead! But we’re onto you and as such you will probably be ignored from here on.

        1. Sky isn’t actually blue. It doesn’t have a color. Its due to particles in the atmosphere and light reflecting that we see it as blue.

  5. Any success in the infustry is a success to everyone. The market could crash next gen, long as business’ are good, it wont.

  6. That’s nice of him. But he can fuck off all the same. How does he sleep at night? They keep it covered up but the Sony executives have brought a huge company to its knees. Despite the TV and phone business, they are still closer to bankruptcy in Europe than Nintendo are. Properly scary. Him wishing luck to the Wii U is basically like poisoning its name.

    1. Nintendo are far far far from bankruptcy, just sayin.

      There company worth is 28BN roughly and about 13BN of that is locked away in savings.
      Unlike Sony Who gamble all their money when developing things these days, Nintendo can just dip into their savings account.
      During the PS2 days Sony was worth far more than Nintendo was. Did you know today Nintendo is worth more than the whole of Sony ?

  7. Normally, I would say “Hell freezes over!”, but I find it completely dumb. I’m glad to hear positive comments from Sony Computer America President Jack Tretton about tomorrow’s release of the Wii U.

  8. He’s basically saying that they’ll once again ride on Nintendo’s success by copying it and then claim “do not comment on speculation” on whether or not they actually did copy it.

    Just get the damn Orbis out and we can finally forget the travesty that is the PS3 and Vita. These two devices, PS3 in particular, have created so much drama, regardless of their successes (in Vita’s case, lack thereof), that there really is no reason to remember them without suffering minor heart pangs. For the sake of sanity, we MUST move on to a clean slate, and that will ideally be the Orbis.

    1. Orbis = Circle , Vita = Life
      Circle of life, get it? the Vita I would presume is supposed to be complementary to the Orbis “PS4”.

      Sony is really hurting financially right now, but the industry as a whole is not doing that great. Nintendo is probably in the best shape right now, but depending on how he WiiU does in the long term will determine the success of Nintendo’s gamble. Nintendo at the moment is selling each WiiU at a loss.

      I think we can all honestly say that while specs on the WiiU are upgrades, Nintendo is still playing it “safe” in comparison to making a new “powerhouse” console. Consoles have historically never been more powerful then the current standard of computers available to consumers, i.e. 8,16,32 gb of ram or 2-4 gb of video memory, not to mention the cpu in the current WiiU.

      Part of the reason for Nintendo’s success was using existing technology for the Wii that was based on existing PC architecture, much like how Microsoft essentially created a gaming computer and labelled it an Xbox. Using existing technology made it easier for game publishers to “port” their games to the respected consoles. Sony on the other hand invested in a new cpu that didn’t exist before and therefore wasn’t based on existing PC architecture, making it more difficult for games to be developed for it.

      Nintendo is usually the last console to get third part titles ported to it, I would assume this is because the games have to be tailored to the unique controllers and play style associated with the Wii systems, unlike the other two who primarily use existing controller layouts and play styles. The Playstation is usually right before Nintendo in getting ports of titles, because of the architecture I mentioned before.

      While i’ve seen a lot of “flaming” of posters who may or may not have deserved it, it’s a fact that most of the technology found in the Nintendo’s WiiU has been in development for at least the last 3 years and is considerably dated in comparison to what can be currently found on the latest computers already available to consumers.

      Price of components and the technology is what it comes down to; price-points. Nintendo uses technology that has been tested and been around long enough that the price to build each console becomes more reasonable to both the console maker and the consumer who will be buying it. Sony made the mistake of including a new cpu and blu-ray reader in their Playstation 3 which cost the consumer $600 at launch, if they were lucky, this was compounded by the fact that Sony was losing hundreds of dollars on each machine at this price point and have only recently been able to turn a profit on technology that is now several years old; to late to turn things around at that point.

      Microsoft has done nothing in the way of inovation, they use existing technology. The ability to create user friendly software interfaces combined with, for the most part, smart business sense/marketing has made them successful and in a good place financially to create a nice position in the gaming industry. Microsoft will most likely replace Sony’s position in the gaming industry sometime in the near future, which I find unfortunate, but bad business decisions with a lack of vision is capable of bringing down any of the “Big 3” regardless of past success.

  9. Sony is awesome I can tell you that, but in Sony’s next-gen system, I want it to have that PS2 charm if you know what I mean. I like PS3,but it’s not like PS2 ,and I really do want a Vita, it’s just that I cant find anything that appeals to me.I want the Vita to succeed Sony.Make it happen.

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  11. I never thought I see the day when Sony of all companies would be praising their competition and hoping them to succeed. Some might say it’s ” fake gratitude ” rather than it being genuine because of Sony’s track record for not showing their competition any credit. Whatever the case may be it’s still very admirable of saying it. TOMORROW IS THE DAY MY FELLOW NINTENDO FANS!!! IS YOUR BODY READY???

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  13. 1. Fuck Gamespot, bunch of CoD cocksuckers

    2. Nice of Sorny letting us know they will copy Nintendo once again.

    3. That’s it, the world is finished, about 1 month left.

    Wii will unite again in the afterlife aka U-pad…

  14. IN OTHER WORDS- “I hope nintendos wii U doesn’t sell and they finally die out. If not, and its successful, we’ll jump on to the gamepad idea as well”

  15. Apple—- Owns Computers

    Nintendo owns Video games/Consoles

    Microsoft– Wannabe’s for both Computer/Video Game

    Sony—- Owns TV/DVD

    That is how i see it…and im sure a lot of people see it that way…If you work hard and older/wiser you will no to buy from Apple if you need a computer….If you have kids you know you want Nintendo or If your a true gamer you will know Nintendo is the best gaming company…If your looking for a TV Sony is a good buy…….Microsoft will all ways be lower tier because Steve Jobs built his company from his garage and Bill Gates well…..he’s Bill Gates a kid who got arrested while doing something stupid while Steve Jobs was eating ACID!!!!

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