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Nintendo eShop For Wii U – First Footage

After performing a system update on Wii U, you gain access to the new console’s online store – the Nintendo eShop. The Nintendo eShop for Wii U features charming background music and relatively quick load times.

52 thoughts on “Nintendo eShop For Wii U – First Footage”

  1. Such an easy, modern layout! Even though I don’t buy things from the EShop (might in the future), it looks great! I like it more than the 360’s layout to be honest when it comes to the shop. Nice! Nice! Nice!

    1. Obviously it looks great. Especailly compared to the awful Wii Shop Channel. Fuck, am I ever glad that system is officially dead and Nintendo has moved into the next generation, which will be absolutely amazing and we can all finally forgot about the lacklustre years of the (shiver) Wii.

        1. I’m sorry but yes it is. In the last 18 months, the only good games for Wii were Xenoblade Chronicles and Skyward Sword. I’m glad it’s dead…

          1. Yeah, it’s one of those things I regret getting. The Wii was a great system except when you buy it right when there’s a new one(3DS/WiiU). My Wii is slowly rotting away. R.I.P

            1. You regret buying a wii ? when did you buy it , 8 months ago?

              If you’ve had a wii since day 1 like my self you would realise it was a truly excellent system with many many many great games along it’s 5-6 year lifespan.

              I absoloutly have no regret buying my wii and is one of my favorite game consoles of all time! Don’t disrespect the wii like that man :P

              1. No.

                I got it day 1. I can count on one hand how many days worth of collective gameplay hours I’ve logged with the system.

                Never before has that happened with any console, Nintendo or otherwise, for me. That’s saying something.

                1. as nintendo said and still says “its not about graphics, its about a. repeateabuility(grinding&such) b. gameplay c. lovabuility” i also read an article recenty about how theres a study going on about how to make a game fun and cool at first, then make the cutsceens or “goal” or “target” get much harder, and more far apart as the game progresses. they also mentiond how theres this one world of worcraft achivement on unlocking 10,000 chests in one day of sumshit, and to me, personally, people set goals to achive, and unlike in the gaming realm, we change our targets as needed, thats why i stop playing games when they start to suck… problem then stands on me after buying a game that turns out to be unsatisfying and start too look like the definition of -insanity- doing somthing over and over and expect change. lol “change”- obama XD’
                  anyway… graphics are just an alusion… just listen to what your saying… WOW! THESE GRAPHCS ARE AMAZING!!! –generic comment infringing friend then says– “compaired to what?” then you say “the system before it, IE- the wii” thusly its not graphics, or even the power such as hard drive disk space, or RAM like how idiots say the 3ds has a HORRID 512mb ram or somthing. dude, who needs that power? -que generic comment friend- “WELL IN SINS OF A SOLAR EMPIRE REBELLION, THERE ARE SOOOOO MANy PARTICLES ITS AAWWSIOME!! THE VISUAL IS REDICULULSY AMAZING!”
                  you get my drift, your probly not reading the rest of my long statment, i know people like my lil bro dont listen to my awsome stories…. wuttever dawwggg! comment if you …. JUS COMENT I LOVE METROID!
                  ps- did you notice my speech pattern is simmilar to the way samus and computer-adam talked in metroid fusion? FUUUK YEAHH SEAKIIINNGG!

      1. seen the line up of Wii U games, nothing really to take note of. Mostly up graded graphics of Wii games or other games already on other consoles.

        1. Exactly. I was excited for this console until I saw the launch / launch-window lineup. Now I’m going to wait until next year and MAYBE I’ll get one then. Depends. As of right now though, not impressed at all.

  2. That is one sublime looking E-shop. I really like the 3ds eshop aswell although it’s a bit messy and shit is always changeing. eg: a section pops up saying ”games for your sister” and your like ”why is that section there ?”

    But this Eshop right here , is one I am looking forward to buying many small and indie games with and raking up that deluxe digital premium!

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  4. Nintendo is HORRIBLE at UI/UX design. That interface makes my asshole itch it’s so bad :(

    Just this once (or twice since you copied XBOX’s controller now; ironic change there): take a page from Microsoft.

    XBOX 360’s current dashboard design is fantastic. Simple, smooth, eye-catching, and most of all: not completely white & gray (I.e. boring and SUPER bright when viewing in the dark/at night).

    And I hope dearly that music isn’t part of it. The original Wii’s dashboard/shop music was fucking ANNOYING.

    1. Not only that, but 360’s dashboard is fully customizable with wallpapers/themes that are free or otherwise very, very cheap (800 MS points, aka $9.99, will buy you at least 4 or 5 complete themes with multiple wallpapers for the different sections, friends avatar profile backgrounds and props, etc).

      Why have something so plain and white? It doesn’t have to be plain and boring to be clean, effective, and “nice”.

      I’m a designer by profession for 12+ years; I kind of know what I’m talking about here…

      1. Go ahead and weep some more while you’re complaining. You’re making such a big deal out of something small, but sorry, Nintendo isn’t Microsoft. The eShop looks just fine.

        Ugh. I weep for today’s youth…

      2. Its hardly customisable, the theme is constantly blocked by everything else. And seriously, you probably go on that home screen for 2 seconds, then you play which ever game it is you play.

        1. First: blocked? Hardly. It’s blocked no more than your desktop computer wallpaper is, and how pissed would you be if your computer suddenly were not capable of such a small but comforting feature? I’m sure you’ll try to convince me you don’t care, but you’re also not sporting a plain white wallpaper on your computer and/or phone either, so your argument is invalid.

          Secondly, I spend plenty of time in my XBOX dashboard. Looking up friends profiles, looking up achievements, browsing game demos, downloadable content for games, etc. So again: invalid argument.

          It’s a small feature, yes; I agree. But all these “small features”, when coupled together, become more and more important. In a modern day where everything is capable of being personalized, it really stands out when a company actively tries not to follow suit in favor of just “doing their own thing”.

          To me, having those features means more than just having some odd pride in Nintendo for “going against the grain” just for the sake of doing so. They’re so set in their ways and oblivious to everyone else; everyone else being the companies that actually listen to their fan base and do things to please them, and don’t do things just for the sake of “being different”.

      3. And you must be a pretty crappy designer. The layout of the store is the best ive seen. Its clear, its simple, thats how people want it. I dont want to skim through a bunch of crap to get where i want, but even if it looked bad, its still better, because the user interface can be done by touch. It automatically wins. In two touches, you could be exactly where you want, rather than scrolling and entering various sub menus.

        1. XBOX doesn’t have “multiple menus” first and foremost.

          Secondly, if I were a bad designer, I wouldn’t have been able to make a living doing it for over a decade. It’s funny that a non-designer, having seen NONE of my work, can even BEGIN to imply that I must be bad simply because I don’t like something he/she likes.

          I make really, REALLY good money and have worked for various Fortune 500 companies over the years; I think I’m safe to assume that I’m good at my job, thanks ;)

          1. Gee, guy on internets says he’s something. Seems legit.

            The xbox dashboard is just advertisements. And there are multiple sub menus, and menus within those menus.

            1. Would you like me to post a picture of my last weeks paycheck? I promise it’s probably more than you probably make in a month…

              Also, no, it’s not advertisements. Each of the main sections is easy to swipe through (bumper buttons; one tap; how hard is that?) and each section has 1 main link (eg. Link to friends list, link to start the game that is inside your disc tray, link to your music list, link to your movies list, link to your apps), and then has several “blocks” that have to do with that section (eg. Movies section has a block to go search movie trailers, with a picture of a currently popular movie trailer, a block for searching for TV shows, with a random image of a popular TV show, etc).

              They’re not ads, they’re visual representations of the functionality each block does.

              Just goes to show how little you actually know of the very thing you’re trying to criticize. Much like my personal life/profession.

              This is a habit of yours, I take it?

  5. See Sony, this is how i want m online store to look, clear and simple, not that fucked up slow mess you changed it to recently, its shite. The layout is atrocious, i have to scroll through a bunch of crap to just see the latest games. And the search option, holy fuck, why is it so retarded? Why cant i just type in what i want. But nooo, i have to scroll to the firs letter, then wait, then to the next, and wait, until i hopefully get it to show up “automatically”, like google predict search.

      1. well i don’t feel strongly about it, but it’s nice

        i don’t really care much about any of these features or whatever, i’m just interested in the actual video games

  6. good. clean and efficient looking. music is better than the Wii’s. and it’s touch controlled. Looks like a winner to me.

  7. hope capcom release resident evil 4 on the e-shop i know it doesn’t ave anything to do with this but still i’ll love to play that game again:)

  8. Looks great. Btw, I just knew that one of our regular trolls would be here. It was either going to be an Aeolus, Icy Dead People, Gamer or one of the many Anons. I see Icy’s on shift tonight. Everytime something big goes down with Nintendo, one of them is always here trying to take the wind out of our sails. Trying to downplay anything Nintendo does as inferior or not up to their standards. It’s become routine and like most routine things it’s very boring.

    To all the people who got their Wii U’s today. Have fun. I don’t expect to hear anything from you guys until Monday at the earliest. Take a day off and enjoy your new console. Leave luck to heaven.

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