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Wii U Users Reporting System Crashes

A number of members from the Neogaf forums are reporting that they have been having issues with the Wii U freezing, and inevitably crashing. One user had to pull the plug on the console to get it to reboot. Hopefully Nintendo will issue a patch to stop these occurrences. Have you experienced any problems with your Wii U console?

172 thoughts on “Wii U Users Reporting System Crashes”

        1. I could not get one too. =/
          When do you think it’s gonna be back on sale? The guy on the shop said february, that can’t be right…

    1. but men, “NEOGAF”, don’t be serious with them, just kids trying to troll some of them complaining BECAUSE they turn the power off when the wii u was updating OS so it bricked.

      1. Actually I was playing Nintendo Land and my game froze N64 style loud buzz and everything it will be patched outr quickly i presume!!!Anyway on another topic…The Wii U is the first system since the Sega Saturn that has made me feel something new! I have great hopes for this system and anticipate great things from Nintendo i’ts a shame it takes so long to develop games because I think everyone can agree Nintendo is King when it comes to 1rst party! Lastly on a side note it shocked me how truly beatiful Nintendo Land was it is (believe it or not) the Wii U’s best graphics so far the lighting effect the textures ect. Amazing! Nintendo set off this Next Gen cycle with a BOOM! Let’s support them and keep the thunder rolling!!!

            1. Same for me! It was the first time I tried Octopus Dance. I am going to call Nintendo today and let them know about the problem, mine has frozen 3 separate times (twice on Nintendo Land, once on NSMBU). I hope this is a problem they can fix with a patch/update and it is not my system, but I can’t lie I am worried. I love Nintendo and I am sure they will help me out. The warranty is for 12 months so obviously I’m covered if it is the system itself.

              1. I was playing donkey king crash when it happened to me. My brother thinks I broke it somehow and he’s freaking out. Lol

        1. this…..

          turn off AND blackouts have different effects….
          when is totally unpowered, since many years ago there are circuits mean to DEFEND the OS, software and hardware; turn off cut EVERY process and then shut down….

      2. LOL… Haven’t had a single problem other than the long loading screen when going back to the wii u menu from within a game. The Range of the gamepad is great! My Game room is upstairs in my house and I was able to bring the game pad down to my kitchen living room and bedroom without a single hiccup in usage! Love this console!! Add Mii if you want Unit_DTH or Unit DTH

      3. Don’t assume something. Bricked from when I took it out the box, wont turn on. My fault, I think not.

    2. My wii U is bricked. Called Nintendo call center and they need to repair it. I downloaded the update this morning, miiverse and eshop worked fine. I purchased nsmbu and zombiu from the eshop. Mario downloaded and installed fine. Zombiu was still downloading. I tried to set up a wiiu chat with my brother and it failed. Hit the home button and the wii u froze on the menu screen. Waited for 10 mins then hit the power button. It did nothing. Held it down still nothing. Unplugged ac adapter and plugged it back in and wont turn on. Get a blue light then solid red.

      My brother felt bad and came over with his wii u and it froze on the menu too. Scary stuff. We unplugged his from the power outlet and plugged it back in and it works. So if yours freezes make sure you unplugg from the outlet not the console itself or you might end up bricked. trust me it sucks balls

    3. my system crashes too when i play nintendoland zelda attraction its freezes and makes a loud buzzing sound and i have to unplug my wii-u to turn off. wtf nintendo

    1. woops misread the headline as “Reporting System crashes”…so nothing to do with the online network, but still, fingers crossed these are just small issues that always happen at a new release

    1. The 50 cents is just to weed out kids. They’re not the first ones to do that. Anyway, you have to pay a monthly fee for XBox Live. Nintendo’s still way ahead.

      1. Halo 4 dosent lag at all :/ you kind of get what you pay for with system online features. I love xbox live and psn is okay. Wii u’s is between the two. Better than ps3 but i hope it will grow to the sucess of xbl and still be free.

    2. Sure like f***** Xbox n ps3 didn’t have major issues when it came out.I’d punch you for 50 cents until all ur ugly teeth fall out

    1. I guess we know why Japan is getting it last.
      I thought it was a bit strange leaving their own to be the final region it releases, but now we know, WORLD DOMINATION…and minor glitch fixes. :)

    2. Lol, you’re welcome. I’m actually calling Nintendo with issues that pop up with my system, including this one.

      I feel like a BETA tester. :/

      1. Well the way I see it is, I’ve seen PS3’s and 360’s fail out for no apparent reason. Meanwhile, my Super NES is still alive and kicking (not even yellow or discolored like most get after a while :D ) and about a month ago, my Wii console accidentally fell from the stand onto my floor. Other than a busted GameCube controller slot lid it works beautifully still! Nintendo systems are built to last, I swear!

        So yeah, me too. Haha :-P

    1. As long as it’s PAL it shouldn’t be a problem. A few people imported Left 4 dead 2 from overseas as the uncensored version was banned here and they were able to play online and receive dlc. But this is using steam.

        1. Yes, I mainly buy my stuff locally from EB games, if there is a good deal on steam I buy from there. Occasionally JB Hifi, but I think EB always have the better bundles/collectors edition of games.

    2. Not sure. Wii U games will be region locked, so….

      I guess as long as you manage to get the same format that would have been released in your area, you should be fine.

      But then again, DLC – if the game wasn’t released in your area, chances are you will not be able to access the DLC either. Unless you make your user profile like you’re from the UK. :/ idk….

  1. Oh also, this makes me glad I didn’t rush out to get one right away even though I really wanted one ASAP! I’ll just wait ’til the dust settles after the holidays, around the time I receive my W-2 in the mail.

          1. Probably happened because the update took a really long time. Had to wait 40 minutes before playing my Wii U, and my internets pretty fast. Now playing Nintendoland and Zombi U. The gamepad is used so perfectly with Zombi U.

            1. My internet is pretty fast (15 Mbps) and it took about an hour and 10 minutes for me to even access the main menu because of that HUGE update.

  2. The only problem I had is the update is big and takes an hour to complete. Besides that, it is perfect, NSMBU rules! Today I’m going to play COD Black Ops 2. Wii U is amazing.

  3. XiiStation 4..... ( Javi )

    It happened to me….. I was playing nintendo land and turned of the console instead of the controller and it wouldn’t turn on…. But finally work I was scared 350 dollars !!

  4. Hopefully Nintendo fixes this problem soon. I’ve been hearing a lot of good things about this console. This is only the second bad thing I’ve heard, the other being the console bricks if you shut it down while it’s downloading/installing the Day 1 update. So watch out for that one. Leave luck to heaven.

    Check this out dudes

    1. “the other being the console bricks if you shut it down while it’s downloading/installing the Day 1 update.”

      Unless there is a power failure, if you ever have played a video game in at least the past 16 years of gaming, it says “please do not turn off your console” when a game is saving or if say windows have used windows it clearly states to not turn off the system whilst it’s updating/installing. If you are a “gamer” and you do switch off the console whilst it’s doing this, you should just quit this hobby all together.

      1. That’s harsh. I know that and you know that, but apparently not everyone does. There was a user here a few threads ago who claimed to have done this and his console bricked.

        Maybe he was troll after all.

        1. What do they mean with “the console bricked?” i’m still learning english, so there are words that i still don’t know

          1. When the word “brick” is used in reference to technology it means that the piece of tech is now useless. The person made a mistake and now he can’t use his new console for anything, he’s completely locked out of it. It’s just a useless piece of plastic now. Dead weight like a brick.

      2. Yeah from what I hear it was people with slow internet that thought the Wii U had froze up while downloading the Day 1 update, so they turn the power off and their system bricked. My Son and I are enjoying ours took 45 minutes to update both console. Having no problems.

        1. Ha ig I fall under a variant of that category. I actually attempted the Day 1 update about 4-5 times with only the 5th time showing progress (the internet kept being on its weakest signal so no progress would take place). Then during the 5th attempt the progress halted so I believed that the internet was gonna disconnect again and that’s when I turned the power off. Now I’ve gotta ship it to Ninten, just the U and hdmi alone though.

          On the other hand, the gamepad is an awesome remote xD

        2. In the middle of the update, my internet decided “nope this conversation’s over now” and the Wii-U gave a communication-error message. I figured I could just try again later. The Wii is the only console I’ve ever had that needed a day-one update (went smoothly that time), so it didn’t occur to me that this would be such a devastating problem. In the middle of a level of Mario, it froze up and wouldn’t turn back on. Just sent it out to be fixed this morning, can’t wait to get it back. That gamepad is awesome.

      3. I turned my computer off when it was installing an update, and it worked fine the next day. The update was taking way longer than it should have.

        But that good luck probably won’t happen on a console.

    2. Nooooo really? I could’ve sworn that applied to ALL consoles. Geez, are people really digging that deep for complaints that they have to complain about things the console itself tells you not to do?

  5. I am a proud owner of the Wii U on day 1. I have to admit when I got it home I knew there was a big as update thanks to not having to get up early and the power of the net. I couldn’t complain about the update because I have clear internet connection and just figured it was my download speed. I just went grocery shopping and let it download I knew about the auto cutoff feature so I wasn’t worried.

    My only real complaint was I needed to sign up for the nintendo network.
    But hell even creating a mii was fun. The take your own picture animation was funny.
    As I type this I’m getting ready to go to work but so far I have had a chance to play only nintendo land for a bit and I’m using the netflix app that’s available on day one and it is utterly amazing. oh and the TV set up took litterly 30 seconds. Type in your TV manufacturer and boom it was done. I didn’t buy any games because black friday is around the corner. In the end I am satisfied with my purchase and yep don’t turn it off do like me get out the house get some excersize and you’ll be ok.

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  7. My Wii U froze once gettig on to Mii verse. It wouldn’t turn off with the power button on the game pad or the console. I had to pull the plug. It’s only happened once and not at a crucial time.

  8. I got this too. Was going from MiiVerse to the main menu and it just got stuck on the loading screen. Was sitting for 20 minutes, trying to shut it off till I eventually had to pull the chord. WiiU has tons of problems, but nothing substantial that can’t be fixed.

  9. IT has happened to me twice. Around midnight when I was going to settings to download the update and when I clicked on the home button during a Darksiders II cutscene. Not critical but they’ll fix it eventually

  10. Yea it happened to me. I used the Internet and pressed home and it stayed on a white loading screen and I had to unplug it. Thank god It didn’t brick. I hope it doesn’t happen again tho that’s just too scary lol

    1. Excellent question. I experienced it one time yesterday and am a little to relieved to hear it might be common issue as this would (hopefully) indicate an issue with the System OS. That means it can be patched =)

      I didn’t even have a disc in at the time. I was navigating the menus. I know, they pretty much crawl at this point, but it sort of just froze. The pad wouldn’t turn off and neither would the console so I had to do an unplug. I’m very hopeful it will be fixed in a future update. I haven’t had any freezes during gameplay, just menu surfing.

      Hope that helps. Good luck, everyone. Keep the faith, the kinks will get ironed out.

  11. i knew day one network speeds would be slow. i hear the update is 5 gigs. it crashed on me about 8 times during the download, but i would just start it back up and it continues where it left off. took about an hour and a half, but it was annoying b/c i had to babysit the pad for the entire time.
    mario was the first thing i played. it also needed an update… as does nintendoland. also annoying… but the games are finally making me very happy.
    was a little disappointed with the load screen speeds, but it’s only because i had higher expectations.

  12. mines crashed on me while update the system turned off on its own while i was playing my 3ds to kill time but then i boot it back up and all i get is no video signal and the gamepad dosent see the system..but i did contact nintendo and they seem like they know what this issue is so maybe there is hope for me to play more zombiu and assassins creen and mass effect 3 but damn me and my girl had fun with nintendo land

  13. I work for Nintendo in South Africa just tried out the PAL Wii U from Europe and its working fine,Nintendo land is amazing and the Load times are quick and the machine is silent

  14. no yesterday I play all they long
    starting with mario bros, next nintendo land, next zombi U and closing with assassin’s creed III

  15. I experienced two crashes/freezes yesterday. Once during my attempt to change game discs on the home screen and the 2nd during an attempt to launch Miiverse.

    Both times I couldn’t shut down via the power button on the gamepad had to unplug and reboot.

    Nintendo ID- Bornabuckeye

  16. Yeah, once in awhile when I am playing Assassin’s Creed, the game freezes suddenly, the worst part is that i have to unplug it to play again….. I thought I was the only one!

  17. Oh thank god my WiiU is fine! Anyway, these minor crashes are to be expected with new software. Xbox, PS3, and Wii all had some bugs when they were first released. Don’t worry they will be fixed soon.

  18. I have pretty slow internet at home and chalked the long update to that. I did a midnight pickup at Walmart and waited about 3 hours for a deluxe since I only had a basic reserved. It was nice to get home and set it all up by midnight, then fell asleep on the couch during the update, wake up and it was off. Went to bed for a few hours and was woken by my wife and 4 year old saying “we want to play mario”. Fired the U up and we were in! However, now she doesnt want to register my internet connection. Other than that my only complaint is the longish load times between applications and for the menu, but I can see that improving. This system is NICE – I am an early adopter for EVERYTHING, have had all brand systems since NES. I haven’t had this type of feeling for a system since the 64, it just feels that new. I played 2 minutes of Zombi U, looks crisp and feels creepy, but sluggish controls tho. I’m yet to fire up Nintenoloand, for sure after work today. Looking to score Sonic racing for the kid and 1 triple A port on Black Friday.

  19. All I can think is wow, this thing is really having a shity launch with all of these problems. This will probaly be rememberd for ever for fanboys to argue about.

  20. Mmmm… beta tasting! Declicious! The update borked my Wii U, have to send both it and the gamepad in to Nintendo for repairs. But it’s all just part of the fun of launch day!

  21. This is the biggest problem when it comes to buying a console right at launch. You never know what problems it’s going have. When you buy one LATER, the consoles are usually fixed and don’t do crazy things anymore. Maybe I’ll be glad in the long run that I had to wait to get a Wii U.

  22. Lol at all the Nintendo fanboys who go on about the XBOXs red ring of death, which since the slim model came out is not even an issue anymore and hasn’t been for years…

    Payback is a bitch, kiddies!

  23. My system’s froze twice now while playing nintendoland (dk and coin drop prize minigames), but as long as it’s something that can be patched then np nintendo I forgive you. Still the most fun i’ve had with a console in a while

  24. Mine works amazingly!!! I have een having too much fun with the thing!!! Literally I have been playing it all day! Nintendoland is great fun with the family! The best ones to play are Chase Mii, Luigi’s Mansion thingy, and the Donkey Kong Crash Course!!! jahaha we have been playing for HOURS!! Its the only game we got, but its so damn FUN!!! Oh no crashes by the way… downloading the system update right now. Should be done in about 5 minutes. :D

  25. Nintendoland has caused peoples Wii U’s to freeze, Happened to me a minute ago. My Wii U has frozen 3 times or so. Annoying. Come on Nintendo an update would be nice. Thought Nintendo tested the shit outta the Wii U for like thousands of hours and such. How do you miss the system freezing?

  26. I had it crash 5 times while downloading my Virtual Console Games from the Wii Shop Mario was running across the screen no coins present and then an error code popped up and went to a black screen pocked up and had to unplug power to fix it I am pretty confident its an issue with their online servers and the system doesnt know how to handle the loss of data being transferred so it locks up due to this!

  27. Nope bought one at midnight played the games then put the update on when I went to sleep at 4am, played for 2 days straight. So far so good

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  29. My Wii U will freeze during nintendo land or black ops, then will go into this “brick” state where it ont display picture or connect to controllers. However after unplugging it for 20 mins and holding the power button while its off i can get it to start working again. Sometimes itll run fine for awhile after that, but it crashes ALOT. Always during a loading screen, if i can get in the game or online black ops im fine, sometimes gets me switching game modes on black ops too.

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  31. Just bought my wii u went to play it and it froze in the first hour amd starting making this horrible buzzing sound i had to pull the plug . Plugged it back in and it was fine for a couple more hours but then happened in the middle of my game and erased the save . It also made that crazy buzzing sound aain and i had to pull the plug … Why is it doing this and can it be fixed .??? Please respond asappp

    1. i would phone nintendo customer care line, it could be hardware fualt there if it is they will fix or replace it tancefering any infomation on your console to a one if needs be

  32. Our Nintendo Land crashes everyone on the Pikmin Adventure game and the tour train. Loud, old style electronic beep and we have to unplug the unit to stop.

  33. Loving the Wii U so far, but my console has crashed at least once per day since launch. Today’s been the worst, it crashed twice trying to launch Nintendoland minigames and once just sitting in the nintendoland plaza. :(

  34. whenever Netflix loads, the red screen loads forever and I cannot do anything. I have to pull the plug to turn it off (even the power button won’t respond)! I hope Nintendo releases a patch for this. Anybody know how to submit bugs to Nintendo?

    1. I had another crash tonight trying to access the wiiU menu after taking out ZombiU game. Notice it freezes alot on the WiiU menu. Apparently no update yet to fix this. Many, many WiiU owners have this freezing problem.

  35. Yes! Its happened twice! I too had to pull the power plug out! This cant be healthy for the console! Other than that, i love the wii u.

  36. I was enjoying my Wii U until today.It crashed when i was going back to the WiiU menu.Now everytime I start it up says “loading” followed by a system crash with a loud buzz sound.Does anyone have any idea how to fix it?

  37. havent even put a game into the system and its crashed twice. boyh whilst trying to go onto the apps preinstalled on the machine…such as notifications and netflix etc.

    had to unplug from the mains as power button did nothing held it down for 2 minutes but nothing. Gutted shelled out 300quid for a machine that cant even load its own menus. Nintendo hopefully are working on the fix!!!!!

  38. My wii u its crashing after the gamepad powers off. Gamepad will not turn back on and the wii is on but I can’t do anything other than eject the disc….

    1. if it is happening all the time i would get in touch with Nintendo there might be more wrong than just the standard crashing of the console if there is not a phone number or email in the manual then go onto their website you should find it. they might be able to help

  39. I’ve had my Wii u crash on me twice today at the exact same point. I had to unplug the console both times. does anyone know if there’s anything that i can do?????????

  40. Mines crashed and got loud buzz and had to unplug it on ZombiU it happened 3 times, then got black ops 2 did it twice on that, its gone back under warrenty but iv lost heart in it now and just want rid of it when it comes back i dont trust it or Nintendo anymore im sticking to android free games on phone, and will just play free online flash games from now on!

  41. My Wii U gamepad loses connection only when I play NintendoLand, but only when I play the games that uses the camera to show the players face using the gamepad even if I turn the camera off. I just want to be able to play those games with no problems.

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