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The Last Story For Wii Is Xseed Games’ Most Successful Title Ever

Nintendo published developer Mistwalker’s Wii exclusive, The Last Story, in Japan and Europe. But in North America, Xseed Games is the action role-playing game’s publisher, which makes it a third-party game for the six-year-old Wii.

Xseed Games has announced that The Last Story is its most successful title to date. To celebrate, the publisher is selling The Last Story as a standalone game package for a suggested retail price of $29.99 in select retailers across North America.

XSEED Games, an independent-minded publisher, is pleased to celebrate the success of its hit action RPG, The Last Story, by announcing that it is releasing an all-new standalone version of the Wii™ exclusive, which started shipping today to select retailers throughout North America at an MSRP of $29.99. In addition to this new standalone game package, any remaining copies of the premium launch units at retailers, which included a bonus 44-page softcover art book packaged together with the game in a custom outer box, are now available for $39.99.

“The Last Story has been an amazing title for XSEED Games and it has become our most successful title to date. This is a must have title for RPG fans, and we’re looking forward to more players discovering the magic that lies in Lazulis Island.”

-Ken Berry, Executive Vice President at XSEED Games.

43 thoughts on “The Last Story For Wii Is Xseed Games’ Most Successful Title Ever”

    1. I have to say, Pandora’s Tower is a big let down compared to The Last Story and Xenoblade. Its a good game, but nowhere in the leagues of those two.

    1. The wiiu’s undeniable trump card = Backwards compatability. If seemless games like The last story can be done on the wii’s sorry ass graphics. Juth think what can be done with wiiu!

      Hironobu Sakaguchi , take a bow.

      1. The last story is pretty much one of the few rpg games that makes you feel like you not just playing the game but living it as well, when I played I felt like the is a story where I just wanna save as much as I can, oh dagran…. Also it has awesome soundtracks like xenoblade

    1. Same, though I only played about thirty minutes bc I got Xenoblade the same day and I wanted to play that first, and I haven’t finished it yet(one rpg at a time for me, they are too involved to juggle multiple games i think)…but this makes me happy, as it will hopefully mean more quality stuff in the future…maybe Bravely Default? That would be nice…

    1. Yep i think this was more of a good will gift from nintendo has xseed was 1 of the few hardcore publisher of the wii also it could make them more wiklling to publish others gems on wiiu

  1. I’m very happy for Xseed! They deserve it after being brave and localizing The Last Story in the U.S. I have the Limited Edition version and I couldn’t be more thankful for it. Hopefully the game will continue to sell well and maybe Xseed will consider publishing Pandora’s Tower in the U.S.

    With my “super fast” internet this will take 11 hours. No jokes.
    My MAX internet speed is 1000kbs. Well that is what speed test says. If I download something with firefox or a other browser our internet speed is 125 kbs MAX.
    1mb:125kbs= 1mb/8.192s
    5gb =5120mb
    1mb/8.192×5120= 5120mb/41943.04s
    So this update will take me 41943.04seconds at max speed.
    41943.04seconds=699.05066666666666666666666666667 minutes
    41943.04seconds=11.650844444444444444444444444444 hours.
    The Nintendo Wii U update is going to take me 11.650844444444444444444444444444 hours at MAX speed.
    Nintendo is this a fucking joke?

      1. I believe you, but I am ununftroate not to have played any of them. The only games I have really played that were good were from Nintendo, Capcom, Sega, and I think one Atlus and one Konami game.

  3. The Donkey Kong Country trilogy is removed from virtual console in the United States! And in Europe on November 25!

    1. I’m in the same situation. So many Wii games I have to play, but I have to buy the Wii U. And to play those Wii games I would have to buy the Wii Remotes and Nunchuks and Pro controllers. My wallet will be begging for mercy.

  4. 30 bucks? GONNA GET IT NOW. I’m glad it’s been successful for them. It’s a good game. Like Xenoblade. I hope this means Nintendo will finally publish the sequels for both. Gonna get the game around Christmas anyway. Haha it’s gonna be awesome.

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  6. A well deserved position. It is an excellent game. I hope a sequel or a “spiritual successor” comes to the Wii U, using all its power, not just like all these cheap ports we are seeing at launch.

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