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3D Version Of Space Harrier Coming To Nintendo 3DS

Sega has announced that it’s releasing a 3D version of its arcade classic, Space Harrier. The game will be coming to the Nintendo 3DS eShop and will feature widescreen. Sega has also revealed that it plans to bring more classic games in 3D to the Nintendo 3DS in the future. There currently isn’t a release date for the 3D version of Space Harrier.

26 thoughts on “3D Version Of Space Harrier Coming To Nintendo 3DS”

  1. What an absolout classic game! I used to play this everyday on Sega megadrive!!!
    I will download this in an intstant!

  2. That’s great news! I’d love to see more Sega classics come on over, especially if Sega makes them widescreen (which Nintendo can’t seem to be bothered to do these days). It helps me feel better about buying a game I’ve already bought before if SOMETHING new is done to it. That’s why I supported Excite Bike and Kid Icarus 3D, even Urban Champion 3D with no reservations. Bring it on =)

  3. Remember when sega said they were gonna sell a bunch oh game gear games?I dont see any new ones.And im still waiting for Sonic Labyrinth and that other game.This should be the same.I wish it wouldnt be,but maybe we will get lucky

    1. I’m pretty sure sonic labrynth is out in Australia. And if we have it, everywhere else has to have it. We never get good shit here.

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