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Sumo Digital Says Nintendo Could Learn From Sonic Racing Transformed

Steve Lycett, Executive Producer at Sumo Digital believes that Nintendo could learn something from the recently released Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed. Lycett says that the team at Sumo Digital have pushed the kart racing genre to the extremes with their new game.

“What I’m hoping is Nintendo will now have to take a leaf from our game for their next Mario Kart. I think we’ve pushed the genre forward with this game – that and it’s really good honest fun and real gamers games. Try it, I think you’ll love it!”

195 thoughts on “Sumo Digital Says Nintendo Could Learn From Sonic Racing Transformed”

    1. No. No.

      The last thing I want to hear is “BWAHA, Is BWEATS YOUZ! MAWMMY CUM LUUK AT WHUT Iz DIDz!”

      Unless voice chat will only be heard for people who are friends with eachother. I’m so glad they fixed that in COD.

    1. People will probably bash this game to death because it’s not Mario, but yes: it’s a very good game. I wouldn’t mind if Mario Kart Wii U will take alot of good things out of this game, and add some awesome original stuff. Competition is always good :P

      1. To be honest the reason I did NOT buy this on Wii U was because it does not have Voice support :( So i was left with buying the xbox 360 version AGAIN. So Blame Nintendo or Blame Sega but NO Voice support in a game like this just is not cool. Yeah they set the bar for kart racing in general I would have preferred to have this on Wii U but NO Voice = NO Buy….

          1. Why is it stupid? It’s not like they didn’t get the game at all. I too would get the 360 version because I think voice chat is more important than the Wii U exclusive features. Being able to talk to your friends while you play with them can make a game like this a lot more fun.

        1. That’s what I mean: with the next Mario Kart they could get a bunch of stuff that was really good in this game, but change stuff like voice support and other things, to make it better.

          P.s.: Aren’t the X360 and WiiU version the same price? If so (I honestly don’t know), wouldn’t you still be better off with the WiiU version? If you had decided that the lack of voice chat was so annoying you wouldn’t buy the game, that would make sense to me. But in this situation you might as well had gotten it for WiiU…

        1. Or, you’re a gigantic queer who never contributes a rat’s ass of anything intelligent in reply to posters on here.

          Therefore, fuck you.

          1. You’ve got no right to be talking, bitch.
            You’ve not done a single constructive thing in your entire time on this site.

            1. Don’t reply to the troll. He’s clearly a 12 year old that gets his jollies by swearing online where his parents can’t see.

      1. It is one of the saddest things I see. Truly you have either no life, extremely low self esteem, or are mentally challenged to keep coming here and causing problems. Maybe your parents didn’t love you enough? A teacher molested you? Somewhere in your life some tragic event must of happened. Because no sane logical person would behave like you do. I really hope you find some help.

        1. Don’t force childhood incidents which occurred to you on others who actually have an active social life rather than whining like a bitch because they’re calling out your precious Nintendo.

      1. Good that you have no hopes for this! That’ll make you even more excited when you play the game, which is really awesome!

  1. mario kart 7 already flies (gliding) and has (under)water areas. theres really not much they can learn from. what nintendo can learn from sonic racing transformed is the online mutliplayer features like more than 2 players offline playing online and other or random stuff?

      1. Mario Kart 7 doesn’t do it as well as this game. But I think that if any racing game is gonna go with the whole flying and water thing they might as well go the Diddy Kong Racing route.

  2. As much as I hated it, has this guy never played Diddy Kong Racing? From what I have seen that is all this game is but 15 years after the fact. Hell that is basically what Mario Kart 7 was but with the usual Mario power ups.

    1. Sonic Racing Transformed only has one glitch that is currently being fixed, while Nintendo’s Wii U (which is STILL shipping) seems to have more bugs than acorns on a tree.

      Just because Sonic 06 had big glitches doesn’t mean all future Sonic games will too. Look at Unleashed, Colors, and Generations.

  3. a game that may be good is not necessarily a good reference for future games.
    also, SRT is not THAT huge or innovative
    it is a mix between MK7 and Diddy kong Racing with Sega Characters

    1. not to mention that i rather play any other themed game than a Racing game involving any Sega character(Sonic rider is cool as is more story centered and not a spinoff)

  4. i think Sumo digital could learn by shutting the fuck up. lol.

    Stop acting like they know anything compared to Nintendo.

      1. I’m not ! I don’t think a small company like Sumo digital is in any sort of position to be lecturing Nintendo. I played Sonic Racing today on PS3 and I much much much enjoy the gameplay of Mario kart 7 more blue shells or not.

        Mario kart >>> any other kart racer , 4lyfe.

        1. That just proves that you’re a fanboy because anyone can see that Sonic Racing is a better game. Only fanboys like yourself would keep swallowing the same garbage that Nintendo keeps shitting out without looking at it objectively. Mario Kart has been a luck-based random number generator bullshit game for years. It has lame track design, slippery controls, rubberbanding AI, unbalanced items, terrible graphics and above all else it completely lacks a sense of speed. It pulls the same boring tricks all the time, doesn’t evolve at all per game, keeps pulling the same boring characters together and doesn’t take any risks. Except sometimes they’ll throw in an “alternate” version of an existing character, ooh, you can play as Dry Bowser or Baby Peach now! Mario Kart is strapped for ideas and is OBJECTIVELY worse in every way but idiotic fanboys like you will still eati it up because “HURRR MAREO”. It’s evident even in your username, I wish you’d just admit that you’re a fanboy already.

          1. Shut the fuck up and close your asshole up because copius amounts of shit is spewing out of it.


            The dreamcast after Gamecube, N64 , SNES is my favorite console ever. Because of Games like Shenmue and PSO and Jet set radio which are in my top 10 games of all time.

            honestly! it has nothing to do with me being a Nintendo fan that this game is I believe slightly worse than mario kart. They are different like Smash bros and Playstation all stars.

            I’m not being a fanboy aswell because this game is on the wiiu and 3ds :S . If it was exclusive to PS3 and I was just hating it cus its on ps3 , then that could be considered fanboyism.

            I played SASR today and , I prefer Mario kart. I was only joking when I said Sumo can STFU lol. No doubt Nintendo will take some of the elements of SASR and shove them in the next MK.

    1. They do, they made a hardcore mascot racing game that actually requires skill to play. Good luck on Expert Mode, Mario Kart fan.

    2. Well, there ARE things that Mario Kart U can learn from Racing Transformed.


      2. Cannot remember if MKW or MK7 had All-Star moves, but they definitely should have them to make each character unique, and make gameplay more diverse.

      3. Stop making the game luck based! That’s the thing I dislike about MK. Nintendo gives the people in last place over powered powerups like bullet bill or infinite mushroom. MK should reward you for having SKILL, not for sucking.

      4. Online split screen. SEGA has done it, and now there is no excuse for the next MK not to have it.

      5. More balanced items.

      6. No more jumping drifts.

      7. Not to have Lakitu take 5 long seconds just to pick you up, seeing your competition then being miles ahead of you, which sucks. MK U should get rid of Lakitu and just have the player respawn and the place they died with continuing speed like Racing Transformed.

      I think I’ve covered everything. I’m not bashing against Nintendo, but they CAN learn from SUMO’s Racing Transformed.

      1. The point is, Mario Kart was never meant to be a tight and fair racing game… It is and always was meant to be a “PARTY” game where any random casual can have fun (hardcore gamers included). It is always about the shits and giggles and to watch your best close friends to lose just as they were about to cross the finish line.

        Sonic Racing Transformed wants less of that. Less party, more competition and etc. Both games are good and that is why I will buy this game from Sumo Digital.

        I mean, it’s like telling Mario Party or Itadaki Street to be less about luck.

        1. This guy gets it.
          There’s no need for Mario Kart to take leafs out of Sumo’s book because the two kart games have different structures.
          Of course, the elitist prick trolls of this site will tell us all differently because they’d love nothing more than to see Nintendo conform to their high-horse-on-shaky-knees standards.

      2. Your losing track of what makes mario kart thoriginal and best kart racer on earth. They need to have online spilt screen and the ability to turn weapons off for people who want to do so. Infact you can turn weapons off on mario kart 7 by joining and creating communities.

        Mario kart gameplay is perfect although some may want to switch off ”luck based items”. The game isn’t forza though lol. It’s a kart racer one with emphasis on fun local multiplayer .

        I think all mario kart needs for wiiu is amazing graphics more levels more items the ability to switch things off etc . and it’s another amazing mario kart game.

        1. Mario Kart is the worst, most uncompetitive racer, let alone mascot racer on the face of the earth. None of your fanboyism will change that or sillly excuses with “LOL COMMUNITIES”. FUCK COMMUNITIES, I WANT WORLDWIDE RACE BALANCE.

          Mario Kart stopped being “fun” after Double Dash. Actually, maybe even MKDS, because snaking in MKDS required skill and separate the wimps from the players who know how to race.

          PS: Nitromethane is for pussies.

          1. Translation: “Waaah, I suck at Mario Kart because I can’t play it worth a shit in its competitive scene, change it so that it fits my standards and I can finally feel like I won a race on it by snaaaaaking”
            Elitist bitch.XD

            1. Eric Sellers proving how much of a sad little faggot and VIRGIN he is yet again.

              There is no competitive scene for Mario Kart, it’s a bunch of idiots going around playing an inferior racing title that boils down to luck and has absolutely nothing to exploit that can make for competitive gameplay. Snaking is dead as of MKWii/7.

              Now enjoy your shitty party game. While the REAL gamers play actual racing games.

              1. Wow, why the hate? It’s never tried to be a serious racing game, daftness has always been the fun element in Mario Kart.

                There certainly is genuine competitive gameplay though, my sister and her boyfriend recently qualified for the official Nintendo Mario Kart tournament held in Birmingham, UK this year.

                A few of the other competitors were from the same online clan and they had superbly honed skills, and they won. The skills of all players were pretty high but it even with all the random things that happen in the game the very best players went through in each heat.

          2. nobody cares about your opinion so fuck off …… everyone have his taste , for example i like mario kart wii so do my bro , but my cuz don’t , i like cod games my bro don’t , i don’t like to play fifa very much ( if a tournament or manager mode its ok ) my bro likes it like hell . so do you get the main fuckin idea ?? don’t try to make people like what you like and hate what you hate , we are humans we have different thinking ,, even the worst sick game for me might have some fans . i wouldn’t say ” no that game sucks don’t buy it u can’t buy it i will kill myself if you buy it ” do you get the main idea ?????????????

          3. I’ve been looking at the comments for a long time. Dude do you have anything better to do then get on a nintendo fansite and bash Nintendo? You treat your opinions as if they were facts and to sum it all up just being a plain loser. Go outside get some fresh air.

            1. I’ve said similar things so many times. He never responds to posts like this. The ones where he might have to have an intelligent discourse or use reason. His general argument goes along the lines of, “Fuck you, you shit eating fanboy queer.” It’s pretty clear he’s around twelve years old. Best to just ignore him, he never says anything relevant.

    3. Well, SASRT was /already/ in development with the concept of riding the waves and taking to the skies accounted for, and not long after that, MK7 was announced. Think Sumo was going to be happy about having an actually really good racer of theirs being compared to Mario Kart again?

      ‘sides, want to compare? MK7 has you go underwater yet still drive a kart, while SASRT actually gives you a boat to ride across rippling water; MK7 only has you glide down from a cliff, while SASRT allows you to actually fly around in jets/planes/helicopters/whatever depending on the character. Hell, even Diddy Kong Racing (developed by Rare for the N64), where SASRT is more or less inspired from, was criticized due to being “too similar to Mario Kart”, yet is still revered as the superior racer by many because Rare did what Nintendon’t.

      Don’t get me wrong, I love Mario Kart about as much as I love any game. You, on the other hand, should realize that Mario isn’t the only one in the racing genre, so stop acting like he is – Diddy Kong and Sonic should be evidence enough. You could learn by shutting the fuck up, and actually giving this game a try. lol.

      1. I will buy it. especially considering it’s so cheap! but I played it today for about 45 minutes on ps3. And no , it’s not as good as Mario kart 7 or mario kart wii. Nowhere near as fun.

        1. lol, this guy is an extreme fanboy for MK

          Pretty much of a fake gamer by claiming this is better than MK7. This game does absolutely everything better than MK7 does.

          the real joke here is that he’s a mario kart fan LOL

          1. We all have opinions on which games we like.I don’t really like MK but i don’t judge the people for it.Also,there is no such thing as a fake gamer.It is just something people say when they don’t agree with them.

              1. So you’ve been re-reading yours and finally realized how stupid you sound?
                If not, learn to read better.

        2. If you were a big time SEGA fan Nintedward, you would truly understand how magnificent this game is for SEGA fans.

          1. Why are you presuming I’m not a sega fan ? Phantasy star online , Sonic adventure 1 and 2 , Crazy taxi , Jet set Radio , Shenmue etc etc etc etc etc etc are some of my all time favorite games. Sega apart from Nintendo (at least the sega of old) is my favorite company in gaming.

            It’s my opinion. Mario kart 7 is perffect FOR ME. I don’t really need this game. But I will still buy it because it’s only £27:99 instead of £39:99

            My love for Sega has nothing to do with whether or not I think Mario kart is far bette than sonic racing.

              1. It looks like a great game! And maybe is an alternative for Mario kart. Maybe Nintendo will extract elements from this game and put them in the next mario kart.

                That being said , I still enjoy MK7 like I bought it yesterday. I don’t know what it is , but i just love racing online on that shit.

                Blue shells don’t bother me , and they most don’t stop me from winning anyway.

              2. That looks fucking insane xD

                One thing i’ll give this game credit for is the speed.

                Also, whats the son playing? 0.o i know its from a Sonic game but i dont know what…

                1. No, it’s actually…AGES more or less a pun on Sega’s history. Car form is the Hornet from Daytona USA, Aircraft form is a F-14…probably from some flying game back in the day, and the boat *not seen here since he didn’t take the sea routes* is literally the Dreamcast controller itself.

              3. At the end of the day, you should treat Mario Kart as a party game while S&ASRT should be treated as a racing game for those who like a sense of balance and physics while providing a healthy challenge against the AI.

                  1. What’s funny is I know a guy who makes a point of challenging people to a race in MK when they say it’s all luck, and there’s no skill, etc, etc.

                    If it was luck, those whiners wouldn’t get lapped every singe time. But they do, and it’s always funny to see them run off with their tails between their legs.

      2. @Nintedward- I get that Mario Kart is supposed to be about fun, but how can EVEN the competitors have fun if they are getting blue shelled or red shelled or whatever every 10 seconds?

        I do agree though that Nintendo should at least put in basic items or get rid of them in a mode for competitive racers. Oh, one more thing for Nintendo:

        Get. Rid. Of. Those. Darn. Cheaters/Hackers. That’s what makes MKWii nearly unplayable online these days.

    4. Ahhh… look, we’ve got a fanboy over here having a mental breakdown because something was said about his precious Nintendo that he perceived as being negative. Now run along child and go and suck on your mom’s breasts like you normally do to calm your nerves.

    1. Thats true. I still like having old tracks in there, especially in MK7, seeing as the glider and propeller let you discover new areas that werent in the original, but the ratio is whack, 50% old tracks?! Nah. Should be 1 or 2 cups of oldies.

  5. Yeah its a good game, also they need to fix the wiiu version of the game…. Like the boost challenge for starters .. But really loving the game.

    1. What else is broken other than boost challenge? I heard this game has better graphics (textures, framerate) & more options. I’m hoping to buy this so I’m curious as to what other issues it currently has over other versions.

      1. @DRU- When Racing Transformed came out, the Wii U version asks for an update/patch. Turns out though that the update had a glitch where all of the boost missions are basically unbeatable. Steve Lycett, head of the game, has already said they are looking in go the patch and fixing it “ASAP”. :) So don’t worry. Just make sure you download the update, because that update probably has the “finishing touches” on the game. It should not be long before another patch comes!

  6. All I want the big N to learn here is you have more than 1 franchise. Change it from mario kart to N-Kart. I want Link and Samus and Fox with weapons from there series and courses.

    1. Mario kart and Nintendo all stars lol.

      The gaming industry is just boiling down to loads of ”all stars” games xD

      1. Well, Microsoft isnt. Buuurrrn.

        But id love to see a Nintendo RPG, going to all the different worlds as differer characters.

        1. There is numerours ”allstars” games that could work. Theoretically a FPS version of Smash bros could work where you run around blasting each other with Nintendo Based weapons.

          Microsoft don’t have the history or enough great first party franchises to make ”alkstar” games. maybe in a couple of generations they will do!

  7. Uh, are these guys at Sumo Digital crazy? If Nintendo learns a lesson from them and implement it in Mario kart, PEOPLE WILL BUY MARIO KART INSTEAD. :@

    I mean, seriously? He doesn’t like that franchise or what? Because if people had to choose, and if Mario Kart was as good as it is + got few mechanics from their games, people will just get Mario Kart… The only thing going from them is that it’s a fast and tight kart racing game, if Mario Kart took those formulas they won’t sell?

        1. I’ll buy this game because it requires skill and is a better RACING game than Mario Kart will ever dream to be for the forseeable future.

          I don’t play glorified party games. But if you do, that’s your problem.


  8. What people need to understand is that Mario kart isn’t like other racers. Its about just having fun. I like the blue shells because they make each race more hectic and crazy. You can’t complain that a party game doesn’t have competitive game based elements, it just doesn’t work.

    1. Except those clearly don’t make the game fun if there are constantly complaints about it.

      It’s a stupid item meant to take any sense of victory from people playing the game. At this point it might as well be a Mario Party minigame instead of a packaged title.

    2. While I agree with what you’re saying, the main difficulty in the 150cc cups is that you’re bombed by blue shells every 10th second. Gets very frustrating after a few times.


    1. Not really the same thing, the vechiles change mid game, and have different feels to them, so the boat moves and turns like a boat, and the “planes” have vertical movement (so ive heard from a review anyway). Different from just using a “plane”, all the way through

  10. I like the previous Sonic Racing so Im def getting this new one, tho I don’t have a Wii U yet so most likely I’ll get it for PS3. The truth is this series are much more balanced and skill based than Mario Kart, and I’ve always wanted for Mario Kart to tone down a bit its obsession with messing up your game randomly and make it more about actual racing skills… or at least give us the option to turn items on and off, and/or adjust their appearance frequency.

  11. Sure they fucking could, they invented the genre, all this game does is plagiarize things from Mario Kart and Diddy Kong Racing anyway, so there’s fucking nothing new about it, that hasn’t been done before and better.

    1. What does it plagiarize from Mario Kart? The transforming vehicles? That’s wrong, because this game was in development before anyone outside of Nintendo even knew about MK7. The items, then? Also wrong because the items in this game are varied and unique and none of them really have an analog item in Mario Kart. Diddy Kong Racing only allowed you to choose one vehicle per race, you couldn’t transform into them during the race, so how exactly is that “better”? Or are you just some fanboy moron?

  12. I havent played it but it does look good.
    After MK7, i can imagine MKU having a lot of new exciting features, but obviously it would be blatant stealing it they did the transforming thing, but id like to see the track change every lap, similar to SASR or Motorstorm Apocalypse, so maybe a giant pipe comes out the ground in the second lap, and you go underground to a whole different area.

    The only other thing i can imagine is adding other characters from franchises like Kirby, Cpt.Falcon ect

      1. The game was pretty mediocre though (theres actually a video of someone winning by doing nothing but press A, im dead serious).

        Rather have Kirby in Mario Kart

        1. The thing is the game uses nothing BUT the control stick and A. The game had its own level of mayham using the City mode, which is where the majority of multiplayer took place. I don’t really see the game as Mediocre on terms of the fun standard. Like Mario Kart, it’s more about the chaos. The only major complaint i’d have is that when a kart is destroyed you lose a lot of power ups, which can be taken by your slayer. And then you’re stuck with walking until you find a new star. if you’re destroyed late game, you have no hope in winning the event that decides the winner.

          This could be fixed quite easily, so I see no reason to not make a second game, even if they changed the mechanics and game modes.

      1. Ya like really,the only way to aoid it is with a star power,but nobody ever gets it in first place,instad you get bananas,green shells,fake power-ups,and if your lucky a red shell

      2. There are ways to, but it’s extremely difficult. It’s easiest in Double Dash if you Co-Op. While drifting, the person in the back punches away from the shell and then the driver releases to boost out of the explosion’s way.

      3. Actually if you have a mushroom, you can use it to avoid the Blue Shell if you time it just right. It’s save me a couple of times online.

        1. That’s not “skillfully” avoiding it. That’s luck based, because chances are you /won’t/ have a Mushroom to do that.

          1. Yes I know and you’re right, you’ll need to have a mushroom for it to work, and it’s just luck if it does work. I only said that about the mushroom because I read and people here said that there isn’t a way to avoid the blue shell. It’s all pure luck though.

  13. I think this comment is pure arrogance! What Mario kart series does is evolve at each game launched. The next one will probably have more features than Sonic Racing Transformed, but it doesn’t mean they’re learning from SRT, but evolving from what they already have!

    1. You’re kidding? Mario Kart hasn’t “evolved” at all since Double Dash, hell they even reuse the sound effects. It’s been a luck-based blue shell shitfest ever since they made it so those things explode. There hasn’t been any evolution in the series, just minor additions.

  14. If that means going down to a feeble 30fps (and lower), no thanks. That Sumo/SEGA went for detail over gameplay tells me a lot about their priorities, none of them good.

    Also, they didn’t push *anything* forward. I like the game (really), but there are virtually no new ideas in here that hadn’t already been done in Mario Kart or Diddy Kong Racing, a decade-plus ago–that Sumo–and far to many reviewers–isn’t they have is either speaking from ignorance or deceit.

    1. Implying 60 fps gameplay matters in Mario Kart.

      Also, just play the upcoming PC version, you’ll obviously not be locked to that framerate on that platform, unless they’re being idiots and a pull a Dark Souls on folks.

      Lastly, explain how they didn’t push a thing forward because the ideas are seemingly “not new”. It’s not a matter of who the fuck did what first, it’s a matter of who did it the BEST.


  15. I have played (and own) every single Mario Kart game, yet the ones I really had fun with were:

    Super Mario Kart
    Mario Kart 64
    Mario Kart DS

    The rest just didn’t cut it for me. I love the series but… meh…

    I was crazy excited to get Mario Kart Wii when it first released but was ultimately let down by it. Sonic and Sega All-Stars racing came around, and it filled that kart racing void I had this generation on home consoles. I really liked it and I plan on picking up Transformed when I get a chance.

    I hope Mario Kart Wii U brings something fresh and fun to the series.

  16. Are they freaking stupid? They were the ones who copied Mario Kart in the first place! Not to mention, they copied Diddy Kong Racing as well (in Transformed).

    Oh and MK7 already had the flying with the gliders, and already had underwater racing as well.

    No, Sumo, it was YOU who learned from Nintendo.

  17. Hmmm…things are getting backwards. People were very hype for ZombiU and it turn out with low scores, and now Sonic Racing was not that much of a hype at first and Its getting good reviews. I might give it a try.

      1. You forgot game spot. Although to be fair, the low scores aren’t deserved. There IS a major problem, but I wouldn’t be so cruel as to claim it’s a 4.5/10 game. Other than the one flaw, the game is very good.

  18. Nintendo wont learn from others when they are doing perfectly fine as it is. It wont beat Mario Kart so have fun while the hype lasts.

  19. I had played the first demo on PS3 and was a fun game. Now that Sonic & All Stars Racing Transformed is here for the Wii U, I’m looking forward to buy this game (when I get the chance to buy the console).

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  21. So is the game really that good that he’d have the guts to say that?

    I’ve not played it, but I don’t have very high standards when it comes to kart racers. they’re all fun in they’re own way.

  22. I am going to buy Sonic Racing Transformed, still deciding on the Wii U or Xbox 360 version. It looks like a great game. The only thing I can say about improving Mario Kart is doing something about the items. The blue shell should stay, but it should be more fair so it isn’t a last-minute pain. It is kind of based on luck and not skill, although I do not want it to be fully competitive where it isn’t fun and it is all serious. I do want DLC tracks, characters, and other items on the next Mario Kart.

  23. They have point, the only Mario Kart that did evolve the series was Double Dash and maybe Mario Kart DS with it’s online play, they tried something different yet people hated it, just like what Ninty did with Windwaker, people hated it at first but loved it later on. Mario Kart hasn’t done anything different that is noteworthy since DD, Mario Kart Wii added motion controls and bikes, but the game was so unbalanced, Mario Kart 7 was a good game, but they could of done more with it.

    I’ve played ASRT and it’s already better than their previous game, it’s better than MKWii imo. Alot of people will say that they ripped off MK7’s idea but it’s the opposite. In the end, it doesn’t matter who had the idea first, it depends who did it better and refined the idea. And yes Diddy Kong Racing had the car, plane, and boat thing but Sumo Digital refined and improved the idea, DKR didn’t have transforming vehicles. The only regret that I have from the game is that they didn’t add Batman from The Brave and the Bold because the Batmobile from there transforms into a car, boat, and a plane lol
    Mario Kart will need to do something different with the next game, and they’ll need to take a page from ASRT, atleast have a game like it, call it Super Smash Kart or something andjust add more tracks, different characters, balance the weapons, improve the online play, maybe have a filter for people who want to play for fun and for those who want to play with experts. And I have confidence inSumo that if they could, they’d make a great F-Zero game. Not trying to start something, just giving my opinion and people need to chill out.

    1. Sumo Digital actually has a poll for characters from Sega games that you can vote for as DLC and Miku is a character you can vote for. Now you have no excuse :P

  24. After looking through these comments, I’m glad that a lot of you aren’t the president of Nintendo. If you were, then Nintendo would be gone by now. Nintendo isn’t the perfect company, nor are they so great that they can’t learn a thing or two from their competition. There’s a reason that Miyamoto (I know he’s not the prez) was seen messing with the PSP and looking at Watch Dogs, and I’m sure that they’ll look into other games, maybe even Transformed, as they develop the next Mario Kart. Nintendo’s games aren’t just developed from thin air. They look at what ideas have worked or could have worked and finds ways to improve them.

  25. i was able to play it and to be honest, while it is a good racing game, i couldn’t find anything particularly special about it
    the transforming was a nice touch but not all that innovative either

  26. Fuck Sonic Racing & Mario Kart!

    Nintendo should make Super smash Kart!
    which would be like smash brothers but kart racing! Imagine link, Mario, samus, Kirby, and donkey Kong all in one kart racing game!

  27. Oooh cheeky!

    To be fair though, I really enjoyed the first Sonic All-Stars Racing, and I can’t wait to try out this sequel.

    I also can’t wait to see what Nintendo do with Mario Kart U. Personally, I’d like to see them continue the path of the 3DS titles, and make a lot of new changes. However, they’ll definitely need to be careful in not upsetting the core MK experience…

  28. Mario Kart requires skill to play well and win often, it also has a hefty chunk of luck to inject an element of fun and laughter into the game. I love Mario Kart, it’s a non-serious racing game that is superb when played locally with 4 players.

    It’s supposed to be frantic, chaotic, unfair and ridiculous, and I hope it stays that way on the Wii U.

    Myself and my friends have played many tournaments on Mario Kart Wii, when you develop very good skills on that game and play all 32 tracks as a tournament the top players almost always come through and win, regardless of all the blue shells and random stuff going on.

  29. Well seeing how sonic all-stars racing is almost like Diddy Kong Racing with the whole air,ground and sea thing. (rare and Nintendo). I’d say it should be the other way around. they should learn from nintendo. Diddy kong racing was first, Mario kart 7 second then sonic all-star racing. (speaking from nintendo stand points). in any case all the verisons are good and fun. The WiiU is awesome.

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