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3DS Exclusive Resident Evil Revelations Now Coming To Xbox 360 And PlayStation 3?

Korea’s video game rating board is now listing Resident Evil: Revelations for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. The game was originally exclusive to the Nintendo 3DS and was well-received by gamers and the press alike. Resident Evil: Revelations uses the same engine as both Dragon’s Dogma and Resident Evil 6, which means that an HD port shouldn’t be too difficult.

84 thoughts on “3DS Exclusive Resident Evil Revelations Now Coming To Xbox 360 And PlayStation 3?”

  1. What an amazing , underated game. This thing made my 3ds feel like a 3d xbox or some shit lol. Good to see it coming to consoles!. People will say ”’where’s the wiiu version”

    A= it’s already on the 3ds
    B= nothing has been confirmed yet
    C= It’s already on the 3ds.

          1. Then we can just counter it by saying that their consoles gets a PORT of a portable game. As they seem to think that ports are the worst thing in the world… XD

        1. Yeh , I’m not knocking your good work! I think a question mark does go well there though.

          EVERYONE is blowing new out of proportion atm

          1st of all it is THE WIIU’S CPU IS SHIT!!! even though the wiiu is overall , considerably more powerfull than current gen.
          2nd- IGN post a video on youtube titled ”GTAV is coming to wiiu” just because reggie said he would like GTAV XD.

          I think it’s likely this game will come to 360 and ps3 due to the korean ratings board, but until capcom confirms it, it is just a rumour.

          1. “even though the wiiu is overall, considerably more powerfull than current gen.”

            First of all, you need to put a comma between “is” and “overall” if you’re going to leave that other comma between “overall” and “considerably.”

            Second of all, that’s the same kind of argument PS3 users make for their consoles in relation to the 360. Yet almost nothing about it is much more powerful than the 360. Therefore, when making the same argument for the Wii U, consider how much basis in reality the quote mentioned above has before you say it and expect it to be real. Otherwise, you’re fulfilling the basic requirement of trolling: Saying baseless things and acting like they’re true.

            1. The wiiu at full potential is a lot more powerfull than 360 and ps3. Modern GPU based architecture that can produce graphics like the Zelda tech demo. We won’t see any proper wiiu graphics until about a year and a half from now.

              So go and mix up your anti Nintendo bullshit elsewhere.

                    1. You know I’m right lol. Wiiu has fucking massive graphical potential. Zelda tech demo-esque

                    2. That Zelda tech demo was not playable and completely scripted, basically making it as noteworthy as Infinity Blade 2. All show, one giant QTE fest, only without the QTEs making it even worse at what it’s doing.

                      It wasn’t even in 1080p; it was in 720p, had no anti-aliasing, and ran at 30 frames per second. What a big fucking joke if you’re seriously using that “game” as an example.

                      Wii U is in the same position as the Wii power-wise and will likely die within 5 years just like the original Wii did.

                    3. Yeah it’s only “PR” talk when people speak positively about the Wii U, but if its criticism that you heard from a rumor, from this one guy who knows this guy who has a cousin who has played the Wii U for 5 minutes then it is fact.

    1. Exactly I was thinking the same thing, but knowing that capcom likes to port their games to every available system possible, especially Resident Evil and Street Fighter, than it is pretty likely.

    1. I Agree with you. The game has exclusive features that need a 2nd screen/pad, and that makes it more interesting. If this rumour is true I would love to see the game in Full HD in Wii U and better online

            1. Tsk tsk, the 3DS version would still be the preferable version. So in a way, it could be considered a “waterdown port”.

  2. Eh, Revelations didn’t sell amazingly well on the 3DS, so this is sorta a given to be honest. But I do think a Wii U version of this game would do very well with the gamepad replicating the lower screen.

    1. Revelations sold PERFECTLY FINE on a single platform that had existed for less than a year actually. 900K >>> Bayonetta 1M on 360 and PS3 together……

      1. Lol, perfectly fine ?
        It sold only 630k copies on a system that 22 million people own. That’s anything but perfectly fine.
        And I don’t really understand what Bayonetta has to do with this. Bayonetta selling not too well on other systems does not make the poor sales of Resident Evil Revelations any better, does it ? No, it does not. It only means that Bayonetta didn’t sell well.

        1. 3ds was in its infancy when the game came out. So it’s not really fare to start judging sales. Look at monster hunter tri G , its sold 1.5M in japan alone.

        1. An extremely highly rated game released on 2 platforms with ”hardcore” install bases. It’s a perfect example. Resident evil sold fine on 3DS.

      2. Good sales do not equal amazing sales. And we’re talking about Capcom here, one of the greediest money-grabbing publishers out there, right up there with Activision and EA. If a game with a lot of effort put into it doesn’t sell more than a million with a lot of effort put into it, they’re going to try and profitize it as much as possible. That being said, they’ll also do the same thing with games that do sell well… AHEMMmarvelvscapcom3AHEMM

        1. Indeed. I think the blame for Revelations not blowing the sales away , is because a lot of gamers don’t have a 3ds yet. Half of the 3ds user base is Kids.
          So if they released the game in a couple of years , it would probably sell 2-3 M with cheap 3ds hardware available at that point.

          Capcom are cool anyway, I really get the feeling they are placing a lot of money on Nintendo for the future. They don’t see Sony as stable and they do with Nintendo , that’s why they have edged Monster Hunter over to Nintendo LOL

    2. It was not a blast like COD ames but… it did well, eventually all my friends bought the game and the same for all the 3DS owners of my country… at least, that’s what you can see in the forums. It was a very popular piece of game. I’m waiting for more games like that

  3. I think the word EXCLUSIVE is a dying breed…
    They always say exclusive but then it just pops up on other stuff…
    How about you don’t say that word at all?

    1. Feel the same way, but they aren’t aiming this game port for us, its for most of the people that didn’t buy it, you know the 70+ millions who own a PS3/360.

  4. Really wish they would have keep this 3DS exclusive. They could spent time making a new RE game. And I’m currently enjoying RE 6, all though Chris’s campaign does feel like a freakin’ COD game LOL. Still enjoying it.Can’t wait to get RE on my WII U though.

  5. Just like the Gamecube “exclusive” resident Evil 4 that had less shit than the PS2 version did. Way to go, Capcom! Suppose you need to do something to appease the backlash that 6 received!

  6. I find it funny that whenever that there is a great RE (revelations, 4, & 0) game out there it was on a Nintendo console first and the other console owners demand that it be ported xD

    They have a problem when something they hate anyways get ported to Nintendo but they demand that exclusive Nintendo content get ported to other consoles : Ninja Gaiden III Razors Edge, and Bayonetta 2 just to name a couple.

    1. When you think about it, there really isn’t a reason to be upset. The news barely effects the 3DS, as it isn’t really in direct competition with home consoles.

  7. i can’t say i’m supportive of this. cuz i’m not. lately capcom uses the word “exclusive” only to make the game port to another system. next thing you know some bullshit title we all thought was exclusive for X many years will be a port somewhere else, what’s next? power rangers kinect for playstation move?

  8. Frankly,I disapprove of this because:
    1.It is a 3ds exclusive,this is the 3ds’s star horror game.
    2.Capcom would probably try to change the style of it on the way.

  9. Meh, its a good thing, considering ports have added features, maybe co op online, but I’m not buying it again. Specialy if its gonna lose some features.

  10. I hope this is just a mistake. The game should remain on 3DS so the 3DS has some unique titles to draw more people to it. Plus a 3DS game being ported over to a HD console? Come on is that really necessary. I would understand a Vita port but a full blown console port seems like a waste of time to me when they could have spent more time working on Resident Evil 6. After seeing RE: Mercenaries and RE: Revelations though I am still hoping for a Resident Evil 5 3D game on 3DS built from the ground up for the system.

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  12. I hope this comes to the Wii U as well.I don’t care if it’s on the 3DS,I want it on the Wii U to get a better experience because the 3DS doesn’t have two Circle Pads naturally and i’m not going to get an accessory that only works with 4 or 5 games on the console.It seems like a waste of money to me.

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