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Founder Of Atari Says He’s Baffled By Wii U, And Doesn’t Think It Will Be A Success

Nolan K. Bushnell, the founder of Atari and the godfather of the games business has told The New York Times that he’s actually baffled by Wii U. Bushnell went on to say that he doubts Nintendo will ever be a major import ever again, and that it feels like the end of an era for the company.

“I actually am baffled by it. I don’t think it’s going to be a big success.”

“These things will continue to sputter along, but I really don’t think they’ll be of major import ever again. It feels like the end of an era to me.”

217 thoughts on “Founder Of Atari Says He’s Baffled By Wii U, And Doesn’t Think It Will Be A Success”

    1. Yeh , This has to be the most ironic thing i’ve ever read on the internet.

      Just remember, the same stuff happened with the 3ds. The 3D was controversial, the Launch was shit. But it’s still selling faster than just about anything before it.

      1. Maybe we should listen Atari. After all the quality of Roller
        Coaster tycoon on 3DS speaks volumes about their Wisdom in
        the industry.

          1. yeah but this is different, Nintendo used to make quality consoles then. The Wii U isnt, if it is its going to be hard to prove it to me because i was super excited for it, but i have ultimately been very let down.

            1. Joey… girlfriend. U mad or you sucking Bushnell’s wood? You’re completely wrong once again. It’s true that Nintendo makes great quality game consoles… and the truth to the matter is the Wii U IS a perfect example of a great quality consoles. Not only the U has incredible graphics, but a whole new way to play, socialize, and interact. Nintendo Land introduces us to asymmetric game play. Call of Duty: Black Ops II and Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor’s Edge introduce us to 2-player separate screen co-op (one player uses the Wii U GamePad while the other player plays either the Pro controller or Wii Motion Plus and nunchuk on their HDTV). And most of the Wii U titles introduce us to social gaming… Miiverse. Whenever you’re stuck with a game you cannot accomplish, you can always interact with your friends and give you a tip. Or if you want to share a still photo of your completed stage, all you do is press Home, and go to your selected community and share it with your friends.

              In conclusion, the Wii U is a great quality video game console that takes innovation into a whole new level. If it weren’t for the Big N, the video game industry would have ceased to exist after Atari’s downfall back in 1985. You’ll just have to accept the truth, Joey.

              1. I dont care that the system has good graphics or not as long as it can play modern games in an acceptable form, It’s just that that cpu is so bad that it will actually affect the gameplay. Games like skyrim and GTA with open environments and npc characters doing there thing will be a mess. and I know nintendo saved the video game industry. But every good thing must come to an end someday, and I feel Nintendo is just being a little lazy and expecting to make billions while not even trying. I’m sure the wii U will get great games and be a great console and i’ll end up wanting it. But at the moment I feel completely underwhelmed by it. I don’t see much innovative about it. miiverse is probably the coolest feature along with the ability to play an entire game on the tablet, but the tablet controller to me feels like an enourmous and uncomfortable DS, Its just not as simple as basic motion controls. I don’t see the innovation in that. looking 1 inch down on the DS and 3DS to see the bottum screen wasnt bad at all, but on the Wii U it can get annoying. I’ll judge the console when the other two come out. That will be when I decide if its worthy of my time.

                1. No Nintendo tries to be creative and try to see if they can bring something new to their platforms.

                  Activision is lazy.

                  1. I know nintendo tries, let me fix that, IS creative, but i just feel that the creative wii U design wasn’t the correct way to go. And yes Activision is VERY lazy.

                2. I disagree with your thoughts, hypocrite. How the fuck is Nintendo lazy while about a million Wii Us have been sold throughout North America while gaining profit from at least a Wii U game.

                  You’re denying the fact that Nintendo DOES have second and third party developers to make games specially made for the Wii U including independent video game developers. Retro Studios, PlatinumGames, Crytek (they are working on a Wii U title with Nintendo), TT Games, Shin’en Games, WayForward, Frozenbyte Games, etc. Most of them are making games for the Wii U. Just because they’re making games presented in HD (720p) or full HD (1080p) doesn’t mean they’re lazy. Even their own development studios, Nintendo Entertainment, Analysis, & Development are still hard at work improving both graphics and play control in Pikmin 3. And Sakurai is still hard at work with Namco-Bandai in creating a brand new Super Smash Bros. title for both Nintendo systems.

                  1. In what way was I denying the fact that it had 1st and third party games? What I was saying Is that they may not be able to run the larger CPU demanding games of the future, according to a few people the “GPGPU” will help take the cpu’s job. But A LOT of people who claim to know about this tech say that it wont work. so as you can see I don’t know who to believe, potential nintendo fanboys who could be bending the truth to make themselves feel better, or potential PC,XBOX, or SONY fanboys who have declared to destroy nintendo at all costs. I need a nice clear, unbiased answer about that tech. From at least a developer who knows what they are doing.

                    1. sorry misread the first part of your comment a little. I know nintendo works hard with their games, what I meant was that I felt that the wii U was lazy on nintendo’s part.Not their games. But I do understand your point.

                3. Says CPU is bad and will affect gameplay and don’t even research a little to know that WiiU uses a GPGPU.
                  It’s like buying a new GPU so you can game on your pc and when playing chooses the CPU to render it. My dear didn’t know people were this stupid.
                  Here, have some history boy, I’ll try to write it as simple as I can:
                  Consoles up till now have been using raw CPU power in game developing, PC uses it too, but they can achieve better quality with less stress if you have something to process all that data separately, a GPU. Using a GPU for that means you don’t need much CPU power, that’s why you can have a average CPU PC for years and play the latest games since you just need to upgrade your GPU not your entire PC.

                  Actual games relies on CPU, and by actual games I mean those ports, that’s why some have issues. Devs didn’t take the time to explore the GPGPU architecture yet, and some are just lazy, but I remind you that we are on the WiiU LAUNCH phase and they will learn to use it anyways.

                  1. Please elaborate on the GPGPU, because I used to think that it was going to help, but according to almost everyone else on the internet, it doesnt make a difference? and supposively wont help.

                    1. GPUs in general are better for computer graphics, you can read all about this searching on google really, and you should so you can have better credibility than an Anon here, but what makes mad is people saying it won’t help:

                      In many ways GPUs currently exist at a level of development for software that is closer to what we had in the 1960s and 1970s, where very talented developers focused huge amounts of resources on optimizing their code for specific hardware architectures. They could then achieve huge results in performace and power saving.

                      While in CPUs, people started to depend more and more on compilers to do that for them. They started to assume that the hardware was “fast enough” to mask inefficiencies in their code. GPUs do not have such capabilities, you can’t mask your lack of coding yet.

                      The reason GPUs are so much “faster” than traditional CISC architectures is that they have absolved themselves of a lot of things that a regular developer assumes exists, even if she doesn’t know it. Things like cache coherency, branch prediction, out of order execution.

                      The problem here is, people think it’s really hard to write “general purpose” applications on that platform because they didn’t have time/patience/skills to fix the architecture’s differences on their own codes.

                      Sure it takes time, eventually people will work with this in mind (some Devs are already), but it is worrysome when you hear a Dev, who supposedly should knows this, badmouthing the “CPU” of a console when he should be working with its GPGPU.

        1. how old is he like 1000, nobody buy atari games everyone knows atari brand name sucks balls and everything they ever made flopped so who cares what a loser in life thinks. he opinion doesn’t mean shit in the gaming community or in any community!

    2. Thirty years later…He’s STILL butthurt? Sorry guys. I’ll be gone for a while. I have to go look up the last time Atari release something half-decent.

    3. Jack treese the III these morons at Atari 29 years ago crashed the video game industry. Then Nintendo saved it and brought it back, Nintendo has innovated from always :). Bushnell and Haters are only trying to make xbox the number one console the barbaric Greek and roman way. It won’t work, even in Daniels biblical book small kingdoms are only to exist, Microsoft is a stale game company with two exclusives. They should worry about the Orbis taking second position ’cause the Wii U has one on lock.

  1. It has sold 2 million already. Even Pachter says it will be a success. Why should we trust the bloke who thought a stick with a button on was a suitable game controller.

    1. Actually, the Jaguar was claimed to be “64-bit” by Atari, but it was not a true 64-bit system if you want to compare it to the Nintendo 64. Ever Atari system after the 2600 has failed and faded away. The ONLY system that would claim to be a failure from Nintendo is no other than the Virtual Boy and ever since, Nintendo learned from their mistake or mistakes.

    1. It was FUN! For about 2 minutes.
      I don’t want to bash anyone that bought it, but it really was cheaply made.
      I returned mine back to the store. It’s so NOT an electronic, they had no problem returning it.

    1. every system uses pixels. infact every digital image producer uses pixels. what do you think the p in 1080p stood for? ponies?

  2. There feels like so much negativity surrounding this console. I can understand some concerns initially. Nintendo normally build there consoles around concepts that their previous machine couldn’t deliver. Unlike the Wii with Wii Sports, Wii Fit, Skyward Sword etc, the Wii-U feels like it has launched without that single Nintendo game which truly displays the concept of the console. As Nintendo fans we know the console will have some great software in the future and we will snap it all up in that first time Nintendo HD glory as well as some unique 3rd party software. But even I can’t see the Wii-U reaching the same pop phenomenon that the Wii did. This shouldn’t be unexpected and we can all just pray that the Wii-U shifts over 50 million units in its life time which I’m sure it will.
    The general industry seems to be losing track of the main goal here and I believe that is to create great experiences and move the industry into new directions. The Wii U has all the potential in the world, let’s just hope that the industry uses its brains some more instead of being scared of innovation.

    1. Nintendo land is the perfect demonstration of Asymmetric gameplay. ZombiU demonstrates a number of new things , CoD demonstrates Dual screen multiplayer , NSMBU demonstrates 5 Player coop etc etc. Most games have off screen play. I think the launch is full of great demonstrations of what the system can do.

    2. I can see Duggie Brown’s point. The Wii U, for me, has yet to wow me the way say…Wii Sports did when the Wii launched, but as Duggie said, we all know it’s coming. So I’m holding on to the grapes.

    3. let’s just hope that the industry uses its brains some more instead of being scared of innovation.

      I agree with everything except this, you seem to think that the industry is stuck in a rott, and well if you only play mainstream games then it might well be so but a lot of indie games are more innoviative than anything tripple A out there (Unfinished Swan) is a great example.


    Literally EVERY single company that this guy has touched has failed miserably. Each time he passed the blame onto someone else. I’d have a hard time saying he is qualified in that respect.

    How can the Wii U concept baffle you? The DS, which is based on the exact same concept, sold unprecedented millions of units. The Wii U is a combination of Nintendo’s heritage and modern sensibilities. Just watch it bring Nintendo back into incredible profitability.

  4. Bushnell sold out Atari to Warner Bros. and NY stockbrokers who didn’t innovate and ran the home console video game industry out of business. He is biased against Nintendo because Nintendo reinvented home console video games and revived a market that was dead. Nintendo gets the credit and Atari is forgotten or remembered for its failure and Nintendo’s success. He is jealous.

  5. Wow, this actually made me laugh out loud. When was the last time Atari did anything important? Why is anybody asking this guy anything? Everytime Nintendo does something different, people are always compelled to say they don’t understand it, and it’s guaranteed to be a failure.

    DS, 3DS and Wii say hello. The 3 most successful gaming machines in the last 10-15 years. Doesn’t Nintendo get a little credit for proving you guys wrong at every opportunity? Dude needs to keep quiet about things he doesn’t understand. Leave luck to heaven.

      1. I didn’t say they were the only 3 successful gaming machines of the last 10-15 years, did I? I love the PS2, but this article was targeted at Nintendo, so I didn’t feel the need to mention Sony.

        1. Although you specifically said ‘The 3 most successful gaming machines…’ which directly implies every gaming machine, not just Nintendo machines.

            1. You sir, are one of te most reasonable people to set foot on this site, and need not apologize for trying to make a reasonable comment.

    1. ever since Nintendo did blue ocean strategy people just don’t understand Nintendo anymore, they thing it will fail.
      why do you think aeolus still thinks Nintendo will fail even though he is secretly a Nintendo fanboy does not want to share nintendo with anyone else.

  6. I think the next nintendo console would be the union between 3ds and wii u… the 3DSU!! you can take the “gamepad” wherever you go and play 3ds games, and when you return home you can sync data and other stuff and play wii and wii u games in 3D…

      1. Which is probably why Nintendo hasn’t done it.
        Sony is bringing a Tank to a squirtgun fight. Vita was too massive for people to accept in this economy.
        Sony SHOULD have given Vita a way to make phone calls. It already has the 3G built in, right?
        If Sony would have made the Vita a Phone-gaming device, they would have provided a force to shake up the smart-phone industry.
        To bad they marketed it as just a handheld.

          1. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Nice try, loser. Xperia Play, yet a another abysmal failure from Sony. Can’t believe you even had the nerve to bring that atrious device into converstion.

        1. Sony purposely kept the Vita away from the phone division. It’s a dedicated handheld gaming device.

          They have phone and tablets that play games. What’s more, they have launched the PlayStation Mobile initiative to have games that can be played across mobile platforms including phones, tablets, and even the PlayStation Vita.

          The Vita is a handheld, but it is barely marketed. lol

          Anyway, Nintendo and Sony are doing different things. I like my Sony stuff and I like my Nintendo stuff, if they were the same, I wouldn’t really enjoy them both as much as I do. I appreciate those massive differences and wouldn’t really want them to do the same thing as was suggested in some comments above.

            1. The Vita actually has some amazing games. It’s just unfortunate that they aren’t marketed well and that the system costs a little more than what most people want to pay. That’s why when Black Friday came at the bundles were $199, they sold out fast.

              Amazon’s Black Friday Vita bundle with Assassin’s Creed III: Liberation, PlayStation All-Stars, 3 months of PlayStation Plus (which includes six free Vita games – Uncharted: Golden Abyss, Gravity Rush, Jet Set Radio, Final Fantasy Tactics War of the Lions, Tales from Space: Mutant Blobs Attack, and WipEout 2048), a 4GB memory card, and a $10 Amazon credit all for $179.99 sold out in just a a few minutes because of the great deal.

              Three of the four games nominated for the VGA’s best handheld games of the year are Vita games (Gravity Rush, LittleBigPlanet PS Vita, and Sound Shapes). The other was Super Mario 3D Land.

              If you look around at the games the Vita has to offer, I’m sure you could find some more that you might enjoy. The main drawback for the Vita is the price and especially the memory card situation though.

              If you can’t find other games that you might like, then that’s understandable, everyone has different tastes. But the Vita has at least a one good thing from every genre.

              1. Trying to argue for why the PS Vita is a decent system?! Shit, mine aswell argue for why Hitler was a great, loving person while your at it. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

                  1. Vita has just blossomed these last few weeks!

                    Uncharted , Wipeout 2048 , Gravity Rush , Rayman Origins , MGSHD , PSAS , Assassins creed L , Persona 4 , Virtues last reward , Various Fighting games , Various Digital games and More.

                    Sounds just about well worth owning now to me. 2 months ago I would of said otherwise.

                    1. “Do the vita have something i cant get on consoles ?”


                      Yup. Absolutely. Not including the PS Mobile, mini, and PSP games, these are some of the games (good ones that are already out) you can only find on the Vita:

                      LittleBigPlanet PS Vita
                      Gravity Rush
                      Assassin’s Creed III: Liberation
                      Uncharted: Golden Abyss
                      Tales from Space: Mutant Blobs Attack
                      WipEout 2048
                      New Little King’s Story
                      Escape Plan
                      Unit 13
                      Lumines Electronic Symphony
                      Ragnarok Odyssey
                      Smart As

                      Then there are other games that are also on some other systems but optimized and often touted as best on the Vita like Sound Shapes, Persona 4 Golden, Sine Mora, Retro City Rampage, Rayman Origins, and so on.

                      More games are coming soon too! 2013 looks to be another great year for gamers. Especially those with Nintendo and Sony systems. There are only a few PC and 360 games that I want to get next year; Not nearly as much as the Nintendo and Sony games though.

                      1. In terms of games library I would say that’s a solid first year. 3DS had a similar amount maybe even less games in its first year. Although 3D land , Mario Kart 7 , Zelda and Starfox were all system sellers.

                        Same can be said for LBV , Uncharted , Persona 4 etc etc. Looks to me like SOny aren’t going to accept failure and are really starting to push the console forward , especially with PS plus.

                        As everyone always says , Failure for one means lack of innovation for the rest…

                      1. sony has like many fans like crazy but only 2-3 million of there so called “fans” bought PS vitanic, how sad.

    1. Na,he is just mad that Nintendo owned them,Have had success for most of their consoles,and are now releasing a graphical system with a tablet like controller,that also has many games,with more coming it’s way.While they couldn’t even sell over 5 million

    2. Seriously, Nintendo now owns the most succesful handheld console generation, and the last home console was also most succesful. almost 100 million units sold of Wii,against 70 million ps3 and xbox 320. 3DS sales can’t even be compared to little 2 millions of ps vita’s sold. Nintendo always gets critics, yet still always suceeds.
      I’m sure even if sales won’t reach expectations, Nintendo will find what to do with Wii U, will lower the price, attract some great games and sales will go up, and it WILL be succesful.
      It’s actually my first Nintendo console I’m going to buy, I own now ps3 and ps vita.

      1. So you’ve never played Metroid, Zelda, Starfox, DK, etc….etc….? Well if you haven’t you’re in for some awesome games. Welcome to Nintendo Gaming!

        1. Well, he didn’t say he never played them. I can’t imagine any gamer who has never played a Nintendo game. But he said it will be the first Nintendo system he will buy.

          However, if it does indeed turn out to be the first time he’s playing Nintendo games, then yes, he’s in for a nice treat! :)

    3. Atari has always hated nintendo. When nintendo was getting popular they asked if atari would join them. they declined and atari couldn’t make consoles anymore. Ever since they’ve hated nintendo! Atari is fucking dumb

    4. Says the man whose company created the Atari 5200, Lynx, and of course the Jaguar, which were all stinking, miserable failures.

      1. Again Troll he was one of many involved ,stop trying to pin the screw ups of the industry on one person . the industry as a whole did that to themselves.

    5. oh please

      is someone projecting here? atari failed to stay on top regarding console hardware decades ago… i don’t see how they qualify to judge the capabilities of a gaming system at all nowadays

      even sony has pretty much admitted they’re considering the wii-u to turn out successful and coming from them that actually means something.. in contrast to atari

      1. You have no faith in the words of a person responsiable for gaming , but you hold in high regards the words of a company who’s Credit rating has been down grade to junk. Whose handheld is tanking in its native country & other divisions are losing money hand over foot.

    6. The story of the Wii U is a hot topic among the gaming media right now. You can expect to hear so called quotes from various gaming figures how the Wii U wont compete or it will fail, this that and the other etc, etc. Negative press has an ability of selling well; it’s giving the journalists the hits they want. Wii U obviously needs more time for the no-doubt great games to come and for its launch period problems to be ironed out but this is how journalism is these days, anything to sell a story. So one doesn’t need to always fret when hearing this kind of stuff.

      1. Which “Launch period problems”? It has a better launch line up than the 360 and PS3 had BY FAR. It’s problems rest in the global economy (people not having the $$$ to buy it day 1) and still it sells like water in the desert.

    7. When was the last Atari household name game created? Some of their best franchises like Rollercoaster Tycoon have been completely ignored for the past few years. I’m not even listening to them.

      1. He did nothing that isn’t done today by most delvelopers which is try to ride the coat tails of something popular or that’s making tons money.

      1. Next time do the search before you place blame , the industry was it own worst enemy not just one company .
        Several reasons for the crash, but the main cause was supersaturation of the market with hundreds of mostly low-quality games which resulted in the loss of consumer confidence. The full effects of the industry crash would not be felt until 85, At the time of the U.S crash, there were numerous consoles on the market, including the Atari 2600, the Atari 5200, the Bally Astrocade, the ColecoVision, the Coleco Gemini (a 2600 clone), the Emerson Arcadia 2001, the Fairchild Channel F System II, the Magnavox Odyssey2, the Mattel Intellivision (and its just-released update with several peripherals, the Intellivision II), the Sears Tele-Games systems (which included both 2600 and Intellivision clones), the Tandyvision (an Intellivision clone for Radio Shack) and the Vectrex.

        1. No point in trying to talk reason into these guys, please stop! You will decent into madness trying. Live happy knowing you know better than 90% of the people who comments on this page. It is silly thinking that one man drove a whole industry into the rock bottom.

          1. I never said he was the only person who was responsible for the crash. Next time read my comment twice before making assumptions.

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    9. This Man is to Gaming ,like what James Brown,Elvis Presley,Micheal Jackson are to the Music Industry. Cause if not for him & those at Atari or those folks at Magnavox, thier would not be a gaming hobbie for us to enjoy or to debate which console can do what.
      So show the man some Respect

      1. Not really, if it wasn’t thanks to the creators of Pong, gaming wouldn’t even be alive.

        Atari just made home consoles “More Advanced” for its time but ever since they released their second console, all the consoles that followed just sucked badly and thanks to him, we almost LOST gaming during the video game crash 1980s.

        Also, he is only saying he doesn’t wish success for Nintendo is because his company lost against Nintendo during the 1990s.

      2. Give credit where credit is due, William Higinbothan, Charley Adama, Christopher Strachey, A.S Douglas and even Oldman and estle Rau.. But especialy William H. Who Nolan K COMPLETELY ripped off. (Tennis for Two anyone?)

        Learn youre history son before you get Son.

    10. I love how this comment came from the guy who basically killed Atari by making several crap system after another. Atari had only made one good system, the rest were just… ek..

      So go suck a donkey dick Mister Atari Founder, or better yet, go suck off your boyfriend ET, he lives in the desert now

    11. Im baffled why anyone gives a flying F about what this guy thinks..what next, finding some hobo off the street and asking his opinion

    12. Nintendo clobbered Atari in the early 80’s, probably sore feelings still. The fact that he can’t understand the Wii U is probably why Atari could not develop a competitive console of their own. It’s funny that almost everyone I know has a Wii (wether they still use it or not), but the majority that own Ps/360, which are a much smaller group only try to live out there murderous fantasies with the FPS games. Know that Wii U can handle those same games (hopefully not killing off the games you can play with the whole family), it should be a success. Most of those so called hardcore gamers, most who have never seen an Atari system have got the Wii U or are waiting for Xmas. Seems like Nintendo knows what it is doing.

    13. Coming from the same Atari that hasn’t been relevant since like early 2000’s (that was only DBZ Budokai games by the way)

    14. First off, Nolan Bushnell got confused with the NES controller, once complaining no one would play with something more than one button. So I can see why the Wii U Game Pad completely mystifies him, let alone the Wii Controller, and the fact you’re dealing with far better graphics than the Atari Age.

      But enough being sarcastic, the thing with Bushnell was, he never got over the fact if you want to compete, you have to be innovative. This was why the Colecovision and Intellivision were stiff competition for Atari. The problem was Bushnell never really developed his systems, but instead cranked them out, and also attempted diversifying in the computer game, which also failed miserably. Anyone recall the Atari Home Computers? Not the Game systems, but the ACTUAL computers?

      The first video game crash occurred because at the time, Bushnell informed the industry itself that computers would phase out the video game system. So the competition believed him and attempted in transforming their systems into something they were not, and did it without any real innovation behind it. It’d be like if Nintendo simply slapped a keyboard on an existing system and attempted convincing people it’s a ‘new’ system.

      The truth is, Bushnell has always been sour grapes when it comes to Nintendo. And for petty reasons. One was the fact the Big ‘N’ was smart enough to originally come out with a Seal of Approval for games, which prevented Third Parties to purposely offer crappy versions of their games (as Mattel and Coleco did when they made games for the Atari 2600). Of course, now the Seal doesn’t mean jack anymore like it did, but back then, it kept game designers from offering poor graphically-designed games for the system (still, there were a few Third Parties who made them sans the Seal, but if you recall, a majority of those were unplayable). In fact, Tengen (an Atari owned label by Bushnell), challenged the Seal system and attempted suing Nintendo for having a monopoly on the video game front (despite the fact Sega was out with their own Master System).

      When in fact, that’s what Bushnell had originally intended, but failed miserably, when consumers proved they would select other systems with better graphics and gameplay. The other failure also comes in the fact you not only have to have an excellent game library, but quality hardware to back it up. Nolan kept cranking out systems to compete with Nintendo and Sony, but as people discovered, the hardware was not up to quality standards. As AVGN indicated, the Jaguar was a joke for the fact there was practically a non-existent game library, the CD-ROM Drive add-on did not function worth a crap, and the load times were atrocious. As for the Lynx, well, the two major problems it had was similar to Sega’s Game Gear: poor battery life, and infamous screen burn if you left the pause on for more than an hour.

      When Nolan later supported Microsoft, once again, he was short-sighted into seeing what the Xbox (and later 360) was really designed for. The audience was never meant for standard video game players, instead the system was developed for PC gamers who didn’t want to have to spend hundreds of dollars, tricking out their computer, just to play a $50-60 game. Not to mention the fact Microsoft originally dropped the ball severely by not making their systems backwards compatible.

      Focusing back on Nintendo, the thing is, Nolan can’t wrap his brain round the fact, game players don’t simply rely on the gimmicks, they like playing games. And the innovation behind how they play those games keep things fresh and exciting. Because if you just keep producing ‘upgraded’ versions that offer very little than better graphics, you’re not going to maintain your customer status for long.

      And, in short, this is why Nolan’s perplexed by the Wii U.

      1. P.S. There’s a Reason why Nolan K. Bushnell isn’t Thriving in the Video Game Business anymore……………-_-

    15. Didnt nintendo destroy atari in the 80s with disruption and didnt nintendo profit and claim gaming as its own wen it insticated and deployed a plan to crash usa gaming industry poor loosers to this day fear nintendos power lol did u really think the cpu was weak wake up people theres books writen about this his a sad old white yank with race hatred for that jap company that cut the whole usa computer and gaming industrys thout with a little white box called nes wii wasnt the first time and didnt steve jobs state in his life the only thing he fears is nintendo kiddy myth doomed myth casual myth weak cpu myth goong 3rd party myth and pachter all indusrty properganda I love how uneducated sony and ms fans are

    16. Didn’t they say this about the Wii & the 3DS? These critics are morons… and I agree with everyone. Listening to someone from Atari is hilarious. I love my Wii U and I think Nintendo is doing great!

    17. sonys a mere fart in the wind nintendo existed 100s of fucking years ago and is halled in the city of london as the greatest ran and longest living company on earth pretenders come and go NEW MONEY nintendo is royal blood and knows forces from long long ago

      also the highest payed work force of any company on earth also makes more clear profit PER EMPLOYEE than any other company on earth nintendo was around when samori protected japan and folks lived in paper houses

      lol at IGNORANCE what nintendo did to atari in the 80s was like taking apples head today GET A EDUCATION GUYS

    18. the Wii U is a similar idea to the DS and 3DS, this type of gaming has been popular since it came out with the touch screen interface in 2004. split screen gaming devices have been around since the 1980’s.
      if you look at the pre order numbers and the uptake from gaming developers most people seem to be interested in it. i don’t understand why these people think that this sort of interface is hard to use do they have the comprehension of a carrot or something.

    19. Haters thought the Wii would fail and Sony and XBox copied the Wii’s concept. Haters thought the 3DS would fail and Vita sales are no where near 3DS sales globally. Now haters are assuming the Wii U will fail and acting like Sony’s Vita for being a controller for the PlayStation didn’t copy the GameBoy for being the controller. I also hear XBox 720 is supposed to make their own tablet controller. Funny when Nintendo revealed the Wii U at last years E3, haters said things like “its going to fail” that technology is not new or earth shattering” yet when Sony and Microsoft copies it doesn’t get negative comments.

      1. And what gets me is that… they get pissy with Ninten for not doing anything outlandishly amazing with the U and all I can think is, what else can they do that’s astoundingly new? They’ve already did motion controls and we see how that went. It went well but Ninten took a huge hit in the “core” market. We don’t see Microsoft or Sony doing ANYTHING new, revolutionary, or evolving in anyway except for Sony’s eye toy on the ps2 (and maybe the wonderbook.. idk) only to see those two companies CP (copy and paste) what Ninten does and yet it’s Ninten that’s always taking the hits.

        sigh.. the gaming community has too many dumbsh*ts in it I swear..

    20. It won’t be a success, yet it uses features that past nintendo systems had that made them successful.. Dual-screen = 3DS/DS, motion controls = Wii, 3DS.

      Then it has a traditional controller to boot and it (the system) can multitask out the ass despite bein a bit slow (I’d bet the next update would fix that). I mean what’s there not to get? How is one baffled? It’s very simple now.
      What’s more annoying is that IT JUST RELEASED A WEEK AGO. It seems to be a universal trend to just bash a system that has been out for a week but PRAISE the other 2 consoles that are competing with it. Just…Just stop.

    21. Because Atari is SO successful, and Nintendo didn’t save the video game industry from the death throws that Atari and other companies drove it into…

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