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Square Enix’s Nintendo 3DS Games Half Price For Limited Time

The original price of Heroes of Ruin, Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance, and Theatrhythm Final Fantasy is $39.99 each. For a limited time, from now until November 26th, consumers can pick up one of these games for $19.99 or all of them for $59.97. You can purchase the discounted games from the Square Enix online store or

52 thoughts on “Square Enix’s Nintendo 3DS Games Half Price For Limited Time”

  1. Only Heroes of Ruin is discounted on Amazon, and that price drop might have been there for a while now due to poor sales.
    Heck, one of the three Square Enix games mentioned is well over $40…

  2. This article contradicts what I just heard a guy who traded in his CoD: BLOPS II for PS3. He was trading in his PS3 version, because he liked his Wii U version better. He said the online was great, no lag, and no drops. He also said that the game itself ran beautifully, and even said it was much better than his PS3 version. Matter of perception, maybe?

  3. You know,I just went to best buy and GameStop to browse and stuff but with no money.I just wanted to play with a Wii U station(both places’ wii u’s were broken :o).Then I saw kingdom hearts half priced,then I regretted not having money.

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