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Wii U NFC Could Be Quite Innovative Says Rayman Director

Rayman Legends Creative Director Michel Ancel is a firm believer in near field communication and thinks that eventually the technology could be put to innovative uses. Ancel demonstrated the possibilities of the feature during an early Rayman Legends trailer, but he claims that it was just an experiment.

“We didn’t announce this officially and it was more the kind of experiment we do when working on new hardware like the Wii U. We had prototypes of this and we believe that having real objects manipulating gameplay could be quite innovative. But again, this was a prototype and we won’t discuss it until it’s ready to demonstrate its full potential.”

19 thoughts on “Wii U NFC Could Be Quite Innovative Says Rayman Director”

  1. Pokemon. Nuff said, that idea is a gold mine.

    But in terms of what he’s talking about, i dont know.
    I mean, you could essential go out to a game store ect, buy whatever NFC related object, and have it flip the gameplay on its head….but so could a simple update, or unlock.

    Just seems like something kids will enjoy and toy companies can exploit xD
    I remember when i was a kid collecting pokemon cards and figures and swapping and comparing with friends, this is the sort of thing that could be used for that

  2. the only problem i see with NFC on the Gamepad rather than on the console or a separate device is: you can’t put a figure or something on it and then take the controller and play with it, like you do in skylanders. the way nintendo made it, it might be used for a quick scan, but not for a whole session. but that was the biggest part of skylanders innovation: playing with the figure, storing progress on it, not just scanning it like a better QR Code…

    1. Actually, on the 3DS Skylanders works exactely like you said: you just do a quick scan on your toy and them play it as much as you want. When changing characters, you can stop and make another scan

  3. That’s another factor on the Wii U that people are overlooking. That NFC could be a game changer in certain franchises. I can see it for games like smash bros.

    If Konami is thinking right they could make a Yu-Gi-Oh! game that follows the style of Nintendo Land. You walk around a city full of duelists (Battle City) and challenge people on your friend list or send challenges through the Miiverse community, or even randoms on the street. All cards could be rendered in 3D models,and the NFC could be used to allow people to input their real life decks into the game. Add areas where you find and duel characters from the anime. Just a few ideas from me on the Yu-Gi-Oh! game I’ve always wanted to play. Leave luck to heaven.

    1. Yo that would be crazy if it would happen. Sadly I don’t think they would take the time tO make one like that I used to play yugioh in 5th grade still waiting for a game like that to get me to collect cards again lol

      1. There’s a free to play fanmade Yu-Gi-Oh! game online as part of the BYOND community. It’s called Duel Monsters Genesis iirc. You just create an account, download the free BYOND program and you can log into the game and all cards are available to you.

        The forbidden/restricted list applies. You create your deck accordingly and challenge available players to duel. Once you figure out the rules, it’s very easy to play. I highly recommend it to all Duelists. Konami should make a game like that for Wii U.

  4. I like the idea and all, but I think it’s best suited for certain types of games, I would hate to see it overused. I hope they don’t use it for the next Super Smash Bros. game, I don’t think I would like that at all.

  5. Completely off-topic, but I need to ask this because I don’t find answers anywhere, and I thought you guys could help me out.

    Does Assassin’s Creed 3 for Wii U have Achievements? Because I’m playing through it and at some points, an icon that says Uplay pops up and says something about that.

    1. No, Uplay is kinda Ubisofts version that they have in all their games, but its only 4 achievements. However, if you go on the Uplay menu on the main title screen, you can actually unlock extra things, like costumes, and multiplayer skins using the Uplay points you get

    1. So you’re not buying this unique game because because a cameo from another character from ANOTHER game is not on there?

      If you’re just trolling, you need to work on it.

  6. You could have your own real Mii custom made puppet stocking all your wii u profile info and then use it when you go over to a friend’s house to play wiiu. I am sure many people would buy their Mii if nintendo’s making it available.

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