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Hacker Publishes Wii U CPU And GPU Specs

A well-known hardware hacker by the name of Marcan has published the Wii U CPU and GPU specifications. Marcan says that the Wii U processor has a clock speed of 1.24 GHz which is roughly less than half the speed of the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. The Wii U GPU apparently runs at 550 MHz, which is the same speed as the PlayStation 3 and slightly faster than the Xbox 360.

223 thoughts on “Hacker Publishes Wii U CPU And GPU Specs”

  1. I’m still taking this with a grain of salt because Reggie said the Wii U is powerful and to be honest I still believe him because I noticed that in Batman Arkham City, the Anti-Alising is far better on the Wii U and on the PS3 and Xbox so who knows.

    1. How reliable is a hacher information? Does he have any credibility ? For me, this is just another PS/360 fanboy trying to get noticed.

      1. True…. But the specs don’t matter so much as the results.
        I’ve just been playing Assassins creed 3 on wiiu in my local store and it looks incredible.
        So the the wiiu’s graphics on day 1 are at AC3 level. End of discussion , and it looks better than the 360 version.

        Face value of specs doesnt really mean anything. The wiiu obviously has some rather futuristic , power saving , powerfull , efficient stuff under its bonnet.

        Computers are like cars.
        The xbox 360 is a big Corvette with 6.0 litre V12 Engine.
        The wiiu is a Nissan GTR with a 3.2 litre V6 Engine.

        On face value the Corvette is better ? In terms of perfomance the Nissan Gets around the track about 20 seconds quicker and is much better in almost every way.
        Except the Corvette is much louder and uses much more fuel .

        The same can probably be said when comparing 360 Specs to wiiu Specs. Not to mention the wiiu has a tablet controller , Nintendo exclusives in HD , and many other features which make it an absolout must own for any self respected gamer.

          1. Getting it at Midnight tonite GMT!!!!!!

            The console is awesome lol! Xbox fanboys will spin this out of controll. But the stone cold truth is , the wiiu is much more modern architecture , uses a fraction of the power , is very quiet and proves the same of better (possibly way way better) results.

            Specs really don’t mean shit. The same thing happened with 3DS. ”it’s just a 3D psp” blah blah blah.

            3DS >>> Vita .

            1. And once devs start to work more and more with the wii u the games eill look WAY better than last gen. Almost exactly what happened at the 360 launch with people calling it the xbox 1.5 because the games looked exactly the same as last gen

              1. Shut up.

                I was excited about getting my wiiu. And what i say is true. Xbox and Sony fanboys will spin the wiiu’s clock speeds out of controll even though the wiiu’s performance is on par or better than those consoles.

                1. Yeah but no need to bash on Xbox and Sony, they’re all great companies with their own pros and cons, some of us just prefer one over the other. I for one love nintendo but I also have an xbox360 for Halo and Gears of War :), and I always play PS3 with my buds (LittleBig Planet mostly lol) So I understand that we dislike reading other fanboy posts but we shouldn’t be baiting the trolls with Nintendo fanboy comments.

                  1. Agreed, I have those consoles as well.

                    Halo was enough for me to buy the 360 alone….

                    I absolutely am in awe of what quantic dream in doing and NaughtyDog for PS3…

                    Haters need to take a break it’s reality time, my time…. Wii U is different, it’s newer and it will likely show better visuals and performance in coming months as it already shows some improvements over current gen on ports…

                    The facts are well known, lets just all put down the guns and just enjoy the games…

                2. The thing I like so much about Nintendo fan sites is how honestly simple and straight the comments are…
                  Absolutely agree the proof is in the pudding and so far, Wii U has shown the ability to outperform the current Gen in ports….

                  Wii U also plays Wii ports as well with a nifty amount of upscaling, does that mean Wii U is comparable to Wii graphics?

                  Uh duh..hahaha haters are a funny bunch aren’t they?

                  1. Indeed. I don’t think the xbox 360 and ps3 could run fucking Nintendo land lol. They would have to rebuild the game to work on their old GPU’s. Cus some of the colors , effects etc have simply not been done on those consoles. Not saying it has better graphics than uncharted and halo 4 lol. Just saying they couldn’t run it with 2 screens and all that jazz…

                    1. Both of those ”old ” consoles could run it.the diffrence is 512mb of ram.Third party support is fail on WiiU,its to the point EA wont port over BF3-4.It wont support next gen rendering engines like UE4.The hardware is lowend for this day and age period.

                      1. Your comeback is already failing. Get with the times! The Wii U system supports Unreal Engine 4 including Unity 4 Engine, CryEngine3 and an exclusive graphics engine for the Wii U from Retro Studios.

                  2. Ps4 wipes the floor with the PiiU.8gigs of GDDR5 a much much more powerful Gpu/Cpu.Has Dx11 effects not 10.0 like that gimp Gpu used in PiiU.

          2. Omg, Nintedward that’s the part people don’t get… because they are comparing the Wii U day one graphics against 5th and 6th gen titles…. On older hardware… that alone proves that its next gen, and you are absolutely correct clock speed means beans in the compute world, if that was the case my core i7 @ 2.8Ghz would be a lot slower than my old Pentium 3.7Extreme Edition. Its Architecture people.

          3. Nice comparison, I don’t how reliable your figures are : ) But the you cover the gist of it pretty well…

            Haters smack talking the CPU is to be expected. I mean it’s easy to pick of a configuration which is unproven, how will the OS CPU and DSP offset the CPU load? How efficient can dev’s code for out of order executions and higher IPC’s vs higher clock speeds and SIMD…
            It’s just a big unknown..

            The GPU on the other hand is a pretty tall order to ask if the critics want people to believe Wii U’s GPU is simply on par with the older tech. I am literally shaking my head right now. Accoring to what has been gleaned from the specs so far, which BTW is not enough to be certain, but just enough to make some rather accurate assumptions, the Wii U GPU is likely comparable to a AMD Mobility Radeon 4870 or a lesser Mobility Radeon 5770. Either of these newer designs will outperform the 360 and PS3. (Don’t take my word for them, check them out for yourself, clock speed, power consumption etc.. etc…).

            Haters will hate, in fact “Marcan” specifically asks people to not get caught up in comparing cpu specs clock for clock as it does not work that way with such vastly different architectures. And guess what? We all know that…
            Is it simply lazy reporting or something else which drives most tech writers to bend the facts…
            Your guess in as good as mine!

            1. Yea the gpu is much better then the current ps and xbox.That said it lags very very far behind the Ps4.

              1. Too bad the PS4 doesn’t let you play used games and not backwards compatible with physical PlayStation discs 1, 2, or 3. Quit sucking Hirai’s cock and leave My Nintendo News.

        1. He is legit :)
          He is one of the peope that hacked Wii and created Homebrew channel.

          GPU is only clocked same as PS3 one, but this one is much better.

          1. The 3DS GPU is clocked at 400MHZ . And the PS vita’s is clocked at 250MHZ .

            I think you can see where I’m going with this *whispers* the ps vita’s is quite a bit better*

              1. The Ps vitas GPU is better than the 3DS’ . The 3ds’ has a higher clock speed than the vita though. My point was that means nothing…

                Just like when comparing wiiu clock speeds to 360 clock speeds or whatever.

      2. There was an interview with WB games on N4G. ANd they said in doing thr straight port , things had to be decreased and increased. One of the things on the wiiu version which is better is the Anti-aliasing and the lighting.

      3. you didnt mention the ,almost, directx 11 features that both arkham city and assassins creed have with the real time fabric tesselation. with that and the beefed up antialiasing and better lighting, it surely makes for a better looking experience. and the clock speed isn’t the only thing that goes into the power of a gpu. so there can definately be a lot of factors setting the wii u gpu apart from the ps3 or 360

        1. Ah yes, thank you Stratisfire ^^

          I forgot about that, yeah I still think the Wii U is more powerful than people think because really in Batman AC it looks almost near the PC version which is a great improvement over the PS3 and the Xbox 360

      4. GPU beats the others so summit good. CPU can always be improved or overclocked in near future in some updates. or even better, having expansion packs.

      5. I’m pretty sure Marcan said that the Wii U has 3 processors running at 1.24GHz each, so doesn’t that make it more powerful than the 360 and PS3’s 3.00GHz?

      6. The GPU is the one that performs the graphics, not the CPU.

        Meaning, the games would look great but perhaps not be as powerful due to how slow the CPU is.

        1. Yeah , appearantly Third party’s don’t like handhelds.
          And Sony can’t make good games so the vita sucked.
          But with consoles, Third party’s are important.
          For example : GTA V releases for ps3 & x360
          And Lets be honest GTA is better then all Mario games.
          So people prefer buying a ps3 & x360(it is 100-200 dollars cheaper and you get more games)(tomb raider&GTA V is a good example)
          So if this is true, Nintendo just don’t get how to get the hardcore gamers back.
          If they finally make new IPs and stop milking Mario.
          It will be okay with me, but they are not doing that.

          1. While GTA is a great series, I dont think that they´re better than Mario games. Some Super Mario Games defined concepts and paradigm shifts that perdures until today – even on GTA. In the end, it´s all about personal tastes, but no one can deny the importance of Super Mario series to the market

          2. I find the GTA series very bland and boring, is more “milked” than mario. Now does this mean I don’t play GTA…hell no, I play that game and run over bitches errday

            1. GTA is not milked… you dont see every year a new GTA title, i agree that GTA IV is nothing special but other games are really good, and GTA V looks much better than GTA IV in all ways.

          3. Normally I just read all of the comments and leave it at that. I have never posted here. But, you pushed a button. YOU think GTA is better than all Mario games. That is just ridiculous you assume it is a irrefutable fact for the masses. I believe every Mario game I’ve played (which is 90% of them) are MUCH better than any GTA game. It’s a matter of preference. Your “lets be honest” statement revealed ignorance and arrogance.

      1. The Wii U has 4 cores vs XBOX’s 3 however XBOX runs at 3.2 GHz so XBOX is still a lot faster. its ability to process information is it’s frequency (1.4 GHz) which is way too slow for today’s standards. The only reason for better graphics must be more RAM (2 GB vs 256 MB) and a better graphics card (might be more efficient if the same clock speed and more dedicated VRAM)

          1. And the WiiU’s 2GB are split 1/1 for system/games, so effectivly for games, it has 1 full GB, while the xbox has 512 which it shares between System and Games. Which is still considerably more.

            1. also i don’t think it’s out of the question that in the future more system RAM will be unlockable to use for games (via firmware update) 1GB just for the OS and apps seems very excessive.. my PC hardly uses that much after bootup and a console OS is much sleeker than a full grown windows client

        1. wii-u has 3 cores
          and frequency and cores aren’t worth shit if you want to compare CPU architectures.. especially when one of them is considerably older than the other
          its ability to process information is NOT just down to its frequency, the xbox CPU isn’t faster simply because it’s running at a higher frequency.. that’s a load of bullcrap
          a 6 year old desktop CPU won’t be able to stand up to a modern i7 even if you reduced the frequency of the i7 to half that of the 7 year old desktop CPU

          it depends very much on memory/cache size, bandwidth and latency; number, transistor count and architecture of execution units; feature size; scheduler and much more which we know very little, if nothing at all, about at this moment
          this is why it’s very complicated to compare different CPU architectures without a dedicated benchmark tool and chances are we’ll never really know how the wii-u CPU compares to xbox 360/ps3 cpus.. they’re just too far apart for that and developers had considerable amounts of time to adapt games to the CPUs of the older systems, leaving the wii-u CPU at a disadvantage whenever there’s a port involved

          the GPU doesn’t have any dedicated VRAM, it has on die eDRAM which probably acts mostly as frame buffer and would help to offset the low system memory bandwidth

          1. It’s so nice to see someone who knows his stuff. This is true in all ways. You don’t even need to compare a 6 year old CPU to a new one. You can even compare an i7 sandy bridge CPU with 2.3GHz with an i7 ivy bridge CPU with 2.3GHz and the ivy bridge will easily beat the sandy bridge. Just to compare some newer techs against each other.

          2. Nup, you’re totally wrong because: Xbox fanboy self-proclaimed hacker said so on his Twitter account.

            But seriously…very impressed that other people actually get this, and you worded it very well. It’s unfortunate that the world is full of gullible saps.

            1. oh i’m not saying he’s wrong.. the frequencies could be correct

              all i’m saying is that you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover.. in this case: don’t judge a CPU by its frequency

              1. Well, wrong in the sense that, they always focus on “less than half the speed of the PS3.”
                No mention of the limitations or capabilities, just, numbers.
                But yeah, it’s sort of like comparing an Intel Celeron from 12 years ago, clocked at 5ghz, compared to an i7 of today clocked at 2.3ghz.
                And then Celeron fanboys coming out and being all like “yep, Celeron is better because of the higher number”

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    3. Gee, numbers eh? Because talking about bumbers always went well…
      The Atari Jaguar was 64bit…go look at some of the games..go on, just have a peek….i know right, i wanted to puke too.

      I just wana play games, i dont give a fuck whats inside it.

        1. actually the thing about having more *resources* is that it’s easier to make a game run with less optimisations and optimisations cost a lot of money

          if CPU and GPU are very powerful you can be a bit more sloppy with your programming and still achieve the same results as you would on a weaker system, only at a much lower cost
          (with console-> PC ports you often see very sloppy programming to save on expenses.. which results in the poor performance most of us should be used to by now when it comes to console ports)

          in that regard it’s a little unfortunate that the wii-u CPU doesn’t have a bit more beef, but i’m sure most developers will adapt, since the wii-u should still be a very profitable platform and many of the limitations that the wii had, which prevented most 3rd party developers from attempting to port games in the first place, have disappeared

            1. not sure why that’s the case to be honest
              the game will need to be scaled down considerably to run on ps3 and xbox360 aswell
              maybe it’s because the success of the wii-u isn’t secured just yet

        2. sorry i think i may have misunderstood you.. were you talking “graphics” in regard to the capabilities of the console or simply in regard to how the game looks?

      1. Actually, Jaguar had a 32bit CPU and 32bit GPU. Atari said “32+32=64bit! do the math!” Sadly, 32bit CPU + 32bit GPU = 32bit console. Silly Atari.

    4. Yelelelelelelholololololololol HAHAHAHAHAA TROLLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL

      inb4 that faggot Aeolus does happy spinning with a dildo up his ass. Don’t care about specs, Wii U have some games like Bayonetta 2 and MH3U.

    5. Asteroids don’t concern me, Admiral. I mean, numbers don’t concern me. Granted, my 8 year-old laptop has a 1.24 Ghz processor in it and there’s no way it could pull of Wii U games. I am enjoying the system thus far, though I eagerly await a firmware update that will hopefully yield faster menu nav.

      1. ^This. This could possibly end up being my favorite system if the games are there for it. My current stands as Gamecube, but as of right now, this IS officially my favorite system.

        1. If they still had GC support for it in some way, it would DEFINITELY be my favorite system.

          Though, I will look into if people can get GC games running on USB HDDs through Wii mode hacking :P

        1. ok cool, and i,m pretty sure gc games will be available in the future via nint network for download, lets just hope they make ssbm online if they do, that would be awesome…

          1. I have it now!!! ABSOLOUTLY AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!

            Not alound to go online till half an hour after UK midnight launch though ^_^ .

      1. Well, I’m not gonna say I know how he did it, because I don’t. I didn’t read the forums he posted it on, but with that having been said, there could be workarounds to find out.

    6. I’ll just say, inb4 Aeolus saying “what did I say?” or something along those lines.

      Also, clock speed doesn’t matter. It’s still a more powerful card with more RAM. So gg.

        1. I never understood why they did that to the Mario characters, make them really detailed i mean. Every other character follows their own art style, and then you have characters like Toon Link. I get what they were trying to do, make it seem more like they exist in the same universe, but when you have Toon Link, Game & Watch, and Kirby runnin around it kinda looses its point xD

          1. I’ll just reply to you. Also, for Nintenlord: I phrased myself a bit badly in that comment. I’d love to see them try to make a game with such graphics, just to see how the world would look with those graphics, but I do love the design Mario already has.

            …Also, cables are fine

            1. Meh, i think it looks too grainy and washed out. Mario’s supposed to be full of colour and life. It could still be detailed, but i like the art style theyve stuck with. Zelda’s really the only franchise that switch from art styles, although i hope Metroid does, maybe to a anime lookin style, that would be badass. Same with Sonic, but with something like watercolours, moving fast starts to pull the colours, would look beautiful

              1. Mario in super mario galaxy 1 and 2 looks fucking incredible lol. Everything about him , from spinning his head on the menu to the way he runs around looks incredible on wii and entirely on a different level to the previous gen. (obviously)

                If they can take Mario from Mario galaxy and make him HD , he will look better than most current gen games for sure.

                    1. Yes I would too, I just meant whatever sequel to the two Mario Galaxy games that Nintendo produced on the Wii. I doubt they will do another galaxy adventure.

        2. It’s already been explained elsewhere that the CPU is slower because a lot of the workload is handled by the more powerful GPGPU (yes GPGPU not just your regular GPU) and increased RAM.

          1. I know what a GPGPU is :) and yes, I knew that it would take a lot of the workload. It’s kind of the same with the Optimus technology, the integrated GPU takes the standard workload while the dedicated GPU takes the heavy games, or other heavy graphical processing.

              1. I’m not gonna say that only intel and nvidia has the optimus tech, because have no idea how many other have it, but it’s basically a collaboration between intel and nvidia on graphics processing. Say, like on my laptop, you have an integrated GPU with the the motherboard(or CPU, can’t remember which one it it from the top of my head) and a dedicated GPU connected through the integrated one (That’s so if you try to disable the integrated card, the dedicated won’t run… beats me). The integrated takes most of the standard work such as the OS and different kind of things, and the dedicated, as I said, takes the more heavier processing of graphics. You CAN set your laptop/computer to run on only one cad, but as I said, you can’t disable the integrated card as the dedicated card is connected directly into it.

                So without going too much into detail, it’s basically a sharing of workload, though you could just set the dedicated card to run at all times, but that takes a lot of the power, and the batteries will run flat a lot faster than having both running so it can switch between them.

    7. For the record, the poster is legit. He has contributed a lot to console hacking in the past. Even helped me with some Linux related issues since we own the same laptop type. You don’t have to take this with a grain of salt, he’s legit.

        1. Of course, I didn’t take any of that into consideration.
          These are just raw hardware specs, and they are accurate ^^
          It’s still not too bad tbh, the GPGPU should also be able to take some pressure of the CPU.
          I just hope that this thing will be able to run next-gen games, and Nintendo isn’t going to be left out by third parties because it would be too much work to port to a new game to an under performing console.

          1. Well, I was just… you know….

            I still WANT to take it with a slight grain of salt though, as I don’t know said hacker, but I will take his words, and the fact that there are people here that knows him, into consideration. Still waiting for a confirmation from Ninty though.

            1. What makes you think Nintendo will actually confirm any of that? You really think they’d want to confirm specs? Have you ever seen them do that?

          1. Yes, thats possible.

            Probably not very likely. But it is possible to raise the CPU clock speed in a firmware update.

            The Raspberry Pi recently had a firmware update that allows the CPU to be overclocked from 700mhz to 1ghz.

            So, Doable? Yes. Likely? Probably not.

            1. For the record, no console so far has suddenly gotten more powerful just because of a firmware update. Incrementally, maybe, that’s hard to disprove, but extreme improvement? Never happened.

    8. I thought the Advantage the xbox had over the ps3 was its simple and powerful(for the time) gpu, and the advantage the ps3 hd over the xbox was its powerful(but strange) cpu? This guy doesn’t seem to have any of his facts straight. I was sure that the wii U was at least SLIGHTLY more powerful than this current gen. Maybe he is right. I don’t know too much about tech so I’m sure I’m wrong.

      1. just always remember this and you’ll be on the safe side: frequency or number of cores alone doesn’t say much at all about the performance of a CPU

        xbox and ps3 GPUs are fairly similar in performance btw
        one was based on an ATI GPU the other was based on an Nvidia GPU

      2. You were only sure about that because of all the rumors you believed in. I’m not saying he’s right; I’m saying the basis of your beliefs is shaky ground.

    9. So that’s how the managed to make a system that only used 75 % of power current Gen systems use. Then also managed to have a GPGPU that runs direct X11 equivalent engines. The UNITY 4 with 3D Aliasing and higher graphical outputs. Thanks nintendo for our 8th generational wonder that runs unreal engine 4 and watch dogs :).

      1. Unity 4 engine, all I think about is the indie game “interstellar marines” Make it Happen Reggie. With the Wii U running unreal engine 4 it will surely get all PS4 and Xbox720 multiplats. That’s awesome, so now my dilemma is choosing my second console PS4 or Xbox720? Help me guys.

        1. If sony have got their act together and stop with to over powering under-delivering systems go ps4… Lately microsoft has been lacking in good titles…

      1. well not really.. the heat sink will be designed for a specific power consumption.. and games are designed with that frequency in mind.. changing the frequency midway will cause a shitload of problems

        whether or not it’s written on the chip is of no significance, that’s just ink after all

        1. oh and not to forget: the power phases are also designed to supply the CPU with a specific amount of power.. increasing the power consumption might simply result in crashes or even burn out the console.. consoles aren’t built for overclocking

                1. the specs of the microsoft and sony consoles will have long since been set in stone

                  either way: i don’t see how it would make a difference for sony or microsoft if the wii-u CPU ran at 1.4 or at 2 GHz
                  you can’t judge the performance of a CPU by its frequency.. you wouldn’t compare a 2Ghz ARM smartphone quadcore CPU to a desktop quadcore CPU that’s clocked at 2GHz either would you? it’s utterly pointless
                  the best way we can currently compare it to other modern architectures is by die size and that’s been known for a while already (rough size has been known since nintendo did their teardown)

    10. Nintendo fanboys can be sensitive hahahaha. The Wii U runs unreal engine 4 the PS3 and Xbox360 cannot. End of discussion, be happy and go play your Super Mario U now :).

      1. i am sure that xbox360 and ps3 could run it too.. heck EU3 even runs on iOS devices which are significantly less powerful than the old console generation.. it all depends on scalability and i’m sure UE4 is very scalable.. only if you scale it down you won’t have the same visuals anymore of course.. the mere ability to run the engine doesn’t say much.. it still won’t look anywhere near as good on the wii-u as it would on a PC

    11. c4eva (from the xbox mod scene) has also said from his looking at the Wii U, that the system essentially underclocks its CPU by roughly half when booting into Wii mode. Which would lend some credibility to the specs from Marcan.

      Wii’s CPU was around 700mhz (729 if I recall correctly?) so double that would make it around 1.4ghz. Which is close(ish) to 1.24.

    12. That’s weird my wii u cpu speeds along at12.8 ghz and the gpu moves at 2000 mhz trust me I’m a refutable source.

    13. That was fast, and almosth nailed the specs. Just saying that the GPU specs seems acurate and the CPU speed is the base clock (it has a little room to improve on it´s life by software, but just arround 200 Mhz). But to all the people that find those specs disappointing, dont be. This is just a little bit of the story there are more things to have in mind like the amount of ERAM on both chips, and the quantity of proccesing units on the GPU. I know that somebody is going to say things like “stop bringing the magical ERAM and GPGPU thing to the discussion”, but to clarify that its not magic thing, I´ll let you some links that explain very well the GPGPU thing and one forum that brings a lot of ideas of the ways nintendo could have worked its architecture, that is if you have the time and the interest.

      This is the forum:

      And those are videos of actual lectures about GPU computing:

      Have a nice day and don´t get involved on any kind of controversy, just play and enjoy your games.

      O and another topic, just be ready, before the end of the year we are going to hear at leats two major anouncements obout Wii U, and afther the Japanese launch we are going to get information of very interesting new games every three months for the first year.

      1. For i could almost make out of the video is that the CPU is there just for campatibility whit wii games and run the operating sistem. Wow Nintendo have build a console from the future tocata OoO.

            1. thannks for this bro i knew wii u would be powerful why would Gearbox, Ubisoft and many more say its powerful if it wasnt :D THANK YOU

              1. Because they want people to believe it’s awesome and buy there games? Don’t get me wrong, I’ll be getting a Wii U too and love Nintendo. Just people need to realise what PR Bullshit is.


    14. if the hacker said the cpu is half ps3 ‘s and the gpu is the same how does that make sense since the wii u can play full 1080p games while ps3 can only play upscaled. so he screwed up something

        1. Exactly. Why do people always put everything on the clock speed? Architecture does a lot, the FLOPS of todays CPUs are, on the exact same clock speed tenfold higher as it was on the dinky Pentium 4 which started going top 3 Ghz.

    15. I don’t care look how great the games look. Idk why people expect super crazy graphics when the new Xbox and ps come out. It’s about gameplay. The wii showed that

      1. Because of certain other…factors. Like its ability to play DVDs. And because of its huge game library. The power of the PS2 never played a role in its sales because other factors helped it to victory.

    16. Some Wii games looks better than xbox360/ps3. so what in the heck you think Nintendo will do with 2 more cores, and a better gpu with more ram? Don’t you think about that first?. If Wii games are amazing and better in some aspects than other consoles. How do you think the future games from Nintendo would look like?
      Stop looking at specs, Nintendo knows how to utilize every piece of hardware on WiiU; and that’s something a lot of developers don’t realize or do, because they’re lazy. They didn’t squeeze the Wii, like Nintendo or Retro did, so stop thinking in numbers, and look for future games. :)

    17. This is Great news now tonight i will get my wii u without any worrys :D clock speed dont mean shit and he said on hes twitter that the GPU AND RAM ARE GOOD AND DONT COMPARE THE CPU CLOCK PER CLOCK AND THINK ITS WORSE BECAUSE ITS NOT :D

      1. that’s the funny thing. Trollers and people who are looking for the negatives in the U will take whatever they can get and run with it. From the many things that I’ve read here, other sites, and from what marcan the hacker said it’s the architecture that counts not so much the speed + the cpu has low speed on purpose so that some to most of the calculations/work load are on the double gpu (gpgpu) so that way the games can get the most out of it, and don’t compare it (WHICH DUMB ASSES DID ANYWAYS) to the ps3/360 and think it’s worse when it’s not.

    18. He is the Wii hacker so i believe him…. but he also said this:

      “So yes, the Wii U CPU is nothing to write home about, but don’t compare it clock per clock with a 360 and claim it’s much worse. It isn’t. ”

      So, its basically on par with Xbox 360 CPU…

      1. and as a PC gamer its nothing strange, cloks alone doesnt means its better because you cant compare one “Intel core2duo” core 3.5 GHz and one core “Intel i7” 2.0 GHz because i7 is a much better arhitecture than core2duo, in other words…. i7 2.0 GHz is faster/better/more efficient etc.

        This is just an example…

    19. Maybe the CPU is weird in the sense that, despite its clock speed, it can still perform fast calculations thanks to its unique architecture. If that’s the case, then I guess third-party games are going to have some parts dumbed down, but definitely not as much as on the PS3. Third party games meet their death on the PS3.

      1. Its very unique and clock speed doesnt matter anymore it hasnt for a long time by drones are using it to damage control :D Wii U is here tonight im soooo fucking happy

      2. Yup, you can rest assured of that, there are two considerations:

        1.- Many people says that the wii u cpu is weak claiming that its based in old tech but its not like they just take the power pc cpu and use it over and over, it isn´t like that, they work ways to improve the characteristics of that chip like size, power consuption, but also memmory instrucction sets and precicion cile eficiency, etc…so making the story short is like comparing a modern car engine with a ford 1980 model just because they both are based on gas combustiond and cylinders.

        2.- There are more important things than Mhz in the way CPU work. I wont say anything else about this point, I just going to let you a video explaining the Mhz mith.

        And again I recomend you to not take specs over games. Wii U is clearly superior in tech over XBOX 360 and PS3 and is going to be weaker than durango and orbis, thats an obvious thing, but the diference in graphic quality is not going to be as evident as PS360 vs wii. Just be happy playing whatever videogame you enjoy.

    20. When it comes to the Wii U, the things that count are the enjoyment of playing games, socialize with your friends and family, and changing the way we enjoy watching programs on cable or digital satellite. Wii U is THE entertainment console.

    21. Well I know I’ve said it before but here goes, I only care for the games on this thing and I know it’ll deliver on that front.

      1. indeed, but still, don’t lock yourself on comparing them as they’re totally different architectures and clock speeds doesn’t really matter all that much.

        1. Sure thing, now tell me about these posts on this forum I’m apparently parroting.

          Because you clearly know me, so surely you can do that.

          1. Considering how often you site sources on neogaf and how every bit of speculation you’ve posted has been stated there already, it’s really obvious to someone who actually visits that site too. You’re not some insider or keen speculator, you’re just a teenager who takes credit for other’s knowledge. Glad that helps you feel good about yourself though, something has to.

            1. Cool. Now show me the instances I’ve “often” cited sources from NeoGAF.

              Failure to comply with this request renders everything you’ve said up to this point invalid.

              1. Way to wait hours before responding. I’m guessing you do this every time your credibility gets shot down?

                And before you said “oh, I just left my computer”, no. You’ve made posts since my reply. Nice try though, I’m sure most people have read my response already and won’t check back to see the new one you’ve written. Way to shoot yourself in the foot.

                I myself don’t have hours to spend waiting for your damage-controlling responses. Get wrecked, kid.

                1. I didn’t “wait hours”, I have many things to do off the internet and other threads to read when I’m on it. But hey, if you’re on the internet all the time, that’s okay do what you want with your time.

                  So unsurprisingly, you were not only unable to comply with my request to prove it, you skirted around it entirely and came up with this response that only paints a picture of a nerdy preteen saying that last line.

    22. Now please stop the damage control……
      Do you guys really believe the PR talk of nintendo? What did Iwata sqy about Wii graphics? “You will say WOW” I said wow…..but because of disappointment.
      Now if the processor is weak it will SLOW DOWN the WHOLE system! Also using GPGPU can NOT REPLACE the processor. DO YOU REALLY THINK A SLOW ASS GPU LIKE TUE HD4770 CAN RUN 1*1080p+2*854×480+AI+Physics at tj

    23. Now please stop the damage control……
      Do you guys really believe the PR talk of nintendo? What did Iwata say about Wii graphics back in the day? “You will say WOW” I said wow…..but because of disappointment.
      Now if the processor is weak it will SLOW DOWN the WHOLE system! Also using GPGPU can NOT REPLACE the processor. DO YOU REALLY THINK A SLOW ASS GPU LIKE THE HD4770 CAN RUN 1*1080p+2*854×480+AI+Physics at the same time?
      Oh and to piss of Nintedward: 3DS<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<Vita!!
      3DS has a 12 year old ARM11MPCORE @266mhz and a 6 year old PICAS200. Vita has a pretty new Cortex A9 @ 1.4Ghz and a PowerVR SGX 543MP4+.

      1. I meant 10 years old. You know Broadway is NOT MODERN IT’S TWELVE YEARS OLD. I don’t believe anything reggie says abou tech. He has little to no knowledge. I know the Wii U is stronger than PS3 or 360 but the difference is not big. Nintendo really believes that other systems will arrive 2016. You can make consoles that are about 4xmore powerful for 350$ and that is NO joke. Also if they are both equally stronger than Wii U AND easier to develop for, the Wii U is going to die. That is no trolling or bashing that is the painful.tuth.

        1. This: “You can make consoles that are about 4xmore powerful for 350$ and that is NO joke”… a joke. Well, its true only if Sony once againt will sold the PS4 at a loss (300-500 dollars less or so)….

          It will die? not really, why didnt Wii die? why didnt PS1 die? why didnt NDS die? Why didnt 3DS die? yes, Wii U will maybe lose the “big 3rd party support” but i highly doubt Wii U will die.

        2. the news is interesting because a 7 year old GPU is not already available on the market unless they make a deal to AMD to create the GPU since 2005

      2. The 3DS has awesome stereoscopic , resident evil revelations graphics. Almost on par with Vita. Havaseat…. Oh and the 3ds has way better games and isn’t a failure lol.

        1. People say such a system would cost 600$… would if it would have a such an expensive door brick pad like the Wii U. Especially Microsoft has MUCH MORE financial resources than both Nintendo so they can easily afford a powerful system for 350-400$ or selling at a loss. Sony has some money problems but they want to he better than MS so they might releas an equal system. If both systems are in a similar in terms of power and don’t have the bottlenecks of the Wii U such as the little and slow Ram or the Wii processor (Nintendo won’t emulate the Wii because they saw what happened on the 360).

          1. Now Nintedward whay games has the 3DS? Well…it has Resident Evil….and Super Mario number 666. The only interesting stuff I see are Paper Mario and Luigi’s Mansion. Now please don’t come with Super Mario 3easy land, boring icarus, boredom hearts or Metalgear solid:already released on an older system. The Vita has Uncharted, Assassin’s Creed, Gravity Rush, Wipeout, Resistance and Little big planet and also a kid game called Call of Duty.

            1. Theorangecoward… U mad because you’re whining like a specs/graphics whore. Nintendo is already dominating the portable console market… seling over 100,000 Nintendo 3DS consoles each week over PS Vitanic’s less than 10,000 units each week in Japan. Your ass is already redder than fucking blood. Resident Evil: Revelations, New Super Mario Bros 2, Kid Icarus: Uprising, Animal Crossing: New Leaf, Castlevania: Mirror of Fate, etc. are some of the best in the 3DS library of games. There’s more to come including Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon, Lego City: Undercover, Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate and Monster Hunter 4.

          2. Coming from an Xbot troll who plays games online for $60. You’re underestimating Nintendo. You should respect Nintendo as well as the consoles they’ve created… especially the Wii U. U mad because the Wii U’s RAM is twice the power of the X360’s RAM. Clock speed doesn’t count. I enjoy playing games on all consoles (Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft) and PCs. You don’t see me whoring on clock speeds and tech specs. Instead, I play games no matter what. That’s what a true gamer does.

            1. I don’t have an xbox idiot! …the only thing not Nintendo I have is a PS2 and by the way there is a Wii U standing next to me at the moment and by the by the way I’m typing this comment on it. Writing “U mad” is really grown up. Are “U mad” because you read something that’s not pro Nintendo? The sentence “clockspeeds are completely unimportant” is just wrong. If it would be that way we could still use processors clocked at 10mhz. The frequency is nothing to JUDGE the processor but it’s also nothing unimportant.

              1. Who gives a fuck about specs and clock speeds? I don’t. I only play games… not judging specs and clock speeds like you.

              2. Who gives a fuck about clock speed and tech specs, whore? I don’t! I only care about the games on all consoles no matter what… not judging specs and clock speeds like a graphics whore like you.

    24. FAKE, look at all his tweets from before he is a nintendo hater, his only explanation to how he hacked the wii u is “i’m sorry but it doesn’t involve leaks it does involve hacks ;)” like SURE 3ds hasn’t been able to get hacked yet just a single name change to settings, and he hacked the wii u which has even more security in how much time? 1 week? seriously. put fake on this story

      1. So what? i will still buy a Wii U and PS4, maybe even next Xbox….. and im 4ever a PC gamer too.

        Fuck off….. and btw, PS1 cough cough :) if you know what i mean.

    25. So, let me preface this by explaining that I feel the developers are completely misunderstanding the Wii U. As with any new generation of consoles, there are bound to be some kinks the developers don’t yet understand with the new hardware. Out the gate, lets tackle the main complaint. The “slow” CPU. You see, the clock speed of the CPU is slow. In fact, it’s intentionally slow. It’s true that the CPU of the Wii U is a Power-Based custom IBM processor. For those wondering, it’s not a Power 7 based. Essentially, it means it’s built upon the same technology as the Wii. That’s on purpose mind you.

      The the CPU is more than just the Wii’s version times three. For starters, it uses a newer technology from IBM called 45nm SOI process. This is a massive improvement over the 90nm SOI process the Wii version had. Essentially, this makes the processor “overclock” at higher end speeds while reducing power consumption. Essentially, it makes the Wii U’s processor run even faster than it’s clock speeds with higher efficiency and lower power output. Of course, that’s only going to make the processor run just a bit better, so it still is fundamentally slow. However, the CPU uses a significant amount of eDRAM. What this allows the Wii U to do, essentially, is move more data at once compared to the Wii processor times three. You can store more data in the eDRAM and as such, move more at once as well. So, the processor is slower, but similar to the Power 7 tech, it moves more data at once at that slower rate than the standard processor at such rates.

      Again though, the CPU is not Power 7 based, so it only increases the performance level by a certain amount. Certainly though, the performance increase does fundamentally make it have a higher efficiency than whats in the current gaming consoles. It just wont win any awards in the next generation. However, thanks in large part to the super beefy GPU (by console standards), the Wii U doesn’t need a beefy processor. The GPU is based on a Radeon HD 5670. As the console break down shows, thanks to even more eDRAM, the Wii U version of the Radeon HD 5670 that has been custom built is actually more powerful than the original PC version of the card. This is extremely vital, because the HD 5670 is in fact a GPGPU.

      A GPGPU are quickly become standard in gaming rig PCs for a few reasons, but chief among them is the fact that GPGPU’s actually handle several functions that the CPU traditionally does, except it does them better. In layman’s terms, some of the most CPU (processor) heavy applications like Physics are actually handled by the Graphics Card (GPU). This means, in a Wii U, while the CPU can handle these tasks, the console is actually built around the notion that the GPU will tackle said tasks.

      The downfall of the GPGPU is that if it’s not being used in the fashion it’s intended to, which means taking on heavy graphical processing and extreme mathematical equations to perform in the game (aka, if you’re not heavily using the GPU and it’s processing), it actually performs slower. So if you run the bare bones through it, throw everything else at the processor, it not only over strains a processor not meant to handle such functions, it actually causes the GPU to under-perform, and as such… create problems. This is chiefly why games like Mass Effect 3 are having issues, and why Batman Arkahm City Armored Edition are having massive frame rate issues.

      In essence, it’s not that the Wii U is underpowered. Rather, it’s the the Wii U uses more advanced technology that actually takes away the stress normally associated with a CPU, and in turn lowers power consumption, heat level, and ultimately leads to producing some of the best graphical capabilities on the market. Essentially, with everything customly aimed towards gaming, the Wii U is like a middle of the road gaming PC. A middle of the row gaming rig absolutely destroys the PS3 and Xbox 360.

      Now, this doesn’t mean everything is peachy. Unless the PS4 and the 720 are being silly, both should also feature GPGPU’s like the Wii U, and will both likely have better processors than the Wii U. So, the Wii U will be behind, but it’s unlikely the PS4 and 720 will feature GPU’s that are any beefier than the Wii U. In fact, since they may have better processors (or, should based on normal conventions), it’s conceivable the other consoles in turn have less powerful GPGPU’s since the processor can help maintain some of what is lost.

      I know, it’s a lot of technical jargin, but armed with this information you can see that the Wii U is actually going to hold it’s own quite nicely. It just requires people, like the DICE dev, to fundamentally change the way in which they make games take advantage of the hardware. Similar issues arose with the PS3 and it’s CPU back in the day, and now the issue rises up with the Wii U and it’s GPU.

      In the future, developers would be wise to truly take hold of the beefy GPGPU in the Wii U and push it as hard as they can. With all the extra eDRAM running around, and all the processing power the GPU has to handle such aspects like Physics, it’s no wonder current generation games are struggling. Current generation (or last generation for us Wii U owners) are extremely CPU based games. Heavily reliant on the CPU pushing through. In the next generation, this is going to change significantly. The Wii U is already there. It’s just going to take time for console developers to get into the mindset to take advantage of the GPGPU featured in the Wii U, just like what will happen in the other next generation consoles.

      In layman’s terms: The Wii U is a sexy, misunderstood, true next generation gaming system that requires developers to change the way in which they program their games in order to get significantly better looking, and better performing, games than what are currently out there. Any concerns over a slow processor are completely negated by the fact the Graphics Card on the Wii U can actually handle some of the larger processes, like physics, usually reserved for the processor.

      The Wii U is going to be just fine folks. While it wont be as powerful as the PS4 or 720, that beefy GPGPU is going to ensure the Wii U can stay up with the new systems that are coming. Naturally, the biggest reason to go against console convention and use a GPGPU like the Wii U does is costs. GPU’s are just a lot cheaper, and when you start to be able to toss the larger processes at them like Physics, it pretty much increases the efficiency of the entire console 10 fold. The Wii U is doing something that the PS3 and 360 can only dream of doing presently. Truly, they have to catch up, as do the developers, because the way the hardware processes games is changing, and the Wii U is perfectly set up for that shift.

      1. “The Wii U is going to be just fine folks. While it wont be as powerful as the PS4 or 720, that beefy GPGPU is going to ensure the Wii U can stay up with the new systems that are coming.”


        1. Just an honest question here:

          I’ve always wondered, why do you stick around to this site? Wouldn’t you be better off reading from a not-nintendo-focused news site?

    26. OH GOD!!! This is that whole RISC vs CISC again… In case people haven’t noticed. CPU makers aren’t even focusing on MHz now. Did people not notice how the GHz of CPU’s went down since they started focusing on multiple cores. Chips are more efficient and doing a lot more per pass now, so needing super high Hz isn’t as important like it was for single core CPU’s back in the day.

    27. With all this furore about the Wii U’s supposed lack of power, I’ve realised something.

      I simply just don’t care.

      Now, don’t get me wrong – power is an important aspect to games consoles…but the anal obsession of the ‘hardcore gamers’ has risen to laughable levels.

      Who gives a crap if the Wii U just matches the PS3/Xbox 360 (at least, from initial inspections)? Who gives a crap if it’s not as powerful as the ‘all mighty’ PC?

      Newsflash to all those braindead trolls; PC has ALWAYS been more powerful than games consoles. Nothing has changed. Yet consoles continue to thrive – funny that.

      People need to stop obsessing so much over CPUs, GPUs, polygons, floppy-flops, and flippity-doo-das – and APPRECIATE what they have. There is ALWAYS something ‘more powerful’ around the next corner – there always has been.

      Just wait, there will be cries of ‘outdated’ when the Orbis and Durango arrive – and it will be equally as stupid.

      Stop bitching. Stop whining. Stop pissing, and stop moaning. Love the Wii U for what it is; gaming innovation with awesome software. Just imagine how incredible the next Mario, Zelda, and Metroid games will be. Also, enjoy the Orbis and Durango – because they too will be awesome.

      It’s been said a million time before…but I’ll say it again; it’s all about the GAMES.

    28. As much as I wanted to believe it, I kind of knew that Nintendo couldn’t make a console really geared towards the market of the ps3 or 360 without a complete change in strategy. But really they have good reason, the wii did much better than the GameCube. So it wouldn’t have been in their interest to change gears. I guess I’ll be getting a PS4 at some point.

      1. Your comment is both cowardly and pathetic. Just because the Wii U was released here in North America and now in both Europe and Australia doesn’t mean you have the nuts (although you don’t have one) to underestimate Nintendo while praising for a PS4. You’re wasting 3 to 4 years on a system that Sony simply cannot invest due to losing billions of dollars, shutting down development studios and laying off employees.

    29. he did no such thing they dont balance up so there debunked it would have a 1to1 2to1 3to1 balance that isnt balanced also theres two peak power modes 40 watts and 75watts so were are the peak clocks for each peak power setting we got 40 watts and peak 75watss clearly to a normal person thats two speed so were is the higher speed its not there so until i get credible specs i LOL

      40watss and 75watss do not = one clock speed does it COMMON FLAMING SENSE !!!!!!



      powerpc 400 family = SMP = multi core powerpc 750 doesnt support multi core his a fake and powerpc 750 stapped at 90nm the powerpc 400s and 476fp both the core wiiu is based on is 45nm multicore upto 8 cores /cpus in fact on a ring bus


    31. doesn’t matter if it’s true (or roughly true) or not, really. the thing is modern processors don’t necessarily equate higher clock speeds the better. the goal now is more efficient multi-core processors.

      this is basically the same when comparing a 1st gen Intel iCore i5 to a 3rd gen i5. at the same clock speed, the 3rd gen would still be better than the 1st gen.

      and since the specs mentioned comes from someone who’s hacked the system, the info he found, if true, may still not shed the full light of the matter regarding CPU and GPU specs. for this, only Nintendo will surely know. and since they don’t intend to let that info out, the main gauge will eventually fall on the games itself.

      i myself am excited for the potential of Wii U in terms of gaming, entertainment, etc.

    32. I posted this before and I’ll post it again

      [STUFF ABOUT WII U]I can’t believe no one has though of this. Why would you create “next gen” games when your current competition can’t? I bet the console is really capable, Nintendo has kept secret about the exact specs so the rivals will be like “Wow, the wii u is crap” and think that they don’t really have to try (BTW i am not saying any other gaming company is better/worse than the other. I’m a fan of all). Allot of people have been saying that the wii u actually plays the ports better, some say it doesn’t. However remember the first xbox360 games? Even ps3? They where far of from their modern counterparts. Before some ignorant troll has a go, this is my opinion….therefore i cannot be wrong, It really doesn’t make sense about the wii u’s power, i mean remember the tech demos from 2011?- the zelda and Japanese garden ones. Those looked close to CGI.

      Finally what i will say is that if you think the wii u is weak and buy consoles for graphic reasons only (which i really hate when people HATE on that. Aren’t people allowed to like things for their own individual reason? Hypocrites) then by all means, perhaps try a gaming PC? Seriously if your life is centered around loathing an inanimate object… might want to seek help? And what’s funny is that everyone calls each other “12″ year olds but i’ve seen them act more mature than some of you. Also please keep the sexist, racist, homophobic and many other pathetic comments to yourselves? “I know! To show I’m right, i shall insult people and discriminate! YAY DISCRIMINATION”

      If anyone bothered to read this (Sorry for it being so long) Thanks for your time :)

    33. One shall still be acquiring this system at a date undetermined.
      However, this will be AFTER re-acquiring a 3DS, and not anytime before.

    34. wii u 4 the easy finish 400k lead already 12 mil b 4 u stationbox fags get a glimpse of your overpriced u clones congrats 2 king wii 7th gen champ motion starter 97 mil in one gen who’s touching that nintendo extincts so called contenders

    35. hacker guys a ass clown powerpc 750 dont do no mulitcore

      powee pc 750 doeenot support multicore in any way shade or form he is exposed as a hater making this up he made up the clockspeeds based on very old g3 cpus maxing at 1 ghz plus max he is a idiot

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