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Wii U Downloadable Content For Select Games Will Come In December, Following Firmware Update

Nintendo previously confirmed that downloadable content for select games will come sometime in December, following a firmware update. The update will presumably let developers push out DLC for some of their games, such as Mass Effect and Call of Duty: Black Ops 2. There’s no explanation as to why this option wasn’t available at launch.

24 thoughts on “Wii U Downloadable Content For Select Games Will Come In December, Following Firmware Update”

    1. It better had , cus that’s the only way I’ll be buying that suka! I get my Wiiu TONIGHT!!!!!! So happy!!!!!

      I will add everyone but probably tomorow , cus i’m gunna play my wiiu a load before I do the update and all that.

        1. Yeah, I’m in Aus, my Wii U has been updating for the past hour or so, it’s on around 75% now. But hey, i’m going to bed soon, so I recommend getting it midnight, leaving it to update on its own, then…play it the next morning when you have all day at it.
          The people who bricked it must have like, pulled the power out of the socket or something.

          I reset my router at one point during the update and it stopped saying “connection lost” at which point I was like “oh shit, oh shit!”
          but then once it came back on it literally just reconnected and resumed the download.

          Basically, anyone who suffered a bricked console = idiot. :)

  1. Why? Because Launch DLC is the devil and hated amongst players because it means they most probably cut content on purpose to make more money? Which they do anyway, but whatever…

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