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90% Of UK Wii U Owners Bought The Premium Console


It has been revealed that 90% of Wii U owners in the United Kingdom decided to purchase the 32GB Premium console, rather than the 8GB Basic Wii U console. The ZombiU Premium bundle accounted for 30 percent of all Wii U hardware sales, while the Premium console with Nintendo Land had a 60 percent share of total sales.

39 thoughts on “90% Of UK Wii U Owners Bought The Premium Console”

  1. There’s a reason for that. Much better value for money, and the larger HDD.
    A friend of mine laughed at 32gb, so imagine what his reaction to 8gb would have been?
    I wish they made the premium console in White as well. Then it could match my Wii, but whatever. The console’s great.

    1. eh.. whether 32GB or 8GB.. there’s not much difference

      don’t buy the console just for the internal storage..
      buy it for nintendoland if you really want it, anything else is pointless.. you can get a 500GB external HDD for the price difference between deluxe and standard

  2. Man, who cares about 32gb memory. I’ll NEVER need that much. A lot of people were suckered in to the Deluxe/Premium Set. Both in America and the UK. If I need more memory later, I’ll just get an external hard drive or SD card again.

    1. it isn’t just the memory though. for 50€ more i got nintendoland (which itself costs that much), and additional equipment. also, black looks nicer alongside my black tv, black stereo, black xbox 360, black ps3, …

      1. the “additional equipment” is mostly gimmicks.. if you want nintendoland then it makes sense to buy the deluxe edition but if not then the extra money could be invested in a much better way

        1. i fail to se how a stand and a charge stand are gimmicks the game pad will always be my tactics screen second pad in fps games so having to close in a stand as i CORRECTLY PLAY FPS WITH A WII REMOTE AND CHUCK is a fantastic thing to have no stand it would be propped up or some shit or worse still on my lap i fail to see how a stand that allows the gamepad to sit at base of tv scren as a second screen or by my side as a second TACTICS screen is a mere gimmick ,clearly nintendo were thinking of core gamers LIKE ME wen designing it

          it allows you to point at both the tv screen and the gamepad scren with your wii remote giving a massive boost to gaming in real time and tactics with out adding more god darn button preses if you havent guessed yet IM A CORE GAMER WII THINK LIKE THAT

    2. It also included NintendoLand, so it’s like getting Nintendo Land for $50, plus a small discount on digital sales.

      Not a massively good offer, but not a rippoff either. Deluxe is the way to go if you have the extra $50, otherwise, the Basic is cool too.


  3. I already have a hdd although it’s small. But I think it’s the color that sold. If memory serves correct when they showed the black one that’s all anyone talked about.

  4. Haha xD i almost wonder why Nintendo made the white one in the first place -.- they should just discontinue it and just release the black model

    1. I concur. I get what they were aiming at but they went about it all wrong. Love my wii u but I sometimes question the big N.

    1. Face it, microsoft only survives because of punk attack minded journalism, xbox cannot face the PS3 or little wii last generation on games alone.

    2. yes doing everything right in gaming is a fail lol at the clown shoe who fps games with twin sticks and isnt core enough to see the wiiu genius

  5. Having buy an external HDD is a hassle. They should have given a bit more storage for each package and you should be able to save eshop downloads to SD Drive.

    1. you don’t have to buy an HDD
      you can play all games entirely from bluray
      patches are also possible that way, they’re just not written on the disk (of course) but on internal storage and replace the outdated data on the disk when it’s being read into memory

      even 3GB should be enough to have a lot of patched games at the same time

  6. I have been following all of the Wii U news up to this point. A chunk of me and my parents’ savings are currently going into construction of my apartment, so i’m not going to get me a Wii U yet. It’ll have to wait until some time after the apartment is finished and when i have saved up enough.

  7. The wiiu is going down well in UK. If you want to compare sales to USA. Maybe you should include the rest of western Europe to even things out a bit lol.

    No wiiu games in the UK charts. That’s because there is only 40k wiiu units in UK. There is 6million ps3’s and a similar amount of wii’s and 360’s/

    The top selling games in the uk charts are like 100k+/ So how would a console with only 40k units be able to outsell 100k game ?.

    The wiiu is awesome and I bet anybody it will be a huge success.

  8. It was obvious that the Black one would be the best selling. For what you’re getting it has very good value. Nintendo Land is $60. The console stands are $10-$20, the gamepad stand is $10, the charging cradle is $15-$20. That package save you a lot of money. Even people who don’t want Nintendo Land are buying it and trading off Nintendo Land. Also there’s the digital promotion. It’s just a better deal. Leave luck to heaven.

    1. Bullshit, they’re keeping Nintendo Land, because you know it’s actually a good game you anti-Nintendo cunt you.

  9. Lalalalalalalala oooooooooouuu yeahh!! Finally I get my Wii U!!! I’ ve waiting for it during months maybe, but here it is, in its box, the premium pack, and it will be there for two days more xD That’s because I JUST have exams and I have to study. Wednesday will be the EPIC MOMENT, the first try with the Wii U, can’t wait, it’s here but I can’t test it xD

  10. I never understood why so many people went CRAZY when Nintendo first showed a black Wii U. Every console since the Gamecube had a black one to choose from. Why did so many people act like black was so amazing? I myself am sick of the basic black and white color choices. At least when Gamecube came out, one was Purple/Indigo (which was unusual).
    Although the Basic Set has just an ordinary white Wii U, that’s the one I want because my regular Wii is already black. I like my consoles to be different colors. Sure wish there was a green one. I always wanted a green console.

  11. I’m very surprised that there are so many Wii U consoles in stock at stores right now. At Wal-Mart last night, I saw 2 Deluxe Sets and 1 Basic Set in the cabinet. At Hastings, they had a TON of Basic Sets. Shouldn’t be too difficult for everyone to get one before Christmas (if they have the money, which I don’t. I’ll probably have to wait until February or March).

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