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Wii U Games Fail To Reach The Top Ten In The UK


None of the Wii U launch titles managed to get into the top ten all-formats charts in the United Kingdom. Nintendo Land reached number eleven, and New Super Mario Bros U only managed to claim the number fourteen spot. Ubisoft’s ZombiU only managed seventeenth place. The highest new entry was Far Cry 3, which claimed the second spot in the top ten.

94 thoughts on “Wii U Games Fail To Reach The Top Ten In The UK”

  1. Lost faith in my country -.- seriously, its just COD and FIFA over here, everyone is stupid. Far Cry 3 deserves it though, its damn good

      1. Probably not. Gaming just feels like a fad here, barely anyone plays real games, just ones that are popular once, and then popular forever, so anything else that comes in is either real games behind them, or a small boom of a decent game getting to number 1 or 2, like Far Cry 3 has

        1. That’s the casual audience to you. There aren’t as many “core” gamers as people think, save for maybe the US. I’m not even sure if the Wii U sold more than 4000 in Norway (population: about 5 million)…

      2. well, its a brand new console. why would any of the games be top sellers if the console barely came out and there are only 40,000 in the wild out there compared to the millions of xboxes and ps3s

    1. I mean i dont trying to say the WiiU should be in the top 5, its a new console, and new investments, and the games arent really must buys, but it doesnt change that our top 10’s are often full of crap

      1. Well ronsidering that the WIi U in the UK sold around 40K unit, seems sensible that no Wii U game made the top 10

    2. I couldn’t agree more, in my video games design course at college, only like 5 out of 20 of us are Nintendo Fans, I’m the only one that got a Wii U on Day 1, the other 15 just seem to bash the Wii U like there is no tomorrow, and COD and Fifa are both really overrated games that really need to decrease in sales, same thing every year being sold basically. Pokemon maybe the same thing nearly everytime Gameplay wise, but there is a lot more into Pokemon than COD and Fifa, plus it’s more fun to play.

      But I also agree with why they didn’t sell much on Nintendo Land, New Super Mario Bros. U etc. only cause of the limited amount of Wii U’s we even had to begin with. We sold 40,000 Wii U’s here, and thats not bad at all considering the lack of Wii U’s available. Just wait till next year, I’m sure the sales of Wii U hardware and Software will increase by a large chunck! :D

      1. CoD yes…. but hey, FIFA 11 and 12 was not like that, FIFA 13 vs FIFA 12 = little changes.

        CoD is overrated…. Pokemon is not overrated, who plays Pokemon will know why.

    3. Dude. Give the console a chance :/. There is only 40K wiiu’s in UK. There is about 6 million ps3 and 360’s. Obviously they’re gunna have a higher software attache rate.

      The wiiu games will slowly creep up into the charts.

    4. Not just your country man. Here in Brazil the highest selling games for Xbox 360 and PS3 are Fifa and PES. Freaking Brazilians with no taste to good games (because they only play it). At least the majority do.

      While I admit I enjoy playing Fifa on certain occasions, it nowhere near polished as a good triple A game.

      1. Different strokes homie.

        Just because you dont like these games, it doesnt mean people have bad taste in gaming. Its clearly selling well, its just not youre type of game.

      2. FIFA is better than PES, FIFA is a good game, its not overrated….. just remember FIFA 11 and FIFA 12. FIFA 13 has some new feautures but its almost perfect, what should they add if its good enough?

    1. Erm….the Wii U console sales hit 400,000k in a smaller country at more or less the same rate when compared to the much larger North American region. Just saying ;)
      For the record, I’m neither from the US nor the UK

  2. I suspect the undersupply of Wii U Consoles might have something to do with it…
    (seriously, my games store only received 5 premium consoles! 5!)
    Who wants to buy Wii U games without having the console?

    When they resupply consoles they might be selling better, who knows.

    1. Reggie "My Body Is Ready" Fils-Aime

      A lot of people… The Wii U launched here 11/18/12. Some of the games came into the store on 11/13/12, almost of them were gone I managed to get ACIII and Scribblenuats Unlimited.

  3. I saw Wii U’s avaialble in my local Game and HMV on Saturday afternoon, at this time i think the games simply arent strong enough.

  4. Except, Black Ops 2, Assassins Creed 3, Just Dance 4, Lego Lord of the Rings, and FIFA 13 are all launch titles for Wii U.

    So, you must mean “No Nintendo first-party Wii U launch titles made Top 10” which is actually a GOOD thing for Wii U, since third-parties are always bitching about never being able to over-take Nintendo’s own titles in sales.

  5. Off topic but…

    Does anybody here have Black Ops 2 on Wii U? I have it on PS3 and don’t know if I should trade it for a Wii U version. Does the Wii U version run smoothly and work fine?

    Also are the controls for it easy or does it take some getting used to?

      1. Yeah plays looks identical only thing is the wii u gamepad does make it a better experience traded my 360 version in as well better on wii u

        1. A multi-plat game uses a base system to be developed on, then it gets ported to other consoles.
          For example, most multi-plats get developed on xbox, then get ported to the PS3. That’s often the case why the xbox version of the games play better than the PS3 version. (Unless they did a really good job with the port, which isn’t often the case.)

      2. Nope… most multiplatform games are port from the Xbox 360 or in other words, example for BO2. BO2 is port for PS3, PC and Wii U

    1. Yeah i traded my 360 version plays identical on wii u only problem nowhere near the amount of players on like there is on xbox but the gamepad makes the game better than ps3 and 360 versions

    2. Runs great and controls great both on the GamePad and the pro controller. Online is a bit weaker since it’s less people, but that also means less douchebags. :P

      1. Yes, not only PS3/Wii U, PC too…. but PC is tweaked in terms of “graphics”, but again, Wii U is also tweaked aka 2 screens (tv + gamepad = coop).

        90%+ multiplatform games are first made for Xbox 360

  6. Huge fan of Nintendo but I really hope the Wii U fails. The sooner Nintendo gets out of the console business the better.
    Would prefer them to be developing Zelda, Mario, DK, Metroid, etc games for Xbox and PS.
    Hopefully the Wii U is the death of their console business and by the looks of things, we might be in luck.

    1. Im also a huge Nintendo Fan and i think microsoft and sony are the ones that should leave the gaming industry, all they do is beef up there graphics with every new console.

      1. Sure, but I’d prefer Nintendo to be bashing out beautiful worlds full of detail than the ok Twilight Princess and the somewhat awful Skyward Sword.
        Sick of Nintendo being 10 steps ahead of the competition with the things they make popular or create (rumble, motion control, analogue stick, etc) and 20 steps behind with everything else (Internet, graphics, multiplayer, etc).
        Feel like its time for them to be developers and innovators instead of developers, innovators and console developers.

        1. I get your point but I can not agree. Both Sony and Microsoft are pretty dull console makers and if Nintendo went 3rd party way they would have to release their motion controls as gimmic stuff (see PS move and kinnect) which would make it sell very little as Sony and Microsoft do not really support creative idéas at all (again see PS move and kinnect, the later who could’ve became really good) which would mean you still had to buy “another system” to play Nintendo games.

    2. No real fan would say that. Real fans know that the strength of Nintendo’s franchises lies in consoles/handhelds that are built with the same franchises in mind. You’d rather see inferior versions of LoZ, Mario, Metroid, etc on the PS3/360 just so you can cheap out and not buy Nintendo consoles. I’m sorry, but selfish people like you and your ilk make me sick.
      P.S. Wii U consoles selling out everywhere means your wet dream isn’t going to become real anytime soon

      1. Lol at not being a real fan. Whatever. And it hasn’t sold out everywhere.
        There’s plenty of places around the world where you can walk into a store and get one.
        Geez, don’t be so defensive, was just giving my opinion

          1. Aparently there isnt, the Wii made 600,000 its first week of launch, and the WiiU did 400,000

            So either the stock is there and its not selling as well as the wii, or nintendo shipped less.

            1. GameStop had 500k reserves and 250k on call lists. By Friday the 23rd they were already calling people on the call list. Since that time there’s been no explanation or any question as to how only 400k was sold unless Reggie was holding back unconfirmed numbers.

        1. To be fair, coming to a Nintendo fan site and saying Nintendo should go third party is an incredibly trollish thing to do.

          No one goes to apple fansites and tells them to make android phones. At least, they shouldn’t do.

          Of the 3 console makers, Nintendo is the absolute last one that gaming can afford to lose. Microsoft and Sony will always produce consoles that are nigh identical. A couple of exclusives each, to seperate them. But by large, the same. Nintendo are the one willing to take risks or do anything to expand and change gaming.

          You can be disappointed with the Wii U if you like. Thats fine. But suggesting Nintendo leave the hardware business, is a terrible idea. If that happens, everybody loses. Although it will never happen, Nintendo have enough money to not make a profit for over 10 years and still be fine. And the Wii U becomes profitable after 1 game sale. So they’re doing alright.

          1. If going 3rd party is his honest opinion about the best direction for Nintendo, then I don’t see a problem with his stating so on a Nintendo fan site, especially if he considers himself a fan of nintendo

          2. It’s a very valid opinion, actually. If Nintendo was so relevant as you suggest, you’d hear a lot more about them in media and not when they release their 1-2 major releases for the year which is forgotten shortly after while gamers continue to eat up CoD and similar titles. As you can tell, that doesn’t happen anymore. So I guess they really aren’t that big of a deal.

            Also, no, the PS3 and 360 libraries aren’t “identical” in the slightest…just take a look at the difference in exclusives for instance.

            Nintendo could leave the hardware business and focus on software and honestly, nobody but the fans would really care. Gamers however, will finally get Zelda, etc on other platforms while Nintendo could perhaps put fourth even stronger software than ever at a much faster rate.

            tl;dr, Nintendo’s presence as a hardware manufacture is nigh irrelevant.

            1. I think Iwata or some other Nintendo represantive said that if they quit console making, they’d quit game developing too. Don’t remember the source, so don’t take me on the word though.

              1. Trust me they wouldn’t. That’s an absolutely selfish way to “go out” and would do more harm than good to their image.

                Bury all of their decades of work just because they quit making hardware? Surrrrrrrrrrre. I’d say good riddance if they did do that, though. Would prove that they don’t really care about the audience that enjoyed their software.

              2. Nintendo has stated that several times in the past. If their business dies their franchises get buried with them. They said they would never sell their properties to another company.

          1. Bravo for disrespecting retarded people just to further your argument.
            Hopefully you’ll bring black people and gays into the joke too seen as though that’s completely hilarious as well.

    3. Nah feller wii u is here to stay i suggest you play one and realise the error of your comment it is far better than ps3 at the moment it is not as good as xbox but that is only because of the things you can do on xbox live give it a few months and nintendo online will be equal to xbox live that is when it will ne best console on the market.

      1. I have played one and so far I’m far from impressed.
        And all this talk of it being better than PS3 and being as good as Xbox live is purely objective.
        Who knows where the Wii U will be in a few years time.

    4. LOL not exactly a “smart analyst” are we? Nintendo has lost of billions in the bank and 0 debt. There’s even more chances that Sony gets out of the market if the PS4 fail than Nintendo getting out… that would require around 4x virtual boy consecutive fails.

      1. I forgot the part where I said I was a smart analysist or the part where I even mentioned PS4 going under.
        None of that was even the point, the point was I think they’re better innovating and developing, not running consoles.

          1. Hardware is the only way to innovate. It’s possible to create fun new games using a standard non-motion control controller

    5. “Would prefer them to be developing Zelda, Mario, DK, Metroid, etc games for Xbox and PS.”
      ok ok stop right there, if nobody wants to buy those games on the Nintendo console, why on the xbox and ps? they preferred to let those franchise die instead, look at sonic and how he end up.

    6. that’s… a “bit” contradictory aint it? You’re a huge fan of Nintendo yet you want them to develop games for their semi-competition and their latest system to fail?

      1. but if Nintendo stopped making consoles, Sony and M$ would no longer be competition. I kind of agree with his statement. I love Nintendo’s 1st party games, but they are usually the only games worth playing on a Nintendo console (with a few exceptions). I feel like i was tricked with the Wii and i refuse to buy a Wii U until it is proven to have the 3rd party support i enjoy from my others consoles. If I (and many others concerned about 3rd party support on the Wii U) could play Nintendo games without having to pay and extra $300 to do so, I think Nintendo would see a massive increase in software sales.

  7. Fail to reach the top ten? Well no $hit. Last time I checked the Wii U was on sale for 2 days in the UK. What did these idiot analysts expect?

      1. Ha, Vitanic. Vita and titanic, because titanic sank and the bloke with the dodgy haircut didn’t get in the floating door!

  8. Is this really surprising? For a game to make it onto the charts it would effectively account for a system purchase too considering the Wii U only came out earlier this week.

  9. It’s their advertising, I have seen only 4 wii u adverts and they were all on ITV4 during cheers. But watch bbc or sky so not many have seen the adverts. UP YOUR GAME NINTENDO. (Pun not intended)

    1. Its true that Nintendo needs to do MORE advertising(not better, just MORE), but it isnt the advertising that is preventing the games from being in the top 10. It is that the Wii U was released on a Friday, there are only 40,000 consoles sold in all of Europe, and naturally Europe tends to favor Microsoft over Nintendo and Sony….

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  11. lol well the UK is kinda obsessed with COD and Fifa… the other thing is there are only 40,000 people with Wii U consoles in the UK so how would you expect the games for the Wii U to be in the top ten if WAY more people have Xbox 360 and PS3 right now in that country???

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