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Trine 2 Looks Best On Wii U


Tech expects Digital Foundry have conducted a thorough analysis of Wii U eShop game Trine 2. The publication says that the Wii U version of the impressive game offers better image quality than the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 without compromising on the solid frame-rate. Here’s all the technical details.

There are no such problems on the Wii U and 360, which both come with a sharper image that makes the most of the intricate artwork – and isn’t overly blurred. Although the use of FXAA does still result in some smoothing over of fine detail, the soft focus look actually suits the game when the blur isn’t dialled up to extreme levels. Naturally, these concerns are irrelevant on the PC where the use of super-sampling (in combination with FXAA) smoothes over any unwanted jaggies without tampering with the quality of the artwork. In 1080p with 4x SSAA with maximum settings engaged the game is simply gorgeous to look at, with the art design and technical choices working to create a magical visual experience – and there’s NVIDIA 3D Vision support too, which looks beautiful.

The Wii U version also deserves credit, of course. The game not only features many of the graphical upgrades found on the PC, but does so while delivering better image quality than the 360 and PS3 without compromising on the solid frame-rate. The more washed-out image is a concern compared to the darker look of the other versions, but only for those with HDTVs that don’t come with an option to select full or limited range RGB levels over HDMI (usually called HDMI black level), in which changing this setting to low (and lowering the brightness in the game’s menu) solves the problem. However, the bottom line is that we shouldn’t have to work so hard to get the best look from the game and we’re a little surprised that Trine 2 shipped like this – we noted several complaints about the lighting on NeoGAF, but our contention is that the lighting model is absolutely fine, it’s the gamma level that seems significantly skewed. It’s a small blemish in what is a lovely-looking game, and hopefully it’ll be patched up soon.

105 thoughts on “Trine 2 Looks Best On Wii U”

    1. I assumes you’re a troll and I shouldn’t even bother answering you but seriously, “indie shit”?

      Trine is one of the best looking and most innovative gameseries for a long time.
      I’m serious.
      Only a person who hasn’t played Trine can say something bad about it, the games are just perfect. The only downside in Trine2 was that it ended. And then they released a DLC to it, which added six more hours of gameplay.

      Trine is something you have to love. Or at least try, and admit that the game looks absolutely gorgeous, it’s soundtrack is one of the best ones there is and that as a whole it’s a lot better choice of a game than any Skyrim, Call of Duty or Diablo III will ever be.

      1. The Xbox 360 version does look great but… the Wii U version beats it by a mile.

        The lighting effects look better, I noticed some tessellation features where add in the Wii U version and the polygon count is amazing.

        I have Wii U version and I have to say compared to the other consoles there is no contest, Wii U all the way =3

    1. Dishonored and Minecraft maybe…. but Borderlands 2 wont come for Wii U, gearbox said that.

      BTW, minecraft woult be a perfect for Wii U gamepad

    1. Really, a machine that can basically have limitless power has a better looking game?


        1. Actually he was right, so many PC Fans always say “Oh, PC is better than consoles” when we all know “No duh?”.

          Its just annoying

              1. Hardware ofc but developers/publishers are in love with consoles = more money xD… thats why consoles will never die + exclusive games.

        1. what? he said: “expect for PC”…. wow, every moron knows PC is the most powerful aka upgradable as hell and im not bashing NIntendo.

          Im just real…. power is not equal to good game and thats why i will 4ever support Nintendo, Sony and PC aka MS.

  1. Even for an independent game developer, Frozenbyte Games have done an outstanding job in making the Wii U exclusive title Trine 2: Director’s Cut. I hope they’ll continue the Trine tradition for a third game for the U and Steam.

  2. Trine 2 for the Wii U looks f’n amazingly pretty! I bought it and play it on my Wii U so I know. I’m not like others that criticize by just watching YouTube videos…

  3. NeoGAF has almost no credibility now. Theres so much false information, and inaccurate graphical testing thats its not even worth listening to.
    “Black Ops 2 looks worst on the WiiU”
    Except it doesnt, because everyone has said it looks best, out of the consoles.
    And dont get me started on the framerate drop bullshit. Framerate drop is constantly happening in a game. There isnt one game out there that runs at the same frame rate, all the time, and its always unnoticeable, but noticeable framerate drop is so common in games, especially now, its not even wors mentioning. Just a bunch of anal tech “experts”.

        1. oh i see
          i just skimmed the text
          yeah neogaf was never a reliable source for anything if you ask me.. there’s often stuff floating around there that’s actually true but in the vast ocean of complete bullshit over there those snippets are impossible to find or distinguish

    1. You’re absoloutly right! They are completely WRONG about blops 2.

      I will give you the lowdown.I’ve compared xbox 360 to wiiu ver on the same tv
      The game has more vivid colors than other consoles.
      The game can run 2 screens at once even in single player campaign (if you want , in perfect sync.
      The multiplayer is 60fps PERMANENTLY and has absoloutly NO framedrops what so ever and online has noticeably better hit detection due to less users , probably.
      The campaign drops ojn a couple of missions . but here’s the thing. the most busy missions in game eg: Armageddon , run perfectly whilst some of the less intense missions have some small frame drops. It’s not the fault of the wiiu but the rushe codeing of the game.

      They’re fucking idiots. The Game runs at 60FPS as stated by activion and you can see that whilst you’re playing it.

      SO the end result is , on about 25% of campaign missions you may encounter some slight framerate dips, but those aren’t the fault of the console. Because the MUCH more intense missions run perfectly…

      1. Well like i said, no game runs at 60fps permanently, thats just insanity, but the changes arent noticable, thats why NeoGAF/Digital Foundary use a camera to test it, because the human eye cant see it. Am i the only one seeing the irony here?

        1. well it’s not insanity if you have a completely buffed up PC and limited the framerate to 60^^
          but on consoles.. yeah you’ll pretty much have to live with the occassional noticeable framerate drop

          1. No, it happens with every game, no matter the hardware. Unless you’re using a PC and playing an N64 game or something, but even then emulators are always unsophisticated.
            Most PC games have benchmark tests, which shows the framerate, and even on a very good PC, it still fluctuates

            1. yes of course it fluctuates
              what i meant is that if you have a rig that can run any game above 60 fps minimum you’ll never notice any fluctuations if you enable vsync :)
              of course that kind of computer is not exactly cheap to come by

  4. Only the Wii U and Mid to high range computers can run trine 2 directors cut. Unity Engine 4 ( direct X11 equivalent shading and graphics fidelity ) and Unreal Engine 4 run on Wii U, thus we know Trine 2 can Run only on Nintendo’s eighth generation console.

    1. Unreal Engine 4 can run on most things. It’s extremely scalable. It will only be harnessed to it’s full potential on PC. Everything else will be watered down.

            1. Really? This pleases me somewhat greatly. Don’t mind the skepticism, you got a source? I want to read up on it some more :D

    2. Unreal Engine 4 engine is not confirmed for Wii U…. Epic said if someone wants to port UE4 games for Wii U it will be possible but maybe no one wants to do that etc.

      But again, the only confirmed platform for UE4 engine is ofc PC and the first UE4 PC exclusive game is named “Fortnite” – minecraft and team fortress combo and art style graphics.

      1. Therefore the console can run it and therefore it’s confirmed for the console. Seeing as Epic said that you can port Unreal Engine 4 games to the Wii-U if you want to. Isn’t that a choice for the other next-gen consoles, PC, etc. as well?

  5. “thus we know Trine 2 can Run only on Nintendo’s eighth generation console.”
    erm trine 2 has been released on both xbox 360 and ps3
    that’s also mentioned in the article

      1. same engine
        you could most certainly make trine 2 directors cut run on xbox 360/ps3 if you scaled it down as much as the one that has already been released

    1. all of the ports ive played so far(mass effect 3, batman arkham city, and assassins creed 3) looks and run better on the wii u than they did on the 360, which generally runs games more stablely than the ps3. a lot of negative things people have been saying are just flat out wrong, and when i have my skeptic friends try the system, they’re always supprised bye how wrong a lot of people are.

      1. well i did hear from many sources that the framerates in mass effect 3 are apparently very unstable when compared to the xbox 360 version
        but from a rushed port to rake in some coin you can’t expect anything better i guess

        1. Unstable? I heard it runs pretty smoothly, as smoothly as the 360 version at least, for the most part. There is one area where the FPS goes WAY down but, other than that, it runs like a dream. For a rushed port made in less than a year by a B-team who more than likely didn’t have enough time to rework the coding due to the Wii-U’s lower clock speed, that’s pretty good. The biggest offender would be Batman: Arkham City, as far as FPS and FPS tearing goes.

            1. no that’s not the reason.. the reason is that UE4 was released only a few months ago

              there’s indie games that use UE3
              there will in time also be indie games that use UE4, once epic offers the appropriate licenses

              developers can create their game with UE3 for free (or a small fee at most) but have to pay a percentage of their earnings to epic
              i am sure epic will introduce the same licensing model with the UE4 in time, if they haven’t already

      1. Its not overrated…. i mean, there are many UE1 – UE3 engine games aka one of the best games ever made, so, its not really overrated.

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  7. I knew the Wii U was going to have the best looking version of this game months ago. I saw some screenshots from the Wii U version and they looked almost identical to the PC version. A very good preliminary showing of the Wii U’s power. Leave luck to heaven.

  8. Nice to see some updates coming for this game, from a developer who listens!!! “Worth of note is that the game actually has a dynamic resolution scaling feature on PS3 and Xbox 360 to keep a steady 30 frames per second. This shows in some levels (e.g. the 11th level Icewarden Keep has a scene in the beginning where this is somewhat visible, if I remember right). On Wii U the resolution is 720p solid.

    Just to be clear, we will indeed be updating the “washed out” look. The observation about gamma level is correct, as there was a bug in the game that applied excessive gamma to the final output. It went unnoticed until release but we have now fixed it. So the game will soon look even better (similar in colour to the other versions). We’re estimating a mid-December release for the update, give or take a few days, and it will also include support for Wii U Pro Controller, Voice Chat, some languages, and some minor things.”

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