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New Super Mario Bros. 2 Coin Challenge Pack C And Platform Panic Pack Footage

Two new downloadable Coin Rush course packs are now available for purchase in New Super Mario Bros. 2 for Nintendo 3DS. Coin Challenge Pack C and the Platform Panic Pack can be purchased for $2.50 each from New Super Mario Bros. 2’s in-game shop.

33 thoughts on “New Super Mario Bros. 2 Coin Challenge Pack C And Platform Panic Pack Footage”

    1. it doesnt “suck” you dont like it and i can respect that but you have to admit its a title that a lot of people can and do enjoy and it doesnt suck for everyone.

      1. No, I reckon it’s sucks, which is my opinion. You don’t reckon it does, which is your opinion. I NEVER said it sucks for everyone, I just said that I believe it sucked.

    2. I will agree with jellybean.This game is 90% gimmick.You people don’t know yet that Nintendo now days is not the same that used to be back in the 80’s and 90’s.The current Nintendo is a company wich steals your money by making weak consoles,broken promises (they said that wiiU is 50% more powerfull and it’s not.It’s worse,it’s the same with ps3),the Nintendo 3DS should have been more powerfull than Wii so that they could bring the hardcore gamers too,Nintendo should have waited before they show the wiiU but they did the worst.People we are in 2012 and in 4-5 weaks we will be on 2013,things have been changed a lot and people are now trying more and more to trick you!Nintendo WAS a great game company.Now Nintendo is current history….unless if they give up on making consoles and become a party support.I am not trolling ,but i am trying to awake you from this madness.You must show to that company that you are not excited from their product!I would love to buy a wiiU just to play games like Mario on HD,starfox,zelda e.t.c but i can’t afford myself to give money for a current generation console with power same with ps3.Nintendo has disspointed me again.I wish i could do something for them but buisness men today are so idiots.If i had Nintendo i wouldn’t care about money but the gamer,my company’s reputation!But what happens now is SHIT,lies,broken promises (like politicians lol),humiliation,dissapontment and tricks.I would advice you to stop buying those products so that you can show to Nintendo that you are not impressed by their product.
      If you have anything to say about my opinion leave a comment,but if not then ignore my comment.

      1. Have you even got a wii u? Dipshit. It’s awesome. PS3 graphics are great and i’d say wii u was better. If they made it higher specs it would cost a lot more, remember that the console comes with a high quality controller.

      2. Well, 3DS games usually looks better than Wii games. Besides, Nintendo isn’t stealing money if you give it to them by own will. But with that mentality, I guess I “steal” my salary from the company every month.

      3. Post idiotic comments else where. Wii U supports Unreal Engine 4, PS3 and Xbox 360 cannot. Direct X11 equivalent rendering; now go crow under the xbox rock in Seattle bill gates.

    3. Whereas I don’t feel the same, and I enjoy NSMB2 to some degree, I am getting bored with the formula.
      That’s one of the reasons I bought Sticker Star. Dispite a few bad reviews, it is so much fun to play a Mario game with a different formula and style than NSMB.

    1. Definitely not. I had finished the game and never wanted to played it again. :\ However, I’m deeply enjoying NSMBU. :P

  1. Here’s some DLC Nintendo, how about a fuckin alternate soundtrack? This clip with the songs make me wanna cringe everytime I hear those 2 songs, this is the first Mario title where I have the volume on mute. They should pay tribute to past soundtracks from SMB 1-3,World,SM64, and Sunshine atleast.

    1. I was half expecting for the Classics Pack to have at least the original theme, or a revamped one, but nooooooooooo.

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