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European Wii U eShop Restricts 18 Plus Rated Content During The Daytime


You can not view 18+ content on the European Wii U eShop before 11pm each day. If you attempt to view 18 rated content during the day you’re greeted with the following message, “You cannot view this content. The times during which this content can be viewed have been restricted.” A representative from Nintendo Italy had this to say on the matter

“As an additional precaution to make sure that minors cannot access content which is inappropriate for their age.”

“Nintendo has always aimed to offer gameplay experiences suited to all age groups, observing carefully all the relevant regulations regarding content access that are present in the various European countries.”

66 thoughts on “European Wii U eShop Restricts 18 Plus Rated Content During The Daytime”

  1. Ok I get the Idea behind restricting 18+ content; But why is it only avalible after 11pm? that seems silly. We have a watershed at 9pm , why not make it so that the restriction coincide with that? Not every over 18 wants to sit up till late just to buy a game.

    1. Why the fuck can it not tell if you’re 18 ? and lock it out with parental controlls ? Isn’t that what the ID is for ?

      Love Nintendo , but that is another niggle in their system. You have different accounts, so why can’t it detect which account and ID is using the e-shop ?

      1. What does view mean anyway? Can i still download 18 year old games before fucking 11pm ? sigh….. I want to go ZombiU cricket bat style on Nintendo Europe and UK. First Assassins creed 3 is £55 on the e-shop , now this ? Do they even have a clue what they are doing ?

  2. WTF Nintendo? Are you serious? Actually this wouldn’t effect much considering there is not much of 18+ content for wii u but this is really stupid you are not parents of those children you don’t have to protect them.

  3. At least the content is still accessible at all. It’s not like it’s permanently blocked.

    I guess a lot of narcoleptic people will be complaining soon enough… first-world problems I guess.

  4. What about the people that don’t have children? They just have to wait ’til night before they can buy a game? This should just be a part of the parental control (?) and make a password for the 18+ content.

  5. This is absolutely ridiculous. Nintendo should give pause before designing a solution to a problem that scarcely exists. Now the majority of Wii-U owners, who are older than 18 years of age, have to suffer because of this poorly thought-out decision.

    1. This. I mean, was this REALLY the best solution they could find? And they already have parental control! I mean… COME ON! Soon it’ll be “you can only purchase 18+ games on February 29th if the sun and the moon make an eclipse and between 11-12 p.m.”

  6. i love nintendo, but this is so stupid
    oh no.. a 13year old could look at trailers or purchase 18rated content
    but theres so much blood in them, that’s horrible…

    sigh get over it, it’s just a video game, who cares
    i dont even have kids and i want to be able to download/view content whenever i feel like it

    you know actually all of this is the fault of dumb parents… trying to “protect” their children from playing violent video games, or from preventing their 14+ year old kids from watching porn

    “oh no… if my son plays these violent video games.. i think it’ll affect his life.. i have to protect him”
    “oh no.. my 14 year old son/daughter mastrubates to porn……. that’s so horrible”

    get the fk over it, you know what time we’re living in?
    also there are so many parental controls in Nintendo systems, so whats the problem anyway?

    at least we can play our (downloaded) games whenever we want to..

      1. 1. No it isn’t.
        2. Even if it were illegal that wouldn’t make it wrong. A law doesn’t define what’s right and wrong. It only dictates what’s legal and illegal.

  7. I agree that 11pm is too late. What about people who y’know, have to get up for work the next morning?

    I’d say restricting it to 9pm (the same as TV in the UK) or maybe 10pm at a push, would be much better.

      1. PR reps make stuff up as they go. I know, because I used to work in that sector myself.

        If it’s not a bug, then it’s a little strange that it’s Europe only, and it’s even more strange that they place an advert for Zombi U on the front page of the eShop. I don’t think that would be there if this restriction was out of genuine concern.

        1. Furthermore, you can access Zombi U’s Miiverse community at any time of the day, where people are free to post screenshots of the game.

          If there was a concern, then I would think that that would be blocked in the same way.

        2. There are restrictions in Europe that prevent adult content from being viewed on TV until the night. Nintendo in Europe seem to be following this, though I don’t know how a video game console falls under television watershed restrictions.

    1. No , it’s because some of us are over 18…… It means We can’t watch shit before 11pm even though were adults. It affects the adfults more than it does kids…

      I can’t download M rated content till after 11pm. And that sucks. What if I want to go to bed early one night and download an M rated game ?

      I guess buying retail games physically solves the issue…

  8. Not really happy on the times they’ve got there. I’m a working man. Up for work in the early hours of the morning means I’m usually in bed earlier.

  9. As an American it’s easy to think WTF Nintendo Italy, but I’m sure the rest of the world isn’t always as accepting about gratuitousness violence and gore like we are. Australia is the same way. I think this system is to keep the Mature rated media on the e-shop locked for the youth.

  10. FYI guys, this is eShop content only.
    I know it still sucks, but you can still use the internet, youtube, amazon video… Etc…

  11. It isn’t really THAT much of an inconvenience. Worst case scenario, if you want a game download that badly, set an alarm to wake yourself up to download it. Otherwise get yourself to a store. Sure, they could have handled it better, but people are losing their cool over nothing.

  12. I agree that this isn’t really that big of a deal. It’s. JUST eshop. How often do you guys even buy games online? If you’re that concerned about buying a game during the day, go to the store and get it.

  13. well I can understand why Nintendo doing it after all those complains from sh*tty parents about video game. The same parents who believe video game make their kids violent is not a surprise after all.

    At the end of the day, don’t blame Nintendo but more the lazy parents and grand parents. Who let their kids doing what they like because they can’t be asked to take care of them and check what they doing but then complaint about the material they are playing despite, the rating of the game clearly display on the front of the game.

    Which fault is it? Nintendo or the lazy parents? You want this restriction to be lifted then complain to Nintendo about it and do it in number. for me i don’t give a damn about this restriction i don’t have kids and if I want a game i buy the physical content.

    At the end Nintendo try to make it good but will lose market share.

  14. Do people read the articles and just not get it. If your old enough to view that material you can do it without any issues. I don’t recall the article saying it prohibits you from playing those games already downloaded. Also if your age isn’t set when you create your nintendo id that’s on you because why would someone betwenn the ages of 21 and up use a lower age unlessssssss there a child molester.

  15. Lol Nintendo of Europe. The same guys responsible for removing the game corner in pokemon games. They may have done good on themselves by actually releasing Xenoblade, but they’ve got a long way to go.

    Meanwhile, Nintendo of Japan is on top of the game as usual. Nintendo of America at least treats its customers like reliable people.

  16. Is the restriction based on server side time data or client (console) side time data ?

    If it’s server side, does it take into account the geographic location of the console and make an adjustment or does it just take 11pm to be local time of the server ?

    This could be absolutely pointless if it’s plain server side or client side, given that 11pm somewhere in Europe isn’t necessarily going to be 11pm Eastern Australia time. Similarly if Nintendo is relying on the time data of the console, then changing that will allow access.

    What time does the restriction stop ? 11pm to ??

  17. This is what you get for being socialist europe. Anyone blaming this on nintendo is stupid. Blame their elected officials for deciding they have the power to regulate what your children should be exposed to and when

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  19. Wow I’m really impressed with Nintendo. They actually think and care about the kids. But I think it’d be better if they had parental controls or something because this is neglecting mature gamers. Haha but y’all tripping y’all know you will still love Nintendo!

    1. They have Parental Controls aswell xD

      Nintendo, doing everything to make sure your kids grow up, playing the proper games.

  20. I am going to go against the stream and tell you that I approve of this. Yes I actually do. Yes, this creates some problems but overall it is a good thing considering how parents do not even know there is parental control on the games (or that you can WATCH your kid play). If I was a parent I would ofcourse use Parent Control for my kids to a certain point (I would not want my future 3 year old kid to play an 18+ game without me or another grown up watching over them). Even though I would do so I know many parents are not gamers themselves and see the little box as a babysitter and this will clearly please them.

    The negative thing is that one has to sit up until 11 to wait to buy a game. But this is so little compared to the things it fixes.

    1. If parents don’t watch there child play games, or know if there is parental control, then i’m pretty sure they don’t give a damn what their child does on there console. Their is no excuse, Nintendo are just being Nintendo, i don’t have a Wii U and at this rate i probably won’t even buy one. I most likely won’t buy another Nintendo console.

  21. These things on Nintendo are the things that I don’t like and will never like: that they are trying so much to appeal to kids and conservative parents. This is absolutely stupid to make something like this

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