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Nintendo Deluxe Digital Promotion Now Live

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Nintendo is now letting Premium 32GB Wii U owners log into the Nintendo Deluxe Digital website where you can earn 10% back on games and content downloaded within the Wii U eShop. You just need to log in using your Nintendo Network ID and the password that you set. The points that you’ve exchanged can then be used as credit against other eShop titles and downloadable content. You cannot participate in this promotion until the day after you purchase games and content at the Nintendo eShop.

40 thoughts on “Nintendo Deluxe Digital Promotion Now Live”

    1. Haha! Already downloaded all of the Indie Games I wanted from there. XD

      Other than those, I have New Super Mario Bros. U, Nintendo Land, and Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed in boxed packaging.

      Also, did you guys know that Hori already had products for the Wii U? I just saw them selling on GameStop’s website, so I bought the screen protector for the GamePad the second I saw it. Shit is legit. :o

      1. You’ve made an excellent point. The next time I get paid, I’m gonna purchase Nano Assault Neo and Trine 2: Director’s Cut. Oh… and BTW, I’ve seen the updated top 20 Wii U games from the eShop and guess who’s #1? Spoiler Alert!: It’s from Shin’en Games.

      2. I slapped on the Hori Screen Protector November 26th after great success with the one for my 3DS XL. Gotta get those babies on there before using any touch screen too much!

    1. I’d think it’d count, if it doesn’t I’d email Nintendo. Try logging in. I tried to login, but then again I haven’t made a purchase yet (plan to within the week!). I wasn’t delaying for any reason besides not having the cash ready for this after purchasing the system and a game.

      1. Yeah, they show on mine perfectly fine too.

        Remember to use the same NNID that is registered on your Wii U that has your Nintendo eShop purchases. Your NNID is the 16-character username and password registered with your Wii U User Account from the system’s initial setup process (or User Settings if you didn’t register one from the beginning).

  1. when is the basic owners goin to be part of an promotion?will nintendo release something similar to playstation plus?

    1. I’m guessing when DDP expires on December 2014, but I really want to say that by then we’ll have real Wii U eShop sales and won’t need the promotion any longer.

      To tell you the truth, I highly doubt Nintendo would ever do something like PlayStation Plus because they prefer allowing all consumers to access their online content for free (with the exception of paid services like Netflix, Hulu Plus, and Amazon Instant Video).

      The Wii U and Nintendo 3DS eShop services are both getting updates to make them very flexible (comparable to Steam—but maybe even more flexible than that service, hopefully). What we can hope for is faster updates to content, more indie game developers jumping on the bandwagon, and more sales for content.

      It also wouldn’t hurt to get new game updates throughout the week instead of only once a week. Each Sunday we could get a detailed list of new downloadable software made available at the Nintendo eShop, and we could all be happy once again.

      Besides that, I just want Jessie Cantrell to come to the Wii U eShop with the Nintendo Show. I love watching the show because she’s hilarious and a REAL Nintendo fan. Not some random host that they picked off the streets. >.>

  2. Eh…. Rather keep my ps+ that pays for itself in 1-2 months. Then it’s just nothing but cash I get to keep in my pocket.

  3. My deluxe set is already bought. should be here tomorrow if not some time next week. PLEASE BE TOMORROW. but i think I’ll be missing one or two of the three games on my list :(

  4. For those of you looking to save with your Deluxe Set—DOWNLOAD YOUR GAMES INSTEAD OF BUYING THEM AT RETAIL.

    I just did some recent calculations, and came across a REALLY startling number here.

    At the location I live at, I don’t receive any tax on items purchased from the Nintendo eShop. In other words, it’s a “what you see is what ya get” price for me each time I download a new game. If a game is $59.99, I get it for exactly that amount instead of having to pay taxes like I would at GameStop.

    Ready to hear about the scary part? ‘Kay then.

    In the course of two years (December 2014), let’s say you buy 20 Wii U Retail Games and that they were all $59.99 (just making an example here). Then, you also downloaded 30 Wii U Download Games that were all $9.99. Here are your savings when you buy from the Wii U eShop instead of Retail (and I draw some comparisons to tax figures I would pay at retail based on my location).

    If you buy your full games at retailers:
    $59.99 x 20 = $1199.80 x 0.06 (tax) = $71.99 + $1199.80 = $1271.79

    If you buy your full games from the eShop (and get taxed for them):
    $1271.97 / $50.00 = 25.4 x 5 = $127.00 (credited back to your account from DDP)
    ^ This means that you ACTUALLY spend a total of $1144.97, with $127.00 saved towards future purchases.

    If you buy your full games from the eShop (and don’t get taxed for them):
    $1199.80 / $50.00 = 24 x 5 = $120 (credited back to your account from DDP)
    ^ This means that you ACTUALLY spend a total of $1079.80, with $120 saved towards future purchases.

    If you can’t do the math, that’s nearly $200 in savings. We don’t stop there, folks.

    If you buy your indie games from the eShop (and get taxed for them):
    $9.99 x 10 = $99.99 x 0.6 = $6 + $99.99 = $105.99 / $50.00 = 2 x 5 = $10.00 (credited back to your account from DDP)
    ^ This means that you ACTUALLY spend a total of $95.99, with $10 saved towards future purchases.

    If you buy your indie games from the eShop (and don’t get taxed for them)
    $9.99 x 10 = $99.99 / $50.00 = 2 x 5 = $10.00 (credited back to your account from DDP)
    ^ This means that you ACTUALLY spend a total of $89.99, with $10 saved towards future purchases.

    Now, to tally up everything:

    Buying Games at Retail (getting taxed for Indie at eShop) = $1367.78
    Buying Games at Retail (not getting taxed for Indie at eShop) = $1361.78


    Buying Games from the eShop (getting taxed) = $1240.96
    Buying Games from the eShop (not getting taxed) = $1168.79

    This actually kept me from sleeping last night. I’m still buying my games from retail because I love packaged games and no matter how much I try to move onto downloadable versions of them, I just can’t do it because it doesn’t feel “right” at this moment.

    Please feel free to leave me your thoughts, though. :3

    1. Correction to my post—

      Act like you downloaded 10 Indie games. Stupid me put 30 instead of 10 in the example text.

    2. Good break down, just need to consider the fact that retail games bought physically can be sold or traded-in to counter the cost of future games. I know not everyone trades or sells their games, but it definitely is the advantage to buying brick and mortar.

    3. That’s why you wait for sales like buy 2 get 3rd free or buy 1 and 2nd with 50% off.

      I will always buy physical, love opening a brand new game and give a quick view to the booklet :).

    4. In Europe it’s a load of SHIT. Assassins creed is £45 in the shop and £55 in the eshop. So the deluxe thing is completely irrelivant in Europe apart from indie games :(

      1. Hey Nintedward, greetings!! I’ve just found your american counterpart who used your ID on NNID of course! I asked him if he was you and still hasn’t answered. By the way, I added you to my 3ds long time ago and it’s still waiting 4 your response. It’d be great to have a UK pen pal!! What do you say?

    5. You guy’s might think i’m lying when i say this,
      But i live in qatar,In the middle east and yesterday
      i went to check the prices of our Wii U games,
      And i swear to god. Call of Duty Wii U was priced at 250 riyal
      which is the equivalent of 68.6719 USD,But that’s nothing.

      The WiiU is priced at 2,559 riyal,Which is the equivalent of ” 714.188 USD ” !!!
      I can take a picture if you want from the store itself,And you can go to a
      currency converter and exchange it yourself! haha.

      1. Kybalion (NNID: Miisrael)

        same here @ Mexico dude, official prices are so high and exagerate!!! even though we’re neighbors to USA. (sorry for my unpolished english)

  5. When I was on the site and I tried to register mine. It said service wasn’t available. But I could redeem it when it opened.

  6. I’ve been seeing Deluxe editions in stock at retailers, I’m very excited. Can’t get one quite yet, but at least I know I can find one

  7. Kybalion (NNID: Miisrael)

    Help me guys! I’ve tried several times and the page doesn’t accept my NNID. What am I doing wrong? My password is confirmed but there seems to be a problem with my ID, wich is: Miisrael. Please reply.

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