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NPD: Nintendo Sells More Than 1.75 Million Hardware Units in November


Strong sales on Black Friday and the arrival of Wii U helped Nintendo sell more than 1.75 million total hardware units in the United States in November, according to the NPD Group. This includes nearly 910,000 units of portable hardware and more than 845,000 home console units. November 2012 marks the 36th time that Nintendo has sold more than 1 million hardware units in one month in the United States since 2004.

“The groundbreaking Wii U, the continued strength of Nintendo 3DS and the enduring appeal of Wii and Nintendo DS drove momentum on Black Friday and through November. Wii U is off to a tremendous start in the United States, is essentially sold out at retail and has cemented its status as the ‘must-have’ product this holiday season.”

– Scott Moffitt, Nintendo of America’s executive vice president of Sales & Marketing.

  • Wii U: Following its launch on Nov. 18 and with only seven days of sales captured in the data, Wii U sold more than 425,000 units, nearly matching the Wii system’s first-week total of 475,000. On the software front, New Super Mario Bros. U sold more than 243,000 units, an attach rate of nearly 60 percent.
  • Nintendo 3DS: The platform kicked off its second holiday season by selling nearly 540,000 units and has now sold nearly 6.5 million units life to date. Additionally, Mario Kart 7 became the second Nintendo 3DS game to cross 2 million units sold in the U.S.
  • Wii: In its seventh November, Wii sold 420,000 units and has now sold more than 40 million units in the United States alone.
  • Nintendo DS: In its 97th month overall, Nintendo DS sold more than 370,000 units and will cross 53 million units sold life to date in the next few days.

28 thoughts on “NPD: Nintendo Sells More Than 1.75 Million Hardware Units in November”

  1. I feel sorry for those who bought a Xbox 360 or Playstation VITA/PS3 on Black Friday. Their asses missed out on buying a system with some years!

      1. Hopefully,but it just seems like no matter what sony does with the vita,it will never sell.For LBP,it barely bumped the vita’s sales.For the great vita bundles,it sold a lot,but the amount that the 3ds sells daily in japan.Weird :|

        1. Well, EB Games in Australia will be selling one for $198 AUD soon for a 24 hour online sale (Everyone is shocked by that Price). I bought mine for $350. Kinda wish I waited. But honestly, it just comes down to Sony and their marketing team. In other words, THEY NEED A NEW ONE!

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      1. Well, considering the NDS is an entire generation older than the Vita and that the NDS has already sold more than 150 million units in it’s lifetime, you’d expect there to be more demand for the handheld that is newer and that hasn’t penetrated the market as much.

        Price doesn’t have as much to do with it. I can say that with confidence because the 360 sold much more than the Wii this month and IT’S cheaper.

          1. Note I said “as much.” I’m not saying price doesn’t make a difference at all. It certainly does. It’s just not likely the NDS outsold the Vita simply because it was cheaper.

            1. No the price makes a significant difference, especially in the US where the economy is turning to shit. Parents more than likely would of gotten one for their young children (or they didn’t realize the difference between the 3DS and DS, and yes, it does happen!)

              1. If that were the case to the point of making a significant difference, how come the 3DS sold more than the NDS? It’s more expensive, isn’t it? Plus, the 3DS is cheaper than the Vita… why would a significant number of people in the hand-held market who couldn’t afford a Vita go straight to the NDS when the 3DS is quite a bit cheaper as well. In fact, the 3DS isn’t that much more expensive than a DSi.

                And yeah, some parents buying game systems for their children do make mistakes, but there’s NO way it would happen thousands of times in a single month. Not to mention, there’s no reason why all of the erroneous purchases would ONLY be the scenario of mistakenly buying a NDS instead of a 3DS. The inverse scenario (i.e. mistakenly buying a 3DS instead of a NDS) could happen just as easily and WOULD happen just as often.

                In other words, EVEN IF there were an inordinate amount of these clueless parents, the sales figures wouldn’t be significantly skewed because the numbers skewed in one direction would be offset by the numbers in the opposite direction by the inverse scenario. Obviously, it’s highly unlikely an equal amount of people would the mistake for each of the given scenarios so they wouldn’t completely offset and the numbers WOULD lean in one direction or the other, but only to a small degree.

                Nevertheless, that’s for the completely hypothetical situation that if there were a notable amount of erroneous purchases. In a realistic context, where the frequency of something like that happening is negligible, the figures would be skewed even less.

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