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Rayman Legends Coming To UK In March, Demo Coming Next Week


Following the earlier announcement that Rayman Legends will be released in North America on February 28th, Ubisoft has announced that the game will be arriving in the UK on March 1st. Ubisoft also revealed that the long-awaited demo for the game will be released on Wii U on December 13th.

19 thoughts on “Rayman Legends Coming To UK In March, Demo Coming Next Week”

  1. So I can download the demo i Norway? :D
    I don’t know if i want this game, but the demo might change my mind ^^

  2. Rayman Legends , Pikmin 3 , Monster Hunter Ultimate , Wonderfull 101. The forseeable killer apps on wiiu.

    When I went to play the wiiu for the first time at Play Expo, I was absoloutly blown away by Rayman legends! The gameplay and graphics are on a new level. That game actually looks ”next gen” graphically for a 2d game. You have to see it to know what I mean….

    1. This

      I normally dont care for graphics, but this game has some of the most beautiful graphics ive seen on a home console period.

      1. Yeah , it’s all super high rez detail , everything individually has Bloom lighting or some crazy stuff atached to it. It looks really different from what are eyes are used to with Ps3 , 360 , even wii level graphics.

        There is something funky going on with those graphics. Whether it’s DX blah blah , gpgpu this that and the other……

    2. Hey, hey, hey now…don’t forget about my lovely Bayonetta! ;o

      You guys are so lucky. I hope we get the demo next week too. :c

  3. Now when you say Demo coming next week, do you mean that for both US and Uk??? Cause Nintendo said they will be releasing the ZombiU demo before the 15th, and it is every Thursday that they update the eShop with new products and stuff, so maybe we’ll get two demos next week!!!


          *Goes to his countdown clocks and marks off two days.* 83 days left. 8)

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