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Mass Effect Trilogy Headed To Wii U?

mass_effect_trilogyAlthough Mass Effect Trilogy hasn’t been announced for Wii U, the collection has a possibility of releasing on Nintendo’s new console. So far, BioWare didn’t confirm whether the game will eventually come to Wii U; however, the developer says, “Never Say Never,” on the matter.

Mass Effect Trilogy includes all titles in the Mass Effect series to date, costs $59.99 and is available for purchase on PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC.

For comparison’s sake, Wii U owners can purchase one title in the series – Mass Effect 3: Special Edition – for $59.99.

GS: What is BioWare’s plan regarding the Wii U? Mass Effect 3 was released onto it but fans were surprised to learn DLC, like Omega or Leviathan, wouldn’t be available for it. Are there plans for the first two games to be released onto Wii U as well as DLC?

BioWare: We have a terrific company in Australia [Straight Right] who did a good job putting Mass Effect 3 on Wii U. Again, I can’t really comment on rumored speculation about the game or the franchise. Wii U is a console we feel is really cool and that more Mass Effect would look great on it, so we do have plans for Wii U but nothing to announce at this moment.

GS: You guys said a similar thing when asked about a Mass Effect Trilogy for PS3 before you announced it.

BioWare: Yes we did, and look what happened. As we like to tell people on Twitter, “Never Say Never.” The same can be said about the Mass Effect Trilogy for Wii U. Never Say Never.

31 thoughts on “Mass Effect Trilogy Headed To Wii U?”

  1. Well hell, I’ll be damned if this wasn’t practically a concession that Mass Effect Trilogy for Wii U will happen.

  2. If is like the trilogy on ps3 i will say no thanks i like how mass effect turned out on wiiu i would not like an even more rushed Portugal after all it was lucky that masa effect turna out good whit suculento limited time.Bioware limes the wiiu but ea dont and unless some else takes care of them they cant do theyr best for the console.

  3. I will buy mass effect in Wii u only when a. Trilogy and DLC are coming to he system. I don’t want a watered down version of my games. And use the game pad propelling aka real life omni tool. Weapons mods like ghost recon. Live communicator live during game plate with commander n ship crew or illusion man aka your actual personal computer .

    1. Mass Effect 3 Special Edition isn’t watered down. It’s the full game without some of the DLC. The GamePad use is helpful with a map with enemies on it and a shortcut to powers.

        1. I played mass effect 3 Wii U and they did make everything good out of that controller. However I highly recommend playing the Trilogy because the interactive comic system doesn’t cover ALL the choices in the game, you would be stuck with a random decisions you probably didn’t want.

  4. I would assume the main reason they haven’t officially announced the Trilogy or the DLC for the Wii U is because they basically have to remake the games from the ground up to truly get the right feel for the Wii U controller. They don’t want to release some watered down version of it. I mean, the fact that they included From Ashes and Extended Cut in Mass Effect 3 totally means they are more than up to the idea. Just a matter of time.

  5. personal opinion, even if I dont own a wii U, bioware has nothing to loose… And its a great game that did few sales in the past (mass effect 1 and mass effect 2)… And trust me.. THEY ARE GREAT GAMES.. I love them. Mass effect 1 and mass effect 2 is a must buy..

    I still remember the ancient temples in mass effect 1… And I want to play it again…. 1-2 IS much more superior than the last one…

    1. just some extra… In mass effect 1-2, you could do so many stuff, without doing any missions!!! SO many stuff.. farming for money, buying new techs, romance, exploring…. Mass effect 3, for me it was dry and much more simplified.

  6. If they announce a Trilogy. I’ll buy it as long as it comes out priced the same as the PS3 version. 360 version is 29.99 in most stores here. So I aint gonna be paying 49.99 like they want for 3 on Wii U

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  9. I’ve never played these games but it looks kinda cool. I was considering getting ME3 for Wii U. I’ll probs wait now to see if they do release the trilogy. Do you guys recommend getting it? (Getting ME3 if the trilogy doesn’t come out, too)

  10. I will definitely buy the Trilogy. All the Mass Effect games are great. They each have their own problems, but the adventure is a amazing roller coaster.

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