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Only One Nintendo Title Wins At The 2012 Video Game Awards

Xenoblade_Chronicles_charactersThe winners of this year’s Video Game Awards were announced yesterday. Only one Nintendo title – New Super Mario Bros. U – won an award, which was for best Wii/Wii U game of 2012. Half-Life 2 was crowned Game of the Decade and triumphed over Nintendo contenders The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker and Wii Sports.

Here’s the full list of this year’s Video Game Awards winners:

  • Game of the Year: The Walking Dead: The Game
  • Studio of the Year: Telltale Games
  • Best Xbox 360 Game: Halo 4
  • Best PlayStation 3 Game: Journey
  • Best Wii/Wii U Game: New Super Mario Bros. U
  • Best PC Game: XCOM: Enemy Unknown
  • Best Shooter: Borderlands 2
  • Best Action/Adventure Game: Dishonored
  • Best RPG: Mass Effect 3
  • Best Multiplayer Game: Borderlands 2
  • Best Individual Sports Game: SSX
  • Best Team Sports Game: NBA 2K13
  • Best Driving Game: Need for Speed Most Wanted
  • Best Song in a Game: “Cities” by Beck (Sound Shapes)
  • Best Original Score: Journey
  • Best Graphics: Halo 4
  • Best Independent Game: Journey
  • Best Fighting Game: Persona 4 Arena
  • Best Handheld/Mobile Game: Sound Shapes
  • Best Performance by a Human Female: Melissa Hutchinson as Clementine (The Walking Dead: The Game)
  • Best Performance by a Human Male: Dameon Clarke as Handsome Jack (Borderlands 2)
  • Best Adapted Video Game: The Walking Dead: The Game
  • Best DLC: Dawnguard (The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim)
  • Best Downloadable Game: The Walking Dead: The Game
  • Best Social Game: You Don’t Know Jack

238 thoughts on “Only One Nintendo Title Wins At The 2012 Video Game Awards”

            1. No it doesn’t. Wind waketr sire is the best LoZ on gsmecube, maybe better then the wii ones bit never better the Galaxy
              Galaxy is the most critically appraised game ever. Beating ocarina of time finally.

                1. True. I mean I’m sure Half-Life 2 is a good game.BBuBut not game of the freaking decade. Plus…really? Wii sports.

                  1. its definitely not game of the decade, we have all of the halo games then we have all of the elder scrolls games, zelda games, 3D mario games(sunshine and galaxy)…

                    1. EXACTLY what I’m saying! Its not a bad game, but it hasn’t really done that much to deserve it compared to a lot of other titles.

                    2. Xbox+Nintendo+Playstation are all WIN so shut up people who r biast

                      Just play half-life 2, youll see why its so good

                  2. Ummm…..No. Have you played Half-Life 2? Clearly not. It definitely deserves game of the decade more then Wind Waker. While I personally think Portal 1 or 2 should’ve won, to say it doesn’t deserve it at all clearly come from someone that hasnt played it

              1. I’m surprised Metroid Prime wasn’t nominated. I think it won an award on the first video game awards for the best game from a new studio.

                1. Prime wins in my book. Amazing gameplay, beautiful locations, spectacular music, and the best part is the story…. NONE!!!
                  Also note that at the end of Metroid Prime with all upgrades Samus is the ultimate power in the universe. No other character in video games or comics or movies could take her out.

    1. I don’t know why wii sports was on there. Half Life 2 desrved it. When it came out, many many maaaaaaaaaaaany people talked about how amazing the game was and how they couldn’t wait for Half-Life 3 (Fucking 7 years now -_________________-…) It was big for a good number of years after it was released. Wind waker was a good game but it wasn’t really THAT big. It wasn’t being talked about a lot. I’m surprised that “Super Smash Bros Melee” and “Super Mario Sunshine” weren’t nominated for game of the decade. Those games were also big and were being spread around from everybody. Ah well

      1. I agree I really thought “Smash Bros” was going to be on that list. If it was I would of voted for that instead of Half-Life 2. I wasn’t really a Wind Waker fan I prefer the classic top down Zelda’s.

      2. *Ahem*

        Take of your “T3h H@rDc0R3” glasses for a minute.

        Wii Sports is one of the greatest games of all time. It got everyone who wasn’t a gamer from 4-90 years old competitively playing together. It is now the highest selling game of all time. It brought the new generation of motion control and brought gaming to a social level.

        Half Life is for nerds with Half-a-life living in grannies’ basement.

  1. Yeah, but that really isnt surprising, its more western video game awards anyway, besides, I’m just happy the smaller Dev teams kicked ass this year! :D

      1. Mass Effect games are RPGs. What’s so absurd about that? The same way Borderlands games are RPGs. They might not be your regular wizards and warriors, swords and magic – RPGs, but they’re RPGs nonetheless.

        1. I kinda agree with him/her but not because its not all wizards and knight. I feel that RPG’s should be Turnbase or at least like tales. A shooter with RPG elements is still a shooter.

          I do understand what you mean though, at the end of the day, ME is still an RPG.

        2. add 2 stats and half a dozen skills you can pick from to a game and all of a sudden its an RPG? what’s next? bioshock 2 being declared as an RPG? maybe we should start calling call of duty black ops 2 an RPG because you can pick perks and choose your loadout

          1. You have no idea what an RPG is, obviously. Or you have never played Mass Effect games. Or, you’re just plain …. well, let’s hope it’s one of the first ones.

            1. rest assured i play a lot of RPGs and mass effect 3 i definitely don’t count among them
              mass effect 3 is a shooter with a few RPG elements and non linear gameplay that’s it
              doesn’t make it an RPG

              but maybe i should let you get back to your CoD RPG

      2. No, shut the fuck up. You clearly have no idea what an RPG is if you think ME isn’t one. Just because it adds third-person shooting does not make it any less of an RPG

  2. 64supermarioreturns

    What’s so good about The Walking Dead game, I haven’t played it, but it seems like a pretty standard game. I’m not trying to say its bad or anything, I’ve not played it. Is the game really that good?

    1. It’s Amazing! In fact words cant even describe how good it is, it takes narrative games to a whole new level, i cried a lot during it too, Ive never connected to a game character more in my life!

    1. It won a few things AND its soundtrack has been nominated for a Grammy. :D

      It was my personal game of the year choice. No game I have played in all of 2012 has surpassed that experience I had while playing Journey. Amazing game.

  3. Well, Nintendo hasn’t done anything truly magnificent this year software gaming-wise… And the decade ended two years ago, why’s there still an award for that?

  4. Best RPG: Mass Effect 3

    Mass Effect 3

    Mass Effect 3


    Now, if I was part of the Fan Dumb of Nintendo, I would go in full-on rage mode. But I’m not, so I won’t.
    Even so, Xenoblade is a good game. It should have won SOMETHING, if not best RPG (I don’t really know if Mass Effect is that good, so eh). Seriously, it should have won SOMETHING. Maybe best Song? As in:

      1. I guess that’s true, but still, that doesn’t seem like THAT bad of a restriction. Plus, another thing that is a little interesting is that the ONLY game that got a single award, was a game that only got it because of the fact it’s console came out recently.

    1. I can’t believe that we live in a world where Mass Effect is considered an RPG to begin with. Oh well, I guess the times have changed…

    2. I have to say that after playing ME3, it IS a good RPG. They did kept the traditional RPG elements like all different type of weapon mods, weapons have levels now, it’s felt like ME1 but more clean I think it’s just everyone is net picky about it. It’s a great game, just like ME2 and no.. The ending didn’t suck.

      1. It is a good RPG, but not close to as good as Xenoblade Chronicles. If ME3 is the president of America, Xenoblade is like god of the universe (even after the universe itself has been restored and reconstruced)

  5. Why wasn’t Metroid Prime in Game of the Decade? In my opinion it deserved a place there.

    And what the hell with Persona 4 beating Dead or Alive 5 & Tekken Tag 2? and Soul Calibur V wasn’t even nominated!

    1. No comment on most of these games, but I think Scribblenauts actually should have been best Wii U game…and nothing else even nominated? No Metroid Prime, Eternal Darkness, Twilight Princess(which I still think is the best one), Xenoblade, Galaxy, Resident Evil 4, or anything else? I’m not saying any of these should have necessarily won(maybe RE4), but clearly these idiots do not game at all on Nintendo systems…this list seems quite ‘partial’ to other systems…

      1. The Humble Follower of the Almighty Goat Sorcerer

        Bother, it is sad what the world has come to. People are excluding other consoles for some absurd reasons. Each console deserves a fighting chance. Congratulations to Half Life and Valve for winning game of the decade

    2. Spike TV doesn’t like Nintendo. Nintendo don’t pay them shit. It’s not a real awards show, if it was they would include PC and the 3DS which they pretend doesn’t exist.

  6. I don’t even take these so-called “Video Game Awards” seriously. I watched them just one time years ago on Spike TV, and it was the phoniest piece of garbage that I ever watched. All these shows do is praise all the games I hate and could never have any interest in. Ugh! As bad as X-Play.

          1. The Humble Follower of the Almighty Goat Sorcerer

            Goat Sorcerer, please, have mercy on this soul, open his eyes, let him see that all consoles are equally awesome and none suck!

    1. Actually they should.
      Just shows how overrated Nintendo usually is. All of the games that won completely deserve it. If Nintendo would have won anything more, THEN these awards shouldn’t be taken seriously. No Nintendo game deserves to win more in any category than the ones that actually won.

      1. This fellow here knows what’s up.

        Too bad Dust didn’t win the Indie category, but Journey is a very strong title, so I suppose it’s not too big of a deal what the outcome was…

  7. Sound shapes and journey are both amazing games although I think littlebigplanet vita should of beaten it in the mobile/handheld category….as far as Nintendo games did they really have anything to qualify for game of the year come out in 2012? I love Nintendo but ill be the first to say 2012 wasn’t their strongest year. 2011 and 2010 just seemed like much better years I mean last year we got 3d land and skyward sword and the year before Mario galaxy 2 and dkcr.

          1. do you see the shit you somettimes tipe on your pc? No 1is bashing the winners we have xpoted actual vías against Nintendo do we think the reults should be change?? Hell no but did Nintendo had game that atleast desrvet a domination and no be excluded.

      1. Pokemon black and white 2 don’t deserve a spot anymore than cod and kid Icarus was ok but not worthy for a nomination.

  8. Don’t really care for a lot of the games that won but I have heard nothing but wonderful things about each of them. Admititly I had to hold back my fan rage about wind waker not winning game of the decade but I have no qualms with half-life. The only thing I’m truly (rightfully) pissed about is out of the minute and a half video, wind waker only got like 5 half second clips shown. C’mon man! They should’ve atleast shown the scene where link stabs ganondorf in the face!

  9. Ok I agree with most of the list but for the wind waker not to win the game of the decade award that is bullshit … I dont know who made this list but I will find him and kill him

  10. I know Nintendo didn’t have many great first-party titles lately, but I think award shows like this are a little anti-Nintendo to be honest. Just like many game magazines are and have been. The games that win awards goes to show me that there’s not many gamers out there who are anything like me. The type of games that I hear so much praise about often boggles my mind. Sometimes I feel like I’ve stepped into a time-warp, where all the sucky games get all the praise. I just don’t get it. I never will. Am I on Mars?

    1. It is anti Nintendo. The perfect ex
      Is that they say the first female game hero is tomb raider. Ignoring Metroid.

  11. VG awards are a joke really. until we get something on the scale of the academy awards there is no use paying attention especially since every publication and gaming website has their own game of the year awards.

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  13. What did you expect from Spike? If a game doesn’t have blood, sex or guns in it, they won’t pay much attention to it.

    1. Spike is a big joke. They are trying to do a “Oscar-scheme” event but their show is pure shit and you watch more ADS than the actual show. It has been losing its quality each year and it’s no surprise they are like that. Expect next year to be worse.

      1. Agreed.
        Game award. Ads. Celebrity appeared. Ads. Game award
        Ads. Random song. Ads. Game awards. Ad. Random celebrity. Ads.

      2. I would generally agree with you on the quality of the awards show but the did a decent job this year. Nothing spectacular but better than previous years.

    2. A lot of family friendly games received nominations and won. What are you talking about?

      Journey, SSX, Need For Speed: Most Wanted, NBA 2K13, Sound Shapes, and You Don’t Know Jack all won awards and many others were nominated too.

  14. Considering they chose NSMBU
    It’s obvious that the mainstream gaming community only likes the same crap over and over no matter what type of game it is.
    That’s what is making gaming boring every year.

  15. Kid Icarus: Uprising & Gravity Rush should’ve won Handheld game of the year. Xenoblade should’ve gotten RPG of the year. I know 2012 was one of Nintendo’s weaker years, but it was better than the barren wasteland that was last year (save for some 3DS games). 2013 is looking phenominal & that’s only the first half. But hey what do you expect, it’s Spike, they only pick the blockbuster popular games for the VGA’s

    1. Barren wasteland? Excuse me, but Zelda Skyward Sword, Super Mario 3d land, Mario Kart 7, Pokémon Black and White want to have a word with you. That is more good games released 1 year than you see from most (if any) developer during a year.. Well, it is maybe a weak year to be Nintendo, but I think people have too high expectations about them hopefully this will change if Nintendo gets multiplat support.

      1. That’s why I said save for 3DS/DS games. The Wii had almost nothing outside of Zelda Skyward Sword & Kirby. That’s what I ment by barren wasteland. The console front was severely lackluster that year & was a clear sign the Wii was on its way out.

  16. The fact that NSMB won over Xenoblade proved there’s something wrong in this generation.
    Well whatevs, Spike’s VGAs suck, have always sucked and will probably continue to suck. Don’t care about them at all. Though it’s kinda cool that P4 Arena won best fighting game, though it didn’t have much competition.

    1. I am more conserned about Mass effect 3 winning best RPG over Xenoblade than NSMBU winning best Wii/Wii U game over Xenoblade, but that might be just me… It is a good game and all, but nowhere near as good as eighter Xenoblade or NSMBU

      1. I would’ve loled my ass of if a Nintendo game won that category o.o’ I can say alot of good things about Nintendo, but graphics are not their strongest selling point.

        1. Excuse me? Style > superhighrealisticdetail
          – Pokemon has impressive spritework and clean well shaded models for the 3D games
          – Windwaker looks beautiful, Skyward sword is painted and bright, Majora’s Mask was childish but dark
          – Mother 3 has a simplistic approach that well fits its theme and at times helps trigger the emotions it is supposed to
          – Kid Icarus Uprising had some sick lighting and some light-hearted detail to match the theme
          – Kirby games are ALWAYS stylized. Epic Yarn with its knitting theme, Dreamland 2 with its crayon drawing style, Kirby 64 and its bright vivid colors and models… Kirby alone smacks your face for saying that.
          – Mario has been in several styles that are always full of color and personality. Standing from the crowd are Sunshine, which was very impressive for its time on the terms of detail and Mario galaxy, that looks practically HD the way its presented regardless of being on a low resolution.

          I could go on and on. Nintendo may not go for the realistic approach, but it doesn’t need it. These games are MEANT to be the way they are. They acheive their goals flawlessly. At least it’s not dull and lifeless like the majority of western games — Full of brown, grey, and puke green.

          1. That’s what I meant. But my stupid phone posted the comment before finishing. Nintendo knows how to do graphics with style. Never generic realism. Besides twilight princess.

  17. what?
    how on earth is mass effect 3 an RPG? that’s an action adventure with some RPG elements…
    next they’re gonna go and call bioshock 2 an RPG
    xenoblade chronicles definitely deserved that spot
    silly awards.. i certainly won’t take them serious

    1. Yes, xenoblade deserves it but it didn’t win because newfag gamers who have played nothing but shooter shit.

      1. Clearly you no nothing. There are tons of games on here that aren’t shooters. Also, I’ve said this a million times, but stop ragging on shooters just because you don’t like one franchise. There are TONS of great shooters out there. Half-Life, Team Fortress, Portal, Halo, Fallout, Bioshock, system shock, the old Doom and Duke Nukem games, Bulletstorm, Crysis, Boderlands, and many, MANY more.

  18. I can not take this seriously, I mean, how could a crappy shooter win game of the decade over a well made game like Wind Walker -__-

      1. While I definitely wouldn’t ever call Half Life 2 crappy (It is made by Valve after all, a respectable developer), I find it very overrated. Sure, he gameplay was decent (safe for those parts in vehicules which played like total crap), but nothing spectacular, the graphics and voice acting were also decent, for its time.
        BUT: there is next to no music, the story wasn’t really that great and Gordon Freeman has zero personality. No, being a silent protagonist doesn’t excuse him for being a flat character, just look at Link in Wind Waker and especially Skyword Sword; didn’t say a word, but we could read his expressions and figure out what kind of person he is from that.
        In other words, Half Life 2 was a good game (even if I only found it okay, and even boring at times) but I can’t understand what makes it so much superior to other games.

        1. It’s not how it is presented, and it’s not about the charter itself, it’s about the journey. Half Life games were always about tight shooting mechanics that have a very nice “adventure” feel to it. And you never know what will happen every time you reach a new area.

          Half Life 2 is one of the best games of the decade and amazing for its time.

          Anyway, even though it is recent, why Portal was in the list and not Portal 2? I own both, Portal was an extreme creative game that offered a lot of nice feature, but let’s be honest, Portal 2 is everything Portal is AND MORE!

          So Portal being in there and not Portal 2 is just another proof that gamers (and these so called “game reviewers”) are always freaking nostalgic and maybe that is why they are unfair to new games, because they don’t fulfill their nostalgia enough.

          Hence, that is why OOT is still considered the best Zelda game by many while there’s tons of other good ones (who came before and after).

          Why Super Mario Galaxy did not make it to the list? A game that has almost perfect score everywhere and maybe one of the best platform game out there…

          This VGA is a joke. I’m glad I am a sane person and I don’t rely on these to judge my games.

                  1. and half life 2 did things that hadn’t been done before?

                    portal pretty much introduced physics based puzzle platformer

                    1. because half life 2 had 3 physics puzzles in it? XD
                      not sure if anyone told you yet but half life 2 isn’t a puzzle platformer

                    2. Doest need to be to give gameplay ideas thats why they are calles revolutionary cause they inspire new genres and gameplays ideas like Windwaker that game is not a stealth game but it inspire the sly games

    1. Well its not crap but Half-Life 2 isnt as good as people remember it.bas far a shooter goes, its as awkward to play as others around that time, not to mention its not aged so well, but alot better than others.

      I do think Wind Waker deserves it, just because you can play it now, and other than it using a gamecube controller, its neer going to feel old, its probably the most polihed game ever made, and thats a feat in its own right, in both visuals and gameplay.

  19. I would be less miffed if Portal had won the award.
    Out of everything on that list, only Portal feels to me like it has the right to claim anything over Wind Waker.
    I don’t feel that HL2 deserved it over either of those two games.

  20. I can care less about the Spike VGA, it’s mostly comprised of western made games, there’s plenty of japanese games that couldve been a nominee, but basically the Spike people said “Nope! America is best at everything, fuck Final Fantasy” pretty biased right there. I’m an American but I prefer Japanese games over American games, there’s more variety, better music, story, and gameplay, even the characters and graphics are diverse. I say 95% of Western games have to be dark, gloomy, has a gun, and focus on graphics more than anything else, and usually the character is a 30 year old male with a gun in hand as the boxart and main character. And in my opinion the best musical score shouldve went to The Last Story, I mean c’mon it’s Nobuo Uematsu!

    1. I was utterly baffled when I saw the Original Score category, no scratch that: I was fucking pissed off.


      My reaction was: what? COD has music? Thanks Spike VGAs, I would have never known if it wasn’t for you.

      I don’t know what’s their standard for a good OST, but you can’t just pick whatever game is popular at the moment and assume that it’s better while neglecting less popular games that had much more creativity and feelings in the soundtrack.

    2. The games you described are just the mainstream games. There are tons of other great western games that are not all about dark, gloomy, shooting, graphics, etc. as you said.

      Also, best score was fine. Journey has an AMAZING soundtrack, which is also why it was nominated for a Grammy.

    1. ._. Nah. I’m glad it didn’t.

      I was hoping Journey won but The Walking Dead was good too. Journey is still my favorite title from the whole year though.

  21. Nintendo Land should have won best Wii U game. I’m extremely surprised at how much i’m enjoying this game, it’s amazing!!!!!!!!!!

      1. Haven’t played Zombi U yet so I can only judge a game i’ve played personally (Nintendo Land). But I do plan on playing the demo when it’s released on the eShop. Also, do you really have nothing better to do than troll me every chance you get?

  22. How come their was no best fighting game? And I’m surprised NSMBU won…is it really that great? I feel like the Galaxies, Brawl, Xenoblade, perhaps last story, fire emblem!, Skyward Sword, Twilight Princess, Monster Hunter, or even Super Paper Mario were all better..

    NNID’s anyone?
    mine’s openupyourworld

      1. Exactly. Basing an award on CGI is a joke. Journey should of won it in all honesty.
        I also done get how Walking Dead got Game of the Year -.-

          1. Oh it was a great game? You mean amongst the other 20+ great games, that were full games too, not just some episodic money rake in.

            1. Lol. Why are you so mad. If you didn’t like it then quit crying about it, sell it to someone who DOES like it. And never complain about it again. And then with the money you got from selling it, but another game you want. Its that simple. I am personally enjoying this game. And people like you constantly complaining reallhy just get on my nerves.

      2. The cgi cutscenes were great, but there weren’t that many of them at least80% of cutscenes were in game, and the game looked incredible for being on such an aging console.

    1. They mean from this year on console right? It looks incredible in my opinion! Its so vibrant and full of life. The jungle and desert levels look amazing. I definately feel it deserves the award. Especially considering it managed to keep the same level of AI and physics, along with open environments(well, most of the time), and other effects. Its pretty darn good.

      1. But its just nice looking “corridors”.
        Yeah, impressed a game looked that good on a 360, but when games like Journey, and Borderlands 2, and others that have far more interesting and beautiful art styles, they deserve the award more.

        1. I’m not talking about art styles, I’m talking about about graphics, they need to also make an award for separate art styles. If art style was part of graphics than a lot of other games that are not superior to halo 4 would have gotten that place, I have not played journey YET but when I get my ps3 I will. That game does look beautiful. And what corridors. Weren’t you ever focusing on the outdoor areas. With all of the plants and mountains. Those were very nice to look at. Especially the deset with its nice colors!

  23. I still feel. That half life 2 does not deserve that award. There are many other games that do. Look at Halo 2, it popularized online gaming on a console, was an amazing game, AND it invented matchmaking which almost every console uses now for online play. Look at portal, undoutably the best puzzle game this generation. Its use ofIt also was one of the first gammes to invent machinemas, that award technically goes to the first though. portals was very unique and has cause many rip off apps of it on the app store. Its also a hilarious and memorable game. Also a competitor could be minecraft. Its great addictive and creative gameplay has people create amazing things! People have created music, and graphing calculatores throught that game. People put time and effort into creations which you don’t see in other games. The most pupular videos on youtube seem to be minecraft videos, I cannot go on youtube without seeing minecraft when I enter the page. I’m not saying that Half life 2 is a bad game. But there are many more games that deserve that place because they actually leave a mark in the gaming industry.

  24. How did the walking dead win so much? It is barely a game? You occasionally make choices but really it is more of a movie… Anyway, I didn’t like it much and neither did anyone else I asked.

      1. You are the only one to say that. If I took a personal survey it just got 30 percent. That does not sound decent to me. It sounds like a time waster for hard core Walking Dead fans with some money burning a hole.

        1. So you’re saying games like Grim Fandango, Tales of Monkey Island, and Sam & Max aren’t games? Get your head out of your ass.

          The game is a measly $25 and it is miles ahead of any of the other mainstream games released this year. I guess you don’t like change because this game is a step in the right direction for the gaming industry. Games are solely for entertainment and there are no specific guidelines that classify what a game is. This game was entertaining and engaging, which is basically the definition of a game.

          Stop being ignorant.

          1. Jon, you are unnecessarily rude. This is just my opinion and the opinion of everyone I have asked. I hope you are ashamed of the wording and intentional offensiveness of your response. No one will ever take you seriously if you talk to them like that.

          2. P.S. I have never played those other games you have mentioned, so obviously I am not talking about them. Please do not put words in my mouth and then scold me for those words.

  25. Metroid Prime should have won Game of the Decade, but Half-Life 2 deserves it in spades.

    All of the games I wanted recognized, like Dishonored, Borderlands 2, and XCOM are all there winning appropriate categories, so I have no complaints.

  26. It’s pretty cool that they included the Wii U but the category really should have been ‘Game of the Month’. Still, I find Nintendoland more ambitious and ground-breaking. I like NSMB U but it feels very very very familiar.

      1. I am surprised because I haven’t heard anything about “The Walking Dead” game. I only know it exists because I love and watch the show. My brother played it and said it was good, but he wasn’t raving about it. This is the first I have heard of this game being anything spectacular. I wouldn’t say that “The Walking Dead” and “Journey” are the best video games to come out this year…I don’t even now what “Journey” is!???

        1. I would say so, they prove you don’t need to have a big budget to create a masterpiece. And you honestly don’t know what they are? What rock have you been living under? But either way, they won and they deserve it 100% :-) Suck it up princess.

          1. I don’t know what “Journey” is because it only came out for the PS3. I have never in my life owned a Sony console…I never played “The Walking Dead” game because it never came out for a Nintendo console lol! I really only play Nintendo consoles. I DID own an Xbox(but it broke -__-) I had it to play Soul Calibur, Bayonetta and The Elder Scrolls. Maybe if those games came out on the Wii U I would play them, but I will NEVER buy a Microsoft console ever again and I most certainly will never buy a Sony one.

          1. I kinda don’t feel like maintaining a Twitter account. The whole concept is ridiculously stupid. Also, I am not interested in the “variety that is out there.” I like certain games(preferably Nintendo ones) on certain consoles(preferably Nintendo ones). I can’t stand “Zombie games” and “Shooting games”(unless it is James Bond).. I absolutely hate CoD and Halo. I have to say that “Journey” game that was mentioned above looks beautiful(I just watched the trailer and IGN review) Again though, if only it came out for Nintendo Wii I would be able to play it. OH WELL!!!

            1. Oh well, indeed! Missing out on a lot of great gaming by intentionally restricting yourself. Anyway, I was just giving suggestions so you’re in the know instead of just finding out about amazing games long after the fact. =p

              Side Note: When I say a variety of games – I’m not talking about just mainstream games like the ones you mentioned (CoD, Halo, “Zombie games” and “shooters). There are tons of games that do not fit those categories and are awesome. I myself do not like zombie games (or games with gore and brutal violence) and I don’t play CoD much (only if the job requires me to). But there’s a vast sea out there with a bounty of goodies! =p

              1. I am sure there IS a large bounty of goodies out there Simply G! Only problem is I have tried to play 3rd party games and low budget ones too. I always find myself not finding enjoyment in them however. I stick with games and characters I grew up with because I recognize them and trust that they will give me the same enjoyment I had in the past. Its almost like I am stuck on the Nintendo standard. If a game doesn’t live up to “Nintendo’s Standard of Video games” than I have no interest in it whether I want to or not. I am not saying this is a problem I need to fix(because it isn’t like I am not having fun with video games anymore) it is just the way it is.

                P.S thanks for the clarification on “variety of games..”

            2. Why must you hate halo? Why must you restrict your self? Halo is a beautiful game with a VERY deep story. COD isn’t even a bad game, I don’t like it that much, but it is fun to play with friends. Hating on a game for no reason when you nhave likely never played it shows you how much of an incredible loser you really are, oh well Ill enjoy any game I want while you restrict yourself to only a select few games.

              1. I have many reasons why I hate Halo and CoD. Never really liked shooting games…I can’t make myself sit down and play it. I am just physically unable to. It seems so unappealing to me. I also am not a fan of first person shooters(or first person games in general) which is why I switch to 3rd person in the Elder Scrolls and which is why I like Other M better than the Prime series. It is just preference, I like to be able to SEE my character, not just the arms. Also, the story might seem “deep” and whatnot, but I am not into warfare themed stories so if I can’t watch a war-themed movie why would I want to play a war-themed game???

                1. yes Halo does have a war theme, but the MAIN theme is about mystery and discovery on ancient alien worlds with beautiful architecture. Also that beautiful musi! Any ways. Its ok if you don’t like it. But to have a hatred for it is a little much don’t you think? What did it ever do to you anyways? Its a game, games are fun. If its not fun for you don’t say you hate it unless it has scarred you for life or has killed a family member. Just say you don’t like it. Plain and simple, because then you won’t get fanboys like me commenting back. You see I don’t like cod. Its sometimes fun but its just too gritty for me. Even though I don’t like it a lot. I’m not going to go around saying I hate it.

  27. The VGAs can suck my cock. When I saw the shitty trailer with that ugly-ass black dude, I was turned off. The VGA fucks are a bunch of Sony/Microsoft dickriders. They should call it the VGA(AN)s. (Video Game Awards (Anti-Nintendo). They can go fuck themselves. Wind Waker could kick Half-Life’s ass anyday. Xbox 360 has no variety. All it is is 95% shooters. A good chunk of them suck. The other 5% games are shit. Nintendo kicks ass. Nintendo4ever bitches!!!

      1. Nintendo usually does make good games. It’s that like 2011, they haven’t put out that much that’s noteworthy. 2013 is already shaping up not only for Nintendo, but gaming in general. The Last of us, Sly Cooper: Theives in Time, Pikmin 3, The Wonderful 101, Metal Gear Rising, Castlevania: LOS Mirrors of Fate, Bayonetta 2, Fire Emblem: Awakening, Injustice: Gods among us, Bioshock: Infanite. And that’s only the first half of 2013. If this is what were getting first 2 quarters of next year. Imagine what E3 will bring. 2013 will most likely be one of the biggest years in gaming.

  28. Wind waker is better. Mass effect is not a game its a fraud and it is not an rpg its a bribe. Wind waker may not have the best graphics, but the graphics are just part of the mood. If it was me, i would choose ALL Zelda games for every award. Hahahaha

      1. I watched some YouTube videos of the game “Slender” and I have to agree with 99 Lives. The game looks like it would be really scary if you played it at night while you are home alone in the dark. All those flying naked bodies would scare the pants off anyone lol!!!

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  30. Lol, dawnguard for best DLC? Yeah, no. Half-assed story, only a few new mechanics (although vampire lord is bad-ass, it plays like shit) and a final reward that’s really kinda crap? Not to mention just the general lack of depth to it. I haven’t really played any other DLC this year, but I’m sure that there’s better stuff out there. Everything else… Ehhh. Could be better. Could be worse. Would’ve been nice if nintendo got some love, but hey – weak year for the consoles in general. Ah well, IDGAF about VGAs anyway.

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