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Next Famitsu To Have Surprise For Metal Gear Solid Fans


The next edition of Japanese gaming publication Famitsu promises to have a surprise in store for Metal Gear Solid fans. There’s currently no real details regarding what the news might be. Perhaps it has something to do with the recently unveiled The Phantom Pain, which many believe is in fact Metal Gear Solid 5.

33 thoughts on “Next Famitsu To Have Surprise For Metal Gear Solid Fans”

      1. Exactly, its not like the devs will be interested into developing this to the WIi U anyway. They are more likely to say what every other dev says: “Hm, just Xbox 360, PS3 and PC. No current plans yet for the Wii U, we are still analyzing what is best blah blah BS”.

        1. Sorry, but Konami announced after many rumors saying it would be brought to 360, that it will never be ported to another console this generation citing space and hardware limitations. Since the WiiU retains nearly the same format as its predecessor, its a safe bet it wont be brought over, but the next Xbox is rumored to have Blu-ray drives. Moneys on a next gen Xbox port. Sorry Nintendo.

  1. The Phantom Pain (which is no doubt a MGS game) was advertised for Xbox 360 and PS3.

    The famitsu article also spawned rumors that it may be a new MGS cross-platform title that will appear on the Vita. I personally highly doubt that rumor, considering the video was supposed to be all in-game. While the Vita is pretty sweet, Kojima would have to work some voodoo magic to make a game look that good on the system. lol

    Whatever the case, it would be great if the new Fox engine will run this game on all platforms so everyone can enjoy it on their console of choice; Whether it’s the Wii U, PS3, Xbox 360, PC, or other next-gen system.

    1. The main argument for a Vita version was simply that it was supposedly titled MGSV instead of MGS5.

      It’s like saying Crysis 3 is coming to the 3DS because it has a 3 in the title.

      1. It was more so the “V” plus the resolution for the screens that were provided famitsu which were supposedly exact matches to the Vita screen resolution.

        I know Kojima did say that he was going to work on some projects with the Vita and cross-play, but I have my doubts that this is it. lol

          1. I actually never thought of it that way. <.<

            But I still doubt that the "V" means "Vita." Especially since the bottom of the Phantom Pain page had "XBox 360" and "PlayStation 3."

            Plus… Still no way anyone can convince me that the Vita puts out those type of graphics. lol

            1. Yeah haha i know the Vita has a bit of meat to it, but i didn’t think visuals like that were possible on a ps3.
              Im still worried about the gameplay though. MGS4 was waaay too short, and more about action that stealth. MGS3 has its action moments, but its still the pinnacle of the MGS franchise, its expertly balanced

  2. HNNNNNNNNNGGGGGGGG, tell me your secrets! Dx
    Who’s in the hospital, why has he lost an arm, who’s hunting him, is that motherfucking Psycho Mantis at the end ._.

    Kojima: Master Troll

        1. We should make a domine for troll moment of the year prety Bit competition betwin this and bayonneta coming exclusive to wiiu but my vote will be for bayonneta cause it brought the most tears XD.

          1. Haha he does it all the time, this one is just more elaborate. I mean making up a fake game studio, based in Stockholm, Sweden (SS = Solid Snake), run by a guy called Joakmin Morgen (joakimin = Kojima, Mogren = Ogre relating to Project Ogre), tag line of Ground Zeroes is, “From Fox, two Phantoms were born”.

            Its MGS xD

  3. Oh look, another bit of news vaguely related (as in only hypothetically related and not actually related) to Nintendo. Am I in My Nintendo News? Yes, I am.

    1. I think 1 of the titles refers more to a hint to a the time period the game is set the other is an actual game title i think this game takes place in the period both sólid and liquid where just starting there commbat cariers.

  4. Still not sure if GZ is even really a different game than Phantom Pain. They call it a prologue, which could just mean like the tanker scene from MGS2.

  5. Virus Code Name Metal Gear?! I just had to say that. Alot of people are saying that The Phantom Pain is MGS5/V so who knows, but it does look cool.

  6. What if Kojima-san MGSV exclusively to WII U console. I bet fans from PS3 and XBOX360 will have rage to him! Hahahahahaha… just assuming.

  7. I feel like I’m the only one in the world that would buy an updated port of Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty in 3D on 3DS just like how MGS3 was on 3DS. I love the 3DS but I think it’s starved for some quality M rated games and MGS2 or a Peace Walker port would be the ticket IMO. I would also buy a MGS4 port on Wii U because I think the Gamepad could really boost gameplay for that game. Whatever platform the new Metal Gear is on I will surely be interested in it and play it eventually.

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