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Seems Like Most Major Third-Party Games Are Skipping Wii U Early Next Year

bioshock_infinite_artworkKotaku made a list of multiple third-party games that are coming out next year, 2013, but haven’t been confirmed for Nintendo’s new Wii U console. However, keep in mind that the Wii U will be receiving some major third-party games early next year, including Monster Hunter 3: Ultimate, Rayman Legends, Aliens: Colonial Marines and Injustice: Gods Among Us.

Early 2013 third-party games that aren’t confirmed for Wii U are listed here:

  • Army of Two: The Devil’s Cartel
  • BioShock Infinite
  • Castlevania Lords of Shadow 2
  • Crysis 3
  • Dead Island Riptide
  • Dead Space 3
  • DmC
  • Fuse
  • Grand Theft Auto V
  • Metal Gear Rising Revengeance
  • Metro Last Light
  • Remember Me
  • South Park: The Stick of Truth
  • Splinter Cell: Blacklist
  • Tomb Raider

207 thoughts on “Seems Like Most Major Third-Party Games Are Skipping Wii U Early Next Year”

  1. This really depresses me. Splinter Cell, South Park, GTA V and Metro Last Light would all be must-buys for me. I really hope Nintendo turns this around and starts getting these quality third-party titles

    1. The thing is , they’re all Current Gen Games built with Current Gen Architecture. You can’t just simply shove them onto the wiiu. Especially considering you have to at least do SOMETHING with the Gamepad , which all costs time and money. Did anyone really expect the wiiu to get every single PS3 and Xbox 360 Multiplat all the way until the next ps3 and xbox comes out ?

      All these games can run on wiiu , but maybe need manipulating to fit the console to run at the same level or better or whatever… Some devs are playing it safe with the huge installed bases of 360 and ps3 and their Software attache Rate for these types of games.

      But I expect a few of these games to arrive on wiiu at a later date. Nobody expected Need for speed Most wanted to be announced recently as it was. Same thing will happen with games like Splinter Cell , Tomb Raider , etc etc.

      I’m enjoying my wiiu for the Exclusives , Eshop indie Games and Unique versions of Cross platform games.

      The wiiu has its crazy Power saving Architecture which means developers can’t just simply shove their games onto it.

      1. I completely understand that and I agree, it’s just difficult to stay patient after all these years of NOT having quality third-party titles. I hope they do eventually come to the Wii U, I guess that’s what I should be rooting for more than anything but I really am tired of crappy ports and if Nintendo is sincere in their commitment to making this console accessible for hardcore gamers as well, getting these games should be a top priority.

        1. Mass effect 3 , Batman Arkhum City , Blops 2 , Tekken Tag 2 , Darksiders 2 , Assassins creed 3 , Ninja Gaiden Razors Edge , ZombiU , Rayman Legends , Project Cars , Aliens Colonial Marines , Need for Speed Most wanted , Bayonetta 2 , etc etc.

          I would say the wiiu is off to a good start third party wise. They just need to carry on what they’re doing , Get a load of good third party exclusives and first party games and the wiiu will be awesome…

        2. Simple solution: Buy a PS3. (Or an Xbox, if that’s your thing, I guess.) Sure, it would be cool to play some of these games on my WiiU, but as crucial that it is that Nintendo gets 3rd party support, there are other consoles you can play these on.

                1. At a max of less than 2 years (between the time the Wii U was announced and released) you saved up for a $300+ system. Is it illogical to think that you could do the same for a system that has been out for 7+ years and costs $50-$100 less?

                  1. to be fair, ive hunted games only about a year old and have been unfruitful in my findings. when raging blast 2 was 11 months old, i couldnt find it ANYWHERE. I could see why it could be an issue.

                  2. What are you, an accountant? Forget the specifics, the fact is that not everyone is willing to save up around $600 just for consoles. That’s excluding the cost of the games themselves, which are $60 apiece. That’s a lot of money to spend on one area of life no matter how much time you spend saving up. Having a girlfriend will do things to one’s bank account haha

                    1. “the fact is that not everyone is willing to save up around $600 just for consoles”

                      That’s the key. You’re not willing; All you had to say. lol

          1. More like a “no-brainer”! These would be simple ports, since ME3, AC3 and Darksiders 2 were ported and said to be “easy” to port over to the wiiu why not these killer games?! If miyamoto is really talking to third parties about bringing their games to the wiiu then these people should be top priority to have their games on the wiiu… Except for GTA V that crap can stay off Nintendo consoles!! I don’t care if Reggie does want it on the wiiu! That series has just become vile and that series is morally reprehensible!!

          2. 100% agree.
            The games that must be a top priority by Nintendo to ensure they are playable on the Wii U are listed below. Even if its released on the Wii U a month or two after. The bottom line is Nintendo needs to invest resources (their top programmers) to assist in making this happen if they have any hope of catering to both core and casual gamers this next generation.

            BioShock Infinite
            Crysis 3
            Dead Space 3
            Grand Theft Auto V
            Splinter Cell: Blacklist
            Tomb Raider

            The other games on that list are not that important.

          1. Agree, I love nintendo, but see what they did on Wii U, its horrible, until now it still lack of third party supporter, yet people are giving excuses to defend their Wii U. Wii U has a strong specs? Stronger than PS360 for sure, but trust me, Wii U won’t be able to compete in the next gen… It will be Wii and ps360 all over again, except Wii sold a decent amount and came out a lot of decent game when it launches.

            1. By the time newer consoles come out Nintendo will be ready with a good amount of games and I doubt it will be the wii all over again.

          2. Herp derp , what was stupid about what I said ? Whenever you’re faced with a slightly rational and plausable comment you go into ”silly billy” mode like a retard ?

            Let’s do some bullet points about why it is retarded to expect all these games to arrive on wiiu , especially on the same date as they arrive on their lead development platforms.

            . Wiiu has a totaly different Architecture to the Xbox 360 and Ps3 , therefore games need manipulating in some cases to run at an acceptable level even before graphical upgrades are considered.
            .Wiiu has the Gamepad controller which makes some developers feels obliged to implement something unique for the controller. Although Games like Darksiders and AC3 prove you just need a map , touchscreen and Remote play…
            . Wiiu right now has a small installed base , so it’s a case of Risk for developers thinking ” is it worth porting this game to sell to such a small amount of people ?
            This will most likely change as the installed base grows
            . Most of these Games have been in development before the wiiu was even codenamed.
            . Most likely a chunk of these games will arrive on wiiu at a later date , maybe 4-5 months after they did on PS3 and 360 with some tacked on Gamepad controlls.

            There you have it. Not damage controlling , that’s just the problems that face developers. Heck maybe some of the developers just don’t see wiiu as the right platform for their games or they don’t like Nintendo.

            1. “Wii U has a totally different architecture compared to the PS3 and 360”

              It is also just 1997 PowerPC architecture that has found its way in Gamecube and even the Wii. I don’t see how that means a thing since developers should be familiar with it. Especially when this console was supposedly so easy to develop for, how the hell do you even know that’s the reason? RIGHT – YOU DON’T.

              “Wiiu has the Gamepad controller which makes some developers feels obliged to implement something unique for the controller. Although Games like Darksiders and AC3 prove you just need a map , touchscreen and Remote play…”

              Stick a map on the bottom like ACIII. There, they did something. No developer should be obligated to shit out gimmick usage. The controller has standard fucking buttons for a reason, this is not a Wii remote.

              .”Wiiu right now has a small installed base , so it’s a case of Risk for developers thinking ” is it worth porting this game to sell to such a small amount of people ?
              This will most likely change as the installed base grows”

              Surprisingly, you’re half right. But history has proven time and time again that third party core titles very rarely sell well on Nintendo consoles. It has been that way since the N64 and clearly remains that way to this day.

              .” Most of these Games have been in development before the wiiu was even codenamed.”

              ” Most likely a chunk of these games will arrive on wiiu at a later date , maybe 4-5 months after they did on PS3 and 360 with some tacked on Gamepad controlls.”

              Most likely they won’t, just because people would have settled for the versions on other consoles. What would later ports accomplish? Nothing.

              1. You know i’m right…

                I said some developers feel obliged. They have even been saying it all year ”if we were to look into a wiiu version , we would feel the need to take advantage of Nintendo’s innovative controller blah blah”.

                And the console does indeed have a modern GPU based Architecture which has been stated time and time again by developers.

                You can’t just easily shove any ps3 and 360 game onto wiiu. You would have to turn it into a full project. A pathetic Project will end in Fifa 13. A decent Project will end in an AC3 , ME3 level port . And a full on ”doing the console justice” project has still yet to be seen , but like Randy Pitchford is saying , will result in the wiiu version looking the best.

                GTAV would work better on wiiu at a later date as there would be significantly more people to sell it to , which would justify the proper porting costs. Nuff said.

              2. How do I know it’s Hard to develop for ?

                Tekken Producer Harada said himself , In terms of Clock speed the wiiu is slower than the ps3 and xbox. And games need manipulating to get running on the same level as those consoles.

                Thats how I know. And if you honestly think it’s just a 1.2 GHZ tri core Gamecube CPU , you’re a fucking retard. IMB and Nintendo have both stated it’s a Custom CPU. Same with the GPGPU. It’s like nothing on the market.

                people saying it’s a 4XXX or a 6XXX GPU means nothing. Because it will of been customized to an extent that makes it completely different . Based on .

                1. “Thats how I know. And if you honestly think it’s just a 1.2 GHZ tri core Gamecube CPU , you’re a fucking retard. IMB and Nintendo have both stated it’s a Custom CPU. Same with the GPGPU. It’s like nothing on the market.”


                  You use the word custom too much; that doesn’t mean SHIT. Fact is, it’s based on the Wii’s CPU, which happened to based on the goddamn Gamecube.

                  1. It means a lot of things. It means IBM and Nintendo have been working to produce a CPU that uses up hardly any power and Produces the same , possibly eve better results than the 360 CPU…

                    The console is $300 bare bones being sold at a loss. Kinda points towards some decent tech , don’t you think ?

                    1. You are such a sad little bullshitter. I have no idea where you’re getting this nonsense from.

                      360’s Xenon is almost all around a better CPU than Expresso.

                      1. How do you know ? YOU FUCKING IDIOT. You don’t know anything about the ”Espresso” CPU at all. Apart from the Clock Speed.

                        Listen It can’t be that bad. look at Digital Foundry’s Youtube and you can look at the framerate Comparisonns. Mass effect 3 has the lowest framerate on the PS3. With the wiiu exactly the same as 360 with the most minescule irrelivant drops that don’t seem to affect anything.

                        You know Im right. Do you think Nintendo just said ” Meh just throw a little 1.2GHZ Gamecube Tri core in there….. that should do it” ? No they will have , Like I said , been working closely with IBM running performance tests to get the cheapest , most power efficient , and as powerfull as possible CPU they possibly can.

                        You fucking idiot. Aparently it lends certain things from the Power 7 architecture as was raised a long time ago.


                        We can do this all day.

                        Espresso – Wii U
                        Cores – 3
                        Multithreaded – No
                        Clock Speed – 1.25GHz
                        Pipeline length – 4 stages (+2 for floating point)
                        L2 Cache – 2MB (Core 1), 512KB (each for Cores 0 & 2)
                        Out of order execution

                        Xenon – Xbox 360
                        Cores – 3
                        Multithreaded – Yes (2 per core)
                        Clock speed – 3.2GHz
                        Pipeline length – 23 stages (+4 to +14 for SIMD)
                        L2 Cache – 1MB (shared)
                        In order execution

                        look at those short ass pipelines in comparison.

                        I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Wii U’s CPU is literally based on a freaking PowerPC 750…a processor straight from 1997. It doesn’t compare to Xenon in any way that really matters.

                      3. lol he’s messing with you. You taken everything seriously, making trolls easily trolling you. Problem, sir?

                      4. how is he the bullshitter when your the one here trying to convince people expresso is 1997 tech…ignoring the fact that it is an enhanced version….as in not identical..and likely modernized a bit… regards to comparisons with the 360 cpu….did the guy who leaked the specs not later go on to post something about not comparing the cpu’s by clockspeed…because its more of a Pentium 4 (wiiu) vs Pentium 3 (ps360) type comparison. Where the p4 outperforms a p3 despite having a slower clock speed. Also, that alone should be an indication that, that 1997 architecture your going on about MUST be an enhanced version based off that architecture and not literally that architecture.

              3. – first of all its an enhanced version of that architecture….so its not exactly as dated or as familiar as you make it out to be

                – about third party sales….whether be due to difference in hardware to the other systems…it not being the first to every 3 console release race…or 3rd parties just not being able to compete against nintendo’s own titles…

                (poor excuses)but developers to not have ever made a solid effort. When you have no consistency in the quality of your titles, they are going to get ignored.

                – games being started before Nintendo has let developers know of the existence or before providing dev kits is relevant because when you have a system like the wiiu, which goes about a slightly different way of allocating its resources than the ps360; games that are a bit further along in development may not be able to be tweaked for the best performance on the system…either that or just wont make it out anywhere near the same time as on the other consoles, therefore gets passed on.

                although i too think that those games wont be making their way to the wiiu at a later date….it just wouldnt make a whole lot of sense

          1. Next generation starts when real next-generation consoles are on the market, not Nintendo’s silly internal “next-generation” systems.

            Wii U is in a whole different world and one that is 6 years too late.

            1. Says the graphics/specs whore who’ve failed to realize the Wii U is an 8th generation video game console. Graphics doesn’t matter… gameplay and saving $$$ on your electricity bill matter. The power is mine, bitch!!!!!!!

          1. IKR. And they all think because the wiiu’s CPU is clocked at supposedly 1.2GHZ its only 1 third as powerfull as the Xbox 360’s 3.2 GHZ CPU LMAO!! They just disregard all of the other Variables which determine CPU strength.

            The strongest CPU on the market right now is actually clocked lower than an Xbox 360 CPU for example.

            Konami just made a statement about Rengance Rising not being in development for wiiu right now.
            And they said ”They would have to 100% rebuild the game to do the wiiu justice , and that Nintendo’s controller is very unique and innovative” .

            That Means , no , we’re not interest in shoe horning an xbox 360 game onto wiiu. If we did , we would have to rebuild the entire game to showcase what the wiiu is about.

        3. Yea the fact that the Wii U has a GPGPU is killing its chances for current ports. All these games are built with the CPU running the show. It just causes more headaches for the developers to change that. Especially a game in development for 3 or more years. Most developers who are porting are just making minor adjustments with turning effects down or off to get the games to run smoother. Just by looking at them you can tell that they have avoided tackling the CPU’s workload and passed on setting tasks to the GPGPU. It’ll change as the other two get their upgrades. Then the games will be built with a GPGPU in mind.

          1. Indeed. You can see on Nano Assault Neo an early glimpse of what the wiiu’s GPU can do. I’m not comparing it to the best looking PS3 and 360 games , but the game is stuffed full of effects which are totaly not present on last gen consoles.

            You have to see the game running on a TV to know what I mean. It looks ”Next Gen” graphically in my eyes , even if it is just an small Eshop game.

        1. How the fuck the Wii U is lacking a lot of games? You’ve failed to realize there are more games to come from third party publishers and independent developers…. especially indy titles powered by Unity 4 engine.

            1. You’re more of a dick in your ass, ignorant piece of shit, Pussylus? U mad because they haven’t released most of the games for the Wii U as of yet. Aliens: Colonial Marines (the definitive version on Wii U), Project CARS, Zen Pinball 2, a SquareSoft title developed by Straight Right (Mass Effect 3: Special Edition), The Wonderful 101, Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate, Rayman Legends, a free DLC Kasumi for Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor’s Edge, and Bayonetta 2 are all coming to the Wii U starting in 2013 next month. Those are just a tip of the iceberg, but this is only the genesis… and there’s more to come. Especially an exclusive graphics engine for the Wii U by game developer Retro Studios.

                1. There IS hope for Nintendo, Meg. The problem is that you’re not seeing things while they’re not revealing everything until next year’s E3 and Nintendo Direct. For now, I’m done feeding your fat ass. And do yourself a favor–

        2. Seriously? The game hasn’t even been out a month anywhere. It had the second most launch games of any console , just behind the PS2. It has a good amount of third-party and the first-party games will begin coming in next year with Pikmin 3.

    2. Couldn’t care less, all these games are current gen games anyway which began earlier than 2011…

      I bet once they release these, Wii U new gen games will come out later, like Bayonetta 2.

      1. Keep dreaming keep dreaming people not gonna released their games for Wii U cos of Nintendo fans cos they buying only Nintendo games Mario and Zelda even on every games site i reading things like this i buy Nintendo console exclusives not third party games and after that you crying for third party games but sorry this ports cost money one port is $1000,000

          1. LOL…DWL…….. Man you always make me laugh… am like your biggest fan here…. keep up the good work…… lmao.

      1. I think it will but we may wait a bit longer for it on the U. Everything about that franchise goes perfect with the U. It’s a no-brainer really. However, don’t hold your breath for a 2012 release if it does happen.

      1. Probably DLC, it is EA after all.
        Could be WiiU version. I mean its a co-op game (or co-op enabled, still single player game with no AI if you want, you hearing that Capcom? no shitty AI), thats perfect for WiiU, although apparently EA and Visceral took a mountain of cocaine because last i heard, they said tey wouldn’t have split screen co-op.

      1. Dude, just buy them anyway. If you are a true gamer you’ll buy the games regardless of what platform its out for.

        I’m a little down that none of these games are being developed for the Wii U at the moment but to be far they were in development ages before the big Wii U announcement back in 2011

      2. Same here, ill never buy a xbox or ps, their first parties are like meeeehhh…. Yes i have played them, like God of war, Halo, Forza, they are good but really easy games.

        1. To be fair, i kinda agree with you.
          I like my ps3, but alot of the exclusives, while better than the 360’s, are shrug, the only one ive really wanted to play was Ratchet and Clank, and maybe The Last of Us, we havent seen much of it yet, but its more like, “well do i want a couple of good/decent games on the 360, or 2-3 times that on the ps3”.
          Uncharted is fucking overrated as hell. I really enjoyed 2, but 3 was just boring, and exactly the same as 2, except a story that i just didnt find as interesting, not played the first one, not going to bother.
          God of War 3 was good, and is hardish on higher difficulty, although very unbalanced, theres one part where its almost inpossible then the next i go through it without loosing health (on God mode, or Titan, i forget which), but Ascension just didnt excite me at all…nothing new there that impressed me.
          Ratchet and Clank is just shit now, which is a fucking shame because i grew up with it, and Crack In Time was epic.
          Sly 4 will be good…if its like Sly 2, not Sly 3. But everything else has died or just gone multiplat.

          1. I agree with you… that’s why I know hack my ps3 and download all the games for it. So if these games are not released on the wii u I will still get to play them for free….. lol.

        2. Yeah, that and I can’t afford it… XD
          When I have enough money to buy all the Wii U games I want to + a 3DS XL with all the games I want and still have more money left, I might buy a PS3 or a Xbox ^^

    3. Most of games won’t be seeing the light of day till the 2nd half of the year anyway. Who knows if they’ll appear on Wii U. I would imagine some of them will but later after they release on Xbox 360 and PS3.

    4. From that list i only want Metal Gear and GTA V.
      BTW it hasnt been confirmed if those games are coming or not.
      Even if we dont get those games, i will be to busy playing Monster Hunter Ultimate to worry about that.

    5. To be honest though, most of those games were in development WAY before the announcement of the Wii U so really I can see why the games are being skipped past the Wii U.

      I’m a PC and PS3 gamer, as well as a Wii U gamer so I’m not really bothered at all but I do think GTA V might be heading to the Wii U AND PC either later next year or early 2013.

    6. Metal Gear Rising Revengeance is being done by Platinum … they are doing a couple of wii U games, so the port shouldn’t be a problem, I think

    7. While this is disappointing, it isn’t illogical. It probably isn’t really a factor of whether they want to make the game for Wii U. It’s likely that they didn’t have the access to development kits for Wii U while making the game. These projects can take 2-3 years to make, and re-developing them for a brand new console would take another few months. So, it is logical that these titles won’t be available for Wii U next year. However, titles that are scheduled to release in the latter part of next year shouldn’t have an issue releasing within the same time-frame as their Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 counterparts, if the developers choose to develop them for the Wii U.

    8. You see this is what I have been saying all along. The main problem with Wii U is devs not being interested in developing for it. A lot of those games I would have bought if they were on Wii U. Oh well better save my money for MH3, Aliens, Bayonetta 2, Wonderful 101, Rayman Legends, Game and Wario, Pikmin 3, and Fire Emblem just to name a few.

    9. These games have been waaay far into development, so porting them over would be something theyd do once it was released, or at least finished.

      Although one of the big things is they dont know, or dont think the games will sell well o the WiiU, due to have third party did on the Wii, Gamecube, and N64. Obviously, thats not the case, id love to have the games on a WiiU, but Nintendo kinda need to prove themselves first, and then reel in the big names, which is unfortunate, but nesseccary.

      Also developers are in a difficult position when developing for the WiiU, when it comes to current gen titles. They might have some crazy cool ideas to use the gamepad for, but thats inevitably going to piss off a few consumers if the extra features are significant enough, thats why alot of extra features on third party WiiU games haven’t had a massive game changer, and have been more about promoting the system, than promoting the better version of the game.

      Obviously, if MS and Sony do a WiiU number on everyone (which wouldn’t surprise me), that’ll change, because the games will technically be the same, and there wont be any big features that seperate the software, it’ll all come down to what the hardware does individually as well as exclusive titles, which Nintendo has a pretty big foot in the door to say the least.

    10. Not worried at all. Wii U’s got a lot to support it in the next year, and that’s not even including the games that will be announced at E3. Leave luck to heaven.

      1. No. Wii U doesn’t have a lot of supports. Face it. Everyone commenting about waiting next gen, Wii U will shine? Hard to say. The next sony and microsoft product is coming, and so is valve’s plan on making console is coming too. Wii U currently has the strongest spec among the consoles, wait until the real next gens come, Wii U is nothing again.

        1. That sounds vaguely familiar. “Wait til this and that comes out and Nintendo is finished” Oh yeah, it’s the favourite line that the uninformed love to throw at every platform Nintendo releases.

          Wait til the Vita comes out it’ll crush the 3DS- Wrong!

          The Wii doesn’t stand a chance against the PS3/360- Wrong!

          The Wii U is not even one month old and it’s already doomed. Almost a million units moved says you’re wrong. Let’s see, Wii U’s still got Monster Hunter 3 Ulimate, Project Cars (multiplat, but still looks coming to Wii U), Aliens: CM, Wonderful 101, Lego City, Rayman Legends, Need for Speed, Bayonetta 2 etc.

          There’s also the graphics engine Retro is designing specifically for the Wii U. You know Retro, The same dude’s who made Metroid Prime the best looking game in the GC/PS2/XBox era. Yes, they know how to bring the power out of Nintendo’s hardware.

          So you keep waiting. I’ll keep playing. We live in the information age, my friend. Educate yourself.

          1. Adding to this, Sony fans still defended the PS3 to the death during its abysmal beginning. Even Gabe Newell said that the PS3 was a disaster: What happens later? The PS3 gains its traction and companies like Valve changed their minds completely.

            So if Sony fans were given a break from the PS3’s atrocious launch period, why can’t the same be done with Nintendo (and before anyone says they never recovered from a failure, the 3DS with its strong Japan sales says hi) and its fans? Actually, nevermind; some of the the bile-spewing comments on this article alone answers that for me…

            1. because plain and simply, nintendo is always DOOMED. *time for opinions by dissenters* the DS was thought by some to be just a handheld with N64 graphics and a touch gimmick that doesn’t justify purchase and wouldn’t be able to hold its own against the PSP. the Wii was 2 gamecubes taped together with motion controls which were just a fad that would die out after 2 years. the 3DS was just an overpriced DS with 3D that had no games and needed a price cut after a few months that SURELY would be bested in every way imaginable by “do-no-wrong” sony’s vita! and now the Wii U is just a Wii in HD with an ipad controller that will be passed up by every third party developer for the next 6 years and will be forgotten about by consumers when the 10x more powerful PS4/720 come out which will be priced competitively with nintendo while also somehow turning a profit *end dissenters’ opinions*

              nintendo has been making great and steady profits and they only made losses with their initial mistake with the 3DS launch that they have since made back, but they’re doomed. the DS and Wii sold amazingly in their generation, with the 3DS doing great in this generation, and yet somehow nintendo’s in a bad spot. sony’s credit rating is referred to as “junk” and their handheld is selling so horribly that it’s been passed by a model of 3DS that was released less than half a year ago but they’re in much better shape than nintendo and can easily afford a console that will be leaps and bounds ahead of the Wii U like the PS3 was to the Wii, as well as the losses that come with it.

              TL;DR VERSION:

              people are biased, mostly in sony’s favor. every move nintendo makes may be their last and sony will always be thought to do better, but will be given the benefit of the doubt (“it’s a little bit rough now but they’ll recover!”) even if they’re doing considerably worse (like with the vita)

          2. “The Wii doesn’t stand a chance against the PS3/360- Wrong!”
            Uh, no. The Wii does not stand a chance against the PS3/360. The only reason why the Wii sold better than the other two is because it’s full of games for children, full of shovelware. Barely any 3rd-party support. And if there are games from 3rd-party developers, they basically sold NOTHING when taking into consideration how many people actually do own a Wii.
            If it wasn’t for the shovelware, the Wii wouldn’t have sold. Not a bit.
            It is logical that parents choose to buy a Wii for their children, a gaming console which is full of games for children, rather than a PS3/Xbox360, gaming platforms full with quality games suited for “older”/grown-up people. Not saying that the Wii does not have any quality games, because it definitely does. But you don’t have to be an expert to see that the amount of shovelware and children games exceed the amount of quality games easily, obviously, by far, without question, clearly or whatever word that makes clear that the amount of quality games is absolutely nothing compared to the amount of shovelware.
            Honestly, I do believe that the same thing will happen with the WiiU and the two up-coming consoles of the other companies. I think that the WiiU will live off shovelware and 1st-party titles, mostly Mario. Because, well, Mario games sell like hot-cakes, no matter how bad the game actually is. Perfect example: New Super Mario Bros. 2.
            Of course I can’t be sure about it, how could I, but it’s just what I think will happen.

            1. How is NSMB2 a good example of that bad Mario games sells? Because I do not find the game bad. Yes, by Mario standard it is not a masterpiece, but that is like comparing gold to platinum. One great thing looks shit compared to the better stuff that is similar.

            2. And I could make the argument that the PS2, the best selling console of all time, initially sold well because it was a cheap DVD player and later on because it was easily hackable to play pirated software.

              None of that matters in the end. Sales are what matter. History will show that the Wii was the best selling console of the 7th generation, by a margin of over 30 million units. It’s not Nintendo’s fault that nobody but them wanted to take the time to time to make the effort to get the most out of the Wii.

              Nintendo’s strategy with Wii worked. It was made to be able to pick up and play by people who would’ve never considered getting into games in the first place. It was made cheap to make it accessible to everyone. The other two went to far far and alienated a certain audience, and Nintendo was able to tap that audience.

              1. And because the PS2 had a damn awesome library. One of the best libraries any gaming console ever had, in my opinion. Neither of those things can be said about the Wii, though.
                And if you think that sales are what truly matter… Well, then I can’t find any words for you, unfortunately. Sales say NOTHING about the quality of the system. Best example: the Wii. Though Apple products are nice examples too, especially the iPhone. Sure, it is a pretty nice phone, but there are better ones on the market. Still, the iPhone sells better. So, your point?
                And Nintendo taking their time to make the effort to get the most out of the Wii? Are you being serious right now? I really hope you’re not.
                And Nintendo definitely did not make it accessible to everyone. The core audience is anything but interested in the Wii. And don’t try to tell me “But there are core gamerz playing the Wii!”. There always are exceptions. And those exceptions don’t speak for the whole audience.
                Nintendo went for a certain audience too, not only the other two. The Wii mainly appealed to the casual audience and to children. Accept it. And of course it was a great strategy. A great strategy to make heaps of money but a really bad strategy to please fans and gamers.

                1. Yes, the PS2 has an awesome library. One of the best. Still doesn’t change the facts of what I said. It was initially sold as a cheap DVD player, DVDs were still new at the time, so it had that going for it. And the system was easily hackable to play pirated games.

                  Now on to the Wii. Underpowered yes, but by no means a bad console, Nintendo challenged the “hardcore” gamer to adopt a new way to play, if they couldn’t handle it, their loss, a lot of other people could and did love the Wii.

                  You say exceptions don’t speak for the whole audience, then paint the Wii as a bad console because some people didn’t like it. Pot, meet kettle. For all the fancy AAA titles on the HD twins, they still lost to the Wii. That’s the bottom line. Nintendo was the only company consistently making money this gen. It all comes down to that in the end.

                  You say Nintendo lost the hardcore, I say they gained a whole lot more. The numbers don’t lie. I acknowledge that the PS2 is one of the best consoles of all time and one of my favourites. Why don’t you acknowledge Nintendo’s accomplishments the same way, instead of focusing on what you think they lost?

            3. every game for the stationbox would’ve been better for the wii gamplay wise and graphic wise if you go by the launch price

            4. This is officially one of the dumbest posts I have ever read…while Wii may have had a crapload of ‘shovelware’, you think PS3 and 360 didn’t? For every ten games on a system, on average the way I see it there might be like one gem. Just because the Wii had more shovelware than the average system because of motion controls hardly made it ‘kiddy’. Of course, telling that to a person who is blood soaked from the 8000 FPS trying to capitalize off of a few games that do FPS well(doesn’t sound anything like Wii…) is like trying to reason with a brick wall.

              “360 and PS3 are more older/mature systems”….let me clue in any idiot that believes this right now…maturity is relative. If you think playing shooters and killing in ‘realistic looking games’ makes you MATURE, then you are clearly the most juvenile people on the planet. Killing, graphics, bloodshed…these traits do not define maturity. Responsibility and a brain are a good start to that. Clearly if you can’t play a game without saying ‘this game isn’t realistic enough’ then you clearly lack part of the latter point. I play games to have fun. I buy systems with care of how much money I have and how much value I am going to get from my system. When I buy a system, I want it to work. PERMANENTLY, at least under reasonable conditions. I am pretty much never guaranteed that with a PS3 or 360. When I buy a system, I want games that are fun, and that means they don’t have to be violent or uber-realistic to have a good time. I pretty much always get that from Nintendo. And I want quality, replayability, and value out of the games I buy. Sorry, but I don’t count online for FPS as quality or value, bc I don’t play night and day like most of the people that play, and its not fun when I get online and can’t make it 5 steps without someone camping waiting to kill me. Every other game I have ever considered getting an Xbox or PS3 for(like Fable or Halo), the campaigns are a couple hours. And although I do local multiplayer with friends, the few times I do is not worth the $60 admission price.

              Long story short, graphics whores are the least mature gamers there are, and I prefer to get value out of my system as opposed to uber realism. Nintendo delivers. Are the others bad? No. But I’m just fine where I’m at. Stop being a child…’my sneakers are better than yours, my mom got them at the Nike store’…’my car is better than your car, its got feature A or B or C’…my toy is better than yours…my system is better than yours, its got the KUNG FU GRIP…bunch of fucking 7 year olds…

              1. I really have no idea where you pulled that FPS stuff out of. I didn’t say a single word about FPS games. Neither did I talk about graphics. Stop putting words in my mouth.
                The fact that you only can think about FPS when someone refers to “more mature” games (which I actually didn’t even do…) shows me that you are the idiot, not me.
                And I never said the PS3 and the Xbox360 are mature consoles. I said they are more suited for “older” or “grown-up” people. With that I meant people who are out of the age to be considered as children. And with -more suited- I also didn’t mean it is limited to those “older” people only, by more suited for them I meant nothing but that it’s more suited for them.

                1. Nope…my point was that the ‘majority’ of games on 360 and PS3 are FPS. The majority of the top ten selling games on both systems are FPS. Thus, when you make the comment, ‘these systems are more suited to a mature audience’, at the same time saying the Wii is ‘more suited to children’ because of the load of shovelware, you are generalizing. If its because of the shovelware that Wii is geared at children, then its because of the FPS’s that 360 and PS3 are more geared at mature. Verdict: What I said stands. If thats not what you meant to say, then don’t make such broad generalizations.

    11. They should’ve stuck to Overstrike instead of changing the game to Fuse. I’m glad it’s not coming to Wii U, one less generic shooter.

      1. This ^

        Did Insomniac fire all their good staff members or something, because they’re appalling now :/
        Overstrike looked awesome…not we just have Gears of Fraud.
        Not to mention whats happened to Ratchet and Clank ._.

          1. I know, but still, Ratchet and Clank…it actually upsets me how bad the new games are now…
            Im all for a new direction, but not like that..

    12. Why are they being stupid? The wii sold so many consoles and they still are slacking on the wii u. What’s the excuse now? Whatever I’m happy with my Nintendo games. When Nintendo brings out smash bros, Mario kart etc, that’s when they are going to jump on the wii u bandwagon and it’ll prob be too late because many Nintendo fans get an insane amount of hours with their own exclusives and aren’t going to care about anything else.

      1. lol! nothing is set in stone yet, the games listed above could very well be in development for the Wii U. Wouldn’t be surprised if Metal Gear was.

    13. Not looking good really. Had this been a new console for Microsoft or Sony, those games would have been sealed.
      I’m a bit worried about third party support already :(

      1. Actually I have to disagree with you there because Sony and Microsoft had the same problem in the first few months when they released the PS3 and Xbox 360 so really there is really much to worry.

        Plus, there are many more games already in development for the Wii U including Bayonetta 2, some Horror game by Sega, Lego City: Undercover, Wonderful 101 ( developed by Platinum games) and so on.

    14. Doesn’t mean some of them aren’t coming. They just haven’t been announced yet. We all know how Nintendo works. Just have some patience.

      1. When I say how Nintendo works I mean they like to keep things close to their chests. I’m sure they will shock people in the not to far distant future.

        1. They probs will….the next E3 will have like a Super Smash Bros. 4 trailer or something, exclusive Call of Duty game, Nintendoland 2 with all the missing attractions and online multiplayer, Mother 3 western release and Mother 4 on Wii U, Zelda HD, New Metroid series, Mario Galaxy 3, Mario Kart WiiU, Pokemon WiiU RPG, Soul Calibur VI and like Pikmin 3 downloadable content…. :P They’ll surprise us like that :D

          1. That…would be epic. And if they added Xenoblade 2 in HD or something. and a twewy update (big twewy fan).

            Oh and news about Versus 13 xD. And that HD Kingdom Hearts Collection we were suppose to get (I know PS3 is getting it :/)

    15. Dont forget when that guy hacked the Miiverse or whatever it was revealed “Metal Gear Solid” was there along with Resident Evil (no number) and Yoshi Land Wii U.

      1. INTERESTING^, the title of the article implies that the Wii U isn’t going to get any 3rd party support, but in actuality no one even knows yet. And like you said, some titles may very well be in development for the Wii U and just have not been announced as such yet.

    16. I only want and care about 2 of those (Tomb Raider and South Park) with some of the others (Bioshock, Castlevania) I’ll be waiting till they’re £10 or under. For me it’s not much of a loss if I can’t get these on the Wii U

      I am bothered about no One Piece for it however. Woulda loved the ports of those to play on Gamepad like I’m doing Orochi

    17. South Park seems questionable to me as “quality 3rd party title”, but nonetheless I can tell you I would not buy or play a single one of those games… Also, all the games mentioned above are games that were pretty much already in development before the Wii U was even announced. We have to wait for games that are being created AFTER the Wii U’s release. Game developers want to kn ow how popular the Wii U is before going all in with it.

          1. Yeah, of all the games listed above, I would love to see Tomb Raider and M.G.R.R. Especially Metal Gear, I don’t know if Tomb Raider will make it on the Wii U though, for some reason that one just seems the least likely to me… :( Metal Gear seems pretty probable though. Doesn’t Konami and Nintendo have good history? I know it is being published by Platinum games which published MadWorld, The Wonderful 101, and Bayonetta 2 so Plat.G seems to be positively linked to Nintendo as of late.

    18. I have to get this off my chest, since people are always talking about Nintendo/Sony doom articles and it is usually false, it’s simple, America hates Japanese companies nowadays. We never see Nextbox is doomed articles, any game made east of Europe is automatically considered “gay” by majority, the media and gaming journalism is the devil, as people come up with Nintendo/Sony doomed articles, devs believe it and half assed ports end up on either of their consoles. It’s sad really how if a game isn’t realistic, graphically awesome, m-rated, has blood, and doesn’t have a gun is considered bad and “sucks” nowadays. Idk about you guys, but I think that this current(8th) generation needs “fresh air” with a new popular genre, FPS’s had their shine, it’s time for something new.

          1. IMO we need AAA titles that are NOT M-Rated and made in the USA! American devs need more variety, haven’t really seen an E-rated AAA title since Little Big Planet

      1. It’s more than that: Nintendo makes games that are too simple. Simple is sometimes fun and sometimes the best route, but that’s ALL Nintendo does. It hasn’t grown up at all.

        Even Metroid games are just very… cartoony. Not in the visual sense, in the context sense. Gamers these days want variety, and you just don’t get that with Nintendo consoles. You get a very repetitive underlying theme: “family” type games. Those are great and all, but every once in a while, I want a game that doesn’t treat me like (or cater largely to) a child. Mario, Luigi’s Mansion, Nintendo Land, even the Mii characters: they’re simplistic, “cutesy” type characters, they’re not customizable nearly as much as XBOX’s avatars are with clothes, accessories, etc. hell, they don’t even have hands half the time, or arms, or fingers… and they never have clothes unless you’re playing a game that has pre-set costumes.

        Nintendo tries too hard to focus on being “new” rather than just doing things that work and people like. They think they either have to innovate, or die. In reality, gamers would be extremely happy with a little innovation mixed with some familiar, successful elements.

        Game developers know this a bout Nintendo, and their stubborness to even SLIGHTLY “go with the flow”. Admirable as it is that Nintendo wants to break new ground, it’s not as attractive to developers because it forces them to have to do things differently with Nintendo. As a result, they often end up skipping Nintendo and going multi-platform with the other consoles.

        Is it “right”? Who knows, but they are certainly justified in their choices. If I were a developer, I would not make a game for Wii U unless it was a Wii U-specific game, and even then I’d be hesitant. The more standard controller button layout for Wii U helps, but if all you do is port a game over to Wii U and not use the motion controls OR the tablet’s touch-screen, people will not have any incentive to buy it unless they already have a Wii U, rather than making people think “Oh man, I REALLY need to get a Wii U and get this game on THAT platform rather than my XBOX!”

        In short: it’s just not worth the extra time, and thus, cost, for many developers, regardless of how easy it has been reported to develop for/port to.

        1. Do you think we have to care if it is hard for a developer to give us games? The las time i check sellers had to please buyers not the other way people sometimes sound so immature wen they say then buy for the other console, the market consiste of i offer you this take or leave it and if we decide we should leave and still want our money then they should try harder instead of begging us to buy it the way they want.

          1. You should care. They don’t owe you anything. Their job is to make money. If wasting time and this money on a console doesn’t project to produce a decent return on investment, they will choose not to give you anything for that console.

            Their job isn’t to please you, it’s to make a buck. And for many developers, skipping on the Wii U to conserve development costs, production costs, salaries, etc. is a financially better decision for them. Don’t like it? Tough shit.

            By the way, learn to type please. Commas, periods; punctuation in general. Your post is like one long run-on sentence.

        2. your right, I mean yeah the close mindedness of em has made the company decline in popularity, but they shouldn’t be scolded entirely for innovation. I always be thinking to myself “Nintendo you got this, you can be big on mainstream again, don’t fuck this up.” I really hope for the best, but since some devs actually own a Wii U, could it be a sign? Only time will tell

          1. I’m sure plenty of devs owned a Wii as well. That means nothing.

            I’m not scolding Nintendo for wanting to innovate. I’m scolding them for making innovation their primary and seemingly ONLY concern. Gamers are happy to play games with a standard XBOX-like controller. To invest ALL your efforts in changing that, just for the sake of being different, is going to cause you to be castigated in the long run. Nintendo should make a console that not only innovates THEIR games for THEIR ideas, but also let’s devs and gamers who are fine with standardized playing to enjoy the console as well, WHILE at the same time providing cutting edge graphics, power, robust tools, etc. Graphics aren’t everything, but you’re kidding yourself if you think they don’t matter. If that were true, we’d still all be stuck in 8-bit graphics.

            And power doesn’t just mean graphics either; better sound, better physics (which makes for better gameplay), larger worlds, more interactivity for those worlds, etc. The power of a console affects ALL of that. That being said, I believe the Wii U is severely underpowered by today’s standards, which will be evident when Sony and Microsoft’s next consoles come out. And if they both have some sort of tablet controller or some other similar innovation, Wii U may end up being another Wii: selling really well… to casual gamers for parties and drunk hysterics. Which is fine, but it certainly wasn’t a true “gaming machine” to me.

            1. “That being said, I believe the Wii U is severely underpowered by today’s standards, which will be evident when Sony and Microsoft’s next consoles come out.”
              You’re seriously stupid.

              1. Well, the odds of it happening is very high … unless you can prove otherwise without going “But Sony is losing da moniezz!”

                1. What a stupid reply. I don’t need to prove shit to some dude on the net. This so called hardware leap is a fanboy delusion. Last gens leap will never happen again. I can’t wait for the damage control.

    19. That is a terrifying list if you’re a Wii U owner.

      This list is exactly why I didn’t buy one. Nintendo praised their third party support, but these are a lot of AAA third party titles and they’re not coming to Wii U yet.

      Like them or not, these are major titles. Fanboys can pretend “oh most of these games suck anyway, Nintendo first party games rule!”, but the fact is that many of these titles sell EXTREMELY well and are extremely well liked by millions of people worldwide.

      Unless something changes (drastically), I will not be getting a Wii U and will wait to see what the next consoles from the other guys offer as far as new dynamics. Again, “Nintendo-only” fanboys will just scoff and say they’ll copy Nintendo, but the reality is everyone copies everyone. They copy what works or has the most value. Doing it first doesn’t make you the greatest, doing is BEST does. And this time to see what Nintendo does and does not do right can really pay off for the other companies, especially since the consoles will likely be more powerful, have some sort of tablet-controller innovation or something equally impressive, AND will almost definitely have all the major 3rd party support that their current gen consoles do.

      Nintendo is in potentially huge trouble at the moment.

        1. True. It’s sad. Nintendo 64 was their last really great “gamer” console. Since then, it has slowly been declining to a party-favour kind of company in terms of their consoles/games for it.

          I spent so much time playing GoldenEye, Waverace, Mario 64, F-Zero, Mario Kart, etc. I can count on both hands the number of days (cumulative in hours) of gameplay I spent with the Wii; the vast majority of that was Zelda: Wind Waker, or VC games, which really doesn’t even count!

          1. “Nintendo 64 was their last really great gamer console”. Im pretty sure the GameCube was, though it lacked some 3rd party titles, it had some of the best games in the world. It was an underrated masterpiece.

      1. “Fanboys can pretend “oh most of these games suck anyway, Nintendo first party games rule!”, but the fact is that many of these titles sell EXTREMELY well and are extremely well liked by millions of people worldwide.”

        Thank you, you don’t know what you’ve done, but thank you.

        Next time someone says a Nintendo game like NSMB sucks, I’ll just use this argument you’ve used here. Naturally, you won’t have a problem with that.

    20. Give it time, sheesh

      :O You mean the games that have been in development since before the wiiU was announced and are just releasing aren’t coming to a BRAND NEW console with a small intall base! Say it isn’t so. T_T

      1. Many of those games started only a year or two ago, back when dev kits for Wii U were already in circulation. Also, the Wii U is supposedly easy to port to, and very similar in architecture to XBOX 360. Dev kits have been out for more than 2 years now, privately, and these games are not being released until next year. Dev have had plenty of time to port the game over, being that it’s supposedly very simple to do so. They have CHOSEN not to, for whatever reason. It could be any number of reasons. My guess is it has largely to do with the lack of existing 3rd party support. Nintendo made it seem like everyone and their mother loved this console. Now that it’s out? It’s looking like a much different story. Case in point: these major, HUGE AAA 3rd party titles, and the lack of support from devs to port existing AAA titles aside from a handful (some of which are apparently terrible; Mass Effect 3, for example).

        1. Mass Effect 3 was a terrible port, what are you smoking? It shits on the PS3 version. I’d recommend buying the Xbox 360 or Wii U version of this game.

        2. Your lying man!
          Nintendo never made it sound like everyone and their mother loved this console. This system had has ZERO hype from nintendo. This is their most low key console ever. Stop it with all the BS man.

      1. It might. THQ seems fairly supportive of the Wii U (despite their financial situation). Since South Park has been delayed until 2014 it could make its way to the Wii U…. That is, if THQ is still around. ._.

        1. I feel bad for THQ because I really enjoyed Darksiders II. I hope the company will find a way to develop a big hit and make a huge profit off of it.

    21. Though all are on both of the other consoles, it’s pretty important to note how long those have been in production. Some of them were announced at the same E3 the Wii U was announced. They can’t just jump development to a new console. I’m sure we’ll see more coming on all three as a standard in time, but right now it’s probably just going to be a bit.

    22. Honestly, how can anyone be surprised by this. The Wii U barely has an install base. Even if everyone who has a Wii U bought a game, it’d still be less than 2 million sold worldwide so far. Real sales won’t pick up for at least a year when an actual install base is there. Then games will have a chance of being profitable on the system. The Wii U has a different type of architecture too with a gpgpu and a lower end cpu. I don’t know much about the technicals of it, but the gist of it is that the gpu runs cpu functions. In order to get games running well on the system, they need to take this into account, otherwise there will be issues, such as with the framerate. Putting this time and effort in to get the game ported and running smoothly will cost these companies a good amount of cash. Even if it is an easy port, it’ll still cost enough to make earning a profit off of the game a bit of a task. I say, games set to release within the first 6-10 months of the console’s release will be few and far between for the Wii U in terms of multiplats. After that and after the other next gen consoles hit and all games are set to go across these new systems with literally no install base, the Wii U will start seeing regular multiplats. At least that’s my prediction. It’s hard being first out of the gate. You get compared to things that don’t even officially exist yet and lined up against everything that does exist for the old guys catalogs. But that’s the catch. We have to wait and see. Best of luck to us and all other Nintendo fans, I guess

    23. This doesn’t make sense. This articles says that some of these games are skipping the Wii U, according to unnamed reps. An unnamed rep is not a very reliable source. Maybe we should ask the publishers/developers of the games ourselves about these games coming to the Wii U. Perhaps that will give us some answers.

    24. I think little things are extraordinary. Using the Gamepad screen as a real time map in Assassins Creed 3 and Batman Arkham City totally makes those games better. I had a hard time getting around Arkham City on my Xbox 360, and changing menus doesn’t help because you don’t see where you are oriented to on the map, the Gamepad is real time, I can see where I am and where I want to go and where I am going. Also the added features on COD Black Ops 2 seem like no brainers but totally change everything and make it more enjoyable, I love it.

    25. Adding what seems like simple features like a real time map and item selection or coop on separate screens so you don’t have to split screen to these games is big. It’s a game hanger because I much prefer them over not having them and would rather buy those games on Wii U with these features.

    26. Checked some numbers. It looks like Wii U software sales haven’t been anything to write home about so far The overall software tie ratio is slightly lower than the Wii was at this point even if you take Wii Sports and Nintendo Land out of the picture. Zombie U looks like it’s selling better than Red Steel did and 3rd party games that match well with the Nintendo brand like Scribblenauts and Just Dance 4 are selling fairly well.

      Big crossplatform games haven’t sold particularly high numbers though. Black Ops 2 has sold the most units at about 11% of all Wii U owners, matching the percentage who picked it up on the 360, but since the install base is so low this corresponds to only about 1% of sales of the same game on the 360. If we assume a limited library keeps the game selling to about the same proportion of Wii U owners in 6 months time it’ll still only sell a max of about 7% of the number on the 360. Not exactly a huge incentive for a port.

      By June (the furthest I feel I can project with any accuracy) it looks like none of the big crossplatform games except maybe BLOPS2 will have sold over 500,000 copies. This is simply a factor of low install base (even assuming we somehow match Wii sales of 8 million). So most huge titles will probably sell about 5-10% of their equivalent sales on the 360. Arkham City may be closer to 15%.

      The system seems like it could be a better match for lesser known franchises for whom the soft ceiling of around 500k copies is not a sales concern. The limited software library could give these titles more room to stand out. Darksiders II has only sold 520k copies on the 360 (and is rumoured to have an overall sales target of 2M), so if it managed to hit 150k copies on Wii U it would be significant. Sonic & Sega Racing is a good match for the audience and may sell as much as its 360 version. Epic Mickey 2 will also have significant sales.

      In general it seems the Wii U will be a good match for games in 2013 with system sales targets of 300-500k or less but games seeking multi-million unit sales may consider the increase in sales too small to be worth creating a dedicated team.

      1. Fucking little cunt whore you’re an idiot, do something useful for once, such as playing in heavy traffic on a highway near you, lol.

      2. I totally agree with your post. I think someone should copy what you said and send it to the 3rd parties because it makes perfect business sense to do that.

      3. very nice assessment of the wiiu’s current condition. I too, completely agree. Hopefully Nintendo can release a couple titles over the next year to push that installed base up

    27. Oh my Jesus lol! You all sound like a bunch of kids arguing about which cartoon is better. Bottom line is this kids- From what I have personally experienced, I can honestly make comparisons on certain games for all this WIIU gets bad ports. I have 360, PS3, WII and WIIU. On AC3, WIIU version looked crystal clear and gorgeous compared 2 the 360. BO2- WIIU destroyed 360 on that one in graphics and get this-NO LAG AT ALL! Sound 2 good 2 b tru? Well try 4 urself. Havent ran in2 ANY lag whatsoever. It looks gorgeous over the 360 version. ARKM City-LOL WAY bettr and way more detailed, also gorgeous. A for the xclusive ZOMBIEU, wow… Once u play it, you see new texture tech, lighting, realism, I mean wow… the story is out of this world(Illuminati undertones and Anunaki-Fallen Angels) conspiring with secret societies to bring about the Black Prophecy… WIIU is Next Gen so go cry me a river.

    28. My only big personal losses are just Bioshock Infinite, Crysis 3, Dead Space 3, Metal Gear Rising and maybe SC: Blacklist. I say “maybe” because it’s Ubisoft we’re talking about, I’ll be optimistic with Ubi’s support to Nintendo. Althugh having GTA V would help Wii U a lot; but for now, I think the Wii U has got enough third chapters in game series (Assassin’s Creed 3, Ninja Gaiden 3, Mass Effect 3), I stand more optimistic with GTA V, Bioshock and Metal Gear and a possible “comeback” for Metro: Last Light…but I cannot lie, I’d love to see Crysis 3 on Wii U

    29. If it wasnt for my kids already happy about playing Epic Mickey2, I would have returned the Wii U, back in exchange for a PS3.

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