New Limited Edition Nintendo 3DS Hits Japan


Yet another limited edition Nintendo 3DS has been announced for Japan. This time it’s a limited edition console to celebrate Super Robot Wars Taisen UX, which will be released in Japan on the 14th March 2013. Super Robot Wars Taisen UX is a Strategy RPG and the likelihood of the game and the console arriving in the West is sadly very remote.


    1. yea, if it wasn’t for the 3 letters of a game i don’t know and probably never will as it won’t ever reach europe.. ^^

  1. CASUAL FPS games :
    1) COD
    2) Bio-shock ( entire series )
    3) Kill-Zone
    4) battle field
    5) crysis ( entire series )
    6) Halo
    7) portal ( to some extent )

    Now are you beginning to see that the West sucked in games last generation ( PS3, xbox360, the Wii not so much it was a heaven for 3rd party innovation and a great Wiiware collection ).
    We need real games, everyone let’s make the New generation Wii U the destination of Japanese and eastern marvels.

  2. I’m convinced. Nintendo just doesn’t care about North America. Why else would Japan be getting all of the cool special edition 3DS systems, and all we get is plain solid colors? Heck, even Europe got the COOL Pikachu 3DS XL. But NOOOOOOOOO, not North America.

  3. @MrRetroJunkie

    I do agree lately we Americans(From south to north) rarely get anything as cool as the folks in Japan. The only difference so far was that we got the WiiU first then the rest of the world and thats about it. When it comes to special stuff only the places that Nintendo either commands or is lacking get the good stuff but America is neither one of those situation we are more in between. So yes you are correct Nintendo needs to be unified when it comes to offering new products. Either we all get the special stuff or nobody gets it.

  4. Boy North America gets the shaft when it comes to special edition bundles. :(

    I would even be happy with a plain black 3DS XL.

  5. @MrRetroJunkie

    I live in Japan and maybe we get cool hardware, but man that Wii U eShop is BARREN. No demos, no downloadable indie games, nothin’. This is why region locking drives me crazy. Yeah, I can get a system that looks cool but I still need something to play on it.

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