dragon_quest_x_characterThere can be up to 12 user accounts on a single Wii U console. And whatever one user downloads from the Nintendo eShop is shared across all users on the system.

Demos are no exception. So far, all downloadable Wii U demos have a limited number of uses, which are shared among all users. This means that, for example, because the demo of FIFA 13 has only 10 uses, and if you have 12 user accounts on your Wii U, not all users will be able to experience that particular demo.



  1. Slightly sensationalistic.

    Just because you have 12 user accounts, doesn’t mean that 2 or more people won’t be playing simultaneously, giving everyone an opportunity to play the demo.

    I agree the whole “limit the demo uses” thing is garbage, but blanket claiming that not everyone will get a go is unfounded rubbish as well.

    Note to Nintendo: It’s 2012 and not every country has 128 million people in a space the size of N.S.W Australia. Sometimes we have different friends & family over at different times and wouldn’t mind showing off your new console, but it makes it hard to sell the concept when you have to tell people that you can’t show them some demo because you’ve already played it 10 times.

    No wonder they often laugh and call it a ‘kiddy console’.


      • Not even slightly, but brilliant use of the English language there. Your teachers and parents must be so proud. I do applaud your ability to think for yourself, make a constructive and well thought out argument. I am impressed. /sarcasm

        I’m a Nintendo fan, but honestly, the level of fanboyism here borders on the psychosis level. I’m amazed that so many people just don’t get how this is a problem.

        I suppose it’s great if everyone can afford every game out there, just in case their friends are Fifa fans, and the console owner isn’t, but realistically, the point of the demo is to show case the game to interested parties. That’s a bit hard if you’ve used up your tries in the demo.

        Restrictions aren’t a good thing, try it yourself. Only look up sites based on your current Country location. Tell me how much fun the internet is then when you only browse sites in the UK, USA, Italy, Australia, etc.

        Honestly, if I visited a friend or family member and they had to tell me that I couldn’t try a demo because they’d used up all the demo plays, I’d laugh at them and think the Nintendo console must have some serious issues they don’t want people to know about.


    • …..it’s a demo.

      I played the demo for DMC. Know what i said after? “Yeah, thats a game”. Deleted it straight after. I don’t feel retarded for not abusing it’s unlimited use. Just like all demo’s, it 1 or 2 very short levels, normally full of tutorials, that play out exactly the same everytime.
      I’d understand if you were entertained veey easily, like dangling keys in front of a baby, but most normal people do not play demo’s more than once. Just buy the game, seeing as you’re clearly an adult who can afford to buy games, seeing as you believe that Nintendo is referred to a kiddy console.


      • I mean cmon, “im going to show my family this game for this new console, that clearly hasnt interested me enough to buy it”

        Reeeeally? Great way of showing it off…


    • You call my 5000$ gameing computer, since pc demos(trials)
      When there are any have either a time or use limit on them.
      So this is nuthing new, funny id never use a demo to show off a system, cause it tells my freinds hey look how cheap he is, you can tell hes half scotish.


  2. Oh no, my 12 twelve children, bobby, cletus, jill, charlie, amber, dingus, timmy, charlene, lloyd, becky, tommy and burt reynolds jr wont all get to play, dammit



  3. Capcom released street fighter 2 hd remix and I just had the Xbox trial for like two weeks before buying it. They put ken and ryu as the two characters what a mistake ;) still I can see why companies want this for they can avoid people just playing demos


  4. How stupid, I definitely won’t be getting a Wii U now because of this– NOT. Who the hell cares, they’re demos. And what household would have 12 different accounts with each person wanting to play the same demo…

    Only reason I don’t have a Wii U is because I don’t have the enough money yet.


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