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Nintendo DS Passes PlayStation 2 To Become Best-Selling Video Game Platform


The Nintendo DS has finally surpassed the PlayStation 2 and is now the best-selling video game platform. The Nintendo DS has sold 153.69 million units, while the PlayStation 2 has sold 153.68 million units. The Nintendo DS outsold the PlayStation 2 globally from the week ending December 8th. Let’s see if it can retain its position as the best-selling platform worldwide.

391 thoughts on “Nintendo DS Passes PlayStation 2 To Become Best-Selling Video Game Platform”

    1. What’s funny is people here still believe VGChartz is a credible source of sales figures or numbers. They’ve stopped taking track of the PS2 for a while now.

      This sort of news was posted last year, back in 2010, even 2007. Guess what? They were all wrong and I’m certain that it is still wrong.

      There’s a reason posting chartz can get you banhammered on numerous gaming forums or sites.

    1. The funniest thing is , I’ve been saying this to people for a long long long time. ”the Ds is the fastest selling and soon to be highest selling gaming hardware ever” And I usualy get the , ”herp derp Ps2 is derp” response.

        1. I wasn’t arguing anything. People were attacking me for stupid reasons. Semantics mainly….

          I agreed that the 3DS would pass the PS3 and people hopped on my back like crazed Nintendoids. Like… DID YOU NOT JUST READ WHAT I WROTE?! lol….

    2. I can. Handhelds are personal items. So everyone in a family can own one, whereas they may just own 1 console for a household.

      Since Japan is a very gaming oriented country, it’s no surprise that a handheld appealed to the masses; Especially one with the Nintendo name on it.

      1. Well, the PS2 came out when DVDs where all the rage. With it being able to play DVDs, and being cheaper than most players, it was a double threat. You’re not giving the PS2 enough credit.

  1. With the greatest innovation and library of games including the amazing DS Lite console what more needs to be said? PS2 only started off well because it could play DVDs and music alongside games.

    1. Oh no, when it’s pro Nintendo, you can compare whatever you want, but when it is bashing Nintendo, you can’t compare it on this site.

      1. Ps2 and Nintendo DS are both dedicated gaming hardware with dedicated Full price , Boxed video games , Made by Sony and Nintendo. I would say they have their comparisons.

        The Iphone on the otherhand, a giant touchscreen with a load of shovelware , does not.

          1. They are very different because smartphones do a completely different job, with gaming as one facet of it. That’s like looking at PC sales and, because PCs outsold consoles, PCs are winning the console war! Wait, shit… don’t people buy PCs for other stuff, like word processing and internet functions? One isn’t necessarily beating the other because they both do very different jobs.

      2. Dude,this is a Nintendo site,did you expect there to not be any biased Nintendo fans?If you went to a sony site,you would see so many biased sony fans insulting nintendo when they’re not even mentioned.

    2. To be fair, the ps2 had a pretty wide consumer base, mainly hecause it had a DVD player, but still had a massive gamer fambase. DS had an odd one, the younger audience, the elder audience (stuff like Brain Train ect even my Grandma had one xD), then gamers, but they were the smaller percentage really.
      But yeah, DS and PS2 have basically the same market sales, so it doesnt really matter who bought it either, they both have consumers the other one didnt.

      1. DS had the whole handheld consumers before PSP. Also since the last handheld before that was the GBA that means it had a bigger fanbase. This was all before the smartphone appstore craze too.

    3. You can’t really compare a handheld to a console. As stated before a family would only have one brand of console whereas there can be as many as 4 handheld in a household. I have 1 WiiU and 3 3DS, also consoles are more expensive than handhelds. It really is a big achievement for a console to sell that many and continue selling to this day.

  2. And on this Day , Nintendo was officialy crowned the Greatest and most significant thing that ever Graced the Video Game industry.

    It’s Official

    Company that saved gaming – Nintendo
    Most innovative company in gaming – Nintendo
    Highest selling Franchise of all time – Mario
    Best game of all time – Ocarina of time (nope , that’s not opinionated :P)
    Highest selling Gaming Hardware of all time- Nintendo DS
    Highest selling Pack in of all time- Wii Sports
    Highest selling fighting game of all time – Super Smash bros brawl
    This list can just go on and on and on.

    If you seriously think Nintendo is a bad Gaming company then please kindly go back to your xbox 360 and piss off :)

      1. Why does their Hardware ”suck” ? Nintendo’s hardware has actually brought us about 85% of all the major innovations in Gaming.

        Need I write the big list that dwarfes all others ? Nintendo’s Hardware does not suck , It may not be the most advanced , but it’s usualy very innovative and awesome.

        Look at the psp compared to DS. The psp had way more advanced tech. But the DS was this HUGE breathe of fresh air , which undeniably much much much more fun to play around with than the psp. I had a psp and DS when they first came out. And the psp lost instantly to my DS……

        1. There hardware is cheap, underpowered crap with little to no 3rd party support. There systems are weak, and I mean REALLY weak. ALl I hear is “OH BUT GAMEPLAY IS MUCH MORE IMPORTANT THAN GRAFIX!”. Wrong, they are just as important as each other. The DS, sucks, the 3DS sucks, I haven’t played it since Kingdom Hearts 3D, why? Too busy with my VITA because it actually is a decent system. *Cue it has shit sales argument*

          1. And don’t bother with the “it has no gaems bra” argument, because it does. It even has a lot more quality now than the 3DS.

                1. But you’re trying to make opinions as if they were facts. If you want to “express” your “opinion,” please do so in a mature manner and not start an argument and not make them go overboard.

                    1. You must be feeling real mighty son with those big words of yours,you want some milk to keep down those lies?

                    1. It seems all you care about is power and graphics. Nintendo succeeds by having AMAZING 1st party games. It doesn’t even need 3rd party ones. We Nintendo fans only want them so all the so called “hardcore” gamers will shut up and admit that Nintendo is superior(okay some 3rd party games are good…) ;) It is a known fact that people like to cheer for the underdog(Microsoft, Sony, etc…) and want the champion (Nintendo) to fail. Its like how poor people hate rich people(the 1%). It’s called JEALOUSY.

                    2. who gives a fucking fuck?

                      Sorry man. Nes, snes, 64, and gamecube were not underpowered. Only the handhelds did and still do. Oh also the virtualboy fail console. Oh and before you call me a fanboy, I own a 360 which I play more than my wii due to games like minecraft, halo, and gears. I also love the freaking controller lol.

                2. “I’m having fun watching nintendorks protect their underpowered crap”

                  So you come to a Nintendo-centered website doing nothing but constantly spouting anti-Nintendo opinions (which you’ll self-righteously state as fact with Aeolus being your yesman as he’ll probably prove in a matter of minutes) and even though you seem to have the common human mentality to be on your way and not have to ridicule everyone on this site for attention or whatever else, you merely choose the inconsiderate way and bring down any person who at least tries to defend themselves and essentially beat them while their possibly down and in turn, gain some kind of inhumane satisfaction?


                  The art of deliberately, cleverly, and secretly pissing people off, usually via the internet, using dialogue. Trolling does not mean just making rude remarks: Shouting swear words at someone doesn’t count as trolling; it’s just flaming, and isn’t funny. Spam isn’t trolling either; it pisses people off, but it’s lame.”

                  And yet you refuse to call it trolling? Actually, given your kind, I know you’ll deny. Just reply yes and you’ll be proving my point instantaneously.

            1. No , No it does not jellybean. The 3DS has a much richer library of bigger bame franchises than the ps vitas. The vita will never ever catch up with the 3ds in that respect.

              It’s actually opinionated , but it doesn’t take Einstein to see that the 3DS has the much stronger library.

                    1. I could have a more intelligent conversation with an actual Nintendo fan on this Nintendo News site. Not people who scrape the bottom of the barrel scouling at anything pro-Nintendo.

                      Seriously , I’m not the one in the wrong here. Do you see me on or ? NO!!!

                    2. More intelligent conversation with a Nintendo fan? Holy fuck please don’t. That’s probably what the Mayans predicted.

          2. I rather have the hardware cheep just because of the fact I will be neglecting it eventually. I don’t want to be spending $600-400 on a gaming console knowing that I will be tossing it out for the updated version.

            1. You’ll be tossing out any console for an update version regardless of what you spend on it.

              Meanwhile the Wii abruptly died with a library that plain and simply did not compare with either of those $400-600* consoles. I’d rather pay extra for a system that stays relevant if that’s going to be the case with all of Nintendo’s products.

              1. Heh I guess what I said didn’t really make sence. Let me just add that it’s worth spending a little more for an upated version IF it’s worth the money. I kinda think that’s why people are hesitent with buying the Wii U.

          3. HAHAHAH. You’ve exposed yourself as a butthurt sony fanboy or something along the lines. Who cares if their systems are ”weak, and I mean REALLY weak” ? Do you even know what you’re talking about , because the N64 was a LOT more powerfull than the Ps1 as was the Gamecube More powerfull than the PS2. Sony have only had 1 home console which is more powerfull than Nintendo’s.

            Gameplay is a LOT LOT LOT more important than Graphics. I agree third party support is important , but the 3DS is sapping all that away from Sony’s ”REALLY POWERFULL and REALLY INSIGNIFICANT” Ps vita. The wii was unquestionably weak as it was intended to be. But I litteraly had more WAY WAY WAY more fun with its best games than I did with either the 360’s or Ps3’s .

            Your Power crazed attitude towards gaming seems very immature in my eyes. It’s like some Sony fanboys think PSAS is better than Smash bros because it has better graphics. And the graphics are marginally better with a higher resoloution and Smash bros has a much more appealing art style with a much more charecterized feel.

            Power =/= goodness. The PS1 outsold the n64 , The DS outsold the PSP , The pS2 outsold gamecube and xbox , the Wii outsold the ps3 and 360 with the ps3 and now the 3DS is repeating the trend.

            In my mind , the PS2 was the last good system made. The ps3 was a dissapointing piece of shit compared to the ps2 and the ps vita is even more dissapointing than the psp.

            1. Gameplay is a LOT LOT LOT better than graphics?

              Have fun living in the past. And no I’m not a Sony fanboy you Iwata dick sucking faggot. The only Sony console I play is the VITA. I’m more a PC gamer. Not my fault if I hate that Nintendo is stopping the industry from major technological and power advancements in the industry.

              Who cares if their systems are ”weak, and I mean REALLY weak” ? Do you even know what you’re talking about ,

              I seem to know a lot more than you do. You seem to fanboy over cheap shit.

              1. The only console I play is the VITA? You only play the worst console ever made ? seems a bit odd , You kaz hirai dick riding faggot.

                I’m more a pc gamer ? then why are you talking about specs , and why are you on this site if your a 2 dimensional PC and Vita fanboy?

                I ”fanboy” over Nintendo Games , that’s why I am on a Nintendo news site. When news pops up about a franchise that is a hobby of mine , it excites me. You on the other hand seem to have exposed yourself to be wasting your time on a Nintendo site , even though you seemingly hate them.

                Your opinion is nonesense aswell. The 3DS is way better than the Vita , The DS is way better than the psp , the Wii is not better than the PS3 , but its best games are way better than the ps3’s . Nuff said kid.

                1. “The only console I play is the VITA?”

                  I said Sony console, not console.

                  “I’m more a pc gamer ? then why are you talking about specs , and why are you on this site if your a 2 dimensional PC and Vita fanboy?”

                  Because I like to voice my opinion.

                  Next question?

                  1. Lol. By your logic, it would be fun to watch people taking care of people with disabilities, right? Aw, that’s so sweet.

                    1. I fail to see how my logic implies that. People with disabilities are not underpowered crap. They are just as valued in this society as you or I.

                  2. “I’m having fun watching nintendorks protect their underpowered crap”

                    You call it underpowered crap but you purchase their hardware. Keep on exposing yourself.

                    1. Well how else do I find out that it’s underpowered crap? I buy it so I know the full facts. I’m not a wanker who assumes shit. There just dust collectors in my cupboard now.

                    2. “Well how else do I find out that it’s underpowered crap? I buy it so I know the full facts”

                      You know Nintendo has never been about specs. Keep up the damage control.

                    3. Damage control? LMFAO!

                      I said there hardware sucks, and you’ve been arguing ever since, And I’m in damage control? Oh and I thought you didn’t care about what some guy has to say on the internet? Oh god this is great.

                    4. “I said there hardware sucks”

                      Your comprehension skills need a little work. I clearly said “Nintendo has never been about specs”.

              2. No, the only thing stopping the industry growing is cost. Next gen is going to be hilarious, because either you’re gona get a console thats underpowered when expecting a beast, or companies are going to go bamkrupt over game costs. Oh wait, youre a PC gamer? LOL good luck

                1. Hmmmm I can recall countless times when you said you will be going to PC next gen, and you’re laughing at us? You really are confusing.

                2. You’re going to be in for such a rude awakening, that it’ll be painful to watch.

                  My predictions involving hardware pretty much always come to fruition, I was spot on with the Wii U barely outperforming devices from 2005-2006 and I will be spot on when I humbly say the next-generation will eclipse this console with very little effort. They won’t even need to hit the $500 tag to do that.


                    1. oh don’t worry

                      I was also spot on with the Wii U build of S&ART being broken upon release with the PS3 build being the most stable of the consoles when TheVirginNation tried bringing that up months ago

                      when you have connections in high and low places, you’ll learn things previously unknown

                    2. I just find it funny, they’re calling us Graphics whores, and then when an article praises a game, they’re all like, this game is stunning and it’s 1080p bra!

                    3. That is because we like quality gameplay with good graphics(but mostly gameplay).What,because we like gameplay means that we can’t enjoy graphics?

              3. I don’t think you understand the graphics argument to be honest. Of course I care for graphics, but the way I think about it, is that the gameplay should come before the graphics.

                Would you rather play a game that is completely shockingly awful, almost uncontrollable, just stupid with the most beautiful graphics ever, or would you rather play a game that has pushed its gameplay to the next level in exchange for SNES graphics? I sure know the answer from me. It’s exactly why Ocarina of Time is still rated probably the greatest video game of all time (not my opinion, because I prefer some other games), it’s because it’s gameplay is that great that the sub-par graphics for today don’t even matter.

                  1. Well, that’s the perfect solution, but there aren’t all that many beautiful games that also possesses brilliant gameplay. I’m not disagreeing with you, I’m just saying that for a game to be great, it first needs to focus on gameplay before perfecting the graphics.

              4. You picked the wrong Sony console to buy, I heard the PS2 was good though. Why don’t you go pick one of those up. I hear it has a better library of games than the VITA…oh but you only care about graphics…

                1. I care about graphics AND gameplay. Not one over the other. And I had a PS2, but it’s old junk becoming a dust collector with my Nintendo consoles now.

          4. lots of opinionated banter

            while it’s not pretty i can enjoy a game with outdated graphics, even with graphics from the 90ies, surprising isn’t it?
            can i enjoy a title with top of the notch graphics but incredibly boring gameplay? if your answer is yes then i suggest you have fun playing pong in cryengine 3 for hours on end

            graphics are not unimportant, but gameplay is wayy more important.. actually add a couple more ‘y’ to that “wayy”
            and gameplay wise nintendo always knows to deliver even if there’s no third party support which frankly i never really cared about when buying a nintendo console

              1. If you look at revelations,you’d be amazed(not a youtube video,the real deal.Recording it makes it look worse).The 3ds has games(more than the vita).If you didn’t let that fanboyism get a hold of you,you would realize that.

            1. I know right. I’m such a monster. I want a nice balanced game, something Nintendo seems to find hard to deliver, while everyone else can achieve it. (except Nihilistic, they need to cease to exist)

          5. 3rd party support has little to do with hardware. And the fact that the hardware is cheap is what makes it affordable for most. Would I buy a Wii at launch? yes, I could. Would I buy a PS3 at launch? HELL NO, way too expensive. And dude, if I cared much for graphics, I would save up for a gaming PC instead.

            I laughed hard when I read that part. Nintendo’s hardware is often good. The N64 was the first real 3d console.
            The gamecube was powerful. The Wii and ds were weak for their gen. But the ds has awesome games.
            Of course is fun more important than graphics.

            “the 3DS sucks, I haven’t played it since Kingdom Hearts 3D, why? Too busy with my VITA because it actually is a decent system.”

            Oh it is official. The 3ds sucks. Why? Because Jellybean is playing vita at the moment.
            Did you buy: super mario 3D land, New super Mario bros.2, Kid Icarus uprising, Resident evil revelation, Mario kart 7 or The lengend of Zelda: Ocarina of time? (out of the list I did not buy resident evil) If not then do not complain. If yes then be happy for all those great games and the be happy about the great games just waiting to be released.
            Super smash bros. A new Zelda, Luigi’s mansion: new moon, Animal crossing: new leaf, Monter hunter 3 unlimited, Fire emblem and perhaps we will get the new pokémon mystery dungeon.

          1. I care more about both. I’d rather play a game with good graphics and good gameplay, then one with more over the other. Besides, since the Wii U came out, you fanboys have been all about the graphics no? You = Joke.

            1. Graphics of your latest console is rather important , and the wiiu does actually have great graphics. See Trine 2 directors cut , Nano assault Neo , Nintendo Land etc.

              But to be honest , graphics are not important at all to me , i still regularly play GBA , Gamecube , N64 , SNES , Megadrive games and get way more enjoyment out of those than I do ”Generic triple A game”

              1. You still play that prehistoric crap? People need to take off their Nostalgia glasses. I’ve put mine away in a closet till it’s worth something so I can sell it.

                    1. butthurt much about me telling you what your favourite game is and isn’t?
                      also it doesn’t have fuck all to do with anything that’s being said here but do go on

                1. There’s nothing wrong with nostalgia, even less when you can act on it. Great games will always be great, just like Star Wars ep4 and it’s horrible fxs still is way better than the precuels. Asteroids, Mrs Pacman, Space Invaders, are still great and challenging. Emulators for old consoles is the greatest invention por pc gaming, you are missing out.

                  Graphics don’t matter, they should simply be fit according to the hardware they were built upon.
                  And Nintendo has never had bad hardware (except maybe Virtual boy) Wii was underpowered, but that wasn’t the point Galaxy, Skyward Sword, Metroid prime3 and many others looked great and played even better. God of War 3 is some of the best graphics ever made, and it’s still just a linear beat them up game. Devil May Cry on PS2 (all 3 games) were soooo much fun to play, and barely looked better than a N64 game. GTA games always look like shit compared to other stuff in the same console/pc, still are universally acclaimed for their innovations. Angry birds is one of the most played games right now and it is so low demanding any smartphone from 3 years ago can run it.
                  That’s what Wii was supposed to be, what DS was, and 3DS is, compared to their competitors, and that’s why they smoked them.
                  More power means more support is bullshit! Street Fighter 4 was released on 360 ,PS3 and 3DS, why not Wii? If the 3DS could handle it so could Wii.

                  One last thought: 2004’s Half Life 2 was named the greatest game in the past 10 years (wii sports was even nominated), not halo, not any COD, not God of W, not Crysis, not Forza Mottorsport,………, what does that tell you? (although i can imagine from what you’ve showed today) To me it says people know what matters.

                2. In all honesty, most “prehistoric crap” that you are talking about simply has more replay value and fun factor than any generic AAA BS game that comes out. It simply shows that if you’re buying a CoD game year after every goddamn year, you’re plainly nothing more than an idiotic gamer. If you’re buying a Madden or 2K game every year, then you’re completely wasting your time and money. You can keep all of those. Granted, true. You might be asking the question “Why do you still live in the past?” I don’t know about you, but coming from an avid gamer for the past 20 years in my life, console gaming died for me after N64 and the only thing I’ve been resorting to was no other than portable gaming. That’s probably why the DS is something many gamers would probably play now aside from their BS PS3/360s.

                3. prehistoric crap? i dont think so, for example, today three friends and I played megaman 5 on the Wii(a game for one person), and we had lots of fun for an hour or more… we dont think it’s prehistoric crap… in fact, a lot LOT of people I know(both gamers and “normal” people or people who normally do not play video games), love to play old games like (NES, SNES, N64, PS1, PS2, GB,etc.)

              2. Gamecube is still really relevant to me, which is why no GC compability on the Wii U is a disappointment to me. (Although I’m hoping for someone getting GC through Wii mode homebrew to work.)

                1. Good news to you then!Go on amazon get a pro controller with classic controller support.GBATemp and homebrew community are working on devolution.:D

                    1. Not really. Considering the only complaint I here from people is the Vita costs too much. Generally that leads people to believe they prefer cheap crap. And nah buddyl, not butthurt ;) I’m having fun with this :D

                    1. Why should I have a cry when you’re the one getting butthurt with my opinions? You confuse me gamer.

                  1. like what?
                    for every PC exclusive game that actually features graphics that can only run on a PC i can name you 3 that are simply games developed for consoles with minor (if any) adjustments to the PC port

                    not to mention all those games that never even make it to the PC

                    1. despite the fact that it was mentioned nowhere in my comment about said games that can only “run on a PC”

                      so by all means…go right ahead

                    2. unless the graphics actually reflect that there is no way of knowing if the game WAS actually developed for PCs first and consoles second.. just like with crysis 2.. they claimed it was developed with PCs in mind yet it was painfully obvious that it was not

                      also you’re the one claiming that most of the games we call ports are actually developed for PCs i merely said that i could name you 3 that are not for every 1 you name
                      so: your turn

                    1. I’m interested in what the PS4 has to offer. Even Crytek have said it will be impossible to make the same impact the previous gen did. But hey, by all means, continue the damage control.

                    2. shhhhh no keep letting the fanboys believe that even despite sony’s financial situation, they are willing to release another “FIVE HUNDRED AND NINETY-NINE U.S. DOLLARS”(or similar pricing) console that will bleed their company dry similarly to how the losses brought by the PS3 essentially negated the successes of the first two consoles

                  1. Nintendo sucks. Everything they make sucks. Sony and Microsoft’s consoles as well as PC are the best, right?

                    Are you happy to what I just said? Because it’s true, right? Care to tell us your gaming life? How is it? Are you happy to bash Nintendo 24/7? They suck so much, oh my gosh. I can like, agree with you and stuff.

                    Nintendo sucks. That is all.

                    1. Very happy :D And yes it is true! :D As much as I know you’re being a sarcastic twat, it is true! :D

              1. PS1 and PS2 did much better than than N64 and the Gc, but the N64 shamed the ps1 in power, and the GC was more powerful than the ps2. The DS is weaker than the psp, but it had more support and more games. The Vita is more powerful than the 3DS, but 3DS gets more support. Cannot wait to see what BS you make up about this.

                  1. People these days are cheap? I just gave examples for the last 18 years of gaming. Not really considered “these days” Not to mention Nintendo handhelds were were weaker than many others, the NES was weaker than the SEGA Master System, Genesis and Neo- Geo were also more powerful than the SNES. 26 years is not “these days” either. You probably know who came out n top in all these instances.

                    1. So they aren’t? Then why do I hear people bitch about the VITA price? WHy do I hear people bitch about the cost of living going up? They must be sooooooooo rich >_>

                  2. in europe the vita actually costs almost the same as the 3ds.. yet sales of the vita are still faring far worse..
                    psp sales are way below either DS 3DS or vita which are ALL more expensive.. nope your argument doesn’t check out one bit, try harder

      2. Aside from the Wii, when have they had bad hardware?

        Nintendo actually has had the most powerful home consoles with ever generation, aside from Wii.

        The handhelds arent made to be as powerful as they can be, theyre made to be handhelds and affordable.

        The handhelds have next been “SNES quality, or N64 quality”, theyve been weird as hell, the 3DS seems to be N64, but then runs games like Resident Evil Revelations, which looks about the same as Resi4, except better character models ect.

        I actually want Nintendo’s handheld to keep that old school style, like 2D Metroid, top down Zelda, ect. It’s what seperates the home console from the handheld, and i hope they keep it that way until they stop doing handhelds.
        Anyone complaining about handheld graphics need to get a grip. Besides, id sure as hell rather play one of my 8 3DS games, or 4 eShop gamds than some subpar Vita game.

        1. NES certainly was not a more technically capable system than the Master System, so you are incorrect.

          I’m sure there are more examples one way or another.

          1. Because the Master System was relevant *sarcasm
            NES v Atari
            SNES v Genesis
            N64 v PS1
            GC v ps2 v xbox
            Wii v ps3 v 360

            Those are the only relevant comparisons when it comes to home consoles.
            Anything else, like the fucking Sega CD is pointless bringing up, because its was trash, and practically nobody wanted it, same with the Master System, i bet most people didnt even know the Master System existed.

            1. first you suggest nintendo always having the better hardware before the wii

              now you’re talking about “relevance”…as if that has anything to do with the argument

              another example is xbox, which outmuscled the gamecube in almost every way and is even capable of outputting HD graphics. have fun talking about relevance with that console now.

              you are so very slow, I wonder if you even graduated high school…or better yet, are you even in school

            2. Actually, 3DS is more powerful than GC/Wii/PSP/PS2…. just look at moddels, lighting etc.

              OFC its a low res but the screen is also smaller (TV vs 3DS)

              1. No, it is not more powerful than the Wii, let alone Gamecube.

                That or you seriously need to lay off the drugs if you believe that nonsense.

                1. Aeolus, thank you’re one of the few devil’s advocate in this site. If you don’t know what devil’s advocate means look it up.

        2. Whilst You are correct there. The 3DS shares pretty much no similarity with a N64 graphically. It’s actually more powerfull or ”better graphics than the wii” whilst some may try and dispute that , The wii could not run resident evil revelation in stereoscopic 3D , hence the 3DS is more capable. Also Monster Hunter tri , one of the most impressive wii games was Graphically upgraded and renamed Monster Hunter Tri G. It also runs in stereoscopic 3D on the 3DS. Which is LIGHT YEARS ahead of the N64.

          The 3DS is about 3D wii level at full potential.

      3. Because they have never made a UBER powerhouse console with DVD playing ability and Music playing ability you dont like their hardware. You want their systems to be mirrored versions of Sony’s and Microsofts systems. Nintendo makes its own direction they dont want to follow others. If you dont like it cause you dont agree with Nintendos ideals thats fine. But bashing them on the way they choose to do what they do is not needed.

      4. There consoles may be underpowered but that’s why you have sony and microsoft for. They learned from Gamecube that 3 powerful systems is only gonna split that specific market and garner them few sales. As much as I would like Nintendo to bring out a beast of a console I think it’s best for them to innovate in their own way and set new standards not just for themselves but maybe for the whole gaming industry.

      1. True , but the general consencus still remains , Ocarina is the most Important and greatest for its time game ever made.

      2. Whether people want to admit it or not. Saying Ocarina Of Time is the best game of all time is an opinion. However I myself say personally it is indeed the best game of all time. Its my #1 game I have played since I have been gaming for almost 20 years now lol.

    1. Nintendo did not save gaming, they simply renewed North America’s interest in home consoles. (Gaming was doing fine everywhere else in the world at the time) Ocarina of Time being the best game ever is COMPLETELY opinionated. Not every gamer has the same tastes so what might blow one person away will leave another going “meh”. There are people who think Deus Ex is the best game ever while others think that Silent Hill 2 deserves that honor and so on.

        1. Again thats an opinion. For me and every gamer I know, not 1 other Zelda game has been better then Ocarina. They are all great games but Ocarina literally is in a league all its own.

        2. Ii totally agree. Ocarina is overrated. Mario galaxy too. How can Galaxy be the best game. They just gave it the best game rank to look good. I mean sunshine was way better.

    2. Actually up until recently zelda ocarina of time was the best officially at 97.62% average review score. But recently super Mario galaxy had its number risen to 0.01 of a percent higher at 97.63% which made it the official best game of all time.
      Check the article it’s on this website and btw I’m glad it’s Nintendo that still have the best game of all time, it wouldn’t be right if it was Sony or Microsoft.

    3. hey i can agrue. know why? Cuz Super Mario Galaxy beat Ocarina of Time as the best game of all time. Hazzah! Take that you green skirt wearing peter pan clone.

    1. Right on, i love all of my DS systems from DS lite through DSi XL ( including 3DS XL) and have over 200 games for it. Best thing ever !

  3. Not surprising at all. It’s my favorite handheld and the majority of the best games I have played recently was in it. It’s a very solid gaming handheld and a force to be reckoned with!

    1. There’s over 100.000.000 people in Japan. 32.000.000 is roughly a third of the japanese population according to my calculator.

    2. Time is short and if you love your DS enough, you’ll get another so you can play two titles at the same time. How else will you ever get to experience its vast library of quality software. =)

    3. upgrades to DS lite/DSi perhaps? also i think some of them may have been replacements. didn’t the DS lite have some problem with its hinge or something that made them easy to break?

    4. Remodels. I know i owned 2 DS models, the original and the lite, and so did my brother.
      Also, a small percentage would be people buying them from out of Japan due to region lock blah blah

            1. Id say the 599 IS dollars was the main kicker when it came PS3 sales. Especially when the games werent even better (still arent in terms of third party multiplats).

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  5. Congratulations ds ,I knew you could do it,I remember getting my ds lite with DBZ Super Sonic Warriors 2 ,and playing it for God knows hoe long.I would also like to say the ps2 is the best consoles on my list(sorry Fanboys) .I can actually say I perfered Gamecube/PS2/X-box era, because the games were so good.

      1. If you want to look at platformers, you might want to go to Sony & Nintendo consoles. PS3, PSVita has LittleBigPlanet and Jak series. Nintendo obviously have Mario, Donkey Kong Country…just to name a select few. The Platform Game genre needs a revival.

      1. Good ones, not indie flash ones.
        Ones that actually have a develop spend time on it, and have thoughtful game design. Jak and Daxter was one of the best, then they fucked it up with Jak 2.
        The only recent one that’s actually going to be (or should be) good, is Sly 4

        1. Uhm, what does it matter who developed it? A platformer is a platformer, even indie games can turn out amazing. Just look at Journey or Dust: An Elysian Tail for instance, both are from indie developers.

          While there weren’t much notable ones this year, a few of them can hold their own, like LBP. Even then, upcoming ones like Rayman Legends or Sly 4 are clearly shaping up to be great.

        1. Not really. There are plenty of good ones. Heck, have a look at indie platformers too. I find loads of awesome ones on steam.

    1. Nintendo are basically the only company making proper lengthy platform games these days. The occasional god awful Sonic game will be the exception to that.

      Almost everything else is a $10-20 download for about 2-3 hours of gameplay.

      1. “Proper lengthy platform games”

        So, you like the glorified NSMB expansion packs? Because Nintendo hasn’t offered anything worth a rat’s ass in a long while.

        1. It took me a weeks worth of gaming to do a first run through all of the standard levels in NSMB U (I got it on the 6th and finished on Wednesday). I’m now going through again to pick up any star coins I missed so I can unlock the special levels, as well as searching for secret exits. I’ve no idea how long that will take me as yet but I’d imagine it’ll be another 2-3 days before I hit that 100% completion.

          Meanwhile, downloadable indie platformers like the highly acclaimed Limbo or Braid offered me a solitary 2 or 3 hour playthrough before I hit 100% completion.

          10 days worth of gaming for $50 (or $5 a day) versus $15 for a solitary playthrough of an indie platformer.

          It doesn’t take a mathematical genius to figure out where you’re getting more raw content for your money.

          1. Makes me wonder if you’ve actually played other platforming titles like Dust: An Elysian Tail, which is anything but “2-3 hours” (more like 8-10 for speedruns), costs $15, and is all around a more inspired game, artistically and mechanically, than the likes of New Super Mario Bros.

            However, it does take a “gamer” with little to no taste in gaming to buy what is essentially the same, stagnant platformer. I could probably blast through NSMBU even faster than what you’re suggesting as well. I’ll also place bets that NSMBU is nowhere close to that length of completion either.

            Enjoy recycled map packs for $59.99.

            1. In fact, I’m seeing a playthrough on YT of the game just for regular completion done within an hour.


              Get out of here. =P

              1. And the old SMB games can be completed in 20 minutes judging by speed runs on YouTube. That doesn’t prove shit. Try playing it yourself, get 100% completion and then get back to me.

                8-10 hours is still fucking nothing for a platformer to get 100%. You realise we’re not talking about some short modern FPS game here right (but maybe that’s all you’re used to)? While they aren’t 40-50 hour epics, a good one can give you a good 20-25 hours or so to see and do everything on offer.

                The longest downloadable platformer I’ve played was Trine, which was maybe 2/3 as long as a short retail platformer. As it should be, given it was more expensive than any other similar game at launch.

                1. I have said absolutely nothing about “100% completion” for the game I mentioned, that title can easily push 20+ hours for completionists. Also, I was mistaken, the current speed run to my knowledge is about 2:31:42. But that’s still fairly lengthy for the price and leaves very satisfying lasting impressions after completion. For Mario, it’s just been there; done that.

                  I’m also going to repeat my previous assumption that NSMBU won’t last anywhere close to “10 days worth of gaming” as you’ve said yourself just to get 100%. Or perhaps that 10 days includes the sheer boredom it will induce on somebody who eventually realizes that they’re just playing soulless and recycled rubbish. If so, then yeah – maybe it would actually take me 10 days to be bothered to complete that…

                  But in the end, you will pay $59.99 (or whatever it is now) for a platforming game that’s done within an hour.

                  holy shit, my sides

                  1. That’s funny, because I’ve mentioned 100% completion several times here. In fact, the 2-3 hours I was talking about was for 100% in the indie games, not just an initial playthrough. I could rifle through a quick playthrough of something like Limbo in about an hour, if not less, and it cost me $15 for the privilege.

                    Ultimately, you’ve made it clear you haven’t played NSMB U. I have played practically every platformer you can throw at me because I love the genre, whereas you’re just some bitter idiot relying on second hand information you perhaps read on GAF, which then leads you to pretend like you have ‘inside sources’ or some other bullshit.

                    Until you get a clue, we’re done here.

                    By the way, Dust: An Elysian Tale is a bloody action RPG you dumbass. A 2D sidescroller does not automatically equal a platform game.

                    1. I’m pretty sure I made it clear I didn’t play it (NSMBU) (and most likely won’t) numerous times, General Redundancy. Don’t know why you continue to bring it up when I’ve outright stated it. I have high standards to uphold and I will not lower them to play what’s essentially the same platformer ever with no clear signs of evolving in any way that actually matters.

                      Everybody with half a brain has a clue, the NSMB series is a stagnated and uninspired set of platformers and this one is no different. Pun surprisingly not intended.

                      Also, no, Dust is more than just an Action-RPG, dipshit. The game is chock-full of platforming elements and is usually considered by gamers to be a sub genre for that title. Hell, it’s even received a platforming game GOTY nomination by the likes of Destructoid. Way to grasp at straws when you’re out of anything else meaningful to say against it.

                    2. Dust is described as a Metroidvania style action RPG by the biggest gaming site on the planet.

                      Platform elements =/= a platform game.


                    3. Dust has been described as what you read off of Wikipedia, for all intents and purposes, it is a platforming title.

                      If people can call ME3 an RPG or Portal a FPS, they can also call dust a Platformer. I will refer to it as such, whether you like it or not.

                2. to add to that last part of what I just said: the “Nintendo are basically the only company making proper lengthy platform games these days. The occasional god awful Sonic game will be the exception to that.” snippet is the kind of hyperbolic junk nintendroid trash would say and not so much what a REAL GAMER would say about the status of today’s platformers

                  but that’s not much a surprise given your track record at all

                  1. Sony make LBP and not much else of relevance that they haven’t dragged away from the genre into something else. Microsoft make… nothing. Ubisoft have Rayman, of which there’s been one good game (soon to be two) in about 12 years. EA, Activision, Rockstar (and all of Take Two), Bioware, Bethesda, THQ and multiple other major publishers/developers have the grand sum of dick all.

                    Meanwhile, Nintendo have multiple platform franchises.

                    1. Off the top of my head…

                      Sony’s studios are working on new platforming IP that seem to have potential like Puppeteer and Tearaway. Sanzaru Games is set to deliver a new entry in the Sly Series come February and Insomniac Games has recently released Ratchet and Clank: Full Frontal Assault/QForce…yes it’s pretty meh, but whatever.

                      Microsoft…well nobody actually cares.

                      SEGA will likely release yet another mediocre Sonic 4 and perhaps compensate with a better 3D game later in the year – at least based on the reception of the previous two 3D games.

                      Capcom seems to be implying a return for MegaMan but I’m not holding my breath for anything. Especially when SF x MM is just a fan game.

                      Yes, Ubisoft is set to deliver the only game that captures my attention on the Wii U.

                      As for Nintendo, exactly which platforming franchises do they have that happen to be relevant or have showed up in the past several months or years? What, Donkey Kong and Kirby? Not enough. I want to see what they’re cooking up for the next major 3D Mario title.

                      For everyone else, I can’t be bothered to remember or they’re not really on my radar for the time being. But to go as far as to suggest Nintendo is the only one who is delivering them is just plain and simply flawed.

                    2. Relevant? I don’t recall making that claim to begin with. You aren’t moving the goalposts like that. It is my initial claim which we are discussing, and thus you do not get to dictate the terms.

                      Especially if you want to try and use Ratchet as an example, as its a series that’s been fading further towards irrelevance with each release. The best part being that I had thought of Ratchet when I mentioned Sony dragging games away from the platform genre into something else, like they did with Jak.

                      And I’ll say again, at least I’ve played all these damn games to have an inkling as to what I’m talking about. Ultimately you’re just another idiot on the internet talking about things you haven’t experienced for yourself.

                      You probably think a woman’s breast feels like a bag of sand… lulz.

                    3. Calls me an idiot when he actually considers NSMBU one of few worthwhile platformers out there when it is literally every NSMB ever, up-ressed to HD and offers little over an hour of playthrough time. All for $59.99.

                      Such is the deluded, simple mind of a Nintendroid. Fierce brand loyality for one of the most irrelevant companies in modern gaming kept afloat by sheep like Thor.

                      Also, that last part was hysterial. Lol, please refrain from tossing your virginity around others. You probably don’t even talk to girls. Wonder if you have a Skype, you’re probably as big as a pussy I’m imagining you to be. :)

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  7. I see a lot of fanboy rage, trolling, e.t.c. e.t.c. e.t.c….

    Dont you understand, don’t you all get it?

    It’s over, Nintendo won, get over it.

    1. Nintendo haters are not capable of that. Mainly just the Sony Dogs, but some Xbox fans as well. Sony themselves could announce that Nintendo wins, and they still wouldn’t believe it.

      1. No, we just don’t care. I don’t care how much Nintendo makes sales wise. I don’t care if they make a profit. As I consumer, I don’t care. All I care about, is the future, which Nintendo doesn’t.

        1. You stank troll.You try to make yourself look good, but your not.PS or XBOX is going to be the one to drop out their game division.Of course sony and m$ have their other divisions to help them out.You think the balance of graphics is how it should be,you think Wii sucks because it’s underpowered,well guess what if you look at the gamerankings lots of Wii games are on the top list,the Wii can make games look like 2007 PS3/360 games.Nintendo is better,just look at the highest selling franchises.Lol you are just putting your own opinions in a blog,why don’t you go troll the WiiU/3DS message board on gfaqs.You just can’t except how good Nintendo is.

        2. Sadly I can not agree with you. I think that Nintendo’s games has an timeless appeaval that makes them playable even in the future. That they put focus on how to evolve how we play compared to power is a thing I like alot as it gives a whole new feeling everytime I buy a new Nintendo system which separates them from the other systems (even their older ones). Personaly I do not think the PS consoles have evolved much gameplay wise between PS2 and PS3. For new ways to play I go to Nintendo, if I want a powerful system I go to Sony…

          …For the pleasure to pay each month to play online I go to the 360 but that’s another story -_-‘

      2. nintenyearolds care about sales

        true gamers care about games, software quality and fun factor

        spot the difference

        and you will be enlightened

        1. Games like The World Ends With You, 999, GTA: Chinatown Wars, Truama Center, Etrian Oddyssy, Infanite Space, Elite Beat Agents, Tetris DS, Dementium: the ward, Ace Attorney, Okami Den, & Almost anything put out by Nintendo 1st & 2nd party.

          1. 999 is the only good one you listed. Even now, the sequel to that is on Vita and is much better than its 3DS counterpart.

                1. So The Worlds Ends With You, one of the most refreshing & well recived JRPG’s to come out in a long time is an abomination? Ace Atourney, one of the most acclaimed & recognisable franchises among gamers is an abomination? I understand you not liking these games personally, but to say they’re abominations is practically lying to yourself.

        2. Your saying ten year olds care about sales numbers? Why would they? As a math project? Or are these ten year olds taking business classes? Seriously GTFO Nintendo isnt a kids toy. True gamers play games that give them fun and enjoyment. No true gamer bashes any of the 3 companies. I realize I am saying im not a gamer cause I never will support sony and I bash them all damn day but regardless. All the ten year olds your talking about are on COD on the 360/PS3. Was awhile ago that a survey was shown on this site I believe where people from 8 years old to 16 years old played Xbox with COD, BF3, Halo (Shooters) But 17 year olds to 25 year olds played Nintendo’s systems and Zelda, Metriod, and Smash Bros. Even though those are facts I have to say, WHAT THE FUCK DOES A PERSONS AGE HAVE TO DO WITH BEING A GAMER? You cannot deny that this past generation (Not system gen, Kids gen) has all been kids playing shooters. Its people like you who really have hurt the gaming industry and lowered its overall quality. You will have a kid someday and you will teach him to hate Nintendo and yes Nintendo will still be around when you grow up and have a kid. I will have a kid and teach him/her to enjoy games that make you happy. Hell if my kid wants to play a freaking Nintendogs game then thats fine with me. I know I wont be tolerating and COD in my house.

          Phew. End of long ass rant.
          Good day sir.

        3. lol retard. I’m a true gamer greater then you will ever be. Been champion of World if WarCraft in 2008 and champion of WarCraft 3 in 2006. And I’m only playing on Nintendo consoles.. becauses they are for true gamers.

          1. “I’m going to not buy a game from a successful 3rd party franchise because it isn’t on Wii U”

            So all TRUE gamers say that? Lmao.