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Capcom Arcade Cabinet Coming to Wii U And Nintendo 3DS eShop?


It appears as though Capcom is planning to release Capcom Arcade Cabinet on numerous platforms during 2013. The game is set to be released on iOS, Android, Wii U eShop, Nintendo 3DS eShop, PC, Xbox Live Arcade, and PlayStation Network. The game seems to be a collection of classic Arcade games from Capcom. We should hear more details about the game shortly.

48 thoughts on “Capcom Arcade Cabinet Coming to Wii U And Nintendo 3DS eShop?”

    1. Street Fighter II, , Street Fighter II’ Turbo, Final Fight , Ghosts ‘n Goblins, Ghouls ‘n Ghosts, Super Ghouls ‘n Ghosts Capcom’s classics action game of all time: Commando, Magic Sword, “1942”, “1943”, Super Puzzle Fighter II.

      1. Street fighter 2!!!?? Heck yeah! I am getting that! I have always wanted to play that game. I will definately want that on my 3DS and Xbox 360! I hope streetfighter 2 is included.

      1. I know, I bought MvC 2 on XBL about a year and a half ago and was aware of origins release but I just think of this as doubting thought, but we’ll see.

  1. Guys a quick question, what games work with the wii u pro controller? Does sonic and all stars racing transformed work with it?

    1. Id be surprised if it didn’t. I know It dosent work with marios bro u though. All games in the future im sure will work well with it.

      1. It doesnt work with Mario Bros U? FUCK sake -.- now i have to buy fucking batteries, STILL. Nintendo need to re-issue the wiiremotes to be rechargable or release official charger packs…all non officials are cheap and never work after a week

        1. My only problem with NSMBU – why the fuck do I have to use my wii remote sideways to play multiplayer? Pro controller is way better than a sideways wii remote lol , they’re just trying to sell those stupid wiiU wii remote packs lol.

          The wiiu gamepad is the best way to play with both screens running and crazy 3D like sound coming from gamepad and tv….

  2. DAMN! Not a physical, retail game? This sucks so bad that I just wanna scream. I don’t download games. So that means I’ll never see this. And collection games are my favorite types to buy. This really angers me. Why would Capcom be so retarded as to not make a retail copy of the game as well?

    1. It sounds like a digital release only much like the titles put out on the 3DS and PSN shops. Some games are just made to be downloaded. It’s cheaper for the company and we often pay WAY less for a digital title as opposed to a disc game. One of my favorite PSN titles is ‘Scott Pilgrim Vs The World’. It didn’t stand a chance of being made a disc game and many indie developers simply can’t put out disc titles. Capcom isn’t being retarded. In fact, they’ve already put out tons of disc versions of their greatest arcade classics, the only difference being they’re on older systems. It’s not like the Wii U is suddenly going to make 20+ year-old arcade games look and sound any better.

      1. PS I’m not sure why digital titles anger folks so much. You’re posting online so you have a connection, yes? Pick up a gift card someplace so you don’t even have to send anyone your credit card info. I love physical discs, too and that’s the route I’m still buying my retail titles in, but sooner or later embracing digital releases is not going to be a choice.

        1. @Error,
          The day that digital releases is the only available source of games is the day that I’m no longer a gamer. I absolutely REFUSE to give in. It’s physical copy or get a new hobby for me.

        1. I remember Finishing street fighter 2 turbo on the Snes when I was about 5 lol. The only way i could do it was by spamming Blanka’s Electric shock or using Balrogs grab and headbut , or of course , M Bisons sweeping low slide kick….

  3. I have the Capcom collections for PS2 but would love to see a definitive collection. I highly recommend ‘Final Fight Double Impact’ on the PSN for fans of that one. Sadly, Capcom collections ALWAYS leave out the arcade version of the movie ‘Willow’. Probably a rights issue, but that game is a blast and has a cool art style. The Street Fighter series is a hoot but releases of that title have been done to death. I’m hoping Capcom remembers it’s OTHER cool arcade titles as well =)

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