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Nintendo 3DS Hacked?

nintendo_3ds_hacked_rumorTwitter user OzModChips claims that the Nintendo 3DS has been hacked. The user says it has nothing to do with the hack but re-posted the picture above onto his or her Twitter account. So far, the user has not shared any information regarding what the alleged hack can do.

137 thoughts on “Nintendo 3DS Hacked?”

        1. Yep. This is fake. The 3D symbol is turned off, what only happens when using DS games, so he´s probably just using a simple R4 card with a different wallpaper ,or this is just photoshop.

          1. that makes sense I suppose but why go to the trouble of making a we hacked it wall paper if it doesn’t do anything

    1. ME 2 FUCKING R4 !!!! i’ve bought already super mario 3d land, mario kart 3ds, the leyend of zelda ocarina of time 3d, nintendogs and cats 3d and pokemon rumble blast 3d, and 2 3ds’s
      and none of them have gotten me the entertainment a real pokemon game could have gave me, i’m not a BIG fan of 3d rpgs like zelda i like em but not as much as pokemon.
      so since nintendo decided to jerk off and not release a real pokemon game they can suck it and see me downloading pirated copies of games i’m not planning to waste 50 bucks on (excluding mystery dungeon which is my second most favourite game in the ds/3ds(now)

      1. at this rate my 3ds won’t work when new pokemon game comes out :(, already a new 3ds model came out xl, My 3ds screen got some scrashes because the screen when closing gets too close to the other part, and at the back 1 of the small rectangular standings of plastic got out.. :c

        i really want 3ds! <.< , you know what will be the best of this? if an r4 for 3ds comes out, ds games emulated on it will have dsi xl resolution instead of shitty 3ds one (that means it will look better, since it's not running on 3ds's ds emulator+ gba games without having to buy that expensive r4 which costs like 100 bucks, gb, gbc ,nes,snes even 64 games will run smoothly :D)

  1. how do u get a 3ds hacked nintendo really need to work on tht but i cant say much i haceked my wii for the fun of it but still a 3ds hacked hmm sounds interesting

  2. Congratulations, it took you two years. Time for the brick hammer to come crashing down on these morons.
    Yes, I feel sorry for people who use hacks for legit reasons, but let’s face it, most people don’t.

      1. First of all don’t blame Nintendo for you ”wasting” your money on them lol .
        ”Nintendo turned me upside down until my lunch money fell out”

        Second of all, No pokemon support for 3 years ? Where have you been lol…. There’s about 134 pokemon games on the DS

            1. Not really. Pokemon is the real thing I like from Nintendo anymore, and it’s starting to feel stale. I hope they hurry up with PMD3.

              1. Black and white 2 was awesome! even after spending so much time with black and white the year before. I’ve played all of the main games (one from each generation) and a few other spin offs.

                That 3D Mystery dungeon for 3DS looks great. That actually bodes well for the main Pokemon game which will to 3DS. It’s likely that The next main pokemon installment will have the same 3d perspective as that.

                As much as I love the sprite/pseudo 2d/3d style of DS pokemon games , it really really needs to change…

                1. Agreed. I hope the main series goes full 3D Models (It will be interesting) Heck, if I see them make a full blown Pokemon RPG for Wii U, I don’t care how much I hate Nintendo, I will get the console (even though I dislike it after trying it)

                  1. Same here. I really don’t like the wii U at all, but a full blown HD, pokemon game with online co op gameplay would just be so freaking awesome! I would buy the wii U in a heartbeat. Sadly nintendo will most likely never do this. So I will most likely not be buying a wii U, unless Halo comes to it. Which it won’t.

                    1. There’s so many things they could do with pokemon … Why don’t they do it!? Do they realise how much god damn money they could make!? D:

              2. sad thing is im not interested in that. call me a dumbass n ill let you. but i HATE how they’re only letting you use 5 chooses of pokemon for the personality. that was the highlight of the franchise for me. specially being Riolu.

      2. I have no idea what you are talking about… didn’t Black and White 2 JUST come out??? Also, it doesn’t sound like you played Pokemon Conquest which came out recently as well and is the BEST Pokemon spin off title ever(on the handheld that is, because Pokemon Snap is the best).

      3. I started playing on Nintendo platforms due to Pokémon. The games will come, be patient. Besides, no one is forcing you to spend money ;)

      4. so you don’t count pokemon rumble blast and the new one(black2 and white2) coming out Pokemon? how retarded can you be?
        plus don’t you remember that ds came in 2004 and we did not have Pokemon diamond and pearl till 2007.

    1. Davin (aka Platinum Lucario)

      My point exactly. Honestly… I have never heard of any real Nintendo 3DS hacks yet, so that image would probably be complete bullshit.

      I really wish there was REAL 3DS hacks going on RIGHT NOW! But sadly… I’m going to be pessimistic and say that it probably won’t happen for another 4 years. :(

      But I WANT to hack the Nintendo 3DS, WHY ISN’T THERE ANY OFFICIAL SDK LEAKED YET? It happened for other consoles, but not this one… I WANT to put HomeBrew apps on it RIGHT NOW!

  3. So they hacked it, and posted all over twitter, for everyone, including Nintendo to see.

    Just gona go post this dumbass award.

            1. True, but this would’ve been done eventually. But they can basically press charges on them for anything that pirated ect.

              Kinda why this seems fake, i’d rather not believe a hacker is THAT stupid

                1. Can get the info from him, and then basically charge him as well for protecting criminals.

                  lol people are so dumb xD
                  Pirating games is just disrespectful anyway, they made it, put hard work into it, show some gratitude and help them make more games is what i say

                  1. I agree on that. The only time I really pirate something is if I can’t find a demo, If I like I’ll buy it (e.g. Deus Ex: HR, I bought all of it) if I don’t like it, Ill delete it.

                  2. The reason I would want it is because of the homebrew possibilities. I would NEVER download a retail game for free using it. I would just love to be able to use it to go on youtube, take away region lock, play a minecraft hack, gameboy games. So many possibilities that dolnt involve pirating games!

  4. Please he just proved that this is fake!Guys don’t listen,trust me I would know if this is hacked.This is probably a DS-mode hack header.

      1. I’m also a part of the GBAtemp community, and nope,they are wrong.Encryption keys are really something.Give me a link,intill proof they are rong

    1. No it doesn’t. Maybe this person still is getting all the information together to release it? Give it a little while and if nothing is released, it’s probably fake. Besides, the person who did this is well respected in the hacking community, I would be very surprised if they are lying.

      1. This has got to be the only subject we’ll agree on. Let me add to your point may I?

        There are dozens of fake videos, -cough- Crown3DS -cough-

        Plus why release all details about the hack infront of Big N’s eyes. That’ll get the hack dead before a release, what I’d like to know is what system menu is this running on, 4.5? 4.3?

  5. We’ll see… best taken with a grain of salt. No self-respecting hacker folks would post an image with nothing else. That’s just… lame. Smells like a fake, but ya never know. I do like to see systems hacked, though, in the sense that it’s your device. You SHOULD be able to run whatever you’d like on it. Kind of like what we’ve been doing for decades with home computers.

  6. Actually, this person on twitter, didn’t do the hack, tney only reposted a photo, secondly, this hack is by a Hacker named [Yellow8?], and thirdly, what makes Yellow8 reliable is that he’s from Team Twizillers.

    I actually want him to keep very little details until the exploit is released. So Ninty doesn’t know anything about how to patch it.

  7. I wonder if He/she used petit computer to make that. Unless of course its real which I kind of hope is so I can play some pokemon gold on my 3DS!

    1. It isn’t in DS Mode or DSi Mode, if it was, the main part would be slighty lit up then the side bars, I can’t wait to have The Homebrew Channel.

      1. That’s right, I made that observation shortly after I posted. I too hope its true. I won’t use it for free retail games, but I will use it for glorious 3D homebrew. Possibilities of halo, minecraft, and old pokemon games all on my 3DS are too much for me to ppass up.

  8. I think you guys are missing the real news here, even if they really did hack it- nintendo can just release another system update to close up the found loophole in which your 3DS will simply update while in sleep mode, or to troll everyone that doesn’t update. They will do what M3DL did and have a mandatory system update attached to the game when a real Pokemon for 3DS and Smash Brothers 3D comes around, probably bricking the systems of those who messed with it (read the ToS). I wouldn’t be surprised if these idiots caused nintendo to attach a system update requirement to ever big hitting 3DS game, if this happens to be true- just t keep hackers in check ( and to also frustrate the gaming crowd towards hackers) This is Nintendo, we already know they be crazy they’ll do anything to protect that $$.

  9. Cant be arsed reading every reply to see if this has been covered, but the 3D light isnt even on, how do we know that’s not just a DS homebrew? Also, since it’s all black, we can’t tell if the entire top screen is showing as lit, since DS games play on a reduced size on the 3DS screen.

    I hope I’m wrong but I think this is worse than Crown 3DS.

    1. You can quite clearly see that the whole of the 3D screen is lit up. Also, if games dont run 3D the light wont be lit (look at parts of Street Fighter 3D some title screens are not displayed in 3D so the light goes off.)
      I dont say this to worry people, just stating points that i have picked up.
      Anyhow, update to stop this will happen soon, no doubt.

  10. could easily do this with Colors! 3D… for anyone who doesn’t have the app, it works in layers obviously if you’ve seen some people’s paintings. What you do first is you set the Restrictions to restrict 3D, this turns off the green 3D light. Once you’re done with that, using the Colors! 3D app, color the 5th layer black and some layer behind it black too. Now write in the layer behind the 5th one “Hacked!” or whatever. Change the setting to hide layers that are in the way, this hides the 5th layer on the bottom screen but not in the top screen since the top screen shows eveyrthing (5th layer will hide the back layers).

    Hopefully I explained this right…

  11. Ozmodchips are genuine. They are responsible for the XKey that lets you play backups on your XBox 360 without having it banned or needing jtag or rgb methodsand many other such things for other consoles. If they say they’ve hacked it then they have.

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