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Monster Hunter 4 Delayed


Capcom has announced that the long-awaited Monster Hunter 4 has been delayed until Summer next year. The game was originally scheduled to be released in Japan next March, but has seen a delay. The reason for this is simply that Capcom want more time to polish the game and make sure that it ultimately lives up to the fans expectations.

18 thoughts on “Monster Hunter 4 Delayed”

    1. Yup this is different. 4 is the new numbered one coming to Japan on the 3ds. Ultimate is Tri which was released on the Wii, but in 1080p plus about 50% new content and is coming to the Wii U and 3ds.

      1. It’s monster Hunter Tri, plus addition of gameplay and monsters from monster hunter freedom unite. Also monster from that series are added, with every weapon class from earlier monster hunter games. Thus it’s monster hunter 3 ultimate. It has 90 to 100 % new content, counting the extra online missions Capcom shall introduce every so often ( free DLC ), the fact you can play local multiplayer with 3DSs ( 3 with the Wii U) or 4 nintendo 3DS local multiplayer. 4 Wii U players online. It’s actually 200% more content when you seriously take a gander.

    2. Smartest move Capcom has made in years. This way the monster hunter Ultimate has 7 months shelf life, therefore it will sell and attract more Nintendo gamers that never caught wind of monster hunter tri. We all know Sony monster funs already jumped ship with tri, monster hunter 4 will solidify their Nintendo membership :).

    3. Nintendo fans new, old and the teens to twenty groups, we need to purchase monster hunter in droves. Novice to pro players will enjoy this little gem. More replayability than any game you can think of. Trust me once you start farming and hunting for that ever elusive heavenly monster plate of giant monster wayvern stone, you will know exactly what I mean.

      1. I’ve played nearly all MH games. Borderlands 1 & 2 has by far more re-playability in my eyes. Same with L4D series. But each to there own.

    4. I liked how the game was already, texture needs some work but it had nice controls and gameplay, well there’s no such thing as as a bad improvement.

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