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Wii U System Update Coming To Fix Slow OS


Nintendo president Satoru Iwata has announced during the latest Japanese Nintendo Direct presentation that a Wii U system update is incoming to help fix the slow OS. Iwata said that the update should come before January 1st. No other details were provided about the system update.

99 thoughts on “Wii U System Update Coming To Fix Slow OS”

    1. This is a problem for all technology, not just the Wii U. So we need a young technological person to develop something for this. It’d be like the post-it note of this generation.

      1. All you would need is a powerbrick that charges up and reserves energy and springs to action when the mains are disconnected.

        1. Yup. My brother uses one of these for his gaming PC setup.

          I’ve been thinking about getting a powerbrick sometime this weekend. The thought of me having to call my Wii U into Nintendo to get it fixed and being without it for weeks has me on end.

          1. Seriously? Your borther has one of those ? I just made that up! :D . I need to by one of these so I can make my portable wiiu gaming back back.

            1. It’s called a UPS: Uninterrupted Power Supply. they last for like 2 hours or so. mostly meant for people who work on computers and would lose a lot fo work in the event of a power outage.

            1. Yeah, not overkill.

              Definitely not when the state of your console and everything that you spend money towards on it is at stake when merely downloading an update. .-.

              And it is called an APC battery backup unit, as Christian pointed out.

      2. It’s called an APC battery backup unit for your entertainment center… it’s about $60 at office depot or other office supply places. It keeps your console tv and whatever else is plugged into the battery backup part alive for about 4 hours if the power goes out. My solution, but doesn’t have to be yours.

      3. This doesn’t happen to Windows. So what they need would be a restore-defaults feature in case things would go bananas. But that would probably take up even more of the OS’s filespace.

      4. Mr Tennant is my lover

        Not true. Most systems (including the Xbox 360, PS3 and PC) have an emergency back up which it will boot into next time. It then immediately searches for an update or restores the previous system software.

      Thats how tech work, you all those times on a console, or PC, where its said “BLAH BLAH BLAH, do NOT turn off the system”? This is why!

      1. That is totally not what happens on the PC and you know it. Unless your PC sucks that bad.
        If your registers or BIOS is updating or whatever, and you power it off, then yeah, in THAT case, it would be bad.
        For any other update, you can easily turn the PC on and off and it will be as if the system never tried updating itself. Sometimes you might have to turn the PC off; the damn thing could freeze when you’re updating.

        And dude, control your temper.

          1. I didn’t see it xD ! When I was setting mine up , my lil bro tripped over the wire and nearly pulled it out LOL. It was hanging on by a milimetre.

            Was a true ”NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!” moment .

    3. The way to fix this problem from happening is a 2 place writing system. Two spots, one for the OS, the other for the backup. When the system starts updating it backups the consoles OS. When that is done, it overwrites the original. Then when that has completed it deletes the backup file.

      This can only be broken if you don’t have or somehow overwrite a line of code that says in case of OS failure check system backup.

      if at anytime during the process above the is broken the system should check the backup. If the new OS can’t boot, it checks the backup.

      why this wasn’t implemented idk. But hopefully it can be. And when it does get implemented (if it can) there will be system bricks because that update isn’t yet applied, until it is.

        1. Mr Tennant is my lover

          It would only take that file space during updates though. People would be warned if they have insufficient space about the risk of bricking or they would have the option to make space. Easy.

  1. So, I’m really excited about this. Sort of. I purchased my console launch day, but I’m not opening it until Christmas (I would flunk this semester if I didn’t wait). So, while it’s great that the OS is getting cleaned up and sped up, I sort of feel gypped because I may not get to experience it being slow and then feel the improvement.

    1. You have the patience to wait that long yet feel gypped? Or, you can just not do the update play, and then do it, which would make no sense. I bought a new iphone and the software was new already for it, that’s a good thing, we got the kinks out kid, enjoy.

  2. I just hope they make an update that let us have Miiverse launched in background all the time, i dont like to launch it and launch it and launch it all the day.

  3. The OS is a little slow. But sometimes works much faster than others. The faster the better , But it’s not a problem to me having to wait 11-17 seconds every now and again…

    Wiiu gettin a lot of unfair criticism. All my multiplats I bought look and run great , Sonic racing and Trine 2 the pick of the bunch in terms of comparing to ps3 and 360.
    But blops looks way better on wiiu than ps3 , that’s something.
    AC3 runs nice , Batman runs really nice with the odd slowdown. It drops to about 5 FPS for about 1 second every half an hour or so. People were over exagerating. It’s an excellent port and it has AWESOME anti aliasing.

    The wiiu will blossom into a Beast. Best console I’ve ever owned. The remote play feature is one to not be underestimated. For me , it’s fully revoloutionary.

    1. A “little slow”? Don’t be too forgiving, it is slow…

      On the topic of ports, AC3 looks quite amazing. Arkham City on the other hand, had odd blocky textures (not too noticeable) and low framerate at some key moments.

      1. Batman looks exactly the same as it does on 360 , My little bro has it on his 360. The wiiu version looks noticeably Sharper , due to much better AA. No blocky textures on my version.

        The framerate is about 30-45FPS for 90% of the game. Every now and again you run into a bit of choppyness. Just codeing and rushed porting issues. But for the large , the game runs just as smooth as it does on ps3 and 360 on wiiu.
        Another thing to note is . When playing on the Gamepad with remote play , The performance of everything , Gameplay and cut scenes is dramatically better. Even the touch screen menus operate noticeably smoother.

        If I had to review batman on wiiu , I would say it runs WELL with the odd (irrelivant) drop every now and again. Which doesn’t affect anything at all.

      2. I know; I saw those points during an Arkham Asylum comparison video, but it highlighted those specific points as if the entire game was ruined by them being there, or as if those specific points somehow made the rest of the game look like crap.
        I hate when people blow a few momentary flaws waaaaay out of proportion.

    1. yes, annoying to have to keep backing out to main game menu or having to load campaign from multiplayer in blops just to get to the home menu.

  4. Awwwwwwwww yeah! Wii U is magnificent, im loving it, its really cool when i play Sonic & all stars with my bro, he plays on tv and i play on gamepad, its amazing.

  5. I hope Nintendo will mind the file size, ’cause otherwise the 8GB edition will be very filled with updates by the end of the next year >_>’

      1. Mr Tennant is my lover

        On top of this, a lot of data will be deleted after the install. The OS data has barely increased in size in the last update.

  6. Can we start a petition to get them to add a suggestion forum ont miiverse. They had something on the wii where you got to give input. But this one would be perfect because they could see trrends. Find out if there are issues and maybe start a poll to see what game franchise we would love to see.

    1. everybody in miiverse should make a post of that. Nintendo would possibly take notice since all of the participants in miiverse are chanting the same thing

  7. Please add the notification popups on tv and home button can be pressed anytime even while online almost like the 360 this is 2012

    1. ^ This.
      I want those little messages to appear like “Friend is now online” “Friend wants you to play something” we really need that.

      1. in the game Your Shape it does have a thing on tv screen that says when friend is online and who, at the same time home button lights up. its up to game developers to impliment that in their games.

      2. Hell just make it blink different colors. Blue is a friend is now online, green is a friend wants to play/video call, orange is a friend request.

  8. This is nice to know they are listening and working on patches already. I’m amazed with my wii u, my ps3 and 360 haven’t been turned on since Nov 18.

  9. Just some news NSMB 2 is getting its last dlc tomorrow. Audrey was talking about it on Ign, there is a pack thay exceeds the 5 star range and is called the impossible pack.

  10. They need to fix the freezing issues. At least make it so the power button still works when it freezes. Having to unplug it from the wall makes me worry its gonna ruin the HDD or brick the system.

    1. Mr Tennant is my lover

      I’ve found that the freezing issues stopped after the latest update. If they continue to be regular, it may be a hardware issue.

    2. Don’t listen to them. Freezing is normal and happens with every system. Only worry if it happens as often as it used to before the update.

    3. The number if freezes has certainly lessened after the last update but it will still freeze every now and then. The freezing wouldn’t be such an issue if you didn’t have to unplug it to restart it.

  11. That’s awesome, if there’s ever an update to integrate the Wii Mode into the Wii U so you don’t have to boot it separately and integrating the Wii Shop Channel into the eShop, i’ll have no complaints.

  12. Patience I told you Nintendo faithful. Updates are coming. Now if WB can send an update for the three times that Batman Arkham city sows down, again it’s not the Wii U’s fault but the developers rushing a great port.

  13. Nintendofanboy Angry

    They need to fix the freezing issues. There have been no official patch or update from Nintendo to address the freezing issue…..Most important is the stability of the Wii U than to make it faster!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. There was a patch awhile ago. Since then Wii U’s should not be freezing anymore. If so its incredibly rare and is a faulty system. Mine hasnt frozen since the update.

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