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The Very First “Reggie Asks” Is Now Available For Your Reading Pleasure

nintendo_tvii_footballNintendo of America President and COO Reggie Fils-Aime led the first “Reggie Asks.” The interview is broken into five segments and gives readers an in-depth look at the newly released Nintendo TVii application on Wii U. Nintendo TVii is up and running in North America and will be available for use in other regions in the future.

Go here to read the first “Reggie Asks.”

19 thoughts on “The Very First “Reggie Asks” Is Now Available For Your Reading Pleasure”

  1. im really liking nintendo tvii so far. it’s pretty usefull to be able to look up what time a show will be on, what shows are on right now, and scroll through the guide without minimizing the show you’re watching. and the fact that you can look at the cast a crew and what movies and shows they’ve been in is also a nice touch.

    1. Home menu for TVii -> Favorites -> Channels -> the “add” button on the far right ( might have to move the list to see it -> find channel and simply click on it

    1. I had this problem too. You need to connect the Wii U to your dish box. You do that in the Wii U settings, not the Tvii settings.

    1. Nintendo fans are not suppose to notice that! Lol. The people at Nintendo have very little clue of collage ball I guess

  2. I’m still unlear as to if or when or how its coming to Australia. Someone needs to explain or answer these questions. Again it seems to be a US sentric piece of tech!

  3. The first Reggie asks is about Nintendo TVii and it’s a read, not a view? lol. When the launch a book reader app on the U, it will prob be a video…

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