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THQ Says Call Of Duty Has “Stamped Out Memories” Of What Made FPS Great


THQ’s head of global communications Huw Beynon believes that the Call of Duty franchise has genuinely stamped out the memories of what made the first person shooter genre great. Beynon mentions games such as Half Life, System Shock or GoldenEye – where a first person shooter didn’t necessarily have to involve military material, but brought the player to another world.

“I think it’s probably very true to say that there’s reaction to what used to be a small subset of the genre of a military shooter,” he went on, “which has ballooned and mushroom-clouded to almost define the genre, and kind of stamp out memories of what I remember being great about first person shooters, whether that was Half Life, System Shock or GoldenEye – where a first person shooter didn’t necessarily have to involve military material, it just meant an invitation to a fantastic other world, which to me was always the point of video games in the first place.”

48 thoughts on “THQ Says Call Of Duty Has “Stamped Out Memories” Of What Made FPS Great”

    1. To me COD was fun when it was in the WWII setting. I mean who didn’t love shooting nazis ? :D ….. well probably not jellybean Aeolus.

    2. THQ’s opinions are of no relevance to me.

      Between slamming the Wii U based off an “early dev kit” and filing for bankruptcy, I hardly think they that their opinion is worth anything.

      I think this is just a stunt to pull attention away from them having to filing for chapter 11.

    3. Disagree.

      Between slamming the Wii U based on an “early” dev kit and filing for bankruptcy, I don’t think their opinion on the gaming market has any relevance anymore.

      I think they just released this statement in order to distract from the fact that they filed for chapter 11 and are liquidating assets left and right.

  1. There is sill others , Like Halo and Resistance , etc etc which are still awesome.
    I agree CoD feels like its been designed for a baboon with no soul…. I have on Wiiu and it’s ”Good” – But it as for the most popular game in the world right now ? yeh , that’s just a fucking joke…

    The dual screen multiplayer on Wiiu is amazing. It gives me a similar feeling to the goldeneye days. I just wish it was something else. High Voltage , give us the Conduit and Make it awesome! Conduit Wiiu with dual analogue and wii remote controlls and Amazing graphics and 16 player online ! Hopefully they will put in Dual screen multiplayer and dual gamepad multiplayer…..

      1. The multiplayer was a huge improvement over the first Conduit. Addition of split screen and the invasion mode really added a lot, not to mention that the online was great, with lots of customizible characters, upgrades and armor, lots of new weapons, and a lot less hackers than 1 had. Only bad thing about the online is how sparsely populated it is– it’s easier to find a game online in Goldeneye on the Wii than on Conduit 2, even though Goldeneye Wii’s older (and offers less, IMO).

        I found the story to be somewhat bland and not all that interesting, aside from the beginning (mostly because of how excited I was for it) and the very end (extremely weird ending). The dialogue seemed awful to me compared to the first one, as did much of the story. Gameplay-wise it was good, though. Lots of interesting, hidden artifacts and things to find with the All Seeing Eye added a lot for me.

        Overall, alright game. Multiplayer is awesome; story, not so much. I really hope they make another one on the 3DS or something.

      1. I liked Halo 4 ! I liked the Campaign , I liked the Multiplayer , I liked Forge mode , and Most of all , I liked selling it so I could buy wiiu games!!!

      1. Fuck you bitch it’s better than COD and many other FPS on the HD twins, I know because I’ve played most of them.

  2. Truer words have never been said about current FPS. The new one entice and depend on all these special class additions and high end items that you lose the real fun of the old style. Just give me some old goldeneye, let me and friend fight over the golden gun and let me plan out a room’s layout to effectively lay proximity mines

  3. The number one reason to why I hate most of fps games since the last 10 years is their focus on real life events or real life factions.
    Like US troops vs Middle-East, US troops vs Russians, US troops vs China etc etc, enough already!
    We non americans knows that thesebsort of games are only being made to brainwash you further.

    1. Racha country has there own brain washing tools us is games others is religion dont act like everyone else dont know.

    2. Amen! I am happy someone else in the world has everyday common sense. Reason why we need more countries other than the big 5 developing games, even small indie outfits :).

    1. Anything is better than NSMB2. And it isn’t really, I agree with this guy from THQ. Just because I think something is better than the other, doesn’t mean I like it.

  4. I hope Valve really are working on Half Life 3, and that it breaks new ground again just like it’s predecessor. So much more can be done with the FPS genre.

  5. Nintendo fans, the most wise and astute of gamers. We always say these things about mindless games and genres that have gone awry ( FPS ) alá COD, Halo. Finally even THQ finally sprout wisdom due to their financial woes, and their former attachment to the minority third party whiny bunch; which was cause to their downfall in the first place. Like true Christians be righteous and truthful, make great games for nintendo and PC, also speak not malice and you shall prosper. Also kids respect your parents, yours peers are useless 99% of the times.

    1. So you are instantly superior, and smarter because you only game with nintendo consoles? Hmm typical Nintendo fanboy thinking they are better than everyone else.

    2. Ah I see, you’re one of those Christians with his head to far up his ass. Now it makes sense why you act like such a twat.

  6. In terms of gaming, in Nintendo we trust :). Reason being, nintendo always deliver real FPS ( Metroid prime ), real RPG ( xenoblade and the Last Story ), real indie support ( Trine 2 directors cut, Little Inferno ” talk about weird beautiful gaming” ). Real 3D multi-screen gaming utopia the 3DS.

  7. While I tend to agree, maybe if his company would release Metro last lights like Call of Duty had been released for the Wii U, maybe his company wouldn’t have to file bankruptcy? Just saying!

  8. This article applies to many people. But not me. Cod has not ruined my halo memories. I have loved every second of halo be it multipalayer, firefight, or campaign. Cod will never mess with my halo memories.

  9. Damn straight, the only good FPS games from this gen are Bioshock, Bulletstorm, Far Cry 3, and many a couple of others (seeing as i cant say Metroid Prime 3 -__-)
    Not COD, not Halo either.

    1. I would have to strongly disagree with you on Halo. Definitely my favorite Sci-fi game, as well as FPS. But yeah, CoD is just… blegh.

  10. He mentioned System Shock, so he automatically gets a plus in my book.

    System Shock 2 is such an overlooked game. If you haven’t played it, hurry the hell up.

  11. I can agree with this.. it seems as though nearly every shooting game needs to have some form of military reference just to be successful

  12. I have to agree that Shooters are really lacking in creativity. I’ve been saying it for a while ever since videogames went mainstream at the beginning of this generation. They seem to be pumping out crap like Hollywood nowadays–making videogames for the sake of making videogames instead of introducing new ideas as a medium of entertainment.

    Perhaps the industry has radically changed from what it was a decade or two ago, but I find it really sad when I cut out all the First and Third-Person shooters, and find there are very few games left that would appeal to me.

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